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By Rev. Phillip Goldfedder !.".
Edi#or: Lloyd B. $ilde%r&'d
Dear Lord, we thank you for your Holy Spirit, your wonderful Spirit, your
beautiful Spirit, and your healing Spirit.
Satan, we coe again!t you on behalf of all the!e reader! right now. "e rebuke and
repul!e you by the blood of #e!u! $hri!t, our Sa%ior. "e coand you to take your
hand off the!e people right now in the ighty nae of #e!u!.
Let the &oy of 'od flow like a ri%er and the anointing of the Holy Spirit purify the
%ery air we li%e in and breathe. "e coand the power of 'od to be kindled
within the heart! and li%e! of the reader!. Let the Spirit of 'od ri!e up !trong
within each one of u! we pray. Ble!! the right now, dear Lord. (nd, a! we learn,
ay we recei%e inforation and truth that will cau!e u! to be dynaic in #e!u!)
nae. "e belie%e it. "e accept it and e%ery reader !aid, *+hank you, (lighty
Lord, for y reco%ery and y healing. (en.,
+o the thou!and! of en and woen who !truggle with i-ed eotion! regarding
why they do what they don)t want to do e%en though they know the puni!hent i!
huge. +o e%eryone who i! addicted to pornography.
+here i! no .ue!tion that the nuber! of people who are in%ol%ed with thi!
ain!trea ob!e!!ion to pornography are !taggering. +hi! yearning to fulfill
!e-ual de!ire! and out/of control coitent! in that prurient way ay well
e-plain why the financial profit! fro pornography e-tend to well o%er ten billion
dollar! annually. 0n all likelihood, your iediate .ue!tion i! how do 0 !top thi!
y!elf and keep fro de!troying y life, which 0 know will e%entually happen if 0
keep on with thi! !elf/ defeating beha%ior1 "ell, now you know why you are
reading thi! book.
+he word *pornography, i! copo!ed of two 'reek word!. +he fir!t i! porne,
eaning *harlot,, which i! akin to the word pernanai, eaning *to !ell., +he
!econd word i! graphein, eaning *to write., 0n other word!, pornography i!
literally *the writing of harlot!.,
0f you)re going to read about pornography, you need to know what por2nog2ra2phy
3noun4 5/f65 ean!7 o%ie!, picture!, aga8ine!, etc. that !how or de!cribe naked
people or !e- in a %ery open and direct way in order to cau!e !e-ual e-citeent.
Pornography can be defined a! any edia intended to entertain or arou!e erotic
de!ire. 0t)! an e-pre!!ion of fanta!ie! that pro%ide plea!ure.
!erri&()*e%+#er,+ "i-#io'&ry of L&.+ Rel&#ed #o Por'o/r&phy: :;aterial
that depict! erotic beha%ior and i! intended to cau!e !e-ual e-citeent.,
The People,+ L&. "i-#io'&ry: :Picture! and<or writing! of !e-ual acti%ity
intended !olely to elicit la!ci%iou! feeling! of a particularly blatant and
aberrational kind, !uch a! act! in%ol%ing children, anial!, orgie!, and all type! of
!e-ual intercour!e.:
*e+#,+ E'-y-lopedi& of A(eri-&' L&.: *+he repre!entation in book!,
aga8ine!, photograph!, fil!, and other edia of !cene! of !e-ual beha%ior that
are erotic or lewd and are de!igned to arou!e !e-ual intere!t,= *the depiction of
!e-ual beha%ior that i! intended to arou!e !e-ual e-citeent in it! audience.,
!erri&()*e%+#er0+ "i-#io'&ry "efi'i#io'+: 11+he depiction of erotic beha%ior
3a! in picture! or writing4 intended to cau!e !e-ual e-citeent. 24 ;aterial 3a!
book! or a photograph4 that depict! erotic beha%ior and i! intended to cau!e
!e-ual e-citeent. 94 +he depiction of act! in a !en!ational anner !o a! to arou!e
a .uick, inten!e eotional reaction.
0n the artwork of any hi!torical !ocietie!, including ancient 0ndia, ancient
'reece, and >oe, erotic iagery wa! coonplace and often appeared in
religiou! conte-t!.
The Art of Love, by ?%id, i! a treati!e on !eduction and !en!ual arou!al. +he
in%ention of printing led to the production of abitiou! work! of pornographic
writing intended to entertain a! well a! to arou!e.
0n 1@th/century Aurope, pornography becae a %ehicle for !ocial and political
prote!t through it! depiction of the i!deed! of royalty and other ari!tocrat!, a!
well a! tho!e of cleric!, a traditional target.
+he de%elopent of photography and otion picture! in the 1Bth and 2Cth
centurie! contributed greatly to the proliferation of pornography, a! did the
ad%ent of the 0nternet.
During the late 2Cth century, re!triction! on pornography were rela-ed throughout
uch of Aurope and Eorth (erica, though regulation! reained !trict in (!ia, the
;iddle Aa!t, and (frica. $hild pornography i! alo!t uni%er!ally prohibited.

31 The P4rpo+e of Por' Re-overy
51 Yo4r Spiri#4&l "o-#or0+ Appro&-h
61 *el-o(e #o Yo4r $oly Spiri#
71 "e&r S&i'# i' Re-overy L&'d
81 The S&lv&#io' Pr&yer 2or Yo4
91 "e&#h &'d Life "epe'd+ o' #he *ord+ Yo4 Spe&:
;1 Yo4 *ill Se'+e <e+4+0 Pre+e'-e
=1 Th&': God for Yo4r *i+do(
>1 The of ?'o.i'/ The *ord
3@1 Pr&i+e #he Lord Al.&y+
331 *h&#0+ !y A'oi'#i'/ All A%o4#A
351 Yo40re Alre&dy $e&led A'd Re-overed
361 Yo4r Body So4l &'d Spiri#
371 <e+4+ $&+ Alre&dy "elivered Yo4
381 !i'i+#er #o Yo4r+elf A'd Ge# $e&led
391 Pr&yer #o Co'B4er Yo4r SeC)Cr&vi'/ Addi-#io'
3;1 The B&##le $i+#ory I'volvi'/ Si'
3=1 The Si''er0+ Ch&lle'/e+
3>1 A-hieve God0+ "e+#i'y *i#ho4# EC-4+e+
5@1 Ope'i'/ #he "oor #o & Ne. Life+#yle
531 Prep&re for 24#4re Ch&lle'/e+
551 Be-o(e & 2i+her of !e'
561 Yo4 Need $e&l#hy O%+#&-le+
571 <e+4+ G&ve Yo4 Over The E'e(y
581 Yo4 C&' C&+# O4# "e(o'+
591 $o. #o $&'dle O4r Ge'er&#io'&l I'iB4i#ie+
5;1 !o'ey SeC &'d
5=1 *o(e'D!e'0+ Bi//e+# Ch&lle'/e
5>1 Co((i##i'/ Ad4l#ery *i#ho4# Co((i##i'/ Ad4l#ery
6@1 The of Vi+4&liE&#io' Thro4/h I(&/i'&#io'
631 The Approv&l)of)Por'o/r&phy Gro4p A-#4&lly ECi+#+
651 *hy Por'o/r&phy "oe+'0# *or:
661 Por' "e#erior&#io'
671 Life ECpe-#&'-y of Por' S#&r+
681 Por' S#&#i+#i-+
691 SeC Toy+ for Ad4l#+
6;1 !&+#4r%&#io'
6=1 The Ne4ro%io-he(i+#ry of Or/&+(
6>1 The 2ir+# A(e'd(e'#
7@1 Te+#i(o'ie+
731 Por'o/r&phy 2ro( & !edi-&l Per+pe-#ive
751The Bi%le0+ Co'#r&i'di-&#io'+ #o SeC4&l A-#ivi#ie+
761 A *o(&' B&##le+ Por' Co(pe#i#io'
771 $e&li'/ Por' i' & !&rri&/e
781 $e&li'/ Por' Ch&lle'/e+ i' !&rri&/e
791 Pro#e-#i'/ Yo4r $o(e
7;1 2reB4e'#ly A+:ed Q4e+#io'+ P&r# O'e
7=1 2reB4e'#ly A+:ed Q4e+#io'+ P&r# T.o
7>1 "e(o'i-
8@1 Ch&r&-#eri+#i-+ of Evil Spiri#+
831 "e(o'i- Spiri#+ B4ild S#ro'/hold+
851 Yo4 Are Yo4r O.' "eliverer
861 The P4rpo+e of Yo4r "eliver&'-e <o4r'ey
871 A Gre&# A##i#4de i+ Re+po'+i%le for *i''i'/
881 Si(ple Spiri#4&l Sol4#io'+
891 Po+#)"eliver&'-e A-#ivi#ie+
8;1 Livi'/ Life o' E&r#h #he Spiri#4&l *&y
8=1 2i'&l "eliver&'-e Pr&yer
8>1 The P+y-hoph&r(&-olo/y of Pi-#ori&l Por'o/r&phy
9@1 Yo4 :'o. Th&# God Al.&y+ 2i'd+ 2&vor *i#h Yo4
931 L&4/h#er The Be+# A'#ido#e P&r# O'e
951 L&4/h#er The Be+# A'#ido#e P&r# T.o
961 P+&l( >3
+he fir!t tie 0 wa! e-po!ed to the word *!e-, and it! a!!ociated con!e.uence!, 0
ne%er reali8ed until later a! an adult that it would e%entually in%ol%e !o uch
huan daage and lead to !uch treendou! oral conflict and decay. But y fir!t
e-po!ure !eeed harle!!, or !o 0 thought. ( few of u! local citi8en! gathered
together for a neighborhood take/off/your/clothe! party. "e were fir!t/grader! and
we all had a laughing/good tie. +hat i!, until 0 told y o and then the pain on
y hiney fro the cat/of/nine tail! indicated that 0 had to find another for of
;ultiple and %ariou! e%ent! like thi! occurred a! 0 wa! growing up, including
contro%er!ie! !uch a! why wa! it okay for woen in the National Geographic
aga8ine to walk around tople!!1
0 ne%er under!tood the word *pornography, until 0 entered high !chool, and 0 ne%er
appreciated the har it cau!ed. By the tie 0 reali8ed how !ignificant an i!!ue it
had becoe, it wa! already out of control, ba!ed on what 0 !aw around e.
+hi!, of cour!e, i! one of the bigge!t i!!ue! in !ociety right now. +he increa!ing
e-po!ure to pornography that e%eryone e-perience! i! u!ually without parental or
coun!eling guidance or in!truction! fro hoe, !chool, or church. +hi! ab!ence of
inforation wa! al!o true with regard! to y peer!. ?ne fellow !tudent went into
!oe depth about thi! !ub&ect, which included a&oring in !wearing in hi! free
tie. Later 0 learned that the deon! adopt you when you u!e profanity like thi!
becau!e they then con!ider you to be a! one of the.
+he edia and the 0nternet affect our ind!et when we allow the to do !o.
Hiewing thi! aterial reind! e of an infecti%e, contagiou! di!ea!e that i! being
!pread without control or treatent.
?nce, for e-aple, 0 watched a +H talk !how that 0 will ne%er forget. 0 li!tened to a
group of pa!tor)! wi%e! who were de%a!tated when they learned their pa!tor
hu!band! had becoe addicted to and deeply in%ol%ed in pornography. +he woen
had becoe both frightened and wounded while !earching for !oe kind of help.
(pparently, the clo!e!t help wa! to &u!t talk about it with each other becau!e prayer
didn)t !ee to be working. "here could they find a pa!tor to help1
?ne !ignificant challenge 0 encountered during y day! a! an officer in the Inited
State! Ea%y wa! to perfor phy!ical e-aination! on woen who enli!ted to be
trained a! *AVES 3*oen Accepted for Volunteer Eergency Ser%ice4 on a
particular ;arine ba!e. 0 wa! fre!h out of y fourth year of edical !chool and y
0ntern!hip. +he!e woen were re.uired to wear %ery little a! 0 e-ained they !o
their cardiac and gynecological condition! could be e%aluated. 0 wa! alway!
aa8ed to found a handful of pregnant woen who were iediately placed on
the inacti%e role! until they could be !hipped back to the port fro which they
cae fro. 30 u!t adit that !eeing the!e nude woen in front of e wa!
alluring, but 0 a%oided teptation by being a! ob&ecti%e a! po!!ible.4
+he!e are &u!t !all e-aple! of how our countle!! e-po!ure! can affect u! and, in
too any ca!e!, alo!t ai u!.
?ne of the a&or rea!on! why 0 a writing thi! book i! to !how how the!e e-i!ting
danger! can ipair our arriage!, and, indeed, all our relation!hip!.
+he (erican (cadey of ;atrionial Lawyer! polled 9FC di%orce attorney! in
2CC9. +wo/third! of the reported that the 0nternet played a !ignificant role in their
?ne author, 'ary >. Brook!, referred to thi! preoccupation a! +he $enterfold
Syndroe. For the pa!t decade there ha%e been roughly one illion di%orce! in
the Inited State!, which ean! there could well be about FCC,CCC arriage!
annually that are failing due to one party ha%ing an unnece!!ary ob!e!!i%e intere!t
in pornographic web!ite!.
Pornography i! a %ery co!tly hobby. 0t hold! the potential for de!troying a per!on)!
life copletely. 0t lead! to !piritual death, and reeber, when you die !piritually,
you e!!entially die phy!ically a! well becau!e your .uality of life greatly !uffer! a!
(da and A%e pro%ed in the 'arden of Aden when they !inned. +hey lacked
re!pon!ibility and accountability for their beha%ior!. .
Inle!! you)re on the ioral !ide, or in league with the de%il, pornography i! not
a career you want to pur!ue. +he following financial !tateent will help to clarify
why *alien entitie!, who are in%ol%ed with pornography !ee to ha%e obtained the
upper hand. +he incoe fro what i! referred to a! *adult entrainent, i!
e!tiated to be around K1C billion dollar! a year. +hi! i! a! uch oney people
!pend attending profe!!ional !porting e%ent!, buying u!ic, or going out to the
o%ie!. "hat thi! re%eal! i! that oney i! not the root of e%il, but rather the lo%e
of oney i!, and it lead! people into the lu!t! of the eye! and fle!h.
Falling into thi! ind!et open! the door to !in 3i!!/the/ark4 which really
aount! to Self 0nflicted Eon!en!e. ?nce a per!on open! the door to teptation,
addiction i! !ure to follow. 3(lway! reeber that it)! the tepterLSatanLwho
i! re!pon!ible for all teptation.4 +hen the hinge! on your door to enticeent
becoe! peranently loo!ened and daage control i! lo!t, becau!e the door i!
unable to clo!e any ore due to abu!e.
+he ab!ence of footnote! or detailed factual re!earch inforation with author!)
nae! and their !ource! for the reader to in%e!tigate i! intentional, becau!e it)!
unnece!!ary and it won)t help you re!ol%e the true rea!on why you)re reading thi!
Likewi!e, gathering and li!ting reference! !er%e! no purpo!e in re!ol%ing thi!
pornographic i!!ue. Such detail! are far beyond the !cope and purpo!e of thi! book.
+hi! book wa! not written for people who need to ake a deci!ion a! to whether
pornography i! !afe, dangerou!, or e%en beneficial. 0t! purpo!e i! to !how you that
pornography i! e%il.
+he truth i! that pornography and it! weird a!!ociation! u!t be !topped and
clo!ed down iediately in order for you to !ur%i%e, e!pecially !piritually. Further
daage fro pornography to your ind and body will pre%ent your reco%ery and
you will not be able to li%e a decent life any longer. 0) !o glad you are reading
thi! book, which contain! uch helpful inforation for you to apply to your life.
Mou can recei%e healing fro thi! addiction through deli%erance and thi! will
enable you to achie%e reco%ery. 0 will e-plain ore about deli%erance later in thi!

+hi! writing i! a !piritual attept to re!ol%e the i!!ue! with your ti!!ue! and
i!u!e!. 0n the eantie, 0 totally co%er your with the preciou! blood of #e!u!. 0
al!o thank the Holy Spirit for taking care of you and for your anticipated reco%ery.
0 belie%e that 'od i! already at work in your life to lead you out of thi! bondage to
pornography. He i! able to con.uer thi! addiction in your life. Mou want to li%e in a
way that plea!e! 'od, for you will becoe !en!iti%e to Hi! !piritual real.
Ch&p#er 3
A FGod Thi'/G
+hi! book i! going to be a 'od thing for you. 0t)! not intended to be an agenda for
critici8ing you either a! a %icti or a !inner.
0n truth you are not totally the only guilty party in thi!. 0t)! the de%il who initiate!
all thi!, including the e%entual collap!e and dei!e of the ind and the body fir!t
internally and then e-ternally.
"ho el!e i! there to blae when the wrong choice i! ade to begin with1 +hi! i!
al!o a good tie to recoend that you a%oid gi%ing the de%il too uch credit or
any credit at all. Flip "il!on u!e to !ay, *+he de%il ade e to it., But reeber,
Satan can)t make you do anything.
"hen you bring in 'od at thi! point, you u!t under!tand that He ha! totally
forgi%en you for any !in you were in%ol%ed with if you)%e gi%en your heart to
#e!u!. +hi! i! the truth, for thi! i! the way He operate!. He continue! to lo%e you,
but not becau!e of your e%il beha%ior and wrongdoing!. +he point i! that when you
accept #e!u!, who i! your !acrifice of lo%e on the cro!!, you will becoe a !aint
and you will no longer beha%e or act like a !inner.
2i'di'/ 2reedo( &'d $e&li'/
?ur goal here i! to find freedo and healing for the wound! in your life and to
pro%ide you with the nece!!ary !kill! and in!truction! on how to becoe ared for
the !piritual warfare you face. +hen you will learn how to con.uer the eney. For
what !tarted out a! an *innocent hobby, ha! now turned into an addiction, e%en
though it now appear! to be !elf/inflicted.
+he purpo!e of thi! book i! to relea!e tho!e who ha%e been captured and trapped
by the de%il)! trick! and hi! !henanigan!. +he har that coe! fro %iewing the!e
picture! and %ideo! that enter our thought! i! inde!cribable and far/reaching, and it
affect! other people, a! well.
?ne of the wor!e tragedie! i! the increa!ed ri!k of becoing an a!!ociate of the
de%il!. 0f you continue to !hake hand! with the de%il, you can e%entually becoe
ob!e!!ed, and if you reach thi! *hugging !tage,, you can becoe po!!e!!ed
regardle!! of your credential! or your faith. "hat happen! i! that a per!on
becoe! olecularly filled by deonic !pirit! becau!e of continued !in. "hen thi!
happen!, the!e entitie! ha%e legal peri!!ion to take control of both your ind and
your body. (! already entioned, thi! re!ult! in profound change!, e!pecially in
your health and beha%ior. Howe%er, it ha! been !hown by Le!ter Surall that e%en
po!!e!!ed people !till ha%e control of their own ind!.
The S-he(e+ of S&#&'
+he rea!on we need to becoe failiar with the eney and hi! tactic! i! !o that we
can prepare not only for our reco%ery, but learn how to li%e without concern for
any po!!ible recurrence. "hen we becoe knowledgeable of the de%il)! trick!, we
won)t be lured back into !uch a e!! again a! a re!ult of any further di!a!trou!
ad%enture!. "e will be protected through our !piritual education and becoe
aware of hi! deceitful de%ice! !o we will a%oid the.
By now you ha%e to reali8e that coitent to 'od i! the only way for thi! to
work for you, for there are no other deli%erance option! to an unbelie%er. "ithout
the Lord)! inter%ention, failure i! ine%itable.
Cli'/ #o God
"e need to cling ore than e%er to 'od, #e!u!, and the Holy Spirit. +hi! will gi%e
u! the power and the ability to be in charge a! we take control of our will through
our !pirit in!tead of allowing our !oul and the fle!h to run the !how. Eot only will
our 'od/ con!ciou!ne!! ble!! u!, but we)ll be able to ble!! !o any other! who
think they)re !tuck in the !ae addiction rut for the re!t of their life. By the way,
the word *rut, can be de!cribed a! a gra%e without the dirt in your face.
"e)re planning to u!e e%ery !piritual weapon that 'od ha! ade a%ailable to u! !o
we can achie%e your !ucce!!. +hat)! your rea!on for reading thi! !piritual te-tbook
L!o you can ha%e deli%erance, followed by peranent freedo.
PS7 0f you think you don)t want to gi%e up !in or can)t right now, plea!e
recon!ider, becau!e you)re no atch for the de%il. Mour life i! too preciou! and you
want to be able to ake thi! choice now before you becoe totally trapped. Mour
faily, your friend!, and #e!u! are in agreeent and 0 hope you will be too.

Ch&p#er 5
0) your dedicated healing/and/ reco%ery doctor. 3www.healingi! your!.co4
+hi! young doctor repre!ent! e 3at a
younger !tage in y life4. Hi!uali8e hi<e
talking, !o 0 can talk with you about your
healing through deli%erance.
$o. I Be-&(e I'volved
Let)! get right to the point. For e to tell you
about reco%ery without accepting #e!u! i!
not po!!ible. Forget edical treatent or
p!ychology or anything el!e. Eone of the
are curati%e unle!! you know #e!u! a! your
;y background wa! that of a traditional #ew
who attended !ynagogue. 0 wa! cofortable
without the Eew +e!taent or the Holy
+rinity. Howe%er, 0 e-perienced a *id/life
cri!i!, when 0 wa! healed at a $hri!tian
church fro chronic intractable feet pain
that had la!ted alo!t three year! duration.
+hey told e that y healer wa! #e!u!. 0
re!ponded by !aying *+hat i!n)t po!!ible,
becau!e 0 a #ewi!hN,
(! tie went on, 0 began reading ore than
fi%e hundred !piritual book! &u!t to pro%e they were wrong.
0n 2CCD, 0 becae in%ol%ed a! a ini!ter in a healing/and/deli%erance ini!try and
graduated fro the $ity ?f Light, 0nc. under the au!pice! of $harle! and Franc!
Hunter 3+he Happy Hunter!4.
;y (lternati%e ;edicine Healing ;ini!try began with the under!tanding that #e!u!
$hri!t wa! the only alternati%e. (! a re!ult, 0 began to witne!! greater healing!
fro laying hand! on people than fro u!ing the !calpel. 0 ha%e continued to !ee
hundred! and hundred! of people healed of herniated di!c!, aneury!!, brain
tuor!, acute and chronic pain, arthriti!, cancer, leukeia, contracture!, weakne!!,
in!onia, depre!!ion, an-iety, neuropathy, !chi8ophrenia, infection!,
hydrocephalu!, cardiac di!ea!e, diabete!, bi/polar di!order!Lyou nae it.
0 no longer had a proble under!tanding the!e word! fro the Scripture!7 *But
'od ha! cho!en the fooli!h thing! of the world to put to !hae the wi!e, and 'od
ha! cho!en the weak thing! of the world to put to !hae the thing! which are
ighty, 31 $orinthian! 172J, EO#H4.
$on!e.uently, 0 added the !piritual real to y edical practice. 0 now know that
'od wa! re!pon!ible for all of the!e healing! through the power of the Holy Spirit.
0 really didn)t change y denoination 3thi! word ean! di%i!ion4, but rather
added to it. 30 becae a copleted #ew.4 0 ay ha%e been *arried to y
theology,, but when #e!u! actually healed e through the Holy Spirit, 0 didn)t want
to go back to the old legali!. 0 now knew that #e!u! wa! what 0 had been looking
for, for He i! the great phy!ician.
Mou know, healing people through edicine had becoe a di!appointent.
>egardle!! of how tight you are about your belief !y!te, 0 want to point out that
our 'od i! re!pon!ible for e%ery creature li%ing here on Aarth. He !ay!, *(nd it
!hall coe to pa!! in the la!t day!, !ay! 'od, +hat 0 will pour out of ;y Spirit on
all fle!h, 3(ct! 271J, EO#H4. +hi! ean! that in the!e end day! that are already
here, e%ery one of u! will coe under 'od)! !pirit, regardle!! of how we !igned up
for our religiou! progra originallyN
The Go+pel Over-o(e+ Si'
But to get back to how you)re going to be ble!!ed, let e tell you that #e!u! didn)t
re.uire a referral !y!te for people to get healed and deli%ered, nor did he !end
the to anyone el!e to re!ol%e their challenge!. (fter all, the go!pel o%ercoe! !in.
+he rea!on you know thi! i! true i! that you)%e alway! had a treendou! faith in
the Lord #e!u! $hri!t, or at lea!t a !en!e of Hi! being here for you.
>eeber to dance before the Lord when you reali8e your reco%ery i! here !o you
can begin to arch toward your %ictory. Mou do know that partial %ictory doe!n)t
ake hi!tory= reeber, you)re going to win. 0t will be a total %ictoryN
Mou ay a! well !tart that now !ince thi! i! not a coincidence that you)re reading
thi! book and you ha%e been praying for help. *$all to ;e, and 0 will an!wer you,
and !how you great and ighty thing!, which you do not know, 3#ereiah 9979,
B ei'/ Yo4r !e'#or I+ (y Privile/e
Plea!e under!tand that #e!u! ne%er u!ed a tea to help train and ble!! Hi! di!ciple!,
but He did it hi!elf. Since #e!u! i! already li%ing in you, He i! looking forward to
taking care of you. Eow the three of u! can con.uer whate%er challenge! you)re
facing together. +hi! ean! you u!t reali8e that you)re ne%er going to be alone.
#e!u! alway! know! what you think and do anyway. +he Bible !tate! that He !ent
the out, two by two, to ini!ter. (l!o, there)! nothing wrong in ha%ing a
!ignificant other a!!i!ting you and belie%ing in you, !oeone you can tru!t.
;y goal here i! to be your entor 3an e-perienced and tru!ted ad%i!er4 and to ble!!
you through the pa!!ion of #e!u!. 0 got into thi! field becau!e 0 reali8ed there were
too any people who are being de!troyed by an ungodly deonic weapon that
po!e! a! !in. (! your entor, 0 will tell you what you need to hear.
So li!ten with the !ae lo%e 0 gi%e to you= we are actually two caring friend!. Mou
can lo%e e with the !ae lo%e 0 gi%e to you, and we can be two caring friend!.
Mou can beat thi! deonic rap and 0 will help you do !o.
Ch&p#er 6
Yo4r Lifeli'e
Here)! the truth. A%erything that)! done on thi! Aarth i! !uper%i!ed by the Holy
Spirit. He i! your lifeline. He)! in charge. Mou can)t do without Hi.
Ee%er heard of Hi1 He)! known a! your coforter. "hen you a!k for Hi! help,
you can look forward to Hi getting you healed. Howe%er, here)! the challenge.
For Hi to care for you, you ha%e to be in agreeent with Hi. +he place of
agreeent i! really the place of power. +hi! al!o ean! you ha%e to be in
agreeable with the Bible. Did you know that the word BIBLE could !tand for
Ba!ic In!truction! Before Lea%ing Earth1
,But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, who the Father will !end in ;y nae, He will
teach you all thing!, and bring to your reebrance all thing! that 0 !aid to you,
3#ohn 1D72G, EO#H4.
Da%id becoe !o dependent and attached to the Holy Spirit that he cried out and
!aid7 *Do not ca!t e away fro Mour pre!ence, (nd do not take Mour Holy Spirit
fro e, 3P!al FF71, EO#H4.
"hen you !tart .uoting 'od)! "ord, you)ll ha%e Hi! ind!et, and you will in
agreeent with the Holy Spirit. Find Scripture! that confir your new ind!et and
then take a !tep further and actually eori8e the. (dopt the word! that o%e
you and ake the part of your daily %ocabulary.
+hat)! when the Holy Spirit will reali8e that you)re tru!ting Hi, for you will be
!peaking and confiring the "ord which He told you about.
The *ord of God
(! you progre!! in your relation!hip with the Holy Spirit, He will re%eal to you
what Scripture! you need. He will then perfor the for you and ake the coe
ali%e into reality. Mour healing will occur becau!e you clai it and there)! nothing
greater than the per!onal re!pect you gi%e and !how for the "ord. 0t)! true that
your faith will grow and flouri!h through your continued u!e of the "ord. A%ery
bit of %ictory i! found in the "ord of 'od. Oeep !tanding in Hi! "ord.
"hen you e!tabli!h the foundation of Hi! "ord in your life, you will know who
you are in $hri!t #e!u!. Mou)ll ha%e no ore defeated day!, for when you belie%e
'od)! "ord, it)! already in your heart and ind. Mou)ll ne%er be a!haed of the
go!pel of #e!u!.
0f you don)t belie%e in and are not dependent on the Bible, you)re really double/
inded. 'od want! you to tru!t Hi e%ery day. Mou need to !ee what 'od !ee!
rather than what the world !ee!. 0f you do !oething wrong with the Holy Spirit in
you, you)ll know it.
2or/ive'e++ I+ Yo4r+
Sin alway! attept! to cruble the foundation of truth. (! you learn to repent on
your knee!, 'od will reo%e any i!take! you ha%e ade. (!k Hi to forgi%e you
e%ery day until it no longer becoe! nece!!ary !ince you)ll learn not to repeat the
!ae !in!. +he de%il ha! ab!olutely no right to your ind or your body when you
li%e in the "ord.
+ru!t #e!u!. Start laughing at the de%il in #e!u!) nae. Prai!e the Lord. 'et on
your knee! and !tart wor!hiping Hi. +ell Hi, *0 lo%e you #e!u!. 0 prai!e your
Holy nae. 'od, put your !pirit upon e. 0 al!o want your anointing to coe
upon e, Lord. +hank you for the abundant life you want e to ha%e.,
<e+4+0 !e++&/e #o Yo4 FI LOVE YOUG
(! you grow clo!er to #e!u! all your wrong! will begin to lea%e. Mou will continue
to appreciate full and total liberation fro your pre%iou! habit!. Mou u!t belie%e
that thi! i! po!!ible becau!e what you !ay i! what you get. "hat you confe!! i!
what you po!!e!!. "hat you belie%e i! what you recei%e.
S4--e++ I+ Yo4r+
+he 0portance of de%eloping and ha%ing proper habit!, a! you ha%e di!co%ered, i!
already incorporated into your !ucce!! pattern. Succe!!ful people are alway!
creature! of habit. Ee%er forget that your daily routine! deterine your future.
P!ychologi!t! ha%e e!tiated that ninety percent of your beha%ior i! habitual.
'i%en your initial training thu! far, it will be ea!y for you to !tay po!iti%e.
Here)! a tip that will help you increa!e your belief regarding the Holy Spirit li%ing
in you. +o get Hi deeper in!ide of you, &u!t !tart taking deeper breathe! whene%er
you think of Hi. Breathe deeply and belie%e that He i! filling you in the !ae
way that air i! filling your lung!. "hen you inhale, you breathe in the Holy Spirit,
but when you breathe out, you e-hale the fle!h and any negati%ity. Mou really don)t
re.uire any forula! or !chedule becau!e the Holy Spirit will lead and guide you
for what you need.

