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So sorry to hear about a lost brother or sister of faith.

The deceptions you speak of track into the depths

of a persons emotions not their faith. It leaves the non believer or no longer a believer in a state of
questioning why they even have an existence and if God gave them that existence why do or does
anyone have to suffer to live in it. This kind of doubt can lead people to not accepting !esus as
needing to be punished for our sin. "lso to refuse acceptance that God must distribute #ustice for all
sins. "lso this point of view does not understand the #ustice from suffering and skips over the
understanding of the $ove a savior G"%&. 'is life( for us( so we might live with closeness( having a
relationship with our)the *reator. To many times I have prayed over people #ust like the ones you talk
about and many at my church I pray over without their knowledge.
The best defense for atheism is education about secular things. *hristians are researching these things
too and not leaving the God factor out of them( making them God is not some invisible force that is
great at gambling odds. $ook at education from a *hristian point of view not with disregard because a
person does not understand( or by downplaying the things we feel as unimportant( and they are
compared to *hrist( acknowledge scientists know them and the fact that many are and the most
celebrated were believers and *hrist believers to their core. +Sir Isaac ,ewton and "lbert &instein.
Second( people want and need to be loved( it is how the -ather created us and so we do not feel
fulfilled until we find $ove( God.s love. /0 *orinthians 012 3o ,ot show love in the secular way and
give credence)teach God.s very well defined $ove( shown in the 4an !esus( and written in definitions
by his disciples.
True confession5 I walked away from the *hurch myself not to long ago and after following the lead of
God.s Spirit to a specific church. I could not understand the anger( hurt( and strange behavior of *hrist
followers. I read in the bible about how God wanted us to behave and I did not see this in any *hurch I
had attended. God called me back 678T'&7 we( God and I( brought me back to the *hurch with a
fight I cannot begin to explain in words. I learned my spirit was wounded while I was an atheist and I
needed to heal some hurts so I could be what God needed me to be in 'is *hurch( an anchor for 'is
*hurch. S8 49*' to say about this it boggles my mind.
If I can give you any specific advice( it would be to hurt with them. "void the darkness they have
chosen. 6e like a child for them( shining a /cool2 flashlight /inference to God.s light2 in their eyes every
now and then playing and having fun with it. :eep them informed about the excitement you have for
the things of God( share the exciting)fun things you are doing and learning from)for God. 3on.t be
tacky about it( 6arney tacky( but make them feel as though they left to soon. -ind testimonies from
others who have overcome their situation/s2 of grief. Give your heart as *hrist did on that cross to the
last but 38 ,8T $88S& ;897S&$-( the enemy waits to expose your weaknesses and Trust God for
strength trust your words when you ask God for them. I fought long and hard with the last one but I
now know there are words people need to hear and words they do not. <e can lead others even when
they do not see that we are God did it to me and I.m glad 'e did( I love 'im more for it.
-acebook( 8:( maybe later. God.s word and helping the lost( ;89 6&T. If there is anything I can do I
will( and I will help you with anything you may need as long as God has given it to me I will give to
Trust in the -ather and learn from others( it is biblical.

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