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Questions to ask

designing a logo

There are lots of questions to be asked when preparing to design a logo. I do NOT suggest you
ask a client all of these questions, but hope that this list will help you think of a few useful
questions youve never considered before. I have broken them up into 5 categories:
company/organization questions, branding questions, design preferences, target audience,
budgets & proofing.
1. Company/organization details
a. What is your company/organization/product name?
b. What sets your company apart from others?
c. What services or products does your company provide?
d. Why should I choose your company over your competitors?
e. How long has your company been in business?
f. How big is your company? (this may be answered in number of employees
or revenue)
g. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your company?
h. Where do you see your company in 5 years? 10 years? 50 years?
i. Who is your main competitor?
j. Why was your company founded?
k. What motivated you to start this business/organization?
2. Branding
a. If you had to describe your company/organization in one word, what would
it be? why?
b. If your customers had to describe your company/organization in one word,
what would it be? why?
c. Do you have a current logo?
d. (If yes to above) What elements from your previous logo would you like to
e. What is the reason for modifying or redesigning your logo?
f. How old is your current logo?
g. What is the positioning or mission statement of your company?
h. Does your company have a tagline or sloagan that should be included with
the logo?
i. What do you hope your company can be known for?
j. What do your customers recognize first when they see your logo?
k. Why does your company use the colors, fonts, etc. that is does?

3. Design preferences
a. What color palettes might you prefer? why?
b. Where will the logo be primarily used?
c. Are there any elements you would prefer to see in the logo?
d. In your opinion, what defines a well-designed logo?
e. What is your preference in reference to icons, typography, spokepeople
(characters), etc.?
f. What restrictions, if any, might there be on the logo?
g. What words or icons must be included in the logo?
h. What logos do you like and why?
i. What logos do you dislike and why?
j. In your opinion, what is the primary purpose for a logo?
k. What are the likely occasions in which this logo will be used?
l. Target audience
m. Who is the primary target audience? (who is most likely to use your
n. Who currently uses your product the most?
o. Are you please with the range of people your company serves?
p. Are you looking to expand, modify, or completely change your target
audience? or will it remain the same?
q. How do you plan to focus on your target audience?
r. What are your main forms of advertising?
s. How do most customers find out about your company?
t. Which gender are you targeting?
u. Where do most of your customers live?
v. What is the average income level of your target audience?
4. Budget and timing
a. How much money do you plan to dedicate to this logo design?
b. How many revisions do you plan on making?
c. How many initial concepts would you prefer to see?
d. What sort of deadline are you working with on this logo?
e. Do you foresee any needed modifications in the near future?
f. What is the primary reason you chose [your company] to do your logo
g. Which is most important for you: quality, speed, or cost
h. Are there any special events or promotions on which the completion of this
design depends?
i. Will you be needing any other services in addition to this logo design
5. BONUS: Extras (questions that bring in a little more money)
a. Are there any other design pieces with which I can help you?
b. Would you like help/consultation in defining your target audience or
anything else I have asked you about?
c. Do you know anyone else who is also looking for a fresh logo design?
What other questions have you found useful when preparing to design a logo? Please share.