(ll thi! ay !ee like a religiou! thing, but it i!n)t when you reali8e you don)t
need to !earch for a better way. Mou)ll ne%er ha%e to be concerned that any of your
pa!t i!take! will interfere with your future. Mou don)t need religion to ha%e
!ucce!! with #e!u!. +he anointing you ha%e recei%ed fro #e!u! i! the tangible
pre!ence of 'od which enable! you to ca!t out deonic power through Hi! will
and Hi! work!.
Here)! a a&or tip regarding prayer. Be !ure to a!k the Holy Spirit to guide you in
your prayer!. #e!u! taught that per!i!tent prayer bring! re!ult!. *So 0 !ay to you,
a!k, and it will be gi%en to you= !eek, and you will find= knock, and it will be
opened to you, 3Luke 117B, EO#H4. Did you e%er !top to reali8e that e%en when
you)re !leeping your !pirit i! alway! praying in you1. 0n other word!, that)! how
you can, *Pray without cea!ing, 31 +he!!alonian! F71J, EO#H4. Mou need to know
that He will alway! an!wer your prayer!.
Ch&p#er 7
"e&r S&i'# i' Re-overy L&'d
!y de&r 2rie'd
0 a writing thi! letter to you on a per!onal ba!i!. (lthough 0 would prefer to talk
to you face to face, thi! i! the ne-t be!t way 0 can think of a! 0 prepare to be your
entor, pro%iding of cour!e, you)re agreeable to recei%ing y help. 0) al!o here
a! your lo%ing friend like #e!u! i!, becau!e 0 know your awe!oe faith in reading
thi! book lead! you to anticipate total reco%ery. +hank 'od that you lo%e to learn
and want to return to a healthy .uality of life which i! why you)re open to
incorporating 'od, the Holy Spirit, and #e!u! into your life!tyle.
*here yo4 /o &'d .here yo4 .i'd 4p i' life depe'd+ o' #he people yo4 h&'/
Belie%e it or not, y background i! e-actly what you ha%e been looking for. Fir!t 0
wa! a phy!ician, a neuro!urgeon for thirty/!e%en year!, and then 0 becae a! a
ini!ter who i! in%ol%ed !pecifically in a healing/and/ deli%erance ini!try. 0t i!
y pri%ilege to guide wonderfully !en!iti%e, lo%ing people like you.
Yo4r O'ly ReB4ire(e'#
$on!e.uently, you)re now &oined with a belie%er who ha! a !trong pa!!ion to
re!ol%e your challenge!. 0 e-pect you to be healed, deli%ered, and !et free. Mour
only re.uireent i! that you be open and willing to gi%e up all !in. +hen you can
incorporate the word! pre!ented here, which ha%e been anointed, !o you can
appreciate and pick up the power of the!e healthy word! into your heart and ind.
Mou can look forward to getting !aturated e%ery tie you deal with the Lord #e!u!
By now you do under!tand and reali8e that the rea!on 0) doing thi! i! becau!e 0
know it work! and becau!e thi! i! what the Holy Spirit told e to do. 0 &u!t !en!e
thi! i! what you need to hear. 3+hi! i! what you would call a *'od !et/up.,4
0 know you)%e been praying for an an!wer to your !ituation and you)re going to be
aa8ed at how the word! throughout thi! book will turn your life around and face
you in the direction in which you want to go.
"hy don)t we get !tarted right now1
Mou need to bring the !trength of #e!u! into your life. Don)t forget to prai!e the
Lord e%ery tie you get a chance, regardle!! of your denoinational belief!, +here
are no other an!wer! for your reco%ery= &u!t aintain your cool and allow no
di!traction! a! you !tudy and learn the following %ital inforation.
(fter all, only the go!pel ha! the power to o%ercoe !in. +he rea!on you know thi!
i! becau!e of your growing faith in the Lord #e!u! which iediately began to
build in you when you accepted Hi a! your Sa%ior and Lord. (! long a! you)re
aking progre!! and !en!ing peace, you)re right on track toward your goal, which
i! coplete deli%erance and wholene!! through $hri!t.
Ch&p#er 8
Shout, *Hallelu&ahN,
For 'od i! o%ing ightily in our id!t.
+he greate!t iracle in the world i! !al%ation.
0 !peak thi! out loud7
Dear #e!u!,
0 gi%e you y life,
0 take you a! y ;a!ter.
$oe into y heart.
Be the ruler and the controller of y life,
0 !urrender y!elf to you.
Forgi%e y e%ery !in,
a! 0 flee !e-ual iorality
that wa! either out!ide y body
or again!t y own body.
"a!h e now with your blood.
;ake e pure and clean.
Satan i! defeated,
He i! a liar,
(nd he i! the father of lie!.
0 life y up y hand! to you Lord,
and gi%e you y life.
Sa%e y !oul,
Li%e your life in e.
0 !urrender to you,
totally and copletely,
By the way, !al%ation al!o ean! deli%erance fro your eney, di!ea!e,
depre!!ion, fear, and all e%il!, and it a!!ure! pre!er%ation, and !afety for you.
"hat happen! when you becoe a $hri!tian1 Mou belie%e with all of your heart
that 'od e-i!t!, that Hi! "ordLthe BibleLi! true, and that #e!u! $hri!t i! who
He !ay! he i!7 :0 a the way and the truth and the life.: 3#ohn 1D7G, EO#H4.
Mou are al!o co%ered and protected fro your eneie!. *Eo weapon fored
again!t you !hall pro!per, and e%ery tongue which ri!e! again!t you in &udgent
Mou !hall conden. +hi! i! the heritage of the !er%ant! of the Lord, 30!aiah FD71J,
Since part of your training in%ol%e! only !peaking po!iti%e affiration!, fro here
on in if you !hould accidently !lip and hear your tongue !peak inappropriate word!,
&u!t holler out loud, *$ancel, $ancel,, and you)ll be right back on tract.
Here)! another great tip. "hen you think or hear a negati%e thought, reali8e that
not e%erything in our ind! i! fro u!. +o rectify thi! and pre%ent a negati%e word
fro affecting you, &u!t !ay thi! out loud, *Shut up de%il, 0) not li!tening to you
anyore. 'et outN, "atch what happen! a! you under!tand that you are in charge
of you, your will, and your word! through the Lord.
Ch&p#er 9
*Death and life are in the power of the tongue, (nd tho!e who lo%e it will eat it!
fruit, 3Pro%erb! 1@721, EO#H4. Mou will like further clarification and confiration
with thi! ne-t tran!lation7 *"ord! kill, word! gi%e life= they)re either poi!on or fruit
Lyou choo!e, 3;S'4.
Stay on board a! you li!ten to the power which we ha%e with our word!. "e ha%e
the legal right to !peak truth! into e-i!tence. For e-aple, we can !ay, *+here i!
nothing wrong with e or with y current acti%itie!. 0) only o%ed by y !pirit,
not by y eotion!, y logic, y !en!e!, or y intellect.,
#u!t hang on and take ad%antage of your treendou! patience a! the!e word! you
!peak coe into e-i!tence in your heart and ind.
Pr&-#i-e Spe&:i'/ Po+i#ively
Practice by !peaking only po!iti%e word! of how you going to li%e and function.
Mou ha%e the legal right becau!e you)re anointed and #e!u! i! li%ing in!ide you.
0f 0 a!ked you are you !till *into !in,, you would tell e, *?f cour!e not, 0 u!ed to
be and 0) !urpri!ed you would e%en a!kN, +he truth i! that when #e!u! died on
the cro!!, He took e%ery !in you e%er coitted to the cro!! with Hi. +hat)!
what)! !o phenoenal about #e!u! dying for u!. 0n other word!, you)%e already
been healed through the cro!!. Mou)re no longer fighting to reo%e !in. Mou)re
already pure, and you are now fighting to aintain your integrity. 0t)! a done deal
according to the Bible, which i! al!o 'od)! "ord.
Spe&:i'/ #he Tr4#h I'#o ECi+#e'-e
"hat we)re doing i! !peaking the truth into e-i!tence. +hat)! what biblical !ucce!!
i! all about. "e)re not !peaking through our worldly ind anyore= we)re
!peaking through our powerful !pirit.
Mou)%e already been healed through $hri!t. *But He wa! wounded for our
tran!gre!!ion!, He wa! brui!ed for our ini.uitie!= +he cha!ti!eent for our peace
wa! upon Hi, (nd by Hi! !tripe! we are healed, 30!aiah F97F, EO#H4. Mour !pirit
know! that you)re totally healed regardle!! of what your ind i! telling you.
"hen 0 di!co%ered that you could !peak the truth into e-i!tence, e!pecially by
!peaking only po!iti%e word!, 0 began to !ee draatic re!ult!. (llow e to repeat
thi! again7 *"hat you !ay i! what you get, and what you confe!! i! what you
po!!e!!., Speak the following word! 3not that you forgot4, but repetition i!
powerful7 *+here)! nothing wrong with e, 0 a free, and 0 ha%e no further !in in
y life nor will 0 e%er ha%e any.,
2&-#+ or Tr4#hA
+he ne-t .ue!tion that !hould coe to your ind i!, *( 0 lying here or a 0
!peaking the truth1 +here i! a profound difference between a fact and the truth.
A%erything you ha%e carried around with you until now i! &u!t a fact regarding
your !in!, your inappropriate beha%ior, or whate%er you did. But here)! what 0
belie%e #e!u! !ay! about fact!. ;en ake the fact! and fact! are teporary, they
are un!table, they cannot be tru!ted, they keep changing, they are not reliable, and
they fluctuate. +he truth, howe%er, doe! not. +he truth endure! fore%er.
Here)! the good new!. Fact! can becoe truth in!tantly through faith. 0t ha! been
!aid that fifty percent of the fact! you will hear in the ne-t ten year! will change,
and they will e%en change draatically. +hi! i! good new!N How about that lady in
#e!u!) day who had an i!!ue of blood1 Eow that wa! a fact, but, !he knew if !he
could &u!t touch the he of #e!u!) garent, !he would be healed. She wa!
in!tantaneou!ly healed and the old fact becae the new truth. #e!u! pointed out
the truth that her faith had ade her whole.
( hair dre!!er wa! talking to a new cu!toer who wa! blonde, and a!ked her if it
wa! a fact or the truth that !he wa! blonde. +he blonde !tarted laughing, !o !he
knew it wa! a fact= then her cu!toer !aid, *+he truth i! that 0) a brunette., (!
you can !ee, fact! do change.
Ble!! you and Prai!e the Lord. +hi! i! a treendou! !tep you ha%e taken a! a re!ult
of your hunger and de!ire for 'od and your need to learn. +hu! far, truthfully, you
ha%e ade a phenoenal beginning. #u!t continue !peaking what you wantLonly
po!iti%e thing! of cour!eLand e-pect it to happen, before it happen!.
A Po.erf4l S-rip#4re
+he following i! one of the o!t powerful alway!/carry/it/around/in/your/ind
Scripture! e!pecially for eergency Bible di!cu!!ion!. 'od i! !aying you can call
tho!e thing! which be not a! though they were. +hat i!, you can !peak into
e-i!tence what you want becau!e you are !peaking through the !piritual real.,
3(! it i! written, *0 ha%e ade you a father of any nation!4, in the pre!ence of
Hi who he belie%edL'od, who gi%e! life to the dead and call! tho!e thing!
which do not e-i!t a! though they did, 3>oan! D71J, EO#H4.
0f you decide to reread thi! chapter, you)ll take ad%antage of the power of
duplication which reinforce! what you need to li!ten to and under!tand.
Ch&p#er ;
Yo4 'o. live i' & +e& of #r&'B4ili#y #h&':+ #o <e+4+.
Mou are already e-periencing a ultitude of change! within you a! the
Oingdo of 'od !urround! and becoe! part of you and i! within you. Eot
!ure if you want to turn your life o%er to the Lord1 +he challenge of finding,
recei%ing, and finally li%ing in reco%ery i! that it)! your only an!wer for a
healthy life of lo%e, &oy, peace, and truth. Mou really don)t ha%e any choice,
for there i! no other way. +he only a%ailable power to counteract deonic
acti%ity i! through #e!u!. (nything el!e i! &u!t teporary, becau!e teptation
will ne%er be copletely gone= the de%il will !ee to that.
+he ble!!ing! of ab!orbing thi! book)! inforation along with the power of the
"ord will be !uch that e%en if you)re not pre!ently in thi! ind!et, your curio!ity
will be acti%ated. +hat ean! if your de!ire to be !et free i! great enough, your
deli%erance can and will happen. "hat you belie%e i! powerful, and thi! i! why
the de%il)! trick i! to control what you belie%e through deception. Howe%er, if you
can change what you forerly belie%ed and reali8e it)! %ital and nece!!ary and the
only an!wer, you can change your life peranently and catch up when you u!ed to
be e!!ed up.

"eliver&'-e &'d Ble++i'/+
+he truth i! that 'od i! the rea!on you)re !till ali%e. He know! that you de!ire to be
!et free. +hrough thi! book you)%e opened your!elf to total deli%erance fro !in
through #e!u!. Mou will be aa8ed by how you will be able to deli%er your!elf a!
you gain ore and ore !trength through the "ord.
(nd not only that, #e!u! ha! an incredible ble!!ing for you now that you)%e
accepted Hi. +hi! Scripture i! a phenoenal ble!!ing and it i! greater than what
you ay ha%e anticipated7 F;o!t a!!uredly, 0 !ay to you, he who belie%e! in ;e,
the work! that 0 do he will do al!o= and greater work! than the!e he will do,
becau!e 0 go to ;y Father, 3#ohn 1D712, EO#H4. #e!u! !tate! that you)ll do greater
work! than He did a! a eber of the Oingdo of 'od. >eeber, you ha%e
attained a !pecial place becau!e of your prayer! and your de!ire to be deli%ered and
relea!ed fro your deonic pri!on.
Mou will be aa8ed by how the!e biblical %er!e! will relea!e you fro pre%iou!
!in. *(nd you !hall know the truth, and the truth !hall ake you free, 3#ohn @792,
+ake tie to eori8e the!e Scripture! that attract you by repeating the o%er and
o%er again. Soetie! you ha%e to do thi! 1CC tie! or !o until it becoe!
peranently !tored in your eory tract! in the aygdala of your brain. Mou will
acti%ate the!e word! by !peaking the into reality. +hen, you will function in the
harony and perfection for which 'od created you.
Ch&p#er =
Mou already ha%e wi!do, whether you reali8e it or not, a! a re!ult of your deci!ion
to becoe in%ol%ed. +herefore, you can look forward to being healed regardle!! of
what you ha%e done in your pa!t. >eeber, wi!do i! the .uality of ha%ing
e-perience, knowledge, and good &udgent. 0t i! the .uality of being wi!e. +hi!
de!cribe! you, becau!e #e!u!, who i! the wi!do of 'od, now li%e! within you.
I+ *i+do( Yo4r !&i' P4r+4i#A "i!do i! the ain pur!uit of godly en and it
!tart! when you begin to gain !piritual knowledge. Spiritual knowledge i! guided
by in!ight and under!tanding. +he true !ource of wi!do i! re%erence for 'od.
Don)t be !urpri!ed when the ble!!ing! you recei%e fro the!e in!ight! enable you
to under!tand thing! other people won)t be able to. *+he fear of the L?>D is the
beginning of wi!do, (nd the knowledge of the Holy ?ne i! under!tanding,
3Pro%erb! B71C, EO#H4. *For wi!do i! better than rubie!, (nd all the thing! one
ay de!ire cannot be copared with her, 3Pro%erb! @711, EO#H4.
?f cour!e, you already knew that $hri!t i! really the key to opening the hidden
trea!ure! of wi!do. *0n who are hidden all the trea!ure! of wi!do and
knowledge, 3$olo!!ian! 279, EO#H4. Mou could !u thi! up by !aying that
wi!do i! knowledge that 'od gi%e! to you through the thing! you ha%e done and
+o apply thi! to our pro&ect here, you will .uickly reali8e that wi!do hate! e%il
and there i! no roo for coproi!e. Mour proble !tarted when you began
looking at your!elf and lea%ing 'od out of your life. *+hi! 0 !ay therefore, and
te!tify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not a! other 'entile! walk, in the
futility of their ind, ha%ing their under!tanding darkened, being alienated fro
the life of 'od, becau!e of the ignorance that i! in the, becau!e of the
blindne!! of their heart= who, being pa!t feeling, ha%e gi%en the!el%e! o%er to
lewdne!!, to work all uncleanne!! with greedine!!, 3Aphe!ian! D71J/1B, EO#H4.
The R&-e of 2&i#h
Mou are actually the a&or runner here and you are in%ol%ed with thi! race of faith.
*+herefore we al!o, !ince we are !urrounded by !o great a cloud of witne!!e!, let
u! lay a!ide e%ery weight, and the !in which !o ea!ily en!nare! u!, and let u! run
with endurance the race that i! !et before u!, looking unto #e!u!, the author and
fini!her of our faith, who for the &oy that wa! !et before Hi endured the cro!!,
de!pi!ing the !hae, and ha! !at down at the right hand of the throne of 'od,
3Hebrew! 1271/2, EO#H4.
(t no point do you need to .ue!tion your faith le%el becau!e faith i! the !ub!tance
of thing! hoped for, the e%idence of thing! not !een. *So then faith coe! by
hearing, and hearing by the word of 'od, 3>oan! 1C71J, EO#H4. But the truth i!
that your faith i! already in #e!u!, !o all you need now i! the belief that thi! i!
po!!ible. Belie%e e and it i!. Mou won)t need a *faith lift, becau!e you !ub!cribe
to the acrony7 *Fanta!tic (d%enture! in +ru!ting Hi.,
(! #e!u!) di!ciple, you will ne%er lo!e !ight of where you)re headedLthat
e-hilarating fini!h in and with 'od. Mou can put up with anything along the
wayLin the place of honor right along!ide 'od. Be ready for that !hot of
adrenaline that will coe into your !oul whene%er it)! nece!!aryN
$ontinue to a!k the Holy Spirit to guide you and5 be !ure of the power of your
prayer!. Didn)t #e!u! teach that per!i!tent prayer! bring re!ult!1 Mou need to know
that 'od will an!wer your prayer!. +he power of your prayer! actually weaken!
your fle!h to the point that your !pirit will take o%er and be in control.
?pen your eye! to the!e !iple the truth!7 *+here i! therefore now no
condenation to tho!e who are in $hri!t #e!u!, who do not walk according to the
fle!h, but according to the Spirit, 3>oan! @71, EO#H4. +he good new! i! that you
no longer e%er need to be &udgental or critical of what you did in the pa!t. Mou)re
totally forgi%en. *But put on the Lord #e!u! $hri!t, and ake no pro%i!ion for the
fle!h, to fulfill it! lu!t!, 3>oan! 1971D, EO#H4.
*0 !ay then7 "alk in the Spirit, and you !hall not fulfill the lu!t of the fle!h,
3'alatian! F71G, EO#H4.
Ch&p#er >
The Lord0+ Pr&yer
*Eow it cae to pa!!, a! He wa! praying in a certain place, when He cea!ed, that
one of Hi! di!ciple! !aid to Hi, PLord, teach u! to pray, a! #ohn al!o taught hi!
So He !aid to the, *"hen you pray, !ay7
*?ur Father in hea%en, Q(ddre!! #eho%ah 'od a! the one you are talking to.R
*Hallowed be Mour nae Q(doration and prai!e,. with the epha!i! on honor.R
*Mour kingdo coe,Q+he Oingdo cae in 99 (D.R=
QSpiritual re.ue!t!7 !a%e the lo!t, wi!do, and harony in the church.R
*Mour will be done QSelfi!hly acknowledge 'od a! !upree.R
*?n Aarth a! it i! in Hea%en,
*'i%e u! day by day our daily bread, QPhy!ical re.ue!t!7 food, &ob, health.R
(nd forgi%e u! our !in!, Q$onfe!!ion of !in and re.ue!t for forgi%ene!!.R
*For we al!o forgi%e e%eryone who i! indebted to u!.
*(nd do not lead u! into teptation,
*But deli%er u! fro the e%il oneQA-pectation of 'od)! pro%idential guidance
Luke 1171/D, EO#H.R

*Mour! i! the kingdo, power, and gloryQ(doration and
prai!e with the epha!i! on being all in all.R
*(en Q$lo!e of prayer, literally, !o be it4.,
+hi! prayer i! actually the !uary of the whole go!pel. 0t)! a a&or prayer for
de%eloping the !oul. +he relation!hip between 'od and an i! really that of a
father and !on. +he fir!t three petition! addre!! 'od, and the other four are related
to our need! and concern!.
The Need #o Pr&y
+he di!ciple! reali8ed that #e!u! wa! praying without cea!ing. *+hen #e!u!
an!wered and !aid to the, P;o!t a!!uredly, 0 !ay to you, the Son can do nothing
of Hi!elf, but what He !ee! the Father do= for whate%er He doe!, the Son al!o
doe! in like anner), 3#ohn F71B, EO#H4.
+hi! ean! you can)t function on a ind!et of !elf/!ufficiency. "e pray out of a
!en!e of huan need to an eager Father. +hu!, we are ne%er %ery far away fro
the thought that 'od i! working in u! both to will and to do of Hi! good plea!ure.
"e ha%e to appreciate that there i! no acti%ity of life which doe! not re.uire prayer.
Did you really catch that1
+hi! !houldn)t be a challenge to you7 Start !peaking and counicating with 'od
a! if you and He were long/tie friend!. (rticulate the word! of whate%er prayer
e!!age coe! into your heart, e!pecially if it will re!ol%e your ne-t need.
+he greate!t power you po!!e!! originate! in your u!e of the nae of #e!u!. >efer
to Hi often and without he!itation, e!pecially during your growing relation!hip
which will go on fore%er. *For it i! written7 P(! 0 li%e, !ay! the Lord, A%ery knee
!hall bow to ;e, (nd e%ery tongue !hall confe!! to 'od,) 3>oan! 1D711, EO#H4.
Ch&p#er 3@
+o !tart off, when you prai!e the Lord, Hi! power i! relea!ed to and within you. Be
!ure to prai!e the Lord e%ery chance you get, which !hould be fre.uently. For
e-aple, you e-pect to coe again!t the eney without warning and you e-pect to
be !ucce!!ful, !o !peak the word!, *Prai!e the LordN, "atch 'od act on your
behalf through your faith and belief.
$hri!tS! andate for u! i! e-plained here7

*Behold, 0 !end you out a! !heep in the
id!t of wol%e!. +herefore be wi!e a! !erpent! and harle!! a! do%e!. But beware
of en, for they will deli%er you up to council! and !courge you in their
!ynagogue!. For it i! not you who !peak, but the Spirit of your Father who !peak!
in you, 3;atthew 1C71G/1J, 2C, EO#H4.
He confir! thi! when He goe! on to in!truct u!7 *(nd the!e !ign! will follow
tho!e who belie%e7 0n ;y nae they will ca!t out deon!= they will !peak with
new tongue!. (nd they went out and preached e%erywhere, the Lord working with
the and confiring the word through the accopanying !ign!. (en, 3;ark
1G71J, 2C, EO#H4.
Mou will !en!e your !piritual growth taking place for your fa%orite e-pre!!ion will
becoe7 *Becau!e 0 can !ee the in%i!ible, 0 can accopli!h the ipo!!ible.,

The Spiri# of Revel&#io' Becau!e of the !pirit of re%elation, you will draatically
increa!e your faith and be healed by the power of the "ord of 'od. Mou are
actually o%ed by what you belie%e, which i! re%elation/knowledge. +he Holy
Spirit will re%eal #e!u! ore and ore !ince you)re already healed and !ealed by
Hi! blood.
Li!ten7 the Lab of 'od took away the !in of the world. He ha! healed you and
breathed Hi! life into you and ha! brought forth the re!urrection of your !oul. Be
!ure to thank 'od, for He ha! taken all your !in! upon hi!elf. +hat ean! that
when He wa! on the cro!!, He took e%ery one of your !in!, e%ery !ingle one.
$on!e.uently, you ha%e already been healed through Hi! work on the cro!!. Mou
are no longer fighting your !in!, but you are now aintaining your healing.
*For thu! !ay! the Lord 'od, the Holy ?ne of 0!rael7 P0n returning and re!t you
!hall be !a%ed= 0n .uietne!! and confidence !hall be your !trength), 30!aiah 9C71F,
Finally, here)! another key to what will happen when you prai!e the Lord e%ery day
Lyou)ll begin to !ee financial ble!!ing!. Lord, re!tore the fortune! of your people.
Prai!e the LordN
Ch&p#er 33

+he anointing i! the tangible pre!ence of 'od, for you are Hi! yielded %e!!el. Mou
need to carry out Hi! will and work!, which include, alway! belie%ing and
e-periencing your continued healing. Should you e%er !lip with your tongue, &u!t
yell, *$ancel, cancelN,
Ori/i' of #he *ord FA'oi'#G
;iddle Angli!h, fro (nglo/French enoint, pa!t participle of enoindre, fro Latin
inunguere, fro in/ T unguere to !ear. Fir!t known u!e7 1Dth century.
+he Lord ha! anointed 3to !ear or rub with oil4 all of the word! 0) typing here,
which you)re now reading and pa!!ing into your heart and ind. +hi! could e%en
be the fir!t non/fiction, !piritual. get/healed book you)%e e%er read other than the
Mou will !en!e the anointing a! you read and %i!uali8e the truth behind the!e
!piritual word!. +he anointing i! right here in the word! on the!e page!. +hi!
anointing ha! been applied to you, !o you can gra!p the truth! that you are totally
healed and deli%ered. Mou will boldly u!e the anointing 'od ha! placed in you to
do the work! #e!u! did.
+he power of thi! ble!!ed anointing, guided by the Holy Spirit, belong! to you a! a
child of 'od. 0t)! your co%enant right to li%e with thi! e%ery day. +hi! ha! to do
with the act of gi%ing that relea!e! the trea!ure! of Hea%en on and within your life.
Mour acti%ity trigger! thi! anointing a! 'od)! fa%or and calling on your life.
+he e!!age that 'od !poke to ;o!e! applie! to you a! well, for He ha! brought
you out of thi! land of bondage. *(nd that you ay reeber and do all ;y
coandent!, and be holy for your 'od.

0 a the Lord your 'od, who brought
you out of the land of Agypt, to be your 'od7 0 a the Lord your 'od, 3Euber!
1F7DC/D1, EO#H4. +here i!n)t anything He won)t do for you. *For 0, the Lord your
'od, will hold your right hand, !aying to you, PFear not, 0 will help you), 30!aiah
D1719, EO#H4.
Be +4re of #hi+
:eepi'/ #he
.ill %le++ yo4
d&ily. The+e
fro( God &re
/ive' #o %le++ yo4
&'d :eep yo4 -lo+e
#o $i(.
Mou ha%e been
e-po!ed to and are
aware of enough
Scripture! to know
you were
pre%iou!ly li%ing
on *the wrong !ide
of the !treet.,
$ontinue to refre!h
your eory and
your !pirit a! you
re%iew fa%orite
Scripture! by
repeating the a!
nece!!ary. Mou
know that when
they get eori8ed
and becoe part of
you, that !ae
power of the "ord
that healed you will
al!o heal other!.

*?r do you not know that your body i! the teple of the Holy Spirit who i! in you,
who you ha%e fro 'od, and you are not your own1, 31 $orinthian! G71B,
+hi! i! an iportant part of your anointing. *For thi! i! the will of 'od, your
!anctification7 that you !hould ab!tain fro !e-ual iorality, 31+he!!alonian!
D79, EO#H4.
Eow thi! i! powerful7 "hen ;ary %i!ited Ali8abeth, one of the greate!t iracle!
that happened through the power of the Holy Spirit wa! the anointing of #ohn the
Bapti!t who wa! in the wob of hi! other. *(nd it happened, when Ali8abeth
heard the greeting of ;ary, that the babe leaped in her wob= and Ali8abeth wa!
filled with the Holy Spirit, 3Luke 17D1, EO#H4.

*But if we walk in the light a! He i! in the light, we ha%e fellow!hip with one
another, and the blood of #e!u! $hri!t Hi! Son clean!e! u! fro all !in.

0f we !ay
that we ha%e no !in, we decei%e our!el%e!, and the truth i! not in u!, 31 #ohn
17J/@, EO#H4.
+he following !u! thi! up rather well7 *0f we clai that we)re free fro !in,
we)re only fooling our!el%e!. ( clai like that i! errant non!en!e. ?n the
other hand, if we adit our !in!Lake a clean break of theLHe won)t let
u! down= He)ll be true to hi!elf. He)ll forgi%e our !in! and purge u! of all
wrongdoing. 0f we clai that we)%e ne%er !inned, we out and out contradict
'odLake a liar out of Hi. ( clai like that only !how! off our ignorance
of 'od, 31 #ohn 17B, ;S'4. Siplify thi! by !iply !tating, *0 u!ed to !in,
but 0 !in no ore in the ighty nae of #e!u!.,
Ch&p#er 35
+he key to reeber here i! that your !pirit confir! that you are healed, !o
fighting thi! truth, regardle!! of what the de%il or anyone el!e i! forcing you to
think, will be ea!y.
+hi! ean! you !iply go on with your life a! if the pa!t !in! ne%er happened.
Mou &u!t !tart walking in freedo, for you are li%ing in it, and all of the P&unk) that
accopanied your life in the pa!t will di!appear. +hi! ean! you are not only
walking in the !pirit, but you are li%ing in the !pirit. (fter all, *+he greate!t
di!ability in life i! a bad attitude, 3Scott Sco%ille Hailton4.
Eo atter what 0 call the lying !ypto! and lying !ign! !ee to be, you can)t
allow the to affect you what!oe%er. Mou need to &u!t continue to walk through it.
Yo4r &##i#4de i+ #he re&+o' for #he /re&# +4--e++ i' yo4r life
Mour attitude i! ba!ed on your !piritual under!tanding. *

3(! it i! written, P0 ha%e
ade you a father of any nation!)4 in the pre!ence of Hi who he
belie%edL'od, who gi%e! life to the dead and call! tho!e thing! which do
not e-i!t a! though they did, 3>oan! D71J, EO#H4. Mour !piritual attitude
al!o confe!!e! your total healing and reco%ery, !o any lingering thought! or
coplaint! will be copletely reo%ed.
By li%ing in the !piritual real, you)re no longer being di!tracted by the natural
an, !o you no longer !truggle with a dual identity. Mou no longer allow
your !oul in!tead of your !pirit to !it in the dri%er)! !eat. ?therwi!e, you)re
being affected at e%ery turn, e%ery cur%e, and e%ery !top !treet and you ha%e
to go through any detour!.
A Prophe#i- !e++&/e for Yo4
+hi! i! a prophetic e!!age for you. >epetition ha! !o uch to do with your walk
with 'od. 0t i! becau!e through !uch repetition that the Spirit becoe! part of you.
>epetition i! !o iportant when it coe! to 'od)! "ord, for the ore you hear it,
repetitiou!ly, the ore it becoe! a part of you. +hen you will !tart to li%e it. Mou
will read and e-po!e your!elf to all of the godly inforation it re%eal!. +hi!, in
turn, will continue to build your faith.
Ch&p#er 36
"hen you hear thi! enough, it will becoe !econd nature to you. Mour !pirit let!
you know that what you !ee, hear, feel, ta!te, or !ell i! not the only reality. Mour
!pirit only belie%e! the "ord of 'od, not your phy!ical body, which i! actually
only in%ol%ed with the fi%e phy!ical !en!e!. Mour !pirit know! the "ord of 'od,
which !tate! that by Hi! !tripe! you are healed. 3See 0!aiah F97F.4 0t belie%e! the
"ord of 'od which i! the Bible.
Let)! talk about thi! approach when you need healing. *"hen y body feel! pain,
0) not going to belie%e y body. 0n!tead, 0 will belie%e only y !pirit regardle!!
of what y body i! picking up with it! !en!ory echani!!. Mour body, howe%er,
belie%e! what your eye! !ee, what your ear! hear, what you touch or feel, what
your no!e !ell!, and what your outh ta!te!. +hat)! how you function with your
phy!ical body. +he fi%e phy!ical !en!e! were de!igned to help your body protect
it!elf. For e-aple, if you !ell !oke, your body can react appropriately to a%oid
a fire. Siilarly, your body will o%e .uickly to a%oid a twig that ight hit your
body. +hu!, fro a !piritual point of %iew, you can !ee why it)! iportant for you
to !eparate your !pirit fro your body.
The So4l I+ & Brid/e
+he !oul i! a bridge between your !pirit and your phy!ical body. +he !oul i! your
ind, your eotion!, your will, your intellect, and your per!onality.
Here)! what need! to happen for you to get healed. +he !pirit need! to work it! way
into the !oul and then into the phy!ical body !o they can all function in the !piritual
real. +hi! happen! on the po!iti%e !ide.
Eow the !oul belie%e! it)! healed becau!e it i! connected to the !pirit and the
phy!ical body now belie%e! it)! healed a! well. 0t ha! no choice, !ince it)! &oined to
the !oul which i! &oined to the !pirit. +he phy!ical body will now no longer li!ten
to it! !en!e! or it!elf becau!e the !pirit and !oul are already healed by the "ord.
+he proble i! that the phy!ical body would rather work it! way into the !oul, for
when it doe! !o, the!e two entitie! will break off fro the !pirit. +hi! re!ult! in two
again!t one on the negati%e !ide, which can re!ult in !inful, unclean, e%il practice!.
?ne of our ain battle! in life i! to keep the alignent flowing fro our !pirit to
our !oul to our body. +he phy!ical body becoe! the recipient of !upernatural
!piritual power becau!e the !oul i! lined up with the !pirit. +he "ord keep! the
+he only way healing won)t happen i! if the body get! di!connected fro the !pirit
through !iple thing! !uch a! a%oiding the "ord of 'od, not !peaking the
Scripture!, not reading the Bible, not hanging around the church, not pur!uing
godly people, or not aintaining a po!iti%e attitude. +hen the body ha! peri!!ion
to do whate%er it want! to do.
So now you under!tand why the eney attack! the !oul= it i! !o he can !eparate it
fro the !pirit. "hen that happen!, the de%il attept! to endor!e !in on a daily
ba!i! and to lead you into teptation, which i! e%erywhere to be found. So &u!t
aintain thi! unity between your body, !oul, and !pirit and a%oid in%ol%ing your
eotion!, your logic, your !en!e!, or your intellect.
$ounicate with your !oul through hearing, reading, and !eeing !piritual truth!
and fill it with &oy, happine!!, ble!!ing!, and lo%e.
0n !uary, your !pirit cannot be acce!!ed in any natural way. *+hat which i! born
of the fle!h i! fle!h, and that which i! born of the Spirit i! !pirit, 3#ohn 97G, EO#H4.
+hi! ean! there i! no direct connection between the fle!h or the !oul and the
!pirit, and you can)t contact your !pirit through your eotion! or through your
phy!ical body.
'od will an!wer your prayer! becau!e the "ord !ay! He will and you believe it=
it)! not becau!e you feel it eotionally. Eeither can your eotional feeling!
contact your !pirit, nor can your phy!ical body contact your !pirit. Mou can cry all
day long, but 'od won)t hear or re!pond. "or!hip on the other hand, coe! fro
your !pirit and it open! up the door of your life !piritually.
Mou ha%e the !ae power that rai!ed #e!u! fro the dead, e%en if you can)t feel it.
Mou ha%e to belie%e thi!, for thi! i! not a religiou! gae.

Ch&p#er 37
+ake a oent now and pray the following prayer7
Dear #e!u!, +hank you for deli%ering and ble!!ing e. 0 a a !trong $hri!tian
belie%er who lo%e! you and know! you ha%e been the only an!wer to enable e to
o%ercoe thi! !ituation. 0 know you ha%e repeatedly heard and an!wered y
prayer! and 0 continue to thank you for y treendou! healing. 0 li%e and breathe
and function with total faith, belief, tru!t, and lo%e for you, Lord, and there i! no
doubt or di!belief in y ind for y healing.

+he rea!on we ha%e challenge! that in%ol%e lo%ing other people i! !iply that we
don)t recei%e 'od)! lo%e that He already ha! for u!. *(nd we ha%e known and
belie%ed the lo%e that 'od ha! for u!. 'od i! lo%e, and he who abide! in lo%e
abide! in 'od, and 'od in hi, 3#ohn D71G, EO#H4.
Eow you know why you can)t lo%e the unlo%ed, the difficult, the un!table, or e%en
the deanding. Howe%er, you can learn to lo%e other! with the lo%e that 'od ga%e
to you by changing your ind!et. #u!t do itN +hen it will o%erflow out of you into
the li%e! of other!. Mour life!tyle will change a! you reali8e you ha%e an influence
far greater than you could e%er iagine, for you will becoe filled with Bible hope
3faith4, energy, and &oy.
2ro( 'o. o' rehe&r+e o'ly %elief i' yo4r (i'd
Pray the following prayer fro your heart7
Dear #e!u!, a! you know, 0 u!ed to be in%ol%ed in !in until 0 turned y life o%er to
you. 0 a thankful to you for protecting and guarding e fro the eney,
e!pecially through y per!onally a!!igned angel. 0 a !o grateful to you for
keeping e ali%e and well !ince 0 finally becae aware of the eney)! ultiate
intention!. *+he thief doe! not coe e-cept to !teal, and to kill, and to de!troy. 0
ha%e coe that they ay ha%e life, and that they ay ha%e it ore abundantly,
3#ohn 1C71C, EO#H4. 0 know you won)t allow anything to happen to e and 0
thank you deeply that you ha%e reo%ed all threat!, a! well a! any and all fear!,
that were ipo!ed upon e. +hank you for relea!ing e and bringing e back
hoe to a healthy and .uality en%ironent and ato!phere. Lord, 0 know you ha%e
already re!ol%ed thi! pa!t !ituation and 0 thank !o uch, Lord.,
*+he !pirit of an i! the candle of the L?>D, !earching all the inward part! of the
belly, 3Pro%erb! 2C72J, O#H4. Lord, 0 know thi! ean! that you are li%ing in!ide
e and that i! why all i! well with e. Here)! another tran!lation of the !ae
%er!e7 *+he !pirit of a an i! the lap of the L?>D, !earching all the inner depth!
of hi! heart.,
Ch&p#er 38
Mou under!tand that that the Holy Spirit li%e! within you and the only rea!on why
the de%il wa! able to get to you in the pa!t wa! that he wa! allowed to Pbrainwa!h)
and decei%e you.
Eow place you hand on your !toach and ini!ter to your !pirit by !aying the!e
word!7 *Behold, 0 gi%e you the authority to traple on !erpent! and !corpion!, and
o%er all the power of the eney, and nothing !hall by any ean! hurt you, 3Luke
1C71B, EO#H4. 0 not only ha%e power o%er y body, but 0 ha%e power o%er the
eney, and 0 ha%e power of attorney in the ighty nae of #e!u!. +hi! ean! 0
can !peak into !piritual e-i!tence whate%er 0 need in order to aintain y godly
relation!hip in the nae of #e!u!.
Ri+e' 2ro( #he "e&d
Lord, 0 know you hear e &u!t like you heard your Son, #e!u!, and 0 a!k you to
rai!e *e, fro the dead a! you did La8aru!. +hank you for taking iediate
action to o%ercoe all of the challenge! of y life and the conflict! that ha%e been
ipo!ed upon e by thi! deonic acti%ity.
Father, your "ord !ay!, *Behold, 0 a the Lord, the 'od of all fle!h. 0! there
anything too hard for ;e1, 3#ereiah 9272J, EO#H4. Lord, 0 know that you can
rai!e people fro the dead, and 0 know you ha%e healed and forgi%en e of all
!in!, for you are no re!pecter of per!on! and you !how no fa%oriti!. Holy Spirit,
0 thank you, for 0 know we are all in one accord and that we are in total agreeent,
for thi! healing and deli%erance ha! already been !ucce!!ful. Lord, your "ord
!ay!, *For where two or three are gathered together in ;y nae, 0 a there in the
id!t of the, 3;atthew 1@72C, EO#H4. +hank you for your pre!ence, Holy Spirit.

(! you continue to read and !oak in the!e !criptural e!!age!, you ay %ery well
becoe aware of a !en!e of lightne!! that will affect you a! if you)%e been relea!ed
fro your burden! and bondage! and any !ickne!! or di!ea!e.
Speak thi! into e-i!tence7 *De%il, 0 bind, u88le, and gag you. 0 coand any and
all deonic !pirit! to be ca!t out of e now in #e!u!) nae. +hi! include! all
!pirit! of infirity, ;a!onic !pirit!, and !pirit! of death. $oe out now, !pirit! of
inheritance and generational cur!e!. Be reo%ed and re%er!ed. 0 ca!t you out,
unclean !pirit!, !pirit! of bondage, !pirit! of &ealou!y, li%ing !pirit!, !pirit! of
haughtine!! 3pride4, !pirit! of hea%ine!!, deaf/and dub/!pirit!, antichri!t !pirit!,
!pirit! of &ealou!ly, failiar !pirit!, !pirit! of fear, !pirit! of per%er!ion, !pirit! of
whoredo, and !pirit! of di%ination. $oe out now, per%er!e !pirit!, !pirit! of
error, and !pirit! of bondage, in the nae of #e!u!.
0 coand any !pirit! of doubt, !tre!!, !trife, an-iety, worry, grief, ungodly !oul
tie!, depre!!ion, hurt!, wound!, guilt, and re&ection to coe out now in the ighty
nae of #e!u!.
0 ca!t out all of you deonic !pirit!, for you can ne%er return to e in the ighty
nae of #e!u!. 0 ha%e been totally clean!ed in the ighty nae of #e!u!. 0
coand all you !pirit! to line up with the cord o the Holy Spirit and be !ent to the
pit. "e coand you to cea!e and de!i!t fro your work! in #e!u!) nae. Mou
will ne%er trouble e again in the nae of #e!u!.
0 coand any to-ic cheical! and free radical! to coe out now, and 0 coand
y o-idati%e !tre!! le%el! to return to tho!e of a newborn baby.
Lord, 0 coand any ipairent in y body to line up with the "ord of 'od on a
daily ba!i!.
0 coand all the cheical and electrical agnetic fre.uencie! in each and e%ery
cell to return to noral balance and harony and any abnoral cell! to be dige!ted
by the good cell!.
Lord, 0 thank you for !weet !leep at night for e, your belo%ed. 0 coand total
healing fro the crown of y head to the tip! of y toe!, fro the crown of y
head to the tip! of y finger!. (ll of y organ! now function in the perfection
with which 'od created e.
+hank you, Lord, that 0 recei%e proper nouri!hent on a daily ba!i! through y
own effort!. +hank you for ble!!ing e with a !pirit of lo%e, &oy, truth, and peace,
abo%e and beyond any huan coprehen!ion or under!tanding.
Lord, thank you for a !upernatural iunological !y!te that will protect e fro
any further in%ading alien organi!!. Lord, thank you for helping e achie%e y
de!tiny, which i! the rea!on why you created e.
0 !peak all thi! in the ighty nae of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and 0
!eal y reco%ery and healing with the blood of #e!u!.
+hank you, Lord, that 0 will continue to !peak only po!iti%e affiration!. Mou are
the greate!t ble!!ing 0 ha%e e%er known. +hank you for your preciou! lo%e, dear
Lord. (en.
"hen you ini!ter to your!elf, be open to the following7
14 +hank #e!u! for healing you e%erywhere you hurt.
24 #u!t li!ten to Hi.
94 0f you accidently !peak the wrong word!, &u!t !hout out loud, *$ancel, cancelN,
D4 Mou can only talk in the pa!t ten!e about your pa!t.
F4 Be !ure to tell your !ignificant other that you)%e been healed, for thi! i! a
powerful weapon that the de%il hate! to hear.

Ch&p#er 39
+hi! !piritual chapter ha! been de%eloped entirely for the purpo!e of ini!tering to
you per!onally, and it i! e!pecially de!igned for anyone who i! in%ol%ed with an
addiction to pornography. Mou will find that it)! unnece!!ary and redundant to
include any fancy legal terinology regarding guarantee! in thi! book, for then the
ab!ence of faith would render thi! final healing prayer null and %oid.
(! a child of 'od, regardle!! of your per!onal !in in%ol%eent, total healing i!
anticipated and e-pected becau!e 'od ha! totally forgi%en you and proi!ed that
whate%er you a!k in Hi! nae He will do. 3See #ohn 1D71D.4
Mou ha%e already !poken thi! in the beginning of the book, but let)! do it again, &u!t
in ca!e you didn)t get around to doing or copleting it pre%iou!ly7
14 Father, thank you for forgi%ing y !in!.
24 #e!u!, coe into y heart and ake e the kind of per!on you want e to be.
94 Father, thank you for !a%ing e today.
The T&%er'&-le of #he Lord
?ur body, !oul, and !pirit are coparable to the ?uter $ourt, the 0nner $ourt, and
the Holy of Holie! of the +abernacle. "hen we are !a%ed, our !pirit i! .uickened
and 'od dwell! within u!. By the way, thi! coe! a! *a package deal, becau!e, a!
you already know, the Holy Spirit i! included. He i! your peranent coforter
and pro%ider.
"hen you !peak thi! out loud, do !o with the under!tanding that you)re flowing
with confidence and !trength a! if you are gi%ing the coenceent !peech a! the
%aledictorian of your high !chool. +here)! nothing wrong with repeating thi!
healing deli%erance prayer later on a! well. (l!o, you can alway! re.ue!t a per!onal
friend or a!!ociate to read thi! to you in!tead, but !elf/deli%erance continue! to
work all of the tie.
'et your!elf in a frae of ind to prepare for your healing and deli%erance by
thinking back to that *got to ha%e it de!ire,, for whate%er it wa! that you needed.
Inder!tand that you are !till in control and will reain !o a! you prepare for thi!
deli%erance prayer.
Eow, clap your hand! !e%eral tie!. 0t ha! been pointed out in #ob that clapping
your hand! will reo%e the pre!ence of any deonic !pirit!. *;en !hall clap their
hand! at hi, (nd !hall hi!! hi out of hi! place, 3#ob 2J729, EO#H4. +hi!, of
cour!e, work! .uite well on the telephone, !hould you prefer the help of a friend
who ha! thi! !cript a%ailable to read to you.
Speak thi! out loud, a! the healed !er%ant of the Lord #e!u! $hri!t of Ea8areth7
*0 cancel and nullify the power of pornography and !in/cra%ing at the neurological
le%el in y *head/brain,, y *heart/brain,, and y *gut/brain, in the nae of
*Hea%enly Father, thank you for aking new neuropathway! of peace, lo%e, !afety
and !elf/control without any further cra%ing! in the nae of #e!u!.
*0 coand the!e new neuropathway! to gi%e e control o%er any addicti%e
pornographic thought! or de!ire! in y *head/brain, 3touch your head4, y *heart/
brain, 3touch your heart4, and y *gut/ brain, 3touch your abdoen4.
*+he!e neurotran!itter! are now totally relea!ed to e, your !aint, according to
'od)! de!ign, !o that 0 will alway! ha%e control fro now on.,
Speak thi!7 *#e!u! in e i! in control. +herefore, 0 a in control, in #e!u!) nae.,
Be !ure to de!troy all related !e-ual aterial in connection with !in or unholy or
illicit relation!hip! !uch a! ring!, flower!, card!, bra!, gift!, etc that were part of an
adulterou! relation!hip. . +hey !yboli8e the ungodly relation!hip and keeping any
part of the will keep you in bondage.
( deli%erance/pa!tor friend of ine had &u!t ini!tered thi! prayer to one of the
en in hi! church who wa! in!tantly deli%ered. +he an who wa! now free ga%e
the pa!tor a pornographic aga8ine he would no longer need a! he left the
!anctuary. +he pa!tor threw it in the tra!h and left the building. But, out!ide the
church, he felt %ery uncofortable and iediately returned to that tra!h container
on the !econd floor. He reo%ed the aga8ine and then ripped it up into !e%eral
piece!. He !uddenly felt an iediate peace a! he dropped it into the tra!h. Peace
i! really being aware of 'od)! con!tant pre!ence at all tie! in !pite of the
challenge! you ay be e-periencing.
Prai!e the Lord for your healing.
Ch&p#er 3;
Becau!e of Satan)! pride, the !in of !in!, 'od wa! forced to ca!t hi out of
Hea%en. *For you ha%e !aid in your heart7 P0 will a!cend into hea%en, 0 will e-alt
y throne abo%e the !tar! of 'od= 0 will al!o !it on the ount of the congregation.
?n the farthe!t !ide! of the north= 0 will a!cend abo%e the height! of the cloud!, 0
will be like the ;o!t High, 30!aiah 1D719/1D4.
*(nd war broke out in hea%en7 ;ichael and hi! angel! fought with the dragon= and
the dragon and hi! angel! fought, but they did not pre%ail, nor wa! a place found
for the in hea%en any longer. So the great dragon wa! ca!t out, that !erpent of old,
called the De%il and Satan, who decei%e! the whole world= he wa! ca!t to the earth,
and hi! angel! were ca!t out with hi. +hen 0 heard a loud %oice !aying in hea%en,
PEow !al%ation, and !trength, and the kingdo of our 'od, and the power of Hi!
$hri!t ha%e coe, for the accu!er of our brethren, who accu!ed the before our
'od day and night, ha! been ca!t down. (nd they o%ercae hi by the blood of
the Lab and by the word of their te!tiony, and they did not lo%e their li%e! to
the death. +herefore re&oice, ? hea%en!, and you who dwell in theN "oe to the
inhabitant! of the earth and the !eaN For the de%il ha! coe down to you, ha%ing
great wrath, becau!e he know! that he ha! a !hort tie, 3>e%elation 127J/12,
*(nd He !aid to the, P0 !aw Satan fall like lightning fro hea%en), 3Luke 1B71@,
EO#H4. Did you reali8e we ha%e authority o%er the angel! and o%er Satan hi!elf1
Mou will be able to ca!t out deonic !pirit! u!ing Scripture!, for anyone who ha!
faith, like you do, can do thi!.
Belief &'d O%edie'-e
(fter #e!u! wa! re!urrected fro the dead, He appeared to the ele%en di!ciple! to
di!cu!! their !tubborn unbelief. *(nd He !aid to the, P'o into all the world and
preach the go!pel to e%ery creature. He who belie%e! and i! bapti8ed will be
!a%ed= but he who doe! not belie%e will be condened), 3;ark 1G71F/1G, EO#H4.
Since the fall of ankind a! a re!ult of (da and A%e)! di!obedience, e%ery huan
ha! been born with a !in nature. But 'od, a! the &u!t #udge, will not and cannot
o%erlook !in. ?ur natural tendency i! to plea!e our!el%e! rather than 'od. But you
don)t need to function in that way anyore, the way you u!ed to. *For He ade
Hi who knew no !in to be !in for u!, that we ight becoe the righteou!ne!! of
'od in Hi, 32 $orinthian! F721, EO#H4.
+o be righteou! i! con!idered to be correct or &u!tified and it i! deterined by faith.
(! !oon a! you placed your tru!t in $hri!t, you becae righteou! and on that ba!i!
'od accept! you on a 2D<J ba!i!.
Ch&p#er 3=
Here)! !oe of the !tuff the !inner ha! to put up with fro hi! caring and lo%ing
!pou!e, hi! faily, hi! relati%e!, hi! friend!, hi! church, and hi! nagging thought!.
+he wor!t part i! that the clo!e!t one! know about your !in !ooner than you think
they will. 3+hi! i! e!pecially true with regard to your !pou!e.4
$aouflaging the 0nternet with trick! or nuber! or o%ing the coputer into the
faily area doe!n)t work. "hen a per!on get! addicted to porn, they can alway!
find their way around e%erything.
+he Bible !ay, *Do you not know that the unrighteou! will not inherit the kingdo
of 'od1 Do not be decei%ed. Eeither fornicator!, nor idolater!, nor adulterer!, nor
hoo!e-ual!, nor !odoite!, nor thie%e!, nor co%etou!, nor drunkard!, nor re%iler!,
nor e-tortioner! will inherit the kingdo of 'od, 31 $orinthian! G7B/1C4.
Livi'/ Life #o #he 24ll
0f you)re po!!ibly undecided a! to whether or not you want to fini!h thi! book and
bring your life back into a healthy e-i!tence, &u!t ake thi! deci!ion regarding how
you want to handle the re!t of your life. +hi! will depend on your attitude
concerning the following7
14 0 don)t want to know.
24 0 don)t care.
94 0 want to gi%e up.
D4 0 think it)! too late.
F4 0 want to change.
G4 0 don)t want anyone to find out.
J4 0 want to get back together with y !pou!e e%en when he<!he find!
@4 0 want to reco%er.
B4 0) willing to do it 'od)! way.
0f you think (0DS, or herpe!, or a !iilar !eriou! con!e.uence i! not a cur!e, &u!t
con!ider li%ing with it for a !hort tie and you)ll in!tantly change your ind. ?ne
your wor!t challenge! i! that being *pornographi8ed, e-po!e! your!elf to who you
really are.
Mou are not only li%ing in !hae and lu!tfulne!!, but totally out!ide of 'od)!
de!ire!, becau!e you think you need to e-pre!! your freedo of e-pre!!ion through
your !elf/centeredne!! which i! nothing ore than !elfi!hne!!.
Mour tran!foration re.uire! a ind!et change fro out of the pit of hell with an
under!tanding to !top de!troying your life. +hi! will be a change of heart that will
generate pa!!ion and a di!ciplined will that doe!n)t need !in to function.
By ha%ing your will under the control of your !pirit, you can ake the nece!!ary
change! to enable you to becoe coitted to aintaining peranent healing and
total reco%ery. +hi! dedication ha! to be a pledge you ake to your!elfLa per!onal

Ch&p#er 3>
( worldly kind of non!en!e ha! e-ploded into uncontrolled !in, and thi! occur!
becau!e people are !uffering with a ind!et that 0 call $DD or $ontentent
Deficit Di!order. +hi! ean! people run around without drea!, without goal!,
without ha%ing rea!on! to li%e, and without any concept of thri%ing. Ba!ically,
people wind up &u!t !ur%i%ing. 0n the!e ca!e!, life without a purpo!e becoe! &u!t
an e-perient.
"e need to keep our!el%e! ali%e through our ultiple purpo!e! in life, which
de%elop into our drea! that 'od e%entually re%eal! to u! a! our de!tiny. "e were
created by the Lord !o that He can ake u! into the kind of per!on He want! u! to
be. He ha! already e!tabli!hed our de!tiny before we were in the wob, which
ean! it)! up to u! to achie%e that de!tiny.
*hy *e Are $ere
"e need to know why we are here and how we are going to ble!! other! in the
2&4l#+ &re 'o lo'/er p&r# of o4r -h&r&-#er. Nei#her i+ pride. So I4+# -o'#i'4e
#o i(prove yo4r eCperie'-e.
?ur goal today i! to e!cape fro any reaining corruption that i! in u! becau!e we
are !till li%ing in an ungodly world that i! full of per%er!ion and lu!t. "hen we)re
in denial, we clai that we)re innocent and !tand on the erroneou! belief that we)re
not in%ol%ed. 0t i! then we need to be enlightened by what >.+. Oendall !ay! about
lying, *( lie i! erely the po!tponeent of a truth that i! e%entually going to coe
#e!u! put! it thi! way7 *+herefore do not fear the. For there i! nothing co%ered
that will not be re%ealed, and hidden that will not be known, 3;atthew 1C72G,
EO#H4. +he art of aking e-cu!e! i! %ery clo!e to lying. 0 call thi! *e-cu!iti!,,
or *the failure di!ea!e, becau!e an e-cu!e i! really a thin !hell of truth that ha!
been !tuffed with a lie. (nother definition of an e-cu!e i! *a well/ planned lie.,
+he rea!on! for e-cu!e! are different and !eeingly %alid, but there are no
e-plainable rea!on! we could u!e to e-plain why we indulge in the!e acti%itie!.
Here)! a popular e-cu!e7 *;y wife forced e to do it., ?ur pride i! in%ol%ed in our
e-cu!e/aking, which when you !tudy and identify it, i! really ba!ed on in!ecurity.
Mou already know your challenge!, which, incidentally, i! a healthier word than the
word *proble!., +he ore you learn about your challenge!, the .uicker your
knowledge will turn into wi!do, becau!e you)re in the proce!! of in!talling a new
"hen we accept 'od)! righteou!ne!!, we will recei%e the re%elation of being
relea!ed fro bondage. +hi! will re!ult in &oy, which alway! lead! to re&oicing.
Soetie! people are in!tantly healed when deonic !pirit! are ca!t out of the.
(%oid becoing ipatient with your total and final reco%ery period becau!e it i!
not a Pturtle e-pre!!) unle!! you continue to confe!! the negati%e.
God "eli/h#+ i' I(po++i%ili#ie+
+hank 'od that what you need i! #e!u! and you already ha%e Hi. +he good new!
i! that we ha%e a 'od who delight! in ipo!!ibilitie!. "e need to !top !truggling
and becoe the people He ha! called u! to be7 *For you are a holy people to the
Lord your 'od= the Lord your 'od ha! cho!en you to be a people for Hi!elf, a
!pecial trea!ure abo%e all the people! on the face of the earth, 3Deuteronoy J7G,
+hi! book i! intended to !upply you with all the knowledge you re.uire, not only
for your relea!e fro !la%ery to the de%il, but al!o in ca!e you)re e%er e-po!ed
again to any deonic acti%ity. >eeber that your !pirit, along with your will,
continue to be in charge and your in%ol%eent with pornography will ne%er happen
again in %iew of you new ind!et.

Ch&p#er 5@
Mou)re no longer in trouble becau!e the Bible !ay!, *#u!t a! He cho!e u! in Hi
before the foundation of the world, that we !hould be holy and without blae
before Hi in lo%e, 3Aphe!ian! 17D, EO#H4. 'od reitted all your !in! when #e!u!
took the fro you on the cro!!. $on!e.uently, your pa!t !in! will no longer lead
you to eotional death. +he blood of #e!u! $hri!t ha! clean!ed you fro all !inL
pa!t, pre!ent, and future.

No Lo'/er & Sl&ve of Si' +he good new! i! that 'od will take u! back and then
change u!. *Onowing thi!, that our old an wa! crucified with Hi that the body
of !in ight be done away with, that we !hould no longer be !la%e! of !in,
3>oan! G7G, EO#H4.
+hi! i! what 'od did for you. *+hen 'od !aid, *Let I! ake an in ?ur iage,
according to ?ur likene!!= let the ha%e doinion o%er the fi!h of the !ea, o%er the
bird! of the air, and o%er the cattle, o%er all the earth and o%er e%ery creeping thing
that creep! on the earth,) 3'ene!i! 172G, EO#H4.
+he ad%er!ary 3Satan4, goe! about !eeking who he ay de%our, and he often
work! through our negati%e thought!, negati%e word!, and negati%e friend!. +hank
'od you no longer !peak like that.
"hen y pa!tor friend coun!el! church eber!, he ha! the apply blue duct
tape directly o%er their outh!, if nece!!ary, a! they !tart their own watch/what/
you/!ay treatent. +he blue color, of cour!e, repre!ent! re%elation. Soetie! the
new $hri!tian will &u!t place the duct tape on hi! lapel a! a reinder.
A'/el+ o' A++i/'(e'#
Further, did 0 ention that we ha%e angel! who are a!!igned to u!1 (n angel i! a
!piritual being that i! a !pirit but doe!n)t ha%e a body. *+ake heed that you do not
de!pi!e one of the!e little one!, for 0 !ay to you that in hea%en their angel! alway!
!ee the face of ;y Father who i! in hea%en. For the Son of ;an ha! coe to !a%e
that which wa! lo!t1, 3;atthew 1@71C/11, EO#H4.
0n other word!, &u!t !pread the "ord of 'od, where%er you go. +hi! will relea!e
angel!, and you will be able to watch the go to work on your behalf.
Mou were created and born through 'od under the au!pice! of #e!u! and the Holy
Spirit. +he Holy Spirit poured the lo%e of 'od into your heart. +here i! an
iportant Scripture in the ne-t paragraph that you need to apply to your life. 0t will
ble!! you and it will continue to do !o a! you dedicate your life to helping other!
who are !till looking for the knowledge and wi!do you already ha%e.
"hat better way i! there than to free other! of what you u!ed to endure1 Here i! the
Scripture7 :So He cae to Ea8areth, where He had been brought up. (nd a! Hi!
cu!to wa!, He went into the !ynagogue on the Sabbath day, and !tood up to read.
(nd He wa! handed the book of the prophet 0!aiah. (nd when He had opened the
book, He found the place where it wa! written7 P+he Spirit of the Lord i! upon ;e,
Becau!e He ha! anointed ;e to preach the go!pel to the poor= He ha! !ent ;e to
heal the brokenhearted, to proclai liberty to the capti%e! and reco%ery of !ight to
the blind, to !et at liberty tho!e who are oppre!!ed. +o proclai the acceptable year
of the L?>D. +hen He clo!ed the book, and ga%e it back to the attendant and !at
down. (nd the eye! of all who were in the !ynagogue were fi-ed on Hi. (nd He
began to !ay to the, P+oday thi! Scripture i! fulfilled in your hearing), 3Luke
D71G/21, EO#H4.
Ch&p#er 53
(! you continue to organi8e your life to be copletely relea!ed fro thi!
pornographic deonic !la%ery entality, prepare for the end day! a! well.
>eeber, you ha%e already been clean!ed by #e!u! through the Holy Spirit and
you are already in the Lab)! Book of Life, knowing you will !pend eternity in
Hea%en. 0n light of thi!, you)re probably e-cited about what it)! going to be like
to li%e a .uality life full of freedo.
0t i! %ital that you be !et free with a !table, !trong, and confident foundation. +hi!
i! !o iportant when you con!ider what)! ahead for all of u!.
The Blood !oo'+
(! you ay already know, terrible tie! ha%e been prophe!i8ed and they are to be
e-pected. 0f you ha%en)t been introduced to the blood oon!, you need to check
thi! out. Eot only do you ha%e to be prepared biblically to help your!elf, but you
will want to help your friend!, faily, and !tranger!.
+hi! i! what the Lord !ay! about thi! already/here world !ituation. *0n the La!t
Day!,, 'od !ay!, *0 will pour out y Spirit on e%ery kind of people7 Mour !on! will
prophe!y, al!o your daughter!= your young en will !ee %i!ion!, your old en
drea drea!. "hen the tie coe!, 0)ll pour out y Spirit ?n tho!e who !er%e
e, en and woen both, and they)ll prophe!y. 0)ll !et wonder! in the !ky abo%e
and !ign! on the earth below, blood and fire and billowing !oke, the !un turning
black and the oon blood/red, before the Day of the Lord arri%e!, the Day
treendou! and ar%elou!= and whoe%er call! out for help to e, 'od, will be
!a%ed, 3(ct! 271J, ;S'4. +he !ae truth i! confired by #oel 3#oel 272@/2B,
;S'4. Plea!e be !ure to check the!e Scripture! out.
Perilo4+ Ti(e+
Paul, an (po!tle, ha! already !poken about the !tre!!e! during the!e dangerou!
tie! and the perilou! en that will ark the clo!e of thi! age. ,But know thi!, that
in the la!t day! perilou! tie! will coe7 For en will be lo%er! of the!el%e!,
lo%er! of oney, boa!ter!, proud, bla!pheer!, di!obedient to parent!, unthankful,
unholy, unlo%ing, unforgi%ing, !landerer!, without !elf/control, brutal, de!pi!er! of
good, traitor!, head!trong, haughty, lo%er! of plea!ure rather than lo%er! of 'od,
ha%ing a for of godline!! but denying it! power. (nd fro !uch people turn
awayN, 32 +iothy 971/F, EO#H4.
+hi! i! a terrible li!t of oral defect! and character flaw! that are being accurately
prophe!i8ed. +hey are certainly e%ident in the!e pre!ent tie!. (lthough thi! i!
e-treely negati%e, you don)t need to react to it, but rather aintain your prayer
%igil and continue to lo%e 'od with all your heart, with all your !oul, with all your
ight, and with all your ind.
Finally, in re%iew, after #e!u! $hri!tS! death on the cro!!, He wa! buried and
re!urrected on the third day. Before he a!cended into hea%en, he appeared to hi!
di!ciple! in 'alilee and ga%e the the!e in!truction!7 *(ll authority in hea%en and
on earth ha! been gi%en to e. +herefore go and ake di!ciple! of all nation!,
bapti8ing the in the nae of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and
teaching the to obey e%erything 0 ha%e coanded you. (nd !urely 0 a with
you alway!, to the %ery end of the age, 3;atthew 2@71B, EO#H4.
+hi! i! known a! the 'reat $oi!!ion which i! really a coandent, and the
foundation for e%angeli!. (gain, thi! ean! to train di!ciple! !o they can do all
the thing! that #e!u! taught. +hi! include! preaching the 'o!pel 3good new!4 to
e%eryone healing the !ick, and rai!ing the deadN +he!e are the eleent! of what
will becoe a "orld 'lobal Har%e!t of !oul!. 0t)! tie we get our act together.
Ch&p#er 55
The Gree: .ord for fi+h I-h#4+ i+ &' &-ro+#i- J&-ro'y(1 for K<e+4+ Chri+#G
God,+ So' &'d S&vior.K Sever&l fi+her(e' %e-&(e $i+ di+-iple+ .hi-h i+
.hy $e de-l&red #h&# yo4 #oo &re &l+o & Ffi+her of (e'.K
#ohn introduce! #e!u! a! *+he "ord., 0n the beginning wa! the "ord, and the
"ord wa! with 'od, and the "ord wa! 'od, 3#ohn 171, EO#H4. +he 'reek word
that i! tran!lated *"ord, in thi! pa!!age i! Logos. +he true Logo! of 'od in #e!u!
$hri!t, the Li%ing "ord of 'od. He wa! fully 'od and yet fully an, and He cae
to re%eal 'od to ankind and to redee all who belie%e in Hi fro their !in.
Lo/o+ &'d Rhe(&
Be aware that there i! a difference between the word! logo! and rhea. Bible
!cholar! define Plogo!) a! the Swritten word of 'odS while SrheaS i! defined a! the
S!poken word of 'od.S
Here)! a word7 *Do not gi%e place to the de%il, 3Aphe!ian! D72J. EO#H4. Here)!
another challenge fro the "ord of 'od=
*"hen 0 !ay to the righteou! that he !hall !urely li%e, but he tru!t! in hi! own
righteou!ne!! and coit! ini.uity, none of hi! righteou! work! !hall be
reebered= but becau!e of the ini.uity that he ha! coitted, he !hall die,
3A8ekiel 99719, EO#H4.
+he truth that identifie! thi! group of people 3the righteou!4 i! that they)re li%ing in
their own !elf/ipo!ed &ail.
+he botto line i! that when you don)t !er%e 'od, you)re in rebellion, and the
nearer you get to the de%il, the nearer you get to a pornographic entality. +hi!
include! !e-ual :high!,: affair!, %i!it! to pro!titute!, anonyou! !e-, e-hibitioni!,
%oyeuri!, be!tiality, etc., and, of cour!e, per!i!tent pornography.
(! you recall, the iagination becoe! lu!tful and although the iage! aren)t real,
e%entually a per!on won)t be able to tell the difference between reality and their
%i!uali8ation!. +he con!ciou! and non/con!ciou! ind becoe !eared, and thi!
lead! toward ine%itable de!truction in the de%il)! kingdo. Me!, the de%il i! !till
ali%e and well.

Ch&p#er 56
(ll of thi! will ake !en!e to you becau!e you are teachable and recepti%e and
open to confrontation. 0f you)re teachable and recepti%e yet, you will be a! you
read and !tudy thi! aterial. Hearing and !peaking the "ord will actually renew
your ind. *He who guard! hi! outh pre!er%e! hi! life, But he who open! wide
hi! lip! !hall ha%e de!truction, 3Pro%erb! 1979, EO#H4.
PS7 0f you)re not *into, the Bible, you)d better get there, for it ha! to do with your
e-i!tence. 0t took e a while before 0 reali8ed that the ain rea!on 0 wa! reading
the Bible wa! not &u!t for inforation, but rather for tran!foration. Plea!e
under!tand that you)re not going to find another way to get deli%ered. "e)re
talking about thri%ing rather than the barely !ur%i%ing in the world. Mou do reali8e
the power of repetition. Mou)re heard that enough by now.
Yo4r TeC#%oo: 2or Life
$ere0+ .h&# Ch&rle+ Sp4r/eo' #&4/h# &%o4# Bi%le re&der+: FA Bi%le #h&# i+
f&lli'/ &p&r# 4+4&lly %elo'/+ #o +o(eo'e .ho i+'0#.G
Spiri#4&l A4#hori#y &'d "o(i'io'
Before we get into !piritual warfare, though, we ha%e to appreciate that through
#e!u! we ha%e recei%ed !piritual authority and doinion. +hat)! why we can
function without any kind of fear, including fear fro bondage.
$heck thi! out7 *For 'od ha! not gi%en u! a !pirit of fear, but of power and of lo%e
and of a !ound ind, 32 +iothy 17J, EO#H4. "e need to take ad%antage of the
re%elation of who we are in #e!u!. He ha! gi%en u! power to ca!t out unclean
!pirit!. "e need thi! new boldne!! of !peaking the truth, which can !oetie! be
i!interpreted a! arrogance by our faily and friend!..
(lthough long ter rehabilitation and therapy ha%e been ad%i!ed for reco%ery fro
!in in%ol%eent, !uch a! ninety day!, the truth i! that !uch treatent! are really
teporary. +he ab!ence of your !pou!e, and the ab!ence fro !e-ual relation! with
your !pou!e are not the an!wer. Since #e!u! ha! healed you, you are totally free
fro thi! deonic addiction. (fter all, a! we)%e !aid ultiple tie! pre%iou!ly,
there i! no other an!wer for deli%erance. 0t i! accopli!hed only through #e!u!.
+he iportance and power of ca!ting out deonic !pirit! i! e-eplified in the
!tory of other addiction! !uch a! an addiction to alcohol. (n alcoholic thief wa!
!ent to &ail for ten year! for hi! crie of holding up a li.uor !tore with a gun. He
wa! ne%er gi%en the opportunity to drink during that entire period of tie when he
wa! ipri!oned. But when he wa! relea!ed after tho!e any year!, he wa! !till an
alcoholic. +hen a! !oon a! he took a drink, deonic !pirit! that had haunted hi
were !till around and they went back to work in hi! life. +he challenge wa! that
they were kept ali%e within hi and ne%er ca!t out.
Mou ha%e o%ercoe your challenge! through the "ord of 'od. Mou ha%e battled
your !tronghold! that were !et up by deonic acti%ity. Mou ha%e recei%ed the
anife!tation and confiration your deli%erance becau!e #e!u! continue! to co%er
you with Hi! preciou! blood and Hi! nae. +he deonic entitie! don)t !tand a
chance, becau!e you continue to grow in power with truth! fro 'od)! "ord. Mou
ha%e learned to battle reality in the natural world a! a re!ult of your training in the
!piritual real. Eow, you are going to be able to !et other capti%e! free.
*i''i'/ Yo4r Spiri#4&l B&##le+
Mou will win your !piritual battle! becau!e your direction in%ol%e! your
under!tanding which include! truth, faith, tru!t, belief, and a per!i!tent po!iti%e
attitude. Mou will tra%el only thi! route !ince your pre%iou! way!, a! you will
know, ne%er work.
Mou will no longer allow your!elf to be decei%ed or intiated by the de%il becau!e
'od ha! gi%en you authority and doinion o%er e%erything on Aarth. +hi! include!
Satan and the deon!. *+hen 'od ble!!ed the, and 'od !aid to the, *Be
fruitful and ultiply= fill the earth and !ubdue it= ha%e doinion o%er the fi!h of
the !ea, o%er the bird! of the air, and o%er e%ery li%ing thing that o%e! on the
earth, 3'ene!i! 172@, EO#H4.
Le!ter Surall noted that we need to gi%e Satan and hi! entourage their due
recognition, or we won)t be able to ca!t the out.
?ur i!!ion i! to ca!t out the deon! !iply through the truth. *(nd you !hall
know the truth, and the truth !hall ake you free, 3#ohn @792, EO#H4. +ruth, a!
you reali8e, ha! a price tag. +he rea!on we ha%e had challenge! i! that the deon!
are e-pert! in deception, and we ha%e allowed the to trick u! a! they attept to
twi!t our belief!. +hi! reduce! our !trength. +here i! no rea!on to tolerate thi!,
e!pecially !ince the deon! are afraid of u!. +hrough the !pirit of 'od, you can)t
be touched by the deonic real becau!e your knowledge weaken! the kingdo
of darkne!!. Mou actually reach the !econd Hea%en when you !peak, *0 rebuke that
!pirit. $oe out in the nae of #e!u!.,
Ch&p#er 57
Mour power and authority coe! fro #e!u! who defeated Satan through the cro!!
and Hi! re!urrection becau!e He wa! rai!ed fro the dead. * 0 a He who li%e!,
and wa! dead, and behold, 0 a ali%e fore%erore. (en. (nd 0 ha%e the key! of
Hade! and of Death, 3>e%elation 171@, EO#H4.
Se&#ed *i#h Chri+#
Mou al!o ha%e power o%er the de%il !ince you are !eated with $hri!t. ,+he eye! of
your under!tanding being enlightened= that you ay know what i! the hope of Hi!
calling, what are the riche! of the glory of Hi! inheritance in the !aint!, and what i!
the e-ceeding greatne!! of Hi! power toward u! who belie%e, according to the
working of Hi! ighty power which He worked in $hri!t when He rai!ed Hi
fro the dead and !eated Hi at Hi! right hand in the hea%enly place!, far abo%e
all principality and power and ight and doinion, and e%ery nae that i! naed,
not only in thi! age but al!o in that which i! to coe. (nd He put all thing! under
Hi! feet, and ga%e Hi to be head o%er all thing! to the church, which i! Hi! body,
the fullne!! of Hi who fill! all in all, 3Aphe!ian! 171@/29, EO#H4. Don)t forget
that whate%er the eney ean! for har, 'od will alway! turn it around for good.
Mou don)t ha%e to becoe an e-pert to handle the deon!, becau!e you already
ha%e !ufficient inforation to be an e-pert. #u!t appreciate that you ha%e !o uch
power fro #e!u! that He will pre%ent you fro ha%ing fear. *A%en the deon! are
!ub&ect to u! in your naeN, 0f you can learn how to dri%e an autoobile, you can
do thi! a! well. #u!t !tart off by !peaking, *0n the nae of #e!u!U,
The Pri'-iple+ of God0+ *ord
$ontinue to learn the principle! fro 'od)! "ord. Do you reali8e you learned
about your porn in%ol%eent the !ae wayLrepetition. +hi!, howe%er, i! a lot le!!
challenging !ince you ha%e decided to gi%e up !in. Sin i! an unhealthy
coitent and in%ol%e! the lo%e of cofort and the lo%e of the ea!y/way which
doe!n)t e-i!t. "hen you reali8e thi!, !in will no longer block your !piritual
growth. 0ndeed, it can)t.
A%en the de%il know! that fighting 'od i! futile= it)! a battle that cannot be won7
*For it i! written7 P(! 0 li%e, !ay! the Lord, A%ery knee !hall bow to ;e, (nd e%ery
tongue !hall confe!! to 'od,) Pthat #e!u! $hri!t i! Lord), 3>oan! 1D711, EO#H4.
God0+ Gr&-e
#e!u! ha! gi%en you thi! power to tread on the eney. +hi! power coe! fro the
grace 33unerited fa%or, unearned fa%or, unde!er%ed fa%or, !piritual ble!!ing4 of
'od and i! applied through the e-erci!e of your will in faith. Here i! e-citing and
%ital inforation for you. *For !in !hall not ha%e doinion o%er you, for you are
not under law but under grace, 3>oan! G71D, EO#H4. Paul i! not prooting
lawle!!ne!! a! any ha%e interpreted, but he i! prooting the e-act oppo!iteLa
holy life.
+hi! truth proote! !anctification 3the !tate of growing in di%ine grace a! a re!ult
of $hri!tian coitent after bapti! or con%er!ion4, which the Scripture! re%eal
a! 'odS! eternal purpo!e for !inner!.
Mou are already recei%ing the forgi%ene!! of 'od in your heart becau!e !inful
thought! are !topped in their track! before you can think a !inful thought. +he
go!pel of grace ha! !et you free.
(! a child of 'od, you ha%e the authority and doinion through the power and
blood of the Lord #e!u! $hri!t. +he Bible declare!, :Be !ober, be %igilant= becau!e
your ad%er!ary the de%il walk! about like a roaring lion, !eeking who he ay
de%our: 31 Peter F7@, EO#H4. +he eney cannot enter into your life or de%our you
becau!e you will ne%er again gi%e in to hi! lie!. (fter all, you not only ha%e the
authority in $hri!t, but you are !urrounded by 'odS! hedge of protection.
Mour re.uireent! are to protect what enter! your eye gate, your ear gate, and what
you allow to coe out of your outh.
Re+i+# #he "evil
+ake a !trong !tance again!t the eney and ne%er gi%e hi the peri!!ion that he
re.uire! to enter into your life e%ery again. Ee%er again gi%e in to hi! teptation
and attack!. 'od ha! gi%en you a free will to !tand !teadfa!t and diligent, knowing
that your fir re!i!tance will be rewarded with ble!!ing! and &oy that are
(fter all, huility cure! worldline!!. *+herefore !ubit to 'od. >e!i!t the de%il
and he will flee fro you. Draw near to 'od and He will draw near to you. $lean!e
your hand!, you !inner!= and purify your heart!, you double/inded, 3#ae! D7J/@,
:Finally, y brethren, be !trong in the Lord, and in the power of Hi!
ight. Put on the whole aror of
'od, that you ay be able to !tand again!t the wile! of the de%il. For
we do not wre!tle again!t fle!h and blood, but again!t principalitie!,
again!t power!, again!t the ruler! of the darkne!! of thi! age, again!t
!piritual wickedne!! in hea%enly place!: 3Aphe!ian! G71C/12,

I#0+ &l.&y+ #i(e #o le&r' (ore .hi-h .ill le&d yo4 #o %e & #r4e profe++io'&l.
Fa!t and pray prior to any anti/deonic acti%ity you will be engaging in. +hi! will
help build your faith. 0ncidentally, the definition of faith i! that when you talk to
deon! they ha%e to obey you.
Ch&p#er 58
Deli%erance fro e%il !pirit! wa! coon in #e!u!) ini!try, e%en in public place!.
"here%er deon! are encountered, 'od ha! gi%en you the authority and
re!pon!ibility to deal with the directly. Mou reali8e that when you deli%er
!oeone fro deon!, #e!u! i! glorified.
The *hole Ar(or of God
"e are epowered with the whole aror of 'od for our deli%erance. *Pay
attention, y people. Li!ten to e, nation!. >e%elation flow! fro e. ;y
deci!ion! light up the world. ;y deli%erance arri%e! on the run, y !al%ation right
on tie.
0)ll bring &u!tice to the people!. A%en faraway i!land! will look to e and take
hope in y !a%ing power. Look up at the !kie!, ponder the earth under your feet.
+he !kie! will fade out like !oke, the earth will wear out like work pant!, and the
people will die off like flie!. But y !al%ation will la!t fore%er, y !etting/thing!/
right will ne%er be ob!olete, 30!aiah F17F, ;S'4.
Following deli%erance, unle!! a per!on fill! hi! or her hou!e with the Lord and Hi!
"ord, there i! alway! the po!!ibility the deon! ay return with greater !trength
and in greater nuber! 3!e%enfold4.
:"hen an unclean !pirit goe! out of a an, he goe! through dry place!, !eeking
re!t, and find! none. +hen he !ay!, S0 will return to y hou!e fro which 0 cae.S
(nd when he coe!, he find! it epty, !wept, and put in order. +hen he goe! and
take! with hi !e%en other !pirit! ore wicked than hi!elf, and they enter and
dwell there= and the la!t !tate of that an i! wor!e than the fir!t. So !hall it al!o be
with thi! wicked generation, 3;atthew7 127D9/DF, EO#H4.
"hen anife!tation! occur in a per!on, for e-aple !uch a! weird bodily
o%eent! like a !nake, or talking with a %oice you don)t recogni8e, !uch a! a
ale %oice coing fro a feale, don)t fearN +hi! i! &u!t teporary. 0gnore it and
whate%er you do, don)t re!pond to whate%er the entity !ay! or a!k!. Mou don)t
want to counicate with the, becau!e they are all a bunch of liar!.
#u!t coand the deonic !pirit! to coe out in the nae of #e!u!. *Mou deonic
!pirit!, go in the nae of #e!u!. $oe out now in #e!u!) nae., Mou really don)t
need to ha%e anife!tation! for a !ucce!!ful deli%erance. Howe%er you will
appreciate the relea!e fro bondage that re!ult!, !o you can look forward to the
coing freedo..
>etaliation or per!onal attack! fro deon! will not happen to you, for thi! i!
contrary to Bible teaching. "e are to reain #e!u!/ con!ciou!, not deon/
con!ciou!, !o don)t gi%e the de%il any credit becau!e he de!er%e! nothing. Don)t
forget that our nae! ha%e been written down in Hea%en and the work! of Satan
ha%e been de!troyed through #e!u! who ha! gi%en you Hi! authority. #u!t continue
to belie%e itN (lthough Satan !till roa! around a! the *god of thi! world,, he will
be chained and !ent into the bottole!! pit in the!e end day!. 0n other word!, #e!u!
didn)t de!troy the de%il, but he did de!troy hi! work.
Ch&p#er 59
Here)! another a!pect that i! in%ol%ed in deli%erance and it i! %ital to include it
here. (ll of the following !ee to coe under the !in category, but the Bible ake!
a di!tinction that they are definitely !eparate.
Sin i! defined a! an offen!e again!t religiou! or oral law= a tran!gre!!ion of the
law of 'od= a %itiated 3to ake !oething le!! effecti%e4 !tate of huan nature in
which the !elf i! e!tranged fro 'od. +ran!gre!!ion i! an infringeent or %iolation
of a law, coand, or duty. 0ni.uity i! the .uality of being unfair or e%il= gro!!
in&u!tice= a wicked act or thing.
+he !ignificant challenge that need! to be !tre!!ed here i! that the!e !in! can be
pa!!ed down through generation! fro the father! to the third and fourth
generation!. 0n other word!, 'od place! the ini.uitie! or weakne!!e! of carrying
the!e !in! of our great grandfather!, the grandfather!, and father! on u!. +hi!
ean! we need to be !et free through prayer fro the!e ini.uitie!, for the !in! are
in the !oul!.
A%en though tho!e born again people are free according to Scripture!, thi! prayer
u!t be included whene%er there i! any doubt or .ue!tion of an open door to go
14 +o repent in%ol%e! a !ignificant change of our ental attitude.
24 *0f we confe!! our !in!, He i! faithful and &u!t to forgi%e u! our !in! and to
clean!e u! fro all unrighteou!ne!!, 31 #ohn 17B, EO#H4.
94 "e ha%e to confe!! our ini.uitie!, a! well a! our father)! and grandfather)!
ini.uitie!, !o 'od can forgi%e u!. He alway! doe!.

Ch&p#er 5;
;oney, !e-, and power are profound i!!ue! which definitely affect you if you are
li%ing without a di!ciplined life. +he ore we know about our !piritual !el%e!, our
life/ !tyle and power to ble!! other! increa!e! greatly. "ithout obedience to 'od,
we will lo!e the benefit! of the!e gift! which coe directly fro Hea%en.
B&l&'-e I+ Ne-e++&ry
;oney, !e-, and power are three nece!!itie! of life which re.uire a balance, for
they per!onally oti%ate and direct our daily !ur%i%al. (! we learn to balance the!e
in our li%e!, we !top &u!t !ur%i%ing and we !tart thri%ing. By taking ad%antage of
the !piritual power that i! a%ailable to u!, we will ipro%e our entire .uality of life,
and we will reo%e any burden! on our !oul and pre%ent deonic acti%ity fro
interfering with u!.
?ur goal i! to reain focu!ed and in charge of our li%e!, but to do !o only under
'od)! !uper%i!ion. "e alway! i!! out on Hi! protection when we deliberately
ake erroneou! &udgent! and belie%e they won)t affect u!. Here)! an accurate,
tell/it/the/way/it/i! tragic !criptural %er!e that !how! what happen! when people
contradict and ignore the truth. +hey think it won)t affect the. *Eor let u! coit
!e-ual iorality, a! !oe of the did, and in one day twenty/three thou!and fell,
31 $orinthian! 1C7@, EO#H4.
?ur te-tbook for life 3the Holy Bible4 continue! to confir thi! through %er!e! a!
thi! one7 *Do not be decei%ed= 'od i! not ocked7 for whate%er a an !ow!, that
he !hall al!o reap, 3'alatian! G7J, E#O#H4.
#udge #udy, a +H &udge of who 0 !peak a! if !he were a good friend of ine,
although !he doe!n)t know it a! yet, would infor u! of our reckle!! attitude by
pointing out, *"hat part of porn in%ol%eent don)t we under!tand will de!troy
"e can o%ercoe our battle with oney, !e-, and power by not coitting to any
of the!e a!pect! when it in%ol%e! !in. #u!t relea!e any in%ol%eent you ha%e
e!pecially if it wa! !tored/up. +he Lord will ble!! u! becau!e He will take our !in!
and throw the into the ocean of forgetfulne!!. *"ho i! a 'od like Mou, pardoning
ini.uity and pa!!ing o%er the tran!gre!!ion of the renant of Hi! heritage1 He doe!
not retain Hi! anger fore%er, becau!e He delight! in ercy. He will again ha%e
copa!!ion on u!, (nd will !ubdue our ini.uitie!. Mou will ca!t all our !in! into the
depth! of the !ea, 3;icah J71@/1B, EO#H4.
"hen you ha%e challenge!, all you ha%e to do i! to a!k 'od and belie%e through
your faith that you will be in!tantly relea!ed fro deonic bondage. *Ble!!ed i! he
who!e tran!gre!!ion i! forgi%en, who!e !in i! co%ered. Ble!!ed i! the an unto
who the L?>D ipute! ini.uity, and in who!e !pirit there i! no deceit, 3P!al
9271/2, EO#H4.
Mou need ore power, !o &u!t grab hold of thi! awe!oe Scripture and repeat it a!
often a! you can. *For a!!uredly, 0 !ay to you, whoe%er !ay! to thi! ountain, PBe
reo%ed and be ca!t into the !ea,) and doe! not doubt in hi! heart, but belie%e! that
tho!e thing! he !ay! will be done, he will ha%e whate%er he !ay!, 3;ark 11729,
Mou already reali8e and appreciate the !piritual power of the!e !criptural word! for
they enable you to !en!e the pre!ence of the Lord. (nd you !ee that you can o%e
ountain! with your tongue. ?ur *ountain, can be any challenge we are dealing
with, becau!e it ha! the power to
ipede our progre!! and i! contrary to the "ord of 'od. "e are re!pon!ible to
!peak to our ountain in Hi! nae7 *So #e!u! !aid to the, PBecau!e of your
unbelief= for a!!uredly, 0 !ay to you, if you ha%e faith a! a u!tard !eed, you will
!ay to thi! ountain, *;o%e fro here to there,, and it will o%e= and nothing will
be ipo!!ible for you.,
Further, #e!u! !ay!, :0f you ha%e faith a! a u!tard !eed, you will !ay to thi!
ountain, o%e fro here to there, and it will o%e= and nothing will be
ipo!!ible for you: 3;atthew 1J72C, EO#H4. >eeber, you are !peaking to your
ountain about #e!u! rather than !peaking to #e!u! about your ountain 3your
Thi+ #.o)(illi(e#er (4+#&rd +eed -&' /ro. #o %e-o(e #he %i//e+# /&rde'
pl&'# i' yo4r y&rd I4+# li:e yo4r f&i#h.
Ch&p#er 5=
(ctre!! (ngelina #olie i! %oted a! the worldS! o!t beautiful woan on a regularly
ba!i!. (! a re!ult of thi!, a !tudy wa! propted to further e%aluate the ale/feale
>e!earcher! te!ted @D ale !tudent! by a!king each one to !it in a !eparate roo
and !ol%e a Sudoku pu88le. 0n addition, two !tranger!, one ale and one feale,
were al!o added to the roo. $orti!ol 3!tre!! horone le%el! were obtained fro
the ale! and they were found to be ele%ated. "hen the feale !tranger left the
roo and the two en reained !itting together, the %olunteerS! !tre!! le%el! of
corti!ol did not ri!e.
(ccording to thi! re!earch fro the Ini%er!ity of Halencia, &u!t fi%e inute! with
an attracti%e feale will rai!e the le%el! of corti!ol, the bodyS! !tre!! horone in
+hen they found the!e effect! were e%en heightened in the en who belie%ed that
the woan in .ue!tion wa! :out of their league.: Met, the en had a perception
that thi! could !till be an opportunity for court!hip.
$orti!ol i! produced by the body under phy!ical or p!ychological !tre!!. 0t can
ha%e a po!iti%e effect in !all do!e!, ipro%ing alertne!! and well/being.
Howe%er, chronically ele%ated corti!ol le%el! can cau!e challenge! becau!e it can
wor!en edical condition! !uch a! heart di!ea!e, diabete!, hyperten!ion, and
Let)! e-tend thi! to e%eryday life. ;any en now ga8e at woen to decide if they
ea!ure up to what they)%e !een in aga8ine! or on the 0nternet. Becau!e of thi!,
any young woen are fearful that they won)t be able to attract a an a! a
po!!ible ate, one who will be open to coitting to arriage. ;any college
feale! who ha%e been inter%iewed adit that they can)t copete with the woen
on the 0nternet. $on!e.uently, the on!laught of pornography i! !een a! re!pon!ible
for the deadening of the ale libido in relation to *real, woen.
Ch&p#er 5>

+hi! non/phy!ical in%ol%eent !tart! out harle!!ly when a an !tare! at a
woan. +he Scripture e-plain! thi!7 *Mou ha%e heard that it wa! !aid to tho!e of
old, SMou !hall not coit adultery.S But 0 !ay unto you, +hat whoe%er look! at a
woan to lu!t for her hath already coitted adultery with her in hi! heart,
3;atthew F72J, 2@, EO#H4. +he aplified %er!ion hit! it right on the head7 *0
dictated a co%enant 3an agreeent4 to y eye!= how then could 0 look Qlu!tfullyR
upon a girl1, 3#ob 9171, (;P4.
+hi! %er!e add! fuel to what !tarted out a! an innocent fire7 *But each one i!
tepted when he i! drawn away by hi! own de!ire! and enticed, 3#ae! 171D,
*Mou know the ne-t coandent pretty well, too7 PDon)t go to bed with
another)! !pou!e.) But don)t think you)%e pre!er%ed your %irtue !iply by !taying
out of bed. Mour heart can be corrupted by lu!t e%en .uicker than your body. +ho!e
leering look! you think nobody notice!Lthey al!o corrupt, 3;atthew F, 2J/2@,
+here)! an iportant and profound difference here between looking at a pretty girl
and getting in%ol%ed with lu!ting after the. Lu!t i! really an inten!e, uncontrolled
fi-ation in your ind that begin! to border on an ob!e!!ion. ( oentary de!ire
of thi! nature i! acceptable for thing! like !ugar, food, or a teporary attraction to
the oppo!ite !e-. Howe%er, one u!t be %ery careful e%en with the!e.

The Three A0+.
"hat 0 call *the +hree ()!, pro%ide! a %aluable pneuonic to help you to be on
guard again!t inappropriate ga8ing and eliinate any hidden teptation!7
31 Aler#: ?nly take a !plit !econd to recogni8e a tepting !ituation.
51 Aver#: 0n!tantly clo!e your eye! and look away.
61Affir(: $ongratulate your!elf for another &ob well done.
By the way, adultery i! the greate!t for of di!loyalty becau!e it goe! beyond &u!t
the phy!ical attachent. 0t %iolate! the !piritual real, a! well, becau!e !inner! are
!haring their bodie! with a partner and in !o doing they are including e%eryone
they)%e e%er been with in the pa!t.
(lthough we don)t die phy!ically when we look at other! !e-ually, it can
e%entually lead to !piritual death. Here)! a Scripture to !upport thi!7 *+he an who
coit! adultery with another an)! wife, he who coit! adultery with hi!
neighbor)! wife, the adulterer and the adultere!!, !hall !urely be put to death,
3Le%iticu! 2C71C, EO#H4.
(dultery in%ol%e! ha%ing !e-ual relation! with !oeone other than your !pou!e.
0t i! adultery when a ale and a feale are li%ing together without being arried.
?ften, a arriage certificate i! referred to a! &u!t a *!illy piece of paper,, but
thi! i! the wrong attitude to ha%e. Such cohabitation will e%entually deteriorate
a! the couple reain! unarried.
<e+4+ i+ .ri#i'/ yo4r +i'le++ '&(e i' #he +&'d
+he woan who wa! accu!ed of adultery wa! about to die a! !he !tood before the
crowd. She wa! to be !toned to death. #e!u! told the crowd that tho!e who are
without !in !hould ca!t the fir!t !tone. +hi! would apply to any of your friend! who
think they li%e without tran!gre!!ion!. #e!u! took the law upon hi!elf7 *#e!u!
bent down and wrote with hi! finger in the dirt. +hey kept at hi, badgering hi.
He !traightened up and !aid, P+he !inle!! one aong you, go fir!t7 +hrow the
!tone.) Bending down again, he wrote !oe ore in the dirt., 3#ohn @7J, ;S'4.
#e!u! want! to write your nae in the !and and !et you free fro !in fore%er.
Ch&p#er 6@
+he power of our iagination i! really a for of ental acti%ity that when u!ed
and applied appropriate can be u!ed to create what we want in life. 0t con!i!t of
%i%idly picturing in your con!ciou! ind a de!ired goal or ob&ecti%e, and holding
that iage there until it !ink! into your !ubcon!ciou! ind, where it relea!e! great,
untapped energie!. +he Scripture that !upport! thi!7 *"here there i! no %i!ion the
people peri!h, 3Pro%erb! 2B71@, O#H4. +hi! ean! we are in charge of and
re!pon!ible for what we iagine.
0agination i! defined a! the power to concei%e or gi%e e-pre!!ion to iage! and
drea! which are then tran!ferred fro the world of the iagination into the
aterial world. +hey coe fro the heart and ind, and they cannot be !een or
heard. +hi! i! what ake! the unliited. Eapoleon Hill !aid, *"hate%er you can
concei%e and belie%e you can achie%e., +hi! i! a powerful truth that in%ol%e! !o
uch di%er!ification.
The !4+i- of #he So4l
Mou could !ay that iagination i! the u!ic of our !oul. 0n art, for e-aple, before
;ichelangelo created the La!t #udgent in the Si!tine $hapel, he had to !ee it in
order to create it, and then he wa! able to bring it into being. +hi! order of
progre!!ion !tarted fir!t in hi! iagination before it wa! o%ed into reality.
I!e the power of %i!uali8ation to eliinate your pre%iou! !in acti%itie! in a ighty
way. "hate%er you want to happen, &u!t !tart iagining it. ?n the other hand, if
you picture your!elf looking at &unk on the 0nternet, opening a centerfold
aga8ine, looking at a !e-y girl, etc, then iediately !ee the onitor !creen of
your iagination blow up, or the aga8ine catch fire along with your !hirt, or the
girl hitting you with her pur!e and yelling at you, *0) going to tell your other.,.
Mell out loud and tell the de%il, *Stop that, de%il, in the nae of #e!u! $hri!tN,
Pre%ent all the inappropriate thing! fro happening by !eeing different and healthy
re!ult!. Mou)re in charge of the tele%i!ion !et in your ind.
+he concern here i! that our iagination i! under con!tant deonic attack. (ll the
heathen are go%erned by their iagination!, *(nd e%en a! they did not like to
retain 'od in their knowledge, 'od ga%e the o%er to a deba!ed ind, to do tho!e
thing! which are not fitting, 3>oan! 172@, EO#H4. "e are priarily creature! of
thought, and thi! i! why we refer to our iagination a! the hidden force of huan
A Repro%&#e !i'd
( !inner i! in an iaginary !tate becau!e they are blinded by !in, the de%il, and
e%il. +hi! produce! a reprobate ind that pre%ent! the fro thinking !traight.
+hey are !iply not able to iagine good thing!. +hey function entirely by what
Satan want!. +heir iagination! are al!o rather dangerou!, becau!e they are in a
pa!!i%e !tate and the indi%idual can)t control what coe! into their ind. +hey
walk around with the kind of iagination that e-it! with a blank ind, an
iagination that i! &u!t waiting for !oe power to acti%ate it.
Inle!! thi! i! harne!!ed, trouble will !urely occur. +he Bible re%eal! that e%ery
thought and intent of the heart will be &udged. *For there i! nothing hidden which
will not be re%ealed, nor ha! anything been kept !ecret but that it !hould coe to
light, 3;ark D722, EO#H4. "e are talking about the carnal ind, which the Bible
de!cribe! here7 *Becau!e the carnal ind i! enity again!t 'od= for it i! not
!ub&ect to the law of 'od, nor indeed can be, 3>oan! @7J, EO#H4.
(da)! iagination !tarted out a! a godly iagination. He wa! gi%en the ability
not only to nae e%ery creature 'od created, but to reeber e%eryone of their
nae!. But when he !inned and cae into a fallen nature, hi! iagination
deteriorated and he becae e%il.
Lucifer al!o !tarted out a! a great and ighty !er%ant who wa! not !ati!fied with
hi! po!ition. Hi! goal wa! to take o%er 'od)! throne, which aounted to !elf/
e-altation and, of cour!e, thi! re.uired the power of iagination to be at work.
Infortunately, when you don)t follow 'od, you lo!e your !tanding in life, for
without Hi you becoe a !la%e. +hen e%il iagining take! o%er and you ha%e to
bear a hea%y yoke. +hi! e-plain! why we
ea!ily de%elop a !la%e entality and we !ee to &u!t e-i!t. Lu!t i! really an
iagination that will de!troy u! and lead u! into !piritual po%erty. "hat really
happen! i! that lu!t cau!e! i! to lo!e control o%er our iagination!, and we begin to
react to untruth!.
+he de%il ob%iou!ly hate! our iagination! becau!e of the power and authority we
can gain fro their u!e. He entice! u! and cau!e! our ind! and iagination! to be
counterfeited. Here i! what the Bible !ay! we !hould do7 *$a!ting down arguent!
and e%ery high thing that e-alt! it!elf again!t the knowledge of 'od, bringing
e%ery thought into capti%ity to the obedience of $hri!t, 32 $orinthian! 1C7F,
EO#H4. 0t)! .uite profound= we actually can becoe what we iagine our!el%e! to

'od !tep! in and renew! our ind! when we decide to follow Hi. +hen, we)re
deli%ered fro bondage and we are relea!ed fro the yoke that held u! back. +he
iagination! of the righteou! are righteou!ne!!, for iagination i! a !piritual and
di%ine gift fro 'od.
Ch&p#er 63
+here are a !urpri!ing nuber of article! on the 0nternet that fa%or pornography.
;any of the!e are written by author! who ha%e !ignificant educational
background! in field! like p!ychology and !ociology, field! that often proote
in%ol%eent with pornography and are in fa%or of thi! deonic !in and all of it!
a!!ociated acti%itie!. +he li!t of !uch educator! include! guru)! who are highly
regarded *!cholar! of pornography.,
+heir !piritual knowledge ha! long been replaced by their intellectual
under!tanding, becau!e thi! i! the only way they can function with their adopted
belief !y!te. +hey !ub!cribe to a fal!e religion and a fal!e 'od. Met they clai
that the a%ailable !cientific e%idence they ha%e re!earched
!how! few negati%e or unhealthy finding! a! a re!ult of the u!e of pornography.
+hey clai they ha%e found contradiction! to the reported harful ill effect! of
Are Their Adv&'#&/e+ #o Por'o/r&phyA
(rticle! in fa%or of pornography clai that the obtained beneficial effect! are
!tati!tically !ignificant. For e-aple, they report a po!iti%e correlation between the
aount of hardcore pornography that i! %iewed and the ipact of the benefit!
?ne article e%en !tated that the ore one watched porn, the !tronger the benefit!
were for both partner! in a !e-ual relation!hip. Howe%er, thi! book and any other
appropriate re!earch will re%eal and confir that there aren)t any ad%antage! to the
u!e of porn, only di!ad%antage!, ri!k!, ha8ard!, and danger!. +he apparently
fa%orable re!earch alluded to abo%e appear! to be a !et/up and a trap to attept to
help one le!!en the guilt, the ha8ard!, the peril!, and the threat! of pornography
becau!e they don)t want to gi%e up their !in.
PS7 Since we)re battling !in and alien entitie!, who do you think i! re!pon!ible for
thi! un!ub!tantiated opinion about the !uppo!ed benefit! of pornography1 How
about the de%il1
The 2e(i'i+# Por' !ove(e'#
+here i! a feini!t porn o%eent that wa! initiated by perforer! like (nnie
Sprinkle and Eina Hartley, according to what i! found on the 0nternet. +hi! appeal
to woen ha! found a firer foothold in the 0nternet age. +he feini!t porn
o%eent i! dedicated to pro%iding feini!t pornography i! dedicated to
pro%iding feini!t pornography in a arket that i! otherwi!e !aturated with
di!tinctly ale/oriented %i!ion! of !e-uality. +hi! i! ien!ely iportant to know=
it i! ob%iou! that we are dealing with pride, becau!e the!e feale! will not allow
the!el%e! to be out done by ale!.
>arely doe! anyone ention that one of the !ignificant danger! of porn, which
really aount! to artificial !e-, i! that it will lead to ipotency in ale!. Mou !ee,
porn hi&ack! the ind and replace! 'od with Satan, who i! on their throne of tho!e
addicted to pornography.
Ch&p#er 65
The Re&+o'+ *hy Por'o/r&phy I+ $&r(f4l
14 0t lead! to a di!torted %iew of !e-uality.
24 0t lead! to a decrea!e in our capacity for intellectual rea!oning.
94 0t lead! to a !harp increa!e in the ri!k of ruining one)! arriage.
D4 0t lead! to an increa!e in the ri!k of engaging in dangerou!
proi!cuou! beha%ior!.
F4 0t lead! to an increa!e in our ri!k of coitting a %iolent crie again!t
a woan or a child.
G4 0t lead! to an increa!e in our ri!k of engaging in pedophilia.
J4 0t lead! to an increa!e in our ri!k of !upporting the coercial !e-ual
e-ploitation of children and youth.
@4 0t lead! to an increa!e in our ri!k of
de!troying e%erything that)! of la!ting %alue in our life.
B4 0t lead! to an increa!e in our potential to coit a crie by twenty/
two percent.
1C4 0t lead! to an increa!e in negati%ity in our intiate relation!hip! by
twenty percent.
114 0t lead! to an increa!e in our potential to coit rape by thirty/one
percent. +he rape/yth belief that woen cau!e and en&oy rape, and that
rapi!t! are noral, i! %ery wide!pread in pornography.
124 0t lead! to reduction! in the clarity and iportance of the call to
So *h&# El+e I+ B&d A%o4# Por'o/r&phyA:
14 +he greater the torture portrayed in the pornography, the greater the
en&oyent for the porn addict.
24 0t ne%er !ati!fie! the lu!t! of the eye! or the lu!t of the fle!h, both of
which en!la%e people and lead to the pride of life.
94 0t warp! and per%ert! !e- !o it becoe! unnaturally ele%ated in our
D4 0t cau!e! de!tructi%e practice! and lead! to progre!!i%e addiction.
F4 0t i! re!pon!ible for rape, !adi! 3gratification fro inflicting phy!ical
or ental pain on other!4, necrophilia 3!e-ual intere!t in corp!e!4, and
e%en a!ochi! 3plea!ure fro abu!e or !uffering4.
G4 0t inten!ifie! an indi%idualS! dri%e to !er%e one!elf rather than !er%e
J4 0t reinforce! the de!ire to a!turbate, which i! a !elf/centered !e-ual
orientation that reduce! the ability to gi%e and recei%e lo%e.
@4 0t can lead to debt.
B4 0t !upport! the porn indu!try and facilitate! in it! growth.
1C4 0t daage! the %iewerS! faily relation!hip! and de!troy! li%e!.
114 0t daage! the %iewerS! reputation,
producti%ity, relation!hip! with worker!, and it lead! to &ob lo!!.
124 0t daage! the %iewerS! current or future arriage !e- life, e%en in
194 0t will downgrade the %alue of !e- and detract fro the %alue of !e-
with one)! !pou!e.
194 0t will increa!e the %iewerS! tendency to lie.
1D4 0t can lead a per!on into a!turbation addiction.
1F4 0t bring! !eriou! !piritual con!e.uence! and affect! our oral %alue!.
1G4 0t help! the %iewer belie%e all the lie! pornography proote!
*hy Por'o/r&phy *&rp+ The !i'd of O'e *ho *&#-he+ I#:
14 0t decrea!e! our !e-ual !ati!faction.
24 0t di!connect! u! fro real relation!hip!.
94 0t lower! our %iew of woen.
D4 0t de!en!iti8e! u! to cruelty.
F4 0t ake! u! want to watch ore porn.
Ch&p#er 66
Before Satan turned !e- into an unnatural de!ire, our $reator de!igned u! for
!e-ual arou!al related to our !pou!e! !o we could produce children. Pornography,
howe%er, ha! changed all thi! and ha! lead to the!e re!ult!7
14 Lu!t being fulfilled through a!turbation or !oe !e-ual per%er!ion.
24 0age! are !tored in our brain and they ne%er lea%e.
94 ?ur !pou!e)! !e-ual arou!al can becoe boring and liited only to
porn !tiulation.
D4 0t can re!ult in di%orce fro *porn cheating, and then e%eryone will
e%entually know.
F4 Per%er!ion proble! can de%elop into %iolence toward other!.
G4 +hi! acti%ity attract! e%il !pirit! of lu!t and !e-ual per%er!ion,
leading to deep coitent to the !in.
J4 +he lo!! of our !oul, and thi! will keep u! fro !pending eternity in
So yo4 #hi': yo40ve h&d i# #o4/hA
A+: <e+4+ $i+ opi'io'.
2reedo( i+ &v&il&%le I4+# %y +ee:i'/ God. So +&y #hi+ pr&yer o4# lo4d:
Dear Lord, plea!e forgi%e e of y pornography addiction and for helping e to
totally eliinate it fro y ind and y life. 0 !urrender y life to you and 0
thank you deeply for y freedo. Mour word !tate! that 0 can a!k you for anything
in your nae and you will do it. 3See #ohn 1D71D.4 So 0 a!k and thank you again
for thi! total freedo in the ighty nae of #e!u!.
( Eational Day of Prayer wa! held Deceber, 2C19, to !trengthen the fight again!t
pornography. +here were ore than forty group! and thou!and! of !upporter! who
&oined together. +hey included the (lliance Defending Freedo, the (erican
Faily (!!ociation, Faily >e!earch $ouncil, ;o%ieguide, and $oncerned
"oen for (erica.
(! 0 a writing thi! book, the third pornography indu!try !hutdown ha! occurred
after a fifth perforer te!ted po!iti%e for H0H. Porn lead! to addiction, the
breakdown of failie!, !e- trafficking, child abu!e, %iolence again!t woen, and
!e-ually tran!itted di!ea!e! of all kind!.
(n (nnual Day of Prayer need! to be !cheduled to fight thi! plague on our !ociety.
+he inforation fro *$hari!a, aga8ine !tate! that people fro all religiou!
background! will be in%ited to participate in thi! e%ent.
(n (B$ new! article ha! di!cu!!ed the contro%er!y regarding the u!e of condo!
in pornography fil!, and the truth that no one get! paid unle!! they)re working.
;y gue!! i! that !hutting down the indu!try teporarily will not !top the !pread of
Ch&p#er 67
Pornography ha! becoe a colo!!al worldwide bu!ine!! epire. +he re%enue!
fro pornography ha%e been !taggering, increa!ing into the billion! of dollar!.
+hi! include! the growing acceptance of porn !tar! into the ain!trea, but a! a
re!ult they li%e and die in a copletely abnoral way. (n article by the >e%.
Daniel > #enning! fro the 0nternet ha! analy8ed the death! of 12B porn !tar! o%er
a period of tie of twenty year!. .
He found the a%erage life e-pectancy for a porn !tar i! only 9J.D9 year!, while the
a%erage life e-pectancy of an (erican i! J@.1 year!. +hi! i! clearly deon!trated
by the following data.
Cause of
Of Death
;ichelle ;aira
Suicide by !elf/inflicted
gun!hot wound
;ichael Pietri (0DS 1BBC 91
Leo Ford Leo #ohn
;otorcycle accident 1BB1 9D
+ho Pla!ki (0DS 1BB1 9B
Lee >yder Darra! >obert
(0DS 1BB1 91
(rtie ;itchell ;urdered by brother 1BB1 DF
Oelly #ean Han
Suicide by hanging 1BB1 99
Hea%en St.
Dorothy Lee
$ancer 1BB2 D@
Dougla! ;urrell
(0DS 1BB2 9D
(l Parker (ndrew >. ?kun (0DS 1BB2 DC
$hanel +eri Price Drug o%erdo!e 1BB2 9F
Li!a de
Li!a +rego (0DS coplication! 1BB9 DF
'regory Le!lie
(0DS coplication! 1BB9 92
Scott Bond E<(
(0DS 1BB9 9C
(0DS 1BB9 FC
E<( Hit by a car while
!tanding on the !ide of
the road
1BB9 22
Sta!ha >olando (ngelo Leukeia 1BB9 2D
Scott +aylor
+roy (ndrew
(0DS 1BBD 92
>ick Soer! (0DS 1BBD 9G
(nthony 0acona
Drug o%erdo!e, H0H
Sa%annah Shannon
;ichelle "il!ey
Suicide by !elf/inflicted
gun!hot wound
1BBD 29
E<( Inknown 1BBD 9@
#ack Baker #ohn (nthony
$ancer 1BBD DJ
(0DS 1BBF 9C
>u!!ell "allace (0DS 1BBF 9G
Lon Fle-- Da%id Lee
(0DS 1BBF 9C
Ben Barker >ick Ste%en
(0DS 1BBF D9
#on Oing #ohn Eel!on
(0DS coplication! 1BBF 92
Shawna Ori!ti
"ent off the road while
tra%eling at 1CC ph and
fell into a 1FC/foot ra%ine
Oaren Ali8abeth
Suicide by hanging 1BBF 2J
>andy Layne
Suicide by !elf/inflicted
gun!hot wound
>ene Bond >ene >uth Bond Li%er proble! 1BBG DF
>ichard Holt
$hri!topher #ohn
Suicide by drug o%erdo!e 1BBG 22
Ste%e Fo- >oel Augene
Suicide by !elf/inflicted
gun!hot wound
1BBJ 91
Ste%en ;atthew
Heart attack 1BBJ 99
#ohn Franci!
Heart attack 1BB@ 9G
#. D. >a Da%id Perry Heroin o%erdo!e 1BB@ 2@
"endy ?rlean
Suicide by !elf/inflicted
gun!hot wound
1BB@ D@
#oyce A%elyn
Drug o%erdo!e 1BB@ 9D
E<( Drowned 1BBB 2B
Donald Oeith
(0DS 1BBB 91
Heart failure 1BBB G2
E<( Drug! 1BBB DJ
?le Soltoft E<( Indi!clo!ed 1BBB F@
A%e Haloi! Pre!cription drug! 2CCC 9J
#effrey #ae!
Heroin o%erdo!e 2CCC 9J
>u!!ell $harle!
Suicide by drug o%erdo!e 2CCC 91
E<( $oplication! fro
!troke and ephy!ea
Le!lie Le!lie Fi!her $ancer 2CCC 9G
+ed >oter Peter Balakoff Indi!clo!ed 2CCC JC
+eri Di%er +eri Di%er Pre!cription drug! 2CC1 2B
Brett Ford E<( (0DS 2CC1 91
Lyn- Dyan E<( $ancer 2CC1 2F
E<( Indi!clo!ed 2CC2 91
E<( Indi!clo!ed 2CC2 DB
Ali!a >ebeca
Heroin and ;eth
2CC2 2@
H0HT and o%erdo!ed on
2CC2 9@
E<( Suicide 2CC2 29
;egan Serbian #uped off a balcony
while high on drug!
2CC2 2B
Linda Borean $ar accident 2CC2 F9
E<( Brain aneury! 2CC2 21
E<( Lung cancer 2CC2 GD
#ay (nthony Suicide 2CC9 2J
Oaren Dior 'eoffrey 'ann $irrho!i! of the li%er and
#eanette Dee
Drug o%erdo!e while
!uffering fro (0DS
Barry >oger! Suicide by hanging 2CCD 9B
Lea De
Brain cancer 2CCD 2J
Eatel Oing ;urdered after !hooting
an adult !cene
2CCD 29
E<( Pneuonia<(l8heierS!
2CCD @2
;elinda Dee
Li%er failure due to
alcohol and drug abu!e
A%a Lu- Leticia Lynn
Heroin o%erdo!e 2CCF 92
#uliette #ett E<( Heroin o%erdo!e 2CCF 2@
$ailla De
#uped, fell or pu!hed
fro her @
Oarine Bach Suicide by drug o%erdo!e 2CCF 92
Stacey Pfeiffer $ar accident 2CCF 21
+hoa! "agner
Suicide by hanging while
in &ail on rape charge!
$ar accident 2CCF 21
>e- Hickok Suicide by &uping off a
Brandy Ooont! Fro o%er BFV of her
body being burned
during a car accident
E<( Heart failure 2CCF D@
$andy Barr #uanita Dale
Pneuonia 2CCF JC
E<( Heart attack 2CCF FB
E<( Indi!clo!ed illne!! 2CCF 2@
Patri8ia 'ra88ini $ancer 2CCF 9B
E<( Indi!clo!ed 2CCF 9J
E<( Becae drunk and
choked to death on her
%oit while a!leep
(ngela Shunali
Suicide by a!phy-iation 2CCG 9C
(nna Hotop $ar accident 2CCG 9@
Oirby Scott #o!eph ;y!ka Drug o%erdo!e 2CCG DD
#on Dough $he!ter (nu!8ak Suicide by hanging 2CCG D9
(ndy Dill +iothy Leon
;eningiti! 2CCG D9
$lari!!a Dana
Suicide 2CCG 2G
#a!on Oanarr (0DS 2CCG 9F
E<( (0DS and te!ticular
E<( Li%er cancer 2CCG 9@
E<( Li%er failure 2CCG FD
;ilton ?wen
Eatural cau!e! after
going blind
>ocky E<( $ancer and (0DS 2CCG 2G
Oitty Fo- (lice #anette
$oplication! fro
Sheridan E<( $ar accident 2CCG 2C
E<( Heart defect 2CCJ 9@
E<( $oplication! fro H0H 2CCJ DC
;arya 0rene
Po!!ible urder, !all
aount of drug! found
upon autop!y
Oent Eorth Ben 'rey Drug o%erdo!e, po!!ibly
a !uicide
E<( (!tha attack 2CCJ 2F
Daniel Sala!, #r. Heroin o%erdo!e 2CCJ 99
Heart attack induced by
u!e of !teroid!
Shawn L.
(0DS coplication! and
li%er cancer
0nkyo Holt
Suicide by drug o%erdo!e 2CCJ 9@
Woey Wane Aily 0rene
;urdered 2CCJ 1@
E<( ;urdered by pro!titution
Hau! "e!ton Heart attack 2CCJ 2B
;atthew Freita! (pparent drug o%erdo!e 2CCJ 91
E<( $ar accident 2CCJ 2J
E<( Suicide 2CCJ 21
Alena Beh Indi!clo!ed 2CC@ 2@
Lolly Pop ;ary Be!e!ti
Heart attack 2CC@ 9J
$ole >yder E<( $au!e of death unknown,
originally reported a! a
!taph infection
2CC@ 9G
;i!!y ;aria $hri!tina ?%erdo!e of pre!cription
2CC@ D1
E<( Heart attack 2CC@ GD
Sauel 'uttan Heart failure 2CC@ G9
$harle! S. (llen Heart failure 2CC@ F2
>on Sulli%an $ancer 2CC@ GB
;arilyn (nn
Eatural $au!e! 2CCB FG
#ohn Stillan Lung di!ea!e 2CCB G2
E<( Indi!clo!ed 2CCB DD
e A-pectancy ?f ( Porn Star X
*h&# Por' S#&r+ $&ve To Loo: 2or.&rd To
;oral purity i! %ital to our walk of faith. 0orality of any kind i! de!tructi%e to
our !piritual life and all our per!onal relation!hip!. Se-ual unfaithfulne!! i! often
an analogy for idolatry and unfaithfulne!! in the ?ld +e!taent. +he purity to
which 'od call! u! bring! life, health, &oy, and fulfillent. "e need to
under!tand, know, and follow what 'od)! "ord !ay! about !e-ual conduct.
Onowing 'od)! !afety liit! will teach u! the boundarie! in which we will find
great freedo and true !ati!faction. P>eeber that the Lord ha! !eparated u! to
Hi!elf, to walk in Hi! way! and to be Hi! %ery own. He call! u! to be holy for He
i!. *(nd you !hall be holy to ;e, for 0 the L?>D a holy, and ha%e !eparated you
fro the people!, that you !hould be ;ine. 3Le%iticu! 2C72G, EO#H4.
( porn !tar write! about the challenge! of working in her career. *+ru!t e, being a
porn !tar i! not ea!y and itS! not alway! fun. +here are !o any interruption!
during the aking of a o%ie. +here are aybe only one or two o%ie! out of
hundred! that are ade in a !ingle take...o!t ha%e cut!, edit!, pau!e!, !oething
happen! where they ha%e to !top, read&u!t, change po!ition!, and keep your body
in a re.uired po!e the whole tie. ;o!t girl! who enter thi! indu!try do one %ideo
and .uit. +he e-perience i! !o painful, horrifying, ebarra!!ing, and huiliating
for the that they ne%er want to do it again.,

Do not allow pornography through acting or &u!t %iewing to becoe your fate in
life a! a re!ult of 'od)! &udgent.
Ch&p#er 68
+here are 1C,CCC to 1F,CCC pornographic o%ie! produced annually in the Inited
(dult %ideo<DHD !ale! and rental! aount to at lea!t KD billion annually= but
critic! clai the figure ay actually approach K1C billion dollar!.
2.F billion Aail! per day are pornographic.
>e%enue! fro phone !e- alone are thought to e-ceed one billion dollar!.
'od forbid! Hi! people to participate in !in and the occult. But the!e !piritual
acti%itie! of pornography include di%ination, the practice of agic, contacting
!orcerer!, binding a per!on with a !pell, con!ulting !pirit ediu!, in.uiring of the
dead, a!turbation, !atanic in%ol%eent, etc.
?ne !tudy re%ealed that !e%enty percent of en and thirty percent of woen watch
+here are D.2 illion pornographic web!ite!.
+here are 1FCC new pornographic !ite! added to the "orld "ide "eb each week.
J2 illion 0nternet u!er! %i!it pornography web !ite! per year.
( p!ychologi!t re%eal! the three ain factor! that draw people into on/line !e-ual
acti%ity which he call! the +riple/( Angine of 0nternet porn are7
14 (cce!!ibility
24 (ffordability
94 (nonyity
Daily pornographic !earch/engine re.ue!t! for pornography total about !i-ty/eight
illion per day, or about twenty/fi%e percent of all re.ue!t!.
(ppro-iately forty illion people in the Inited State! are !e-ually in%ol%ed with
the 0nternet.
;ore than !e%enty/fi%e percent of people at work ha%e accidentally %i!ited a
pornographic web!ite, and fifteen percent ha%e %i!ited !uch !ite! ore than ten
?ut of eighty/one pa!tor! !ur%eyed 3!e%enty/four ale!, !e%en feale!4, ninety/
eight percent were e-po!ed to porn= forty/three percent intentionally acce!!ed a
!e-ually e-plicit web!ite.
( *$hri!tianity +oday, !ur%ey in 2CCC re%ealed that thirty/three percent of
$hri!tian clergy adit to ha%ing %i!ited a !e-ually e-plicit web/ !ite.
For e%ery ten en in church, fi%e are !truggling with pornography.
Hi!itor! to pornographic !ite! are !e%enty/two percent ale! and twenty/eight
percent feale!.
+hirty/four percent of churchgoing woen !aid they ha%e intentionally %i!ited
porn web!ite! online.
B.D illion woen acce!! adult web !ite! each onth.
Co'fe++io' I+ & $idde' Ble++i'/ To.&rd $e&li'/ &'d "eliver&'-e
Se%enty percent of !e-ual ad%ance! o%er the 0nternet happen while young!ter! are
on a hoe coputer.
+he o!t coon way! children ha%e accidentally reached pornographic content
on the "eb are through pop/up window! 3fifty/fi%e percent4, i!repre!ented link!
3fifty/two percent4, i!!pelled I>L! 3forty/eight percent4, and auto link! within
Aail! 3twenty/three percent4.
Aighty percent of fifteen/year/old! to !e%enteen/year/old! ha%e had ultiple hard/
core e-po!ure!.
Fifty/fi%e percent of teenager! who are fifteen year! or older ha%e had phy!ical
Einety percent of eight/year/old! to !i-teen/year/old! ha%e %iewed porn online
3o!t while doing hoework4.
?lder teen girl!, who were !ur%eyed, age fifteen to !e%enteen are aong the o!t
inten!e u!er! of the 0nternet and cell phone!, including te-t e!!aging.
0n 2CC@, 0nternet "atch Foundation found 1,F9G indi%idual child/abu!e doain!.
A%ery !econd K9,CJF.GD i! being !pent on pornography.
A%ery !econd 2@,2F@ 0nternet u!er! are %iewing pornography.
A%ery !econd 9J2 0nternet u!er! are typing adult t!earch ter! into their
coputer)! !earch Angine!..
A%ery thirty/nine inute!7 a new pornographic %ideo i! being created in the Inited
Por'o/r&phy I'd4+#ry S#&#i+#i-+
Si8e of the 0ndu!try KFJ.C billion world/wide
K12.C billion IS
(dult Hideo! K2C.C billion
A!cort !er%ice! K11.C billion
;aga8ine! K J.F billion
Se- $lub! K F.C billion
Phone Se- K D.F billion
$able Y Pay/Per/Hiew K 2.F billion
0nternet K 2.F billion
$D/>o K 1.F billion
Eo%eltie! K 1.C billion
?ther K 1.F billion
(dult Hideo<DHD K1C billion
0nternet K1 billion
;aga8ine! K1 billion
Pay/per/%iew K12@ illion
$ell phone! K9C illion
Porn re%enue i! larger than all cobined re%enue! of all
profe!!ional football, ba!eball, and ba!ketball franchi!e!.
IS porn re%enue e-ceed! the cobined re%enue! of
(B$, $BS, and EB$ 3KG.2 billion.4
$hild pornography generate! K9 billion
Ch&p#er 69
Se- *toy!, are de!igned to pro%ide plea!ant and %aried !en!ation!, not to ention
financial profit!. +hey are copri!ed of different aterial! !uch a! rubber, late-,
pla!tic, !ilicone, cyber!kin, &elly, gla!!, or a cobination of the!e ingredient!.
;any of the!e adult no%eltie! can carry !e-ually tran!itted di!ea!e! and cau!e
other infection! due to a lack of cleanline!!. Se-ually tran!itted di!ea!e fro
u!ing the!e aterial! include H0H, hepatiti!, !yphili!, herpe!, $hlaydia, and
gonorrhea. Laceration!, tear!, bleeding, and allergic reaction! al!o ha%e to be
"&#e)R&pe "r4/+
"oen can fall prey to date rape drug! !uch a! 'HB and >ohypnol which are
known a! *roofie!., +hi! i! a drug ade in the early 1BJC)!. 0t i! u!ed in
ho!pital!, but only for deep !edation. 0t can render the %icti! uncon!ciou! or
?ral and genital !e- can cau!e huan papilloa%iru! 3HPH4. .
Phthalate!, which coe fro PH$)! and are u!ed a! a %inyl !oftener, are reported
to cau!e !e%eral ri!k! and ay e%en be a carcinogen. Howe%er, other article! note
that low le%el! in the body ay be !afe.
+he!e !e- *toy!, actually epha!i8e phy!ical intiacy rather than !piritual or
eotional intiacy, !o we lo!e the clo!ene!! that !e-ual acti%ity i! !uppo!ed to
bring between arried partner!. $on!e.uently, we train our bodie! to re!pond to
the !e- toy! rather than a huan being, which oti%ate! and cau!e! u! to cha!e the
ne-t orga! rather than e-pre!!ing lo%e to our !pou!e.. "e really don)t need
batterie! to !pice up our life. "hat we want i! to e-perience !piritual intiacy
during !e- with the one and only that we)re arried to. 0t)! iportant to reeber
that no !e- out!ide of arriage ean! no !e-ual !in.
(da Y A%e on the 0nternet re%eal! that the a&ority of woen own and u!e a !e-
*toy,, with %ibrator! being the o!t popular choice. Se%enty/eight
percent of woen who ha%e u!ed a !e- *toy, !aid they were al!o in a relation!hip.
"yoing and (la!ka round out the nuber/one and nuber/two !tate! for !e-
*toy, purcha!e!, re!pecti%ely. Hibrator! ade their fir!t appearance in a Sear!
catalog 3in the :Hoe (ppliance!: !ection4. +oday, !e- *toy!, run the gaut fro
di!creet to ultra/kinky to e-pen!i%e and o!tentatiou!. +he o!t e-pen!i%e %ibrator
i! co%ered in 11J diaond! and coe! with a not/!o/di!creet KFF,CCC price tagN
'od created !e- to connect u! on three le%el!7 the phy!ical, the eotional, and the
!piritual. But the proble i! that we can)t connect on a !piritual and eotional
le%el unle!! coitent and arriage are in%ol%ed. Studie! ha%e !hown that the
people who actually en&oy !e- the o!t are tho!e who are !piritually coitted in
$hri!tian arriage!.
"hen you follow the de!ire! of your !inful nature, you will produce e%il re!ult!,
including !e-ual iorality, ipure thought!, eagerne!! for lu!tful plea!ure,
idolatry, participation in deonic acti%itie!, ho!tility, .uarreling, &ealou!y,
outbur!t! of anger, !elfi!h abition, di%i!ion!, the feeling that e%eryone i! wrong
e-cept tho!e in your own little group, en%y, drunkenne!!, wild partie!, and any
other kind! of !in. Here)! the botto line7 anyone li%ing thi! !ort of life will not
inherit the Oingdo of 'od.
Ch&p#er 6;
;a!turbation can only pro%ide teporary fulfillent becau!e the !elf can ne%er be
copletely !ati!fied !e-ually by the !elf. Infortunately, thi! al!o in%ol%e! an
in!atiable ego. +hi! deonic !in i! a total i!u!e of the !e- dri%e becau!e it open!
the door to other per%er!ion!, including hoo!e-uality and le!biani!.
+here i! a deonic !pirit that can per%ert !e-ual de!ire by leading the %icti who
i! practicing a!turbation into a clo!e relation!hip with another per!on of the !ae
gender. So what !tart! a! a!turbation can %ery ea!ily turn into a !ignificant
hoo!e-uality relation!hip.
"efi'i#io' of !&+#4r%&#io' fro( #he Co'-i+e E'-y-lopedi&
;a!turbation i! defined a! erotic !tiulation of oneS! own genital organ!, u!ually
to achie%e orga!. ;a!turbatory beha%ior i! coon in infant! and adole!cent!,
and i! indulged in by any adult! a! well. Studie! indicate that o%er ninety percent
of Inited State! ale! and !i-ty to eighty percent of feale! ha%e a!turbated at
one tie or another. $hri!tian oral teaching condened a!turbation a! the !in
of ?nan, who in the ?ld +e!taent wa! cen!ured for !pilling hi! !eed. +he >oan
$atholic $hurch !till officially conden! it.
!edi-&l "efi'i#io'
Arotic !tiulation, e!pecially of oneS! own genital organ!, coonly re!ulting in
orga! and achie%ed by anual or other bodily contact e-clu!i%e of !e-ual
intercour!e, by in!truental anipulation, occa!ionally by !e-ual fanta!ie!, or by
%ariou! cobination! of the!e.
"hen a per!on a!turbate! he enter! Satan)! territory. He i! actually ha%ing !e-
with an iage that i! created by a deonic !pirit. +hi!, of cour!e, lead! to
addiction!, including the po!!ibility of becoing deonically po!!e!!ed.
+he proble with a!turbation while looking at pornography i! that it elicit!
!e-ual feeling! that are intended only for arriage. Solo !e- produce! feeling! of
guilt and !hae and cripple! our !piritual life when our fle!h becoe! our a!ter.
Paul, an apo!tle, wrote, *(ll thing! are lawful for e, but not all thing! are
profitable. (ll thing! are lawful for e, but 0 will not be a!tered by anything, 31
$orinthian! G712, E(SB4.
Belie%e it or not, you can and will con.uer the lu!t! of the fle!h through the power
of the Holy Spirit. +he Bible te!tifie! to that7 *"alk in the Spirit, and you !hall not
fulfill the lu!t of the fle!h, 3'alatian! F71G EO#H4.
Ch&p#er 6=
+he rea!on pornography attachent i! !o !trong i! that when an orga! i! reached
it produce! a firework! di!play of neurocheical! and repetition which build!
neural pathway! that enable and enhance pattern! of beha%ior that lead to
addiction. (ddiction! are actually attachent! and they trigger a !park in a per!on
that lead! to !pecific beha%ior!.
+he a&or cheical! in%ol%ed in !e- through orga! are dopaine, te!to!terone,
norepinephrine, o-ytocin, %a!opre!!in, natural or endogenou! opiate! 3endorphin!,
encephalin4, and !erotonin.
Fir!t, let)! talk about dopaine, which i! one of the !uperheroe! of the brain
becau!e it ha! !o any power!. +hi! i! a neurotran!itter which i! a cheical
relea!ed by ner%e cell! that !end! !ignal! to other ner%e cell!. 0tS! a!!ociated with
the reward center! of the brain that deal with the following7 plea!urable feeling!,
bli!!fulne!!, cra%ing, de!ire, oti%ation, goal/oriented beha%ior, attenti%e focu!,
addiction, and it e%en play! a a&or role in eory.
+e!to!terone draatically increa!e! !e-ual
arou!al and de!ire. 0t)! cited a! the ale
horone, but it i! pre!ent in le!!er aount! in woen a! well. 0t i! relea!ed in en
throughout the day, but increa!ed when !e-ual cue! are picked up by the brain.
0ntere!tingly, the brain i! ready to interpret the!e cue! fro any !ignal, whether
e-ternal or internal and act upon the.
+ho!e en with !trong coitent to their
!pou!e! ha%e lower te!to!terone le%el!, which could account for why they are le!!
likely to coit adultery. Since te!to!terone i! !low to di!!ipate, howe%er, tho!e
who are habitually in%ol%ed with pornography de%elop a cheical ibalance.
Eorepinephrine i! al!o a neurotran!itter
horone that i! a!!ociated with !tre!! and alertne!!. 0t in%ol%e! !e-ual arou!al,
!e-ual eory, and burn! eotional e-perience! into our ind.
?-ytocin and %a!opre!!in are bonding horone! which cau!e people to for
bond! and long ter attachent!. +he!e cheical! al!o cau!e al!o affectionate
feeling! and increa!e! tru!t. +he le%el! al!o ri!e when a couple hug!, hold! hand!,
ga8e in each other)! eye!, and during clo!e phy!ical intiacy. 0t! increa!e i! the
rea!on why a ki!! i! !o powerful. 0t al!o help! to !tiulate the pro!tate gland. +hi!
horone will al!o create the !all contraction! in the cer%i- and in the !per duct
that will then e&ect the !per out of the peni!. ?-ytocin play! a big role during
!e-ual bonding and a! entioned, it trigger! the contraction! during ale
+he greate!t relea!e of thi! bonding cheical occur! during intercour!e, !o arried
couple! are encouraged to en&oy face/to/face !e- in order to pro%ide a! uch !kin
contact a! po!!ible. Likewi!e, it! relea!e during porn %iewing i! the rea!on it
ceent! a per!on)! attachent to thi! beha%ior.
+he body produce! natural or endogenou! opiate! which pro%ide pain relief during
clia- and a !en!e of tran!cendence and euphoria. +he!e are the endorphin! and
encephalin! which produce eotion! of happine!! and plea!ure. +hey are al!o
relea!ed into the cerebral !pinal fluid with the !ae re!ult!. +hi! !ae horone i!
re!pon!ible for the e-citeent that occur! when we)re &ogging or watching a
football gae. 0t al!o beha%e! like orphine and can reduce the pain !hould there
be a trauatic in&ury like cutting one)! !kin.
Serotonin i! relea!ed after a !e-ual clia- and ha! an antidepre!!ant affect on
people, lea%ing the happier, caler, with a feeling of well being, ore optii!tic,
and ore !ati!fied after !e-.
Eow you ha%e !oe idea of how all of the!e horone! and neurotran!itter are
actually interacting with our phy!ical brain and it! neural connection!. Mou can
al!o under!tand how a !e-ual organi! can affect our ind and body. Soetie!
thi! cau!e people to be willing to ri!k the horrible and de!tructi%e effect! fro
+hat)! why #e!u! i! the only an!wer to thi!, for He lo%e! you with an e%erla!ting
lo%e and ha! forgi%en you, regardle!! of what you ha%e done. He i! looking
forward to con!tantly ble!!ing youN
"ith 'od)! help we can li%e up to Hi! !tandard!, which include! our relation!hip
and intiacy with Hi. (nd with thi! tru!t we)ll do whate%er He a!k! of u!.

Ch&p#er 6>
?b!cenity i! probably one of the o!t challenging and contro%er!ial area!
in%ol%ing the Fir!t (endent law.
The First Amendment to the U.. !onstitution reads7 *$ongre!! !hall ake no law
re!pecting an e!tabli!hent of religion, or prohibiting the free e-erci!e thereof= or
abridging the freedo of !peech, or of the pre!!= or the right of the people
peaceably to a!!eble, and to petition the 'o%ernent for a redre!! of
"hy aren)t pornographic aterial! and ob!cenitie! wiped out1 +he rea!on why it)!
not that ea!y to do !o i! that the di!play of !oe !e-ually e-plicit aterial i!
con!titutionally protected.
+he right balance between free/!peech protection and law! enacted to curtail the
!pread of pornography ha! been a con!tant battle for the Inited State! Supree
Here are the re!ult! of landark ruling! regarding protected and non/protected
!e-ually e-plicit aterial.
Gi'+%er/ v. Ne. Yor::
0n 1BG@, the Supree $ourt held that the go%ernent can con!titutionally prohibit
children fro acce!!ing certain type! of !e-ually e-plicit aterial that it can)t
con!titutionally ban for adult!. 0t al!o noted, per Butler %. ;ichigan 31BFJ4, that the
go%ernent can)t *reduce the adult populationUto reading only what i! fit for
+hi! ca!e dealt with the i!!ue of *%ariable ob!cenity, and whether a inor had a
con!titutional right to the !ae content a! an adult. +he Supree $ourt ruled that
the go%ernent i! entitled to re!trict children)! acce!! to certain kind! of !e-ually
e-plicit aterial, e%en if the aterial i!n)t ob!cene or illegal for adult!. +he
challenge of the 0nternet i! that it)! difficult to di!tingui!h adult! fro children for
purpo!e! of re!tricting content.
!iller v. C&lifor'i&:
+hi! 1BJ9 ca!e e!tabli!hed that aterial can be &udged ob!cene if, taken a! a whole
and &udged by counity !tandard!, it appeal! to the *prurient intere!t, in !e-,
depict! !e-ual conduct in a patently offen!i%e anner, and lack! !eriou! literary,
arti!tic, political, and !cientific %alue.
Becau!e a *%ariable tolerance, e-i!t! for e-plicit aterial, the Supree $ourt left
it up to counitie! to decide what they felt wa! ob!cene or indecent. 0f aterial
i! found to be ob!cene in thi! anner, it en&oy! no Fir!t (endent protection and
the go%ernent can re!trict it! a%ailability to e%eryone. +he challenge that the
boundary/free 0nternet po!e! i! that di!tribution of content can)t be liited
counity by counity.
Ne. Yor: v. 2er%er:
+hi! 1B@2 ca!e upheld the con!titutionality of a !tate !tatute that prohibited anyone
fro knowingly producing, prooting, directing, e-hibiting, or !elling any
aterial !howing a *!e-ual perforance, by a child under the age of !i-teen. 0t
defined !e-ual perforance a! any perforance that included *actual or !iulated
!e-ual intercour!e, de%iate !e-ual intercour!e, !e-ual be!tiality, a!turbation,
!ado/a!ochi!tic abu!e, or lewd e-hibition of the genital!., +he ca!e al!o
e!tabli!hed that child pornography doe!n)t ha%e to eet all of the re.uireent! of
the ;iller te!t.
(! with ob!cenity, child pornography en&oy! no Fir!t (endent protection and
the go%ernent can re!trict it! a%ailability to e%eryone. 0n the ca!e of electronic or
coputer tran!i!!ion, it)! a federal offen!e to knowingly recei%e child
Ch&p#er 7@
+he 0nternet i! flooded with courageou! letter! fro porn u!er! e-plaining their
addiction! and their ultiple un!ucce!!ful attept! to be liberated. +hey are to be
copliented for their hone!ty, e!pecially when they ga%e up lying, u!ing e-cu!e!,
and hiding behind their pride. Howe%er, the road to reco%ery i! not obtainable
without 'od and the need to ca!t out the deonic !pirit!. ?therwi!e, there i! no
definite !ucce!!ful non/!piritual treatent.
?ne writer, through the field of p!ychology, e-plain! that pornography and !e-ual
addiction are rapant when power and control are a a&or part of the %icti)!
en%ironent. Howe%er, taking authority through #e!u! i! really the only an!wer, !o
continue to aintain your inter%ention through the Lord)! !upport.
(nother writer belie%e! that we ha%e to learn how to control our addiction rather
than eliinate it. He de!cribe! all of hi! eotional feeling! that accuulated o%er
the year! a! a re!ult of thi! ob!e!!ion. +he puni!hent he endure! fro hi!
prolonged Qhabit no doubt e-i!t! for all tho!e attracted to thi! acti%ity. He finally
li!t! ten acti%itie! that ha%e helped hi, but he i! !till doe!n)t know what freedo
i! all about. .For e-aple, rewarding your!elf for ab!ence fro porn i! a %ery
liited approach.
"hen you repeat a habit, good or bad, often enough, it will de%elop a !ynaptic
pattern in the brain that defie! changing which i! then referred to a! a neurological
O'-e yo4 /e# hoo:ed 4p .i#h <e+4+ #here i+ o'ly o'e dire-#io' yo4 -&' #r&vel.
?ne woan)! te!tiony de!cribed the di!co%ery of her hu!band)! indulgence a! an
*un!een cancer., 0f !he hadn)t reali8ed that $hri!t can heal anything, !he would
ha%e been di%orced at the tie !he found hi out. She had a hu!band who
wouldn)t ha%e been able to pull hi!elf out of hi! en!la%eent, which had already
la!ted for ten year!. Her !tory re%eal! why !he belie%e! that all electronic de%ice!
need to be protected. She li!t! two thing! that would ha%e pre%ented her hu!bandS!
pornography7 14 putting the coputer in a public place, and 24 protecting the
coputer with a pa!!word. +he truth i! that the!e kind of huan de!ire! can ne%er
be o%ercoe without the inter%ention of #e!u! in an addict)! life. +here i! no
copetition again!t the power of our ind!, e!pecially when the de%il i!
influencing u!. .
0n another woan)! arriage, !he iediately becae depre!!ed when !he
di!co%ered her hu!band)! pornography addiction. She claied !he literally went
through the fi%e !tage! of grief7 14 denial, 24 anger, 94 bargaining, D4
depre!!ion, and finally F4 acceptance. 0n her re!earch, !he found that it wa!
coon for o!t people to float between the fir!t four !tage! until acceptance
coe!. +hi! helped her, but not her hu!band until !he brought the Lord into the
( gue!t author write! in the 0nternet, *Healing Fro Porn +ake! +ie,, po!ted
#anuary 1J, 2C19. *0n the pa!t, y thought about anyone who wa! trying to get
healed fro porn, or .uit !oking, or had another for of addiction wa! ba!ically
to con!ider, *P#u!t !top itN) Don)t buy into it, and then you can)t !oke, drink it, or
watch itUthat !ipleN, 3$opa!!ionate, huh14 3+here are people who don)t
under!tand addiction becau!e they were ne%er tepted in tho!e area!.4
(nother per!on !tated, *"hen 0 de%eloped y own !truggle with pornography, y
P&u!t !top it) ad%ice !tarted to !ound pretty !hallow and all of a !udden 0 began to
reali8e what addiction wa! about and what !tronghold! were really like. Ha%e 0
wi!hed that 'od would heal e in!tantly1 Me!. 0 ha%e wi!hed that any tie!, but
He ha!n)t decided to work that way with e. 0 reali8ed that in order to help other
woen with !iilar challenge!, 0 needed to walk through that !ae proce!! fir!t
y!elf. 0t work!, and 0) aa8ed at how uch clo!er 0 a to y Sa%ior than 0
would ha%e been otherwi!e. 0 ha%e learned to lean on Hi in a way 0 probably
wouldn)t ha%e needed to do if He had healed e in!tantaneou!ly. ;y walk with
Hi i! !o uch clo!er than it u!ed to be. 0 wouldn)t trade that for anything.,
( gentlean write!, *0t)! intere!ting how !itting here in front of the 0nternet on y
coputer onitor without watching pornography any ore could ake e
appreciate the proce!! that 'od ha! been taking e through o%er the la!t few year!.
+hi! i! !uch a great Scripture e-aple of help7 P(nd we know that all thing! work
together for good to tho!e who lo%e 'od, to tho!e who are the called according to
Hi! purpo!e) 3>oan! @72@, O#H4. 0 do lo%e Hi, for He ha! been working
e%erything out in y life, like it !ay!, for y good and according to Hi! purpo!e.
Be encouraged if you)re going through a healing proce!! of your own right now
like 0 did. +here ay be day! where it ay !tart to feel like nothing i! changing,
but 0 refu!ed to allow thinking like that. 0 &u!t follow the path 'od ha! placed
before e. P"ho cofort! u! in all our tribulation i! that we ay be able to
cofort tho!e who are in any trouble, with the cofort with which we our!el%e!
are coforted by 'od), 32 $orinthian! 17D, EO#H4.
(nother gentlean !ay!, *A-perience i! really not the be!t teacher, but rather
!oeone el!e who ha! the greater e-perience i! what we)re looking for. 'et
hooked up with the Holy Spirit and ca!t out the!e deonic !pirit! fro your!elf.,
Ch&p#er 73
( ale)! brain de%elop! differently fro a feale)! becau!e of the principle ale
!e- horone, te!to!terone. >e!earch in%ol%ing babie! ha%e re%ealed that a baby
boy prefer! to look at thing!, while a baby girl prefer! to look at face!. During
puberty, the brain! of boy! becoe ea!ily triggered by %i!ual !tiuli. "hen en)!
brain! are te!ted while looking at %ideo! of naked woen, brain !canning re%eal!
that the i!!ue! in%ol%ed with %i!uali8ation light up ore than tho!e !iilar part!
within a woan)! brain. +he !ae re!ult! occur when a per!on i! a!turbating.
;en are alo!t hypnoti8ed when looking at of unholy aterial which, when
con!tant, e!tabli!he! a powerful but uncontrolled habit. +hi! de%elop! into a
neurological pattern through the !ynaptic tran!i!!ion! in%ol%ing neuron!.
Howe%er, when thi! !ituation i! !tudied without the picture! and in%ol%e! a
arriage partner along with an orga!, the relation!hip of the couple ipro%e!.
(pparently, not only are the couple! ore united, but the arriage bond becoe!
0n !oe culture! it i! taboo to look at feale !kin becau!e it produce! !e-ual
arou!al. 0n another culture!, a naked body ay not be enough for arou!al to occur.
Soe en train their brain to re!pond to one particular ob!e!!ion and they de%elop
feti!he!. $hri!tian en !ee their !in a! a oral failure, which add! to their !hae
and guilt. (ny attept to relea!e thi! affliction though their !e-ual organ! on a
per!i!tent ba!i! only re!ult! in a growing long ter cycle which can be cla!!ified a!
a detriental copul!ion.
The $idde' 2or-e of $4(&' "e+#i'y
"hen neurological habit! of !e-ual purity are created, there i! !uch power that
occur! in the iagination that it)! referred to a! the hidden force of huan de!tiny.
$an you iagine if you were addicted to purity and that you were unable to !top
your!elf fro doing !uch good godly thing! all the tie1 +hi! would ake you
neurologically unable to fall prey to teptation. +he Bible refer! to thi! a!
Soe woen are ore proi!cuou! than en, but ale! tend to o%er/report their
!e-ual e-perience!, while woen tend to under/report the. Single en ha%e an
outlet for their !e-ual urge! through nocturnal ei!!ion!, which i! entioned in the
?ld +e!taent. But they need to channel their energie! into healthy relation!hip! !o
they can !er%e the Lord, e!pecially in their church. Prayer and accountability
group! can be helpful, but only through the blood of #e!u! and the power of the
Holy Spirit. +hat)! when %ictory coe! becau!e 'od i! faithfulN
FB4# I0( $i+ 2&vori#eMG
Ch&p#er 75
Do not coit adultery. 3See A-odu! 2C71D.4
Do not co%et another an)! wife. 3See A-odu! 2C71J.4
Do not ha%e !e- with your father. 3See Le%iticu! 1@7J.4
Do not ha%e !e- with your other. 3See Le%iticu! 1@7J.4
Do not ha%e !e- with a per!on of the !ae !e-. 3See Le%iticu! 1@722.4
Do not ha%e !e- with an anial. 3See Le%iticu! 1@729.4
Do not ake your daughter into a pro!titute. 3See Le%iticu! 1B72B.4
Do not be in%ol%ed with cro!!/dre!!ing. 3See Deuteronoy 22.F.4
Do not get !oeone drunk !o you can !ee their nakedne!!. Habakkuk 271F.4
Do not lu!t after a woan in your heart. 3See ;atthew F72@.4
Do not be in%ol%ed with !e-ual iorality. 3See (ct! 1F72B.4
Do not be in%ol%ed with hoo!e-ual act!. 3See >oan! 172G/2@.4
Se-ual iorality i! a !in again!t your own body. 3See 1 $orinthian! G71@.4
(%oid !e-ually ioralityLget arried. 3See 1 $orinthian! J72.4
Hu!band! and wi%e! !hould not depri%e each other of !e-. 3See 1 $orinthian! J7D/
'od)! will i! for ankind to ab!tain fro !e-ually iorality. 3See 1
+he!!alonian! D79/@.4
+he arriage bed i! ble!!ed by 'od. 3See Hebrew! 197D.4
Aye! filled with lu!t coe fro the world, not 'od. 3See 1 #ohn 271G.4
Do not ha%e !e- with your !tepother, your !i!ter or !tep!i!ter, your
granddaughter, your aunt!, your uncle!, your daughter/in/law, your !i!ter/in/law, a
woan and her daughter, a woan and her granddaughter, with two !i!ter!. 3See

Ch&p#er 76
( woan write!, *0 di!co%ered y hu!band wa! a!turbating to %ideo! throughout
the day. He claied we didnSt ha%e !ufficient !e- which i! why he had to
a!turbate. He wa! %aluing !e- ore than hi! relation!hip with e.,
"hen !e- i! u!ed a! a weapon, the en%ironent can becoe e-treely painful.
(%oid blaing, which ne%er !ol%e! the !eriou! i!!ue!, but !it down and di!cu!! the
i!!ue! in a non/!piteful, non/&udgental anner. A-pre!!ing anger and fru!tration
i! nece!!ary, but al!o u!e :0: !tateent! of your feeling! and what need! to be
done. (!k for !pecific change! !uch a!, :0 feel !o up!et about what ha! happened
and 0 need to di!cu!! thi! with you a! cally a! 0 can. Howe%er, thi! ha! to !top,
"hen a wife threaten! or belittle! her hu!band, or tell! hi to !top a!turbating=
hi! copul!i%e !e-uality will not change without profe!!ional attention. +hi!
ean! he need! 'od)! inter%ention with a Holy Spirit filled coun!elor. Put a!ide
your di!gu!t, be a! copa!!ionate a! you can, and help hi to feel !afe enough to
!eek !piritual treatent. Eothing el!e will be !ucce!!ful.
0t)! iportant to reconnect with your earlier po!iti%e feeling! toward hi !o you
can work with hi in a &oint effort to ipro%e the failing relation!hip.
( hu!band wa! !truggling with porn addiction for a long tie. ?ne day he !at
down alone in hi! car and te-ted a lengthy e!!age to hi! wife confe!!ing hi!
!eriou! addiction to pornography. (fter what !eeed to be a long tie, a !ingle/
!entence e!!age appeared7 *$oe hoe and !tart to becoe the an 0 know you
really are.,
Co'fe++io' i+ & hidde' %le++i'/ #o.&rd he&li'/ &'d deliver&'-e.
Ch&p#er 77
"hen a wifeS! lo%e and tru!t are !hattered through porn, the only an!wer for the
an i! purity and li%ing by 'od)! boundarie!= but the woan re.uire! ercy. ;en
are not a! .uick to under!tand their relation!hip of blind !pot! that re.uire learning
cur%e!. +hey need to becoe tru!tworthy.
?ne effecti%e ethod of !uper%i!ion upon di!co%ery include! confrontation.
Hone!ty i! %ital and doing it without really hurting hi about hi! failing i!
iportant. 0t i! e!pecially %ital for you to aintain your re!pect for hi. Silence i!
not the an!wer, becau!e it really aount! to uncontrolled anger. +he an need! to
be boo!ted !o he can be focu!ed on getting into 'od)! progra. >eplace hi!
definition of !in with 'od)! definition, which include! forgi%ene!!.
"hen you hear the Holy Spirit)! %oice a! a born/again belie%er, follow it becau!e
you are Hi! new cheerleader. +hi! new role, of cour!e, depend! on your
forgi%ene!!. +he Holy Spirit will guide you becau!e your hu!band can)t hear
initially !ince he)! !tuck in !e-ual !in. Per!i!t in bringing the truth out !o that it
becoe! doinant. Lying u!t cea!e iediately by inforing hi of thi! when
nece!!ary through a proce!! called open counication.
Eow ree!tabli!h a new truthful $hri!tian an)! po!ture becau!e hi! pre%iou! iage
wa! %iolated. Pride, !hae, and defen!i%ene!! u!t depart particularly when
coun!eling ha! been recoended, but again, only with a Holy Spirit/filled
coun!elor. Being $hri!tian and looking $hri!tian will happen with !piritual
guidance. But until he i! free of !e-ual !in, he u!t !tep down fro whate%er
po!ition he hold! in the church or el!ewhere. +he charade u!t end until ending
Fro a edical point of %iew, y concern of returning to a healthy relation!hip
with your !pou!e, if thi! i! applicable, i! the nece!!ity of getting te!ted for (0DS if
you had !e-ual acti%ity out!ide of arriage. Howe%er, thi! won)t becoe another
!etback !ince #e!u! i! !till in the healing bu!ine!! for He ha! healed thi! a! well.
*he' yo4 re&lly /e# do.' #o i# & h4/ i+ %e##er #h&' &ll #he #heolo/y i' #he
.orld. Be +4re #o -ele%r&#e yo4r vi-#ory &+ of#e' &+ po++i%le.
Ch&p#er 78
;en)! !eeingly greater attraction to porn !tar! rather than their wi%e! i! no
indication that thi! i! !iply copetition in their arriage. >ather, it i! a deonic
"hen 0 need the ideal an!wer to a proble like thi!, 0 will refer to what 0 call the
*gold !tandard., By thi! 0 ean the per!on with the o!t e-perience in the field
who can pro%ide the ideal an!wer. Howe%er, 0 reali8e that #e!u! i! alway! the only
!olution, !o 0 turn to Hi. But o!t, if not all of the !inner!, who get entrapped in
the!e acti%itie! don)t reali8e they can)t get any !olid an!wer! fro people who are
li%ing in the worldly or !ecular world.
+hey bypa!! the !piritual real by turning to people like Hugh ;ar!ton Hefner.
"hat they !ee with hi! fae, hi! fortune, and hi! e%er/ready concubine! i!
!ufficient for the to belie%e there)! nothing wrong with total coitent to !e-
and iorality. +hi! %ery often border! on en%y becau!e they cla!!ify hi! life!tyle
a! the (erican Drea.
$EE recently inter%iewed hi about hi! life and hi! corporate epire for a new
book. 0n the inter%iew, Hefner, who i! now eight/two year! of age, di!cu!!ed hi!
o!t iportant acti%itie! including hi! recent in%ol%eent with two nineteen/year/
old twin!.

;r. Hefner wa! born in 1B2G. Hi! parent! were ultracon!er%ati%e. 0n !chool, he
!er%ed a! pre!ident of hi! !tudent council. He en&oyed dancing, the art!, and he fell
in lo%e at !i-teen year! of age. He !tudied art at the $hicago (rt 0n!titute and
graduated fro the Ini%er!ity of 0llinoi! with degree! in p!ychology, creati%e
writing, and art. He e-celled at &ournali!. Later, he enli!ted in the ary and
worked on the ilitary new!paper.
Hefner worked for %ariou! aga8ine!, including "s#uire, and three year! later, in
1BF9, he !tarted $layboy aga8ine. Hi! fir!t i!!ue !old ore than FC,CCC copie!.
;arilyn ;onroe)! photo wa! in the initial i!!ue, the fir!t of any woen without
clothe!, who would Pgrace) the page! of $layboy.
Hi! fan! alway! referred to hi! great wealth and !e-ual !ucce!! and were ne%er
ebarra!!ed to ention that they would do anything to becoe hi! friend,
e!pecially !o they could be in%ited a! gue!t! to the Playboy ;an!ion. Here)! an
e-aple of hi! great *!ucce!!, fro one of the headline! of the on/line article fro
HIFFP?S+ $ALAB>0+M dated (pril 2F, 2C1D7 *Playboy Founder !ay! he)! !lept
with ore than a thou!and woen.,
+he Pagneti!) of thi! $layboy aga8ine ha! affected the ind! of any ale!,
including adole!cent, and it ha! been blaed for the !o/called !e-ual re%olution of
the 1BGC)!.
0n 1BFB, ;r. Hefner eployed the o!t recogni8able aga8ine editor! in the
world. +hat wa! the !ae year the Playboy $lub wa! launched and hi! fir!t
arriage collap!ed.
0 belie%e Hefner wa! re!pon!ible for a growing acceptance of iorality in our
culture, regardle!! of how to-ic and per%er!e our !ocial cliate becae.
Por'o/r&phy &'d Be#r&y&l
Fir!t, let e tell you how negati%ely ipacted woen are by their hu!band)! u!e of
pornography. +he foundation for thi! !ee! to be ba!ed on betrayal. +he profound
daage thi! cau!e! include! unhealthy copari!on! and inappropriate beha%ior= all
of which can lead to !elf/doubt, hurt, depre!!ion, and e%en !uicidal thinking. Mou
can certainly gra!p how pornography will diini!h hone!ty, !e-uality, creati%ity,
per!onal growth, and e!pecially lo%e.
+he initial arriage con%er!ation directed toward healing of thi! conflict re.uire!
e-ceptional hone!ty and clarity by e-plaining what pornography i! and what it i!
not. +hi! include! it! ipact on your relation!hip and your !elf/iage. Di%orce
!hould ne%er be con!idered to be an option, and forgi%ene!! i! an ab!olute u!t.
Pornography ha! been de!cribed a! an e!cape echani! fro your eotion! and
!tre!!e!, or e%en a! a ood/altering influence rather than it being purely about !e-
it!elf. 0t can al!o !er%e a! !elf/edication for depre!!ion, an-iety, loneline!!, and
low !elf/e!tee. +hi! could ean to you that your hu!band)! pornographic
addiction i! probably not a coentary on what you ay !u!pect or con!ider to be
your unattracti%ene!!. 0t i! not eant to repre!ent an attack again!t you. 0f you
belie%e, howe%er, that !oe en becoe totally coitted to pornography for the
!e-ual plea!ure! in%ol%ed, 0 won)t di!agree with you.
?f cour!e, any woenBuiiu&n will %iew their hu!band)! acti%ity with porn a! the
prie cau!e for their growing in!ecurity and intiidation. How could you not do
!o when you copare your!elf to the pornography !tar! your hu!band !ee! to lu!t
Fir!t, you need to learn how to handle the de!tabili8ing hurt that i! cau!ed by your
hu!bandS! apparent infidelity. Ee-t, you need to forget the photograph! you ha%e
%iewed, !howing a woan who ha! pro!tituted her!elf in a pornographic !cene.
Mour other challenge, of cour!e, i! the potential that you ay not ea!ure up to
what your hu!band ay be !eeking. (gain, the woan he i! addicted to in
pornography i! not the !e-ual ideal. "hy1 0t)! becau!e there i! a different girl to
be !een e%ery tie he get! into hi! pornography ind/!et on the 0nternet or through
hi! aga8ine collection. Do you reali8e that the chance! are great that the woan
who repre!ent! hi! !ybol of !e- %ery often coe! fro a life of brokenne!! and
!piritual di!connection1 She ay not e%en be ali%e at the ne-t pornographic
!cheduled caera !et/up becau!e of her ioralityN
By the way, en who reco%er fro a pornography habit u!ually al!o coe to a
reali8ation of their wrong beha%ior and the in&u!tice they)%e cau!ed to their wi%e!.
0ronically, they begin to P!ee) the beauty of their !pou!e a! what they de!ired and
needed all along. "hen thi! happen!, your hu!band will reali8e that there i! no
copari!on between hi! lo%ing you and all you !tand for, e!pecially during your
renewed acti%e relation!hip. (ll he can copare thi! to i! hi! apparent lo%e of a
Pdead,) inaniate pornographic picture.
0f you decide to !eek coun!eling fro a clo!e friend, &u!t be careful that their
re!pon!e! do not deorali8e you and in%alidate the !ituation fro their lack of
under!tanding. (l!o reali8e that there are a growing nuber of re!ource! a%ailable
to !upport you, e!pecially through #e!u!/lo%ing $hri!tian!. Inle!! your coun!elor
i! a born/again, anointed, Holy Spirit/filled $hri!tian, you)re wa!ting your tie
trying to recei%e any !piritual help fro hi or her.
Here)! a great forgi%ene!! prayer for you7 *Lord #e!u!, 0 thank you for thi!
opportunity and pri%ilege to totally forgi%e and forget any hurt! 0 ay ha%e
recei%ed fro y hu!band 3or anybody el!e4 for all of hi! indecent pornographic
acti%itie!. 0 thank you for thi! relea!e of bondage and any hurt! 0 ay ha%e gi%en
hi or y!elf. (en.,
Mou need to take !tep! that will continue to facilitate and o%e both of you toward
thi! peranent healing and bring you back to the point when you were dating each
+here are !o any relati%ely faou! people who ha%e been in%ol%ed with $layboy,
e!pecially for the notoriety they recei%ed and for any financial gain. Fortunately,
the Playboy decline ha! occurred becau!e of the growing ad%anced digital
technologie!. Infortunately, thi! ha! ade acce!! to pornography uch ea!ier.
+he Playboy an!ion life!tyle ha! al!o deteriorated. 0t ha! been pointed out that
the inhabitant! are pro%ided with their own !eparate bedroo, a B7CC curfew, and
the need to be a%ailable whene%er nece!!ary= thi! i! not a good definition of
freedo for the trade off the!e woen decided to tolerate.
Hefner)! third wife called off their !cheduled wedding &u!t prior to the !cheduled
date e%en though !he had been li%ing with hi at hi! an!ion for the pa!t two and
a half year!. Hugh Hefner, who wa! once iune to the trouble! that plagued the
coon an, wa! !hocked and heartbroken by the !plit. He i! no longer the
!e-uali8ed Peter Pan who refu!ed to grow up according to an article in the
Baltiore Sun. He i! no longer the (erican Drea at eight/two year! of age.
Me!, thi! rather indu!triou!, financially/ !eeking entrepreneur ha! cau!ed a
profound and !ignificant !e-ual influence in our !ociety which ha! dra!tically
affected our culture in negati%e way!. Hefner utili8ed hi! talent! and gained a lot
of oney with Satan)! help. +hi! horrible and tragic e!! occurred becau!e of hi!
lack of the kind of friend!hip! he really needed and without the !piritual
connection he needed with the Lord #e!u! $hri!t of Ea8areth.
Hi! pornographic coitent! e!calated into an uncontrolled deonical
ato!phere of people without 'od. +he wor!t part i! that e%eryone who choo!e!
thi! life/!tyle ha! no idea of how to re!ol%e their deteriorating eotional and
unhealthy !ituation!. +hank 'od, it)! ne%er too late to reco%er fro thi! battle.
+hank 'od, you cho!e #e!u! a! your an!wer.

Ch&p#er 79
"e undere!tiate the daage we ipo!e on our li%ing .uarter! by what we allow
into our hoe!. +hi! chapter pro%ide! a powerful e!!age that can protect u! fro
har and the !anctity 3holine!!4 of the .uality of our life a! we li%e in our hoe!.
in our hoe!.
"ithout reali8ing it, through pornography, we in%ite deonic !pirit! into our
hou!e. +hi! e-po!e! u! and our children to alien entitie!. 0t open! the door of our
thought! to o%ie!, to the edia, to rebellion, to di!obedience, to proi!cuity, to
%iolence, to indecent entertainent, and to defiant e%il !pirit!. "hen negati%e or
ioral word! coe out of your tele%i!ion !et, the !pirit! ha%e a red carpet !pread
open for the to coe into our forerly !afe en%ironent. (! a re!ult, we actually
welcoe e%il !pirit! into our hoe! through foul word! !poken on +H and the
pornographic acti%ity that coe! fro the 0nternet and ioral aga8ine!. "hen
you look at and !tudy the effect! that tele%i!ion on tho!e li%ing in your hoe, you
couldn)t be far off when you con!ider that the de%il ay ha%e a lot to do with
bringing it into your en%ironent.
(lthough initially unnoticed, a! the re!ult of the effect! of tolerating and in%iting
ungodly !tuff into our hoe! including the word! in our !poken language, we
begin to witne!! epi!ode! of !elf/will and eotional di!play! coing fro faily
eber!. +hi! peri!!i%ene!! continue! to lead to the di!integration of the
$hri!tian hoe.
Here)! an acrony the de%il u!e! to introduce into our hoe! through faily
eber! a! he take! a *D0;, %iew of u!7 Doination, 0ntiidation, and
;anipulation +hi! i! really called witchcraft 3+he u!e of agical power! obtained
e!pecially fro e%il !pirit!4. ?b%iou!ly, the treatent for thi! i!!ue will re.uire
!piritual clean!ing and deli%erance, which you can accopli!h through godly
prayer and the deci!ion not to allow it to continue or e-i!t e%ery again.
People are o!t %ulnerable to opening the door to deonic acti%itie! when they are
in%ol%ed in the following acti%itie!, according to the therapi!t who de!igned the
acrony H(L+7 Hungry, (ngry, Lonely, and +ired.
Protecting your hoe with Scripture! i! a great defen!i%e. Mou will !ee what 0
ean when you place your fa%orite appropriate Scripture! throughout your hoe
in large type.
Inder!tand thi!, if an intruder e%er coe! into your hoe, &u!t !tart u!ing the
ighty nae of #e!u! and tell hi or her, *#e!u! doe!n)t want you touching e.
#e!u! want! you to lea%e right now. 0n the nae of #e!u! you ha%e to lea%e
iediately. 0n #e!u!) nae, get out nowN #e!u! will puni!h you unle!! your
( pa!tor friend of ine enrolled in a college in Lo! (ngele! and arri%ed on the
front !tep! on the orning he wa! to !tart cla!!e!. But a! he approached the
entrance, there wa! a group of tough/looking en !tanding around that appeared to
be blocking the door. He didn)t know what to do, but before he a!ked 'od to help
hi, he heard hi!elf !peak thi! out loud !e%eral tie!, *He who i! in e i!
greater than he who i! in the world. He who i! in e i! greater than he who i! in
the world, 31 #ohn D7D, EO#H4. +he en iediately o%ed a!ide and a path wa!
opened up for hi to enter. +hi! could becoe one of your fa%orite Scripture!, a! it
i! ine.
Ha%e you con!idered who you)re going to ble!! today, be!ide! your!elf, when
youwrite your to/do/li!t1
Ch&p#er 7;
Zue!tion7 "hat i! addiction1
(n!wer7 (ddiction i! characteri8ed by the inability to cea!e an acti%ity de!pite a
de!ire to do !o e%en in the face of negati%e con!e.uence!. +hi! alway! in%ol%e!
deonic in%ol%eent.
Zue!tion7 "hat i! pornographic addiction1
(n!wer7 Pornographic addiction i! a beha%ioral addiction characteri8ed by
copul!i%e, repeated u!e of pornographic aterial until it cau!e! !eriou! negati%e
con!e.uence! to oneS! phy!ical, ental, !ocial, and<or financial well/being.
(ddiction to 0nternet pornography i! al!o a for of cyber!e- addiction.
0ntere!tingly, there i! no diagno!i! of pornography addiction in the current
Diagno!tic and Stati!tical ;anual of ;ental Di!order! 3DS;4.
Zue!tion7 "hat i! the a&or !tiulu! re!pon!ible for porn1
(n!wer7 Pornography i! a *cheap, !ub!titute for intiacy, which i! what we)re
all !eeking. ;any ha%e ne%er recei%ed lo%e fro their parent! and were re&ected by
the, their friend!, and their teacher!. "e all de!ire to be lo%ed and to be able to
return that lo%e. Pornography in%ol%e! confu!ing lu!t with lo%e, becau!e lo%e i!
not lu!t and lu!t i! not lo%e, and it !iply cannot fill thi! %oid 3 of lo%e4 no atter
how often it i! u!ed. .
Zue!tion7 "hat doe! 'od think about thi!1
(n!wer7 (re you ready for thi!1 +hi! !in acti%ity i! an aboination in the eye! of
alighty 'od.
Zue!tion7 "hat doe! thi! tran!gre!!ion do to u! phy!iologically1
(n!wer7 +here are neurobiocheical change! that occur in our body fro our
e-po!ure to all the!e !tiuli. +he!e reaction! becoe dra!tically !ignificant a! a
re!ult of organi!, becau!e thi! will e%entually take control of our ind through
our will and lea%e the !oul in charge and %irtually !tranded.
Zue!tion7 "hat)! the bigge!t challenge that re!ult! fro !e-ual !in out!ide
(n!wer7 Sin e-perience! will ne%er !ati!fy or replace genuine intiacy and lo%e.
Zue!tion7 "hat)! the a&or challenge in arriage1 "hat i! needed to retain
copatibility in arriage1
(n!wer7 0ntegrity and coitent are %ital to copatibility.
Zue!tion7 $an 0 blae y wife for y wrongdoing with regard to !e-ual acti%itie!
out!ide of arriage1
(n!wer7 0n!tead of fi-ing the blae, fi- the proble. Don)t attept to u!e your
wife a! an e-cu!e, !ince you are ultiately re!pon!ible for what you do.
Zue!tion7 "hat doe! e-po!ure to thi! P&unk) do to y brain if anything1
(n!wer7 Be !ure to check out chapter F@ if you really want to know entitled7 T$E
Zue!tion7 0f y pa!tor i! into pornography, how do you e-pect e to o%ercoe it1
(n!wer7 +he rea!on! why pa!tor! and church leader! ay get in%ol%ed i! that the
de%il coe! after the with greater intention and energy, becau!e he know! thi!
kind of acti%ity can de!troy the church and it! eber!. *"oe to the !hepherd!
who de!troy and !catter the !heep of ;y pa!tureN: !ay! the Lord, 3#ereiah 2971,
Zue!tion7 Eo one i! perfect, for e%en ;o!e! ga%e 'od challenge!. For e-aple, he
hit the rock twice in!tead of !peaking to it. How any tie! did 'od ha%e to
rewrite the +en $oandent! becau!e of ;o!e!1
(n!wer7 He wrote the twice with Hi! finger!. 0nitially, ;o!e! de!troyed the
when he !aw the 0!raelite! wor!hipping the gold calf. +he !econd tie 'od ga%e
the +en $oandent! to ;o!e!, and he placed the under the ercy !eat in the
(rk of the $o%enant.
Zue!tion7 "hat are !oe of the way! 0 can relea!e y!elf to 'od to becoe ore
(n!wer7 $on!ider the!e recoendation!7
14 +ru!t in the Lord
24 Delight your!elf in the Lord
94 $oit your way to the Lord
D4 >e!t in the Lord a! you wait
F4 Hang out with the Lord
G4 Li%e in the Lord)! word
J4 'et intiacy with the Lord
@4 Spend tie with the Lord daily
B4 +alk to the Lord like He)! your clo!e!t friend
1C4 ;eori8e Scripture! e!pecially about the Lord
Ch&p#er 7=
Zue!tion7 How can !oething with !o uch apparent plea!ure be !o !infully
de%a!tating1 (n!wer7 "hen you are in%ol%ed with pornography, you)re
contradicting the Holy Spirit, and you ha%e lo!t control of your will, and your !oul
take! on your fle!h which open! the door to the de%il. +he fle!h becoe! like a
drug. +hen you)re no longer in charge and you)%e turned control o%er to your
eotion!, your !en!e!, your logic, your intellect, your per!onality, and ye!, e%en
your will.
Zue!tion7 "hat can 0 do to forget what 0 did1
(7 Don)t carry the pa!t, the pre!ent, or any negati%ity into the futureLit)! all
baggage. Fir!t Peter F7J !ay! gi%e it all to Hi. *$a!ting all your care upon Hi,
for He care! for you, 3EO#H4. 0t ha! been !tated that what you write i! a thou!and
tie! ore powerful than what you !ay. "rite all your forer !in! on paper, rip it
up, and before flu!hing your !in! down the toilet, !peak to the paper!7 *0 coand
any and all deonic !pirit! a!!ociated with y pre%iou! acti%itie! to now be
tran!ferred into writing on the!e paper! and in the nae of #e!u! they are to
wa!hed, clean!ed, ca!t out, and !ent to the pit of hell.,
Zue!tion7 "hat)! the difference between !oft core and hard/core1
(n!wer7 Mou don)t need to get i-ed/up with the!e kind! of .ue!tion! for they
coe under the category of none of your bu!ine!! anyore.
Zue!tion7 0! pornography in!tinctual or inherent1
(n!wer7 (ccording to one p!ychiatri!t)! re!earch, the great a&ority of belief! and
beha%ior! regarding pornography ha%e been learned. (n arou!al/and/reward type
of learning i! in%ol%ed with thi!. "atching the!e iage! con%ey! ore
inforation than &u!t reading word! e%er could !ince the picture! are percei%ed a!
e%ent! or fact!.
Zue!tion7 How doe! pornography affect a an)! attitude toward arriage1
(n!wer7 ( four year !tudy beginning in 1B@D re%ealed the effect! of repeated
e-po!ure to coonly a%ailable pornography. +he!e effect! include7 increa!ed
callou!ne!! toward woen= di!torted perception! about !e-uality= de%aluation of
the iportance of onogay= decrea!ed !ati!faction with partner)! !e-ual
perforance, diini!hed affection, growing indifference to the !pou!e)!
appearance= doubt! about the %alue of arriage= and a decrea!ed de!ire to ha%e
Zue!tion7 "hy do $hri!tian! allow the!el%e! to get carele!! in thi! area1
(n!wer7 +he Holy Spirit li%e! in u! and He help! u! battle any different i!!ue! in
our li%e!. But when our !oul decide! to take o%er through teptation, our will i!
no longer in charge, and thi! ean! the !pirit ha! no further authority or power.
+he fle!h i! now running the !how.
Ch&p#er 7>
"hen we initially learned that e%il power! e-i!t and we belie%ed it, it wa! !till
alo!t beyond our iagination. +hat)! why you need to learn and appreciate thi!
%aluable inforation about deonic !pirit! !o you can be the one who !tay! in
charge of the !ituation.
Deon! do e-i!t e%en if we can)t !ee the. +hey are ultiately re!pon!ible for the
deterioration that occur! fro our in%ol%eent with !in !uch a! pornography. +hi!
can and e%entually will lead u! to a full !piritual dei!e if we allow our !in to
0f we cho!e to get in%ol%ed with pornography, we clearly ake the wrong choice.
0n ca!e you didn)t reali8e it, 'od lead! but Satan pu!he!. +hi! i! the way can tell
the difference. *"atch and pray, le!t you enter into teptation. +he !pirit indeed i!
willing, but the fle!h i! weak, 3;atthew 2G7D1, EO#H4.
+he fle!h think! it ha! control until the !oul and the phy!ical body are renewed in
'od and &oined with the !pirit. +he fle!h al!o know! that the power of your prayer
weaken! it.
0 !u!pect you already know the!e thing!, but thi! .ue!tion reain!7 *"hy do we
!till ha%e our greate!t challenge with the fle!h !ince we know all that1
+he Bible tell! u!, *(nd 0 know that nothing good li%e! in e, that i!, in y !inful
nature. 0 want to do what i! right, but 0 can)t, 3>oan! J71@, EL+4.
Paul began to under!tand that it wa! not hi who wa! rebelling or di!obeying= he
di!co%ered that it wa! not inherently hi, yet it wa! definitely with hi.
Further, thi! re!pon!e of e%il alway! took place when he e-erted and u!ed hi! fle!h
or !elf/effort to do what he thought would aount to good work!. "hen he
re!orted to hi!elf and hi! own will through the power of hi! fle!h, he rea!oned
that it wa! thi! alien eleent within hi that would ri!e up and ake hi do e%il.
+hat i!, it wa! hi! fle!h that wa! the culprit. +hi! i! e-plained e%en further. *0 ha%e
di!co%ered thi! principle of lifeLthat when 0 want to do what i! right, 0 ine%itably
do what i! wrong. 0 lo%e 'od)! law with all y heart. But there i! another power
within e that i! at war with y ind. +hi! power ake! e a !la%e to the !in that
i! !till within e, 3>oan! J721/29, EL+4.
The S&#&'i- ?i'/do( o' E&r#h
A%il !pirit! that are part of a highly organi8ed !atanic kingdo on earth a! well a!
in the hea%enlie!. Satan rule! thi! kingdo, which ha! a !pecific hierarchy of
power. *0n which you once walked according to the cour!e of thi! world, according
to the prince of the power of the air, the !pirit who now work! in the !on! of
di!obedience, 3Aphe!ian! 272, EO#H4.
*Eow when the Phari!ee! heard it they !aid, P+hi! fellow doe! not ca!t out deon!
e-cept by Beel8ebub, the ruler of the deon!.) But #e!u! knew their thought!, and
!aid to the7 PA%ery kingdo di%ided again!t it!elf i! brought to de!olation, and
e%ery city or hou!e di%ided again!t it!elf will not !tand. 0f Satan ca!t! out Satan, he
i! di%ided again!t hi!elf. How then will hi! kingdo !tand1 (nd if 0 ca!t out
deon! by Beel8ebub, by who do your !on! ca!t the out1 +herefore they !hall
be your &udge!, 3;atthew 1272D/2J, EO#H4.
"efi'i#io' of #he *ord F"e(oG Deon
i! a 'reek word for daim%nion 3trong&s "'haustive !oncordance [11DC4 that
re%eal! what e%il !pirit are about= an e%il !pirit= a !ource or agent of e%il, har,
di!tre!!, or ruin= an attendant power or !pirit= a !upernatural being of 'reek
ythology interediate between god! and en.
Ori/i' of #he *ord F"e(o'G
;iddle Angli!h demon, fro Late Latin Y Latin= Late Latin daemon( e%il !pirit,
fro Latin, di%inity, !pirit, fro 'reek daim)n, probably fro daiesthai, to
14 ( !pirit, a being inferior to 'od, !uperior to en.
24 A%il !pirit! are the e!!enger! and ini!ter! of the de%il.
Deon! are created being! that rebelled again!t 'od. ?ne theory propo!e! that
they are the *fallen angel!., Lucifer wa! the co%ering cherub of the throne of 'od.
He !inned becau!e of hi! pride and per!uaded a third of the angel! to al!o rebel
again!t 'od. $on!e.uently, the!e angel! were ca!t out of Hea%en to Aarth, at which
point Lucifer becae known a! Satan.
+he other theory i! that deon! are di!ebodied !pirit!. Prior to (da 3pre/
adaic race4, Satan wa! the leader of a race of being! that were de!troyed by 'od
fro a worldwide flood. +hi! e-plain! the condition of the Aarth in 'ene!i! 172
which wa! dark and co%ered with water.
Deon! !till e-i!t today a! they did during #e!u!S ini!try. Inder the authority of
#e!u!, we ha%e the authority and doinion o%er the, which why our eney fear!
So4l #ie+
+he deonic power of ungodly !oul tie! need! to be di!cu!!ed. ( !oul tie i! the
knitting together of two !oul! in the !piritual real. +hi! i! what happen! between
arried couple. ?n the other hand, ungodly !oul tie! can !er%e a! bridge! between
two people through which deonic garbage pa!!e!.

+he!e godly and ungodly !oul tie! can be fored through7
14 Se-ual relation!7 fornication %!. healthy arriage
24 $lo!e relation!hip!7 a rock group %!. a relation!hip like between Oing
Da%id and #onathan in which their !oul tie! were knitted together
94 How!, coitent!, and agreeent!7 !poken coitent! that need to
be undone %erbally.
+hi! would include !tateent! like, *0 will lo%e you fore%er,, or *0 could ne%er
lo%e another anN, +he!e need to be renounced. *"hoe%er guard! hi! outh and
tongue keep! hi! !oul fro trouble!: 3Pro%erb! 21729, EO#H4.
Ch&p#er 8@
Pi-#4re N 53
The re&l lio' I4+# li:e +i' loo:+ h&r(le++ &'d i''o-e'# e'o4/h %4# %e +4re
'o# #o ope' #he door or yo40ll %e i' for & %i/ +4rpri+e.
Cl4e+ for #he pre+e'-e of de(o'i- &-#ivi#y.
(lthough !oe of the!e natural going/on)! appear innocent enough, you can
di!cern their !atanic pre!ence in the!e people in%ol%ed becau!e of the per!i!tent
following acti%ity7
14 $oughing
24 Mawning
94 Belching
D4 Snee8ing
F4 Hoiting
G4 Aye blinking
J4 Foul odor! !uch a! !ulfur
@4 Pain that o%e! around in the body
"e(o'i- A-#ivi#ie+
Becau!e of your authority and doinion fro #e!u! who li%e! in you, the deon!
are afraid of you. Here are !oe of their per!onal characteri!tic!7
14 +hey !eek and !earch.
24 +hey ha%e eotion!.
94 +hey re.uire re!t.
D4 +hey ha%e intellect.
F4 +hey ha%e eye! and can !ee.
G4 +hey can talk and ha%e %oice anife!tation!.
J4 +hey ha%e a will and can ake deci!ion! and plan!.
@4 +hey ha%e faith.
B4 +hey ha%e eory.
1C4 +hey ha%e per!onal per!onalitie!.
114 +hey can think and u!e their iagination!.
124 +hey can recruit one another when nece!!ary.
194 +hey prefer to inhabit bodie! for ultiple rea!on!.
1D4 +hey li%e and work together.
1F4 +hey %ary in le%el! of wickedne!!, power, and endurance.
1G4 +hey can be routed through prayer and fa!ting.
1J4 +hey can tra%el.
"e(o'i- C&p&%ili#ie+
By under!tanding thi!, you will gain in!ight, !trength, and wi!do in dealing with
e%il !pirit!.
14 +hey can cau!e !ickne!!, di!ea!e, fe%er, phy!ical abnoralitie!, and
ental ipairent.
24 +hey can cau!e depre!!ion including !uicide.
94 +hey encourage teptation and weakened faith through doubt.
D4 +hey can fight with 'odS! angel!.
F4 +hey can influence huan e%ent! through a per!on)! %oice and !ee
through the per!on)! eye!.
G4 +hey affect the :!tate: of their ho!t per!on, ranging fro periodic
influence! to total po!!e!!ion.
J4 +hey can influence the eotion!, thought!, and action! of their ho!t
toward de!truction.
@4 +hey can in%igorate people with e-traordinary !trength.
B4 +hey can decei%e people and draw the away fro the truth, enticing
the by their own de!ire!.
1C4 +hey fulfill Satan)a 3Beel8ebub4 i!!ion!= he i! their ruler 3and he
lead! the to !teal, kill and de!troy4.
114 +hey attept to take people capti%e by deception.
124 +hey de!ire a body for re!t and !helter.
194 +hey will return to a body that teporarily !topped !inning, howe%er,
with return with !e%en wor!e !pirit!.
1D4 +hey ay be allowed by 'od to acce!! huan! to carry out &udgent.
1F4 +hey can not affect the !pirit, only the !oul and body.
1G4 +hey oppo!e 'odS! plan! and purpo!e! and block or thwart 'od)!
"e(o'i- +piri#+ r4le over7
14 Eation!
24 >egion!
94 Di!trict!

!oder')d&y C4r+e+:
14 Di!ea!e
24 (dultery
94 (rthriti!
D4 Blood di!ea!e
F4 Bone di!ea!e
G4 Fear of an
J4 Fear of old age
@4 ;ental Proble!
B4 Po%erty
1C4 >ebelliou! children
114 +attoo! 3all tattoo! are deonic4. *Mou !hall not ake any cutting! in
your fle!h for the dead, nor tattoo any ark! on you7 0 a the L?>D7
3Le%iticu! 1B72@, EO#H4.
124 Sin 3!in i! really a !low for of !uicide4

Ch&p#er 83
Prep&r&#io' reB4ire(e'#+ for deliver&'-e:
14 +ear down all of your !tronghold!.
24 >eo%e deon!) legal right! by di!continuing all !in.
94 $a!t out all deon! and deonic acti%ity fro your life.
*h&# I+ & S#ro'/holdA
( !tronghold i! a faulty thinking pattern that i! ba!ed on lie! and deception. +hi! i!
the de%il)! priary weapon, which he !trengthen! with hi! !tronghold building
block!. For e-aple, he will try to decei%e you !o you will confe!! all your !in! to
e%eryone youS%e e%er wronged. Ee-t, he doe!n)t want you to !ee 'od a! lo%ing
and kind or feel Hi! lo%e and pre!ence. +hi! i!chie%ou! !pirit want! to decei%e
you and pre%ent you fro belie%ing that #e!u! !aid, that by keeping Hi! "ord He
will tear down !tronghold! and free you fro the power !in ha! o%er you. *+hen
#e!u! !aid to tho!e #ew! who belie%ed Hi, *0f you abide in ;y word, you are ;y
di!ciple! indeed. (nd you !hall know the truth, and the truth !hall ake you free,
3#ohn @791/9D, EO#H4.
Here)! the key to tearing down your !tronghold!7 *For the weapon! of our warfare
are not carnal, but ighty through 'od to the pulling down of !trong hold!, 32
$orinthian! 1C7D, EO#H4. ?ur priary offen!i%e weapon i! the !word of the
Spirit7 *(nd take the helet of !al%ation, and the !word of the Spirit, which i! the
word of 'od, 3Aphe!ian! G71J, EO#H4.
No. +pe&: #he+e #hi'/+ o4# lo4d i'#o eCi+#e'-e:
14 0 a healed and free.
24 0 ha%e freed y!elf fro guilt feeling! by gi%ing the all to #e!u!.
94 ;y !piritual e!tee ele%ate! it!elf on a daily ba!i!.
D4 ;y !piritual confidence increa!e! continuou!ly.
F4 0) free fro !in and 0 no longer !truggle with it.
G4 0 feel !piritually worthy.
J4 0 now ha%e the &oy of the Lord in y life.
"e(o'i- #h&# &re /ive' #o de(o'i- +piri#+ &'d +#ro'/hold+:
14 (nti/$hri!t
24 Bondage
94 Deaf and dub
D4 Death
F4 Di%ination, occult, witchcraft
G4 Arror
J4 Failiar !pirit
@4 Fear
B4 Haughtine!!
1C4 Hea%ine!!
114 0nfirity
124 0nheritance and 'enerational $ur!e
194 #ealou!y
1D4 Lying
1F4 Per%er!ion
1G4 Seducing !pirit
1J4 Inclean !pirit!
1@4 "horedo and Pro!titution
1B4 ;a!onic !pirit!
Ch&p#er 85
Mou becae your own deli%erer when you accepted #e!u!. Mou coe willingly for
prayer and deli%erance, becau!e you know you are an ideal candidate for
deli%erance, becau!e you are hungry for 'od.
Hearing the "ord of 'od ha! relea!ed you fro bondage. Mou, of cour!e, ha%e
already been deli%ered, but you are now e%en ore open to further under!tanding
and training. Mou ha%e coe to under!tand that there are no liit! to the Father, the
Son, or the Holy Spirit. ?ne e-citing a!pect of thi! truth i! that it i! dupl. icatable=
thi! ean! you will be able to ble!! any other! a! you ha%e been ble!!ed. +hi! i!
what 'od want! you to do.
Mou ha%e already recei%ed Hi! !al%ation and Hi! !anctification. +hi! godly grace
that you ha%e i! the di%ine influence which operate! in huan! to regenerate and
!ancti fy, to in!pire %irtuou! ipul!e!, and to ipart !trength to enable you to
endure trial!, and to re!i!t teptation, !o you ha%e recei%ed 'od)! e-cellence with
indi%idual %irtue. Mou are a born/again leader.
Eow that you ha%e recei%ed and utili8ed the anointing, you now po!!e!! the
di!cernent to deterine what you)re dealing with !piritually !o you can help to
deli%er other!. Further, you are already operating in the gift of di!cernent of
!pirit!, which ean! you e-hibit keen in!ight and good &udgent. For e-aple,
you can recogni8e ruling !pirit! !o that you can bind the and ca!t the out. Eone
of thi! will !ound !trange when you witne!! other! being !ucce!!fully deli%ered.
Don)t forget that the Holy Spirit who entered your life when you were born again
and who ha! coe back into your life i! now your peranent and per!onal
coforter. He will help you to help other!. Mou ha%e learned that He won)t !tay in
bodie! that are inhabited by e%il !pirit!. Depend on Hi to direct the traffic in your
life, but don)t forget, He i! !till waiting to hear fro you on a fre.uent ba!i!. Say
!oething to Hi right now and how grateful you are to Hi.
"i+-er'i'/ Spiri#+
+here are the nine !piritual gift! that are a%ailable to you, Hi! !aint. Mour
opportunity to e-plore and !tudy the!e gift! will aa8e and ble!! you.. Mou ha%e
now reached a le%el of leader!hip and accopli!hent, which i! the original
intention of thi! book. 0ncidentally, thi! inforation i! the kind of !piritual !tiuli
that cau!e! people to go into the ini!try.
The Spiri#4&l Gif#+:
1. "i!do D. Onowledge J. Di!cernent
2. Faith F. Healing! @. ;iracle!
9. Prophecy G. Di%er!e +ongue! B. 0nterpretation of +ongue!
God0+ Revel&#io' Gif#+ for Yo4
+he di!cerning of !pirit! i! a re%elation gift that enable! you to recogni8e what i! of
'od %er!u! what i! of the world, or of the eney. Di!cerning of !pirit! i! a
!upernatural ability gi%en to you by the Holy Spirit. +hi! ean! you can percei%e
the !ource of a !piritual anife!tation and deterine whether it i! of 'od, of the
de%il, of an, or the world. +hi! doe! not in%ol%ed ind reading, p!ychic
phenoena, or the ability to critici8e and find fault.
Di!cerning of !pirit! u!t be done by the power of the Holy Spirit= He bear!
witne!! with our !pirit when !oething i! or i! not of 'od. +he gift of the
di!cerning of !pirit! in%ol%e! the !upernatural power to detect the real of the
!pirit! and their acti%itie!. 0t entail! the power of !piritual in!ightLthe !upernatural
re%elation of plan! and purpo!e! of the eney and hi! force!. 0t i! a gift which
protect! and guard! your $hri!tian life.
Te+#i'/ & Spiri#
Mou can di!cern or te!t whether or not a !pirit i! of 'od by the following three
14 ?b!er%ing what a per!on doe!. #e!u! e-plain! that fal!e prophet! are known by
their fruitLby their conduct and action!,
24 ?b!er%ing whether or not a per!on e-alt! #e!u! $hri!t a! the Son of 'od and a!
hi! or her Lord and Sa%ior.
94 By li!tening to what a per!on !ay!. Doe! their confe!!ion line up with the truth
of 'odS! "ord1
Mou)re going to be acting on thi! gift that you ha%e been ble!!ed with. Mou ha%e
already repented 3of your !in!, any chapter! ago4 and continue to e-pand you
ind by reading thi! anointed aterial and !taying in the "ord. Here)! an ideal
way for you to get other! to repent like you did by ha%ing the repeat thi! prayer7
*Father, 0 thank you for thi! gloriou! opportunity for e to repent. 0 will no longer
!in again, e%er., +ell the you will help the get their act together. Let the know
clean!ing fro their !in! will lead the to think differently. "ith your help, they
will turn their entire forer life/!tyle around and becoe totally dependent on the
Lord and Hi! "ord. Hallelu&ahN
Mour knowledge and application of the truth ha%e !et you free, and you now ha%e
authority and doinion though your !a%ior, #e!u! $hri!t. Mou are no longer open
to deonic power or Satan and hi! crew. (nd you no longer ha%e to face the
challenge of tho!e that would rather not gi%e up their !in! and the deonic power!
that ha%e taken the into bondage.
+hi! i! what the Bible !ay! about the fle!h7 0t)! no longer in control when the !oul
and the ind are renewed in 'od thrugh the Holy Spirit.
Tr4#h i+ & B4&li#y 4+ed #o de+-ri%e 4##er&'-e+ fro( #he Lord.
0t ha! been !ugge!ted that it)! iportant to find the root cau!e of our !in !ituation
becau!e o!t people ha%e been initially e-po!ed to !oething !inful, at lea!t
initially. (lthough the clai i! that thi! could be the key to their deli%erance,
!piritual healing can and will occur. 0t ay bypa!! the root without e%er
identifying it. 0t could ha%e been a !olo e%il power a! well. Finding root cau!e! ha!
been re!earched and written about in healing a! well. For e-aple, the root cau!e
of a!tha ha! been linked to abandonent. But ini!tering without thi!
knowledge will !till re!ult in healing. Ee%erthele!!, the per!on who i! repentant
and who want! the Lord ore than they want their !in will be relea!ed fro thi!
e%erla!ting !la%ery.
Ch&p#er 86
+hi! i! going to be a agnificent &ourney for you becau!e you)re learning how to
becoe a di!ciple. Mou)%e been deli%ered, and now you)%e learned ba!ic !ucce!!
attitude! !uch a!7
14 Eo e-cu!e!
24 Eo negati%ity
94 Eo .uitting
D4 Eo doubt!
Mou)%e done thi! becau!e you belie%e in it and you)%e ac.uired !ufficient
knowledge for deli%erance. Mou)%e already ade the right choice becau!e you will
no longer allow the wrong choice to be ade. +hi! i! what Paul !aid about thi!
iportant atter. *For it i! !haeful e%en to !peak of tho!e thing! which are done
by the in !ecret, 3Aphe!ian! F712, EO#H4.
+he greate!t challenge that en ha%e in life, according to an inter%iew with (lbert
Schweit8er, i! that they don)t think. He belie%ed that en a!!ue their life i!
!haped by circu!tance!. He recoend! that en ne%er allow or tolerate their
circu!tance! to interfere with their li%e! and to think that by erely changing
their circu!tance! they will change e%erything.
+he truth i! that the an!wer to your challenge! i! !o readily a%ailable if you could
reali8e that we becoe what we think about. Here)! a confiration of thi! truth7
*#e!u! !aid to hi, *0f you can belie%e, all thing! are po!!ible to hi who belie%e!,
3;ark B729, EO#H4. +hi! law re%eal! that if you think po!iti%e thought!, you will
achie%e po!iti%e thing!. 0f you think negati%e thought!, you will achie%e negati%e
+he key, a! pre%iou!ly !tated, i! to ha%e a goal, a drea, a rea!on for wanting to
li%e. Mou need a why in life, for life without a purpo!e i! &u!t an e-perient.
+hat)! how you)%e gotten into trouble fro the beginning. ?nce you accepted thi!
new ind/!et, you)re on your way to continued !ucce!! and peranent freedo.
(fter all, you know that what you !ay i! what you get= what you confe!! i! what
you po!!e!!. Speak thi! out loud a! you put it on for !i8e7 *+hank you 'od, 0 a
totally free. +hank you Holy Spirit.,
+he fir!t thing for you to do i! to !tart re!ponding a! if thi! all thi! were real and
true. Ha%ing a goal ake! all the difference in the world, for what you plant in
your ind i! re!pon!ible for your !ucce!!. Mour a!piration! !tart out a! ultiple
purpo!e! toward a final target, which i! your ultiate de!tiny. Mou don)t want to
die with the drea !till in you. Mou need to lea%e a legacy.
+he great new! i! that you get thi! !piritual ind power to function in thi! capacity
for free. +hat i!, it doe!n)t co!t you anything. +he !eed you agreed to plant in your
ind and becoe encouraged to grow will becoe reality. +hi! ha! already been
pro%en, !o you don)t ha%e to check it out= it)! a law.
!&:e & Coll&/e
( collage can be con!idered to be a work of foral art. 0t i! created fro a
collection of different for!, ob&ect!, and !ub!tance!, thu! creating a new whole.
For e-aple, you can u!e new!paper clipping!, ribbon!, bit! of colored or
handade paper!, portion! of %aried artwork, or te-t!, photograph!, or different
ob&ect! which are all glued on a piece of paper, po!ter, or can%a!. +ake an 11 - @
\ piece of paper and place whate%er iage! or acti%itie! in word!Lthe %ery
acti%itie! and word! that !how what you
want to happen.
Mou ha%e di!co%ered your why and it)! like !peaking what you want into e-i!tence.
"hat you are thinking i!, *"e call tho!e thing! which be not a! though they were,
3See >oan! D71J.4 +he purpo!e of the collage i! to fulfill 'od)! calling on your
life with a purpo!e, for you can turn thi! creation into powerful !piritual ble!!ing!.
+hi! can becoe !o real that you won)t be able to tell the difference between your
iagination on paper and reality in your ind. By the way, your Pwhy) i! open to
change through your will.
?nce you are fini!hed with the college, touch it with your hand. A%ery tie you
walk pa!t it, touch it and !ay, *+hank you, #e!u!, for thi! iracle and y ne-t goal
in your ighty nae., 0t)! been !aid pre%iou!ly 3and 0 belie%e it4, that what you
write i! a thou!and tie! ore powerful than what you !ay. (nd by the way, if you
&ournal, thi! i! applicable when you write down e-actly what you want to happen.
Do thi! a! often a! nece!!ary.
Ch&p#er 87
Scott Sco%ille Hailton !ay! that the greate!t di!ability in life it ! a bad attitude. 0f
he could con.uer te!ticular cancer, you can certainly o%ercoe the unnece!!ary
habit of pornography.
Fro now on, !tart %i!uali8ing what you ha%e planted and allow only po!iti%e
a!pect! and thought! to enter your ind. 0gnore negati%e thought! by yelling,
*De%il, !hut up= 0) not li!tening to you anyore., Don)t allow any ore
teptation trap! to enter into your heart or ind. "hat you now under!tand i! that
you are where you are becau!e of the !u total of all your new healthy, po!iti%e
Mou ha%e now learned how to control your ind to achie%e the !ucce!! you want in
order to accopli!h your goal!. +he $arpenter fro 'alilee ha! gi%en you the
!ecret of %ictory, for, a! you belie%e !o !hall it be done for you. (gain, you becoe
what you think about. "hen we control our thought!, we control our li%e!. "e are
finally in charge.
(ny liitation! on thi! truth are !elf/ipo!ed. +herefore, we u!t act a! through it
were ipo!!ible to fail. Mou can pro%e thi! by %i!uali8ing any !cenario of what you
want to happen by repetition.
"evelopi'/ $e&l#hy $&%i#+
Here)! a ble!!ing fro u!ing Wig Wiglar)! twenty/one day neurological progra for
de%eloping healthy habit!. 0n reality, you)re headed toward prograing that will
lead you to de%elop a peranent habit. Hi! plan !iply re.uire! you to gi%e up
whate%er *bad, habit! you need to o%ercoe by replacing the with *good,
habit!. For e-aple, if you don)t like to read con!i!tently, &u!t decide to do it daily,
preferably at the !ae tie for twenty/one day! in a row. 0f you i!! one day, you
need to !tart again. 0n the beginning, you ay ha%e to yell at the de%il, for he will
!urely attept to !et you up with di!traction!, but you)ll be aa8ed and proud of
your!elf by reali8ing how ea!y it will be until you reach your twenty/fir!t day of
%ictory. Mou)%e created neural pathway! that ha%e becoe neurological habit!.
Mou)re curedN 0n !i- onth! it will becoe a career.
(gain, the power of your tongue ake! all the difference in the world for you to
gain your freedo and be deli%ered. 0t)! true that how you run your life i! how
you run your outhN
+he car dealer write! in hi! new!paper ad%erti!eent !ection, *Hope you don)t
ha%e a car accident. 0f you do, we)ll repair it here at +he Paint and Body Shop.,
Don)t allow the de%il to decei%e you. Pardon the repetition, but when you hear
negati%e thought! of any kind, &u!t yell out loud, *Shut up de%il, 0) not li!tening
to youN $oe out now in the nae of #e!u!.,
+he following brief !uary repre!ent! the a&or key! for your deli%erance
through the awe!oe power of your tongue and %i!uali8ation by u!ing the
authority and doinion 'od ha! gi%en you7
14 >enounce your proble.
24 $all on the Lord.
94 ?bey the "ord.
D4 $ea!e deonic acti%ity.
F4 >epent.
G4 (ccept your !piritual freedo.
The :ey for yo4r #o#&l rele&+e i+ <e+4+
During one of Dr. ;ark >utland)! progra! at ?ral >obert! Ini%er!ity, he !poke
about the dangerou! characteri!tic! of teptation. He pre!ented the e-aple of a
good/looking football !tudent fro the Ini%er!ity of 'eorgia who wa! forced to
!top dating. +he !tudent told Dr. >utland that the girl! he dated were fro a
$hri!tian !orority and they were !o !e-ually aggre!!i%e that he wa! concerned that
!ooner or later he would lo!e control and !leep with one of the. He didn)t want
thi! on hi! record and certainly not in hi! ind. +hey e%en threatened hi and told
hi that unle!! he !lept with the, they would tell e%ery guy on capu! that he
wa! a hoo!e-ual or &u!t ipotent. He felt !uch treendou! !e-ual pre!!ure fro
thi! !o he decided to gi%e up dating. +hi! i! a !ad !tate of affair!, e!pecially when
you know that e%eryone in the world i! willing to talk about !e- e-cept the people
in the church..
Ch&p#er 88
$apture and utili8e the following !olution! for your continued deli%erance. Do it a!
you renew your belief !y!te through #e!u! who i! in you to help you !et the
proper perieter!. Don)t .uitN Do not .uit, e%erN Li!ten, failure i!n)t iportant
unle!! it)! the la!t tie you)re going to attept it. See your!elf !ucceeding
continuou!ly for e%ery goal you !et.
0ncorporate the!e cla!!ical ble!!ing! which already e-i!ted in you when you were
growing and de%eloping in your other)! wob. Mou need to anife!t
the. *+ake thi! o!t !eriou!ly7 ( ye! on Aarth i! a ye! in Hea%en= a no on Aarth i!
a no in Hea%en. "hat you !ay to one another i! eternal. 0 ean thi!. "hen two of
you get together on anything at all on Aarth and ake a prayer of it, y Father in
Hea%en goe! into action. (nd when two or three of you are together becau!e of e,
you can be !ure that 0)ll be there, 3;atthew 1@72C, ;S'4.
Mour hone!ty will e-po!e deonic acti%ity that the Holy Spirit will then reo%e,
and the following will take place7
14Mour huility will reduce and eliinate your pride !o you can be
filled with the Holy Spirit.
24Mour re%erence 3godly fear4 and re!pect for 'od will actually cau!e
a hatred for iproper beha%ior to de%elop.
94Mour lo%e of 'od will force your lo%e for thing! of the world to be
purged on an acti%e and daily ba!i!.
D4Mour renouncing of !in and the kingdo of darkne!! will de!troy
your pre%iou! life/!tyle of ini.uity, including the reo%al of your
a!!ociation! with the wrong people.
F4Mour forgi%ene!! of all offen!e!, both of your! and tho!e of other!,
will produce a new and &oyful you, for &oy i! not the ab!ence of
!uffering, but the pre!ence of 'od.
G4Mou will now be able to enter into warfare again!t the de%il and
coand the deon !pirit! to lea%e in the nae of #e!u!. Mou can do
thi! by calling the by nae, !uch a! unclean !pirit!, !educing !pirit!,
!pirit! of per%er!ion, !pirit! of lu!t, etc, or &u!t by ca!ting out any and
all deonic !pirit!.
J4Mou will !iply e-perience and ini!ter deli%erance when you
!ubit to the authority of 'od, the blood of #e!u!, the "ord of 'od,
and the leading of the Holy Spirit
@4Mou will adopt a new eaning of +'0FL+oday 'od i! fir!t and
confe!! that daily.
B4Mou will repeat any of the abo%e a! often a! nece!!ary.
:For if you forgi%e en their tre!pa!!e!, your hea%enly Father will al!o forgi%e
you. But if you do not forgi%e en their tre!pa!!e!, neither will your Father
forgi%e your tre!pa!!e!, 3;atthew G71D/1F, EO#H4.
Forgi%ene!! i! %ital for battling unre!ol%ed hurt!. "hen people are hurt, they can
!till re!pond to lo%e. Say the following and ean it a! you apply thi! prayer to any
unforgi%ene!! that i! !till within in you7 *Lord #e!u!, thank you for the opportunity
and pri%ilege to totally forgi%e and forget all hurt! that 0 ay ha%e recei%ed fro
the following people7]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]. 3Say their nae! out loud.4 +hen
fini!h thi! by !aying7 *Lord #e!u!, thank you for thi! relea!e of bondage and fro
any people that 0 ay ha%e hurt or e%en fro y!elf.,
Li!ten to your heart by putting into action all the!e powerful characteri!tic! that
now e-i!t within you. Mou will be enthu!ia!tically o%erwheled with your
preciou! deci!ion for peranent deli%erance, for you did thi! for your!elf. But, no
concern, further help will be forthcoing whene%er it i! nece!!ary.
Don)t be !urpri!ed by your choice to want to be relea!ed fro your !elf/ipo!ed
&ail through reading thi! book. +hi! i! the way the Lord work!. ?nce you decided
to be !et free, the Lord began helping and ble!!ing you in order to accopli!h your
de!ire! through Hi. >eeber, anything out of your control i! totally under Hi!
Did you know that there are a! any te!tionie! fro e-/!inner! who &u!t
happened to read a Scripture and !uddenly !en!ed that 'od had totally and
in!tantly healed the by reo%ing their challenge!1 ?f cour!e, e%eryone i!
different, for thi! really depend! on a per!on)! growing relation!hip with the Lord.
Soe people &u!t ake a con!ciou! deci!ion and they keep it !iple. (! you can
!ee, it)! going to take whate%er period of tie i! nece!!ary, depending on your
coitent to the Lord. +here i! no ritual or cereony in%ol%ed and no forula.
A%eryone ha! had to deal with their own teptation! and !truggle!.
(gain, any wrongdoer! ha%e deli%ered the!el%e! through the preciou! "ord
&u!t a! you ha%e. Like you, they belie%e the Lord ha! gi%en the the authority, the
doinion, the power, and the de!ire to be !et free fro their ungodly deonic tie!.
So !ay hello to your!elf a! a deli%erer, for !o any people ha%e pro%en to
the!el%e! that they can be relea!ed by the !ae ind!et that initially put the
into their bondage. +hey were freed by aking a con!ciou! deci!ion and !peaking
out loud, *0) not gi%ing into that &unk anyore. 0t)! fini!hed, and no de%il i!
going to change or influence y indN,
Po+i#ive -h&'/e #hro4/h & po+i#ive &##i#4de i+ #he o'ly .&y for +4--e++.
Ch&p#er 89
Eow that you are in charge, you ha%e in!talled a new alar !y!te into your will,
which i! under control of your !pirit. Fro now on you are going to be !o careful
with what you watch and with what acti%itie! you becoe in%ol%ed in. 0f you
accidently !peak the wrong word!, &u!t !peak out loud through the power of your
word!, *$ancel, cancelN,
0n order for your Lord 'od to be in charge of your !ituation, &u!t follow the!e
!iple !tep!7
14 $oit your way to the Lord.
24 +ru!t in the Lord with all your heart, with all your !oul, with all your
ind, with all your ight, and with all your under!tanding.
94 A-pect the Lord to alway! be there for you to bring it to pa!!.
D4 ;aintain a continuou! attitude of lo%e.
*he' yo4 r4' #he r&-e &+ yo40re doi'/ .i''i'/ i+ #he o'ly op#io'.
Don)t be !urpri!ed if you)re tepted with a aga8ine in the ail or if you !ee a
!e-y e/ail, or bup into a %ery clo!e friend fro the pa!t. +hi! i! all a !et/up, a!
you know. 0t ha! been arranged by the de%il !o you could be decei%ed. (%oid being
!tiulated or tepted erely by !tating out loud, *0) in charge and y !pirit
won)t allow y fle!h to e%er again take control., Eow !peak thi!7 *+hank you
'od, for !a%ing y !oul. Prai!e the LordN ,
+he Bible !ay!, *Flee al!o youthful lu!t!= but pur!ue righteou!ne!!, faith, lo%e,
peace with tho!e who call on the Lord out of a pure heart, 32 +iothy 2722,
Mou are no longer con!idered to be a !inner who i! in%ol%ed with pornographic
de!ire!. Mour godly deci!ion ha! re!ol%ed thi! and there i! nothing hanging o%er
you to draw you back. 0t)! like aking a deci!ion to do !oething !uch a! going on
%acation to Di!ney "orld. 0t)! a done deal and now it only re.uire! the nece!!ary
ind/!et and arrangeent! to ake it happen. continually.
Finding a good church i! %ital along with a fi%e/fold ini!try 3apo!tle!, prophet!,
e%angeli!t!, pa!tor!, and teacher! fro Aphe!ian! D7114 !o you can be directed
properly. 'et a! clo!e a! you can to a 1CC percent, go!pel/!peaking "ord church
that i! in%ol%ed with healing and deli%erance, ca!ting out deonic !pirit!, and a
pa!tor who i! ble!!ed by hi! entor!.
Surround your!elf and your hoe with an ato!phere of prai!e and wor!hip= li!ten
to $DS! and watch DHD)!, including !oaking and go!pel u!ic. 'i%e 'od prai!e
and thank Hi daily. (ppreciate that 'od want! you to reach out to other! with Hi!
lo%e and healing.

Ch&p#er 8;
Mour wi!do will o%ercoe the de%il!) deception.
Mou will continue to %i!uali8e and e-pect a rela-ed ato!phere to !urround you.
Mou will practice yielding only to iportant deand! upon your!elf.
Mou !tay ble!!ed when u!ing your preciou! tie, energy, patience, and dedication.
Mour .ualitie! are that of a ini!ter and di!ciple.
Mou continue to flow in the gift of lo%ing, e!pecially to your!elf and other!.
Mou)re aware of your concern for the burden! of other!.
Mou)re aa8ed about your need to pray ore and ore.
Mou ha%e forally forgi%en other! a! well a! your!elf.
Mou ha%e totally renounced and gi%en up !in
Mou now function in the authority and doinion of faith
Mou alway! co%er your!elf with the blood of #e!u!
+he Lord ha! totally forgi%en you &u!t a! you ha%e forgi%en your!elf. *$oe now,
and let u! rea!on together,, !ay! the Lord, P+hough your !in! are like !carlet, +hey
!hall be a! white a! !now= +hough they are red like cri!on, +hey !hall be a!
wool,) 30!aiah 171@, EO#H4.
He ha! re!et your inner thero!tat. Mou are operating under the whole aror of
'od. >eeber +hi! i! a fight to the fini!h. *(nd that about wrap! it up. 'od i!
!trong, and he want! you !trong. So take e%erything the ;a!ter ha! !et out for you,
well/ade weapon! of the be!t aterial!. (nd put the to u!e !o you will be able
to !tand up to e%erything the De%il throw! your way. +hi! i! no afternoon athletic
conte!t that we)ll walk away fro and forget about in a couple of hour!. +hi! i! for
keep!, a life/or/death fight to the fini!h again!t the De%il and all hi! angel!. Be
prepared. Mou)re up again!t far ore than you can handle on your own. +ake all the
help you can get, e%ery weapon 'od ha! i!!ued, !o that when it)! all o%er but the
!houting you)ll !till be on your feet. +ruth, righteou!ne!!, peace, faith, and
!al%ation are ore than word!. Learn how to apply the. Mou)ll need the
throughout your life. 'od)! "ord i! an indi!pen!able weapon. 0n the !ae way,
prayer i! e!!ential in thi! ongoing warfare. Pray hard and long. Pray for your
brother! and !i!ter!. Oeep your eye! open. Oeep each other)! !pirit! up !o that no
one fall! behind or drop! out, 3Aphe!ian! G71C/1@, ;S'4.
Proper preve'#io' of provo-&#ive pro%le(+ provide+ &'d pro(o#e+ /odly
pro+peri#y +o 'ever le# /o of <e+4+0 h&'d.
Ch&p#er 8=
Speak thi! out loud in a rela-ed and cofortable en%ironent and in a godly
Th&': yo4 Lord for &--ep#i'/ (e &+ I &( &'d -h&'/i'/ (e i'#o .h&# yo4
.&'# yo4 .&'# (e #o %e-o(e.
*&'# #o :'o. ho. pr&yer i+ defi'ed i' #he Bi%leA
14 *+o Mou, ? L?>D, 0 lift up y !oul, 3P!al 2F71, EO#H4.
24 *$au!e e to hear Mour lo%ing kindne!! in the orning, For in Mou do
0 tru!t= $au!e e to know the way in which 0 !hould walk, For 0 lift up
y !oul to Mou, 3P!al 1D97@, EO#H4.
94 *+ru!t in Hi at all tie!, you people= Pour out your heart before
Hi= 'od i! a refuge for u!. Selah, 3P!al G27@, EO#H4.
D4 *Be erciful to e, ? Lord,
for 0 cry to Mou all day long. ( crying out to 'od, 3P!al @G79, EO#H4.
F4 *Eow when He had taken the !croll, the four li%ing creature! and the
twenty/four elder! fell down before the Lab, each ha%ing a harp, and
golden bowl! full of incen!e, which are the prayer! of the !aint!,
3>e%elation F7@, EO#H4.
G4 *How lo%ely i! Mour tabernacle,
? L?>D of ho!t!N ;y !oul long!, ye!, e%en faint! for the court! of the
;y heart and y fle!h cry out for the li%ing 'od, 3P!al @D71/2, EO#H4.
J4 *Let u! therefore coe boldly to the throne of grace, that we ay
obtain ercy and find grace to help in tie of need, 3Hebrew! D71G,
@4 *+herefore by Hi let u! continually offer the !acrifice of prai!e to
'od, that i!, the fruit of our lip!, gi%ing thank! to Hi! nae, 3Hebrew!
1971F, EO#H4.
B4 *Draw near to 'od and He will draw near to you. $lean!e your hand!,
you !inner!= and purify your heart!, you double/inded, 3#ae! D7@,
?'ell %efore #he Lord &'d pr&y #he follo.i'/ o4# lo4d:
*0n the nae of the Lord, #e!u! $hri!t, of Ea8areth, 0 thank you for dying on the
cro!!. Mou can now take all of y !in! that 0 no longer ha%e. 0 know you ro!e fro
the dead becau!e 0 know you were re!urrected.
*Lord #e!u!, 0 clai the proi!e of your word which !tate!7 P0f you a!k anything in
;y nae, 0 will do it.) Mou al!o !aid, P"ho!oe%er that calleth on the nae of the
Lord !hall be deli%ered. 0 call upon you now, Lord #e!u!.
*0n the nae of the Lord #e!u! $hri!t. 0 thank you for deli%ering e right now and
!etting e free. Satan, 0 renounce you and all your work!. 0 lo!e y!elf fro you
in the nae of #e!u!, and 0 coand you to lea%e e right now in #e!u!) nae.
*0n #e!u!S nae, 0 now renounce any ungodly !oul tie! that ha%e fored between
y!elf and ]]]]]] a! a re!ult of ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 3fornication, etc.4.:
*0 coand any and all ungodly !e-ual encounter! that ha%e occurred cau!ing
fragentation of y !oul, to be re&oined and reunited !o that there are no further
fragentation! of y !oul. Eow y !oul i! totally whole in #e!u!) nae.
*#e!u!, Mou know y !pecial need!. +hank you for reo%ing all the thing! that u!e
to bind, torent, defile, or decei%e e, including all deonic e%il !pirit! and alien
*0 coand all indwelling !pirit! to unlink and unhook fro each other and 0
forbid the to lend help or encourageent to one another in any way. ;y body i!
the +eple of the Holy Spirit, and e%erything that defile! Hi! teple i! now ca!t
out. 0 coand all you tre!pa!!er! to go now in the nae of #e!u!.
*Lord, Mou redeeed e by your blood, and Mou ha%e !et e free becau!e 0 now
belong to you. Me!, Lord #e!u!, 0 u!ed to be full of !in! until 0 et you. 0) !orry
for all of the and 0 renounce the now in your ighty nae, #e!u!. (gain, Lord,
0) e-cited to be able to finally relea!e and confe!! all of y !in!, both tho!e that
are known and tho!e that are unknown. 0 a!k you, #e!u!, to totally co%er e with
your blood peranently becau!e 0 only want to li%e for you.
*Lord #e!u!, thank you for forgi%ing e and clean!ing e totally. +hank you for
;y Deli%erer. 0 know that 1 cro!! plu! 9 nail! e.ual! D gi%ene!!.
*#e!u!, 0 thank you for relea!ing any ini.uitie! that ay ha%e been pa!!ed down to
e through pa!t generation! to now be gone. 0 a !et free fro the !in! that u!e to
be fro the father! to the third and fourth generation!.
* 0 !peak thi! now in the nae of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and 0 !eal it with
the blood of #e!u!.,
Ch&p#er 8>
(lthough an inten!i%e re!earch ha! been carried about the p!ychopharacology of
thi! !ub&ect, only the o!t e!!ential finding! were included, particularly becau!e
there wa! a great deal of duplication in the re!earch. +hi! confir! the power of
pictorial pornography in affecting tho!e in%ol%ed. A%en p!ychiatri!t! point out
how 0nternet porn affect! the brain, becau!e it !tiulate! the !ae area! of the
brain that are affect! by drug! !uch a! crack cocaine. .
Mou need to under!tand that pornographic iagery i! percei%ed and !tored in the
brain a! reality and eory. 0t)! all part of the brain)! p!ychopharacological
!tructure. Howe%er, pictorial iage! ha%e a ore iediate and profound
phy!ical effect than &u!t %erbal or te-tual inforation doe!, becau!e the!e iage!
are de!igned to e-cite and !tiulate the !en!e!. 'ra!p thi! iportant truth7
pornography will iediately o%erpower cognition, rea!on, and logic.
?%er ninety/percent of all !ynap!e! in the brain utili8e cheical tran!i!!ion !o
.uickly that !ynap!e! can occur in le!! than 1<1CCC of a !econd. People becoe
arou!ed by picture! and !culpture!. For e-aple, !e-ual and !ado/!e-ual iage!
often cau!e !eriou! effect!, !oetie! fatal, upon the conduct of illion! of
!inner! of the!e iage!. +hey can be o%ed by !eeing the to the highe!t le%el! of
epathy and fear. +hu!, the!e picture! can produce !tate! of depre!!ion, !u!picion,
an-iety, irritation, &oy, fear, hate, and any other feeling!.
+here i! no doubt that the brain/eotion eory interdependency i! clear and
ea!urable %ia iaging technology. "hen the !en!ory input fro %iewing i!
!trong enough or repeated fre.uently it will produce an electrical ipul!e in a
neuron that !tiulate! the relea!e of cheical! that will either e-cite or inhibit
other neuron!. +he aygdala i! the !torehou!e of our brain and it i! the repo!itory
for eotional ipre!!ion! and eorie!. Eeurologically, it ha! been !hown that
the ore no%el, bi8arre, odd, or grote!.ue an iage i!, the ore it create!
confu!ion, cau!ing it to be !tored in the ner%ou! !y!te.
Pornography will in turn !tiulate !e-ual act! !uch a! a!turbation, !odoy,
!e-ual intercour!e, etc. +he!e !e-ual act! re!ult in organi! which i! the body)!
o!t powerful reinforceent or !upport of thi! acti%ity. +herefore, you can readily
under!tand why thi! acti%ity i! rarely abandoned.
>e!earch ha! deon!trated that we can !ub/con!ciou!ly coprehend not only what
!oething like thi! i!, but whether we like it or not &u!t during the fir!t few
illi!econd! of the !tiulu!. +he interpretation of thi! ean! that our eotion!
ha%e a ind of their own.
+he ore inten!e the aygdala i! arou!ed, the !tronger the iprint on the brain. 0t
ha! been re%ealed that the brain ha! two eory !y!te!, one for ordinary fact!
and one for eotionally charged one!. 0t ha! been deterined that the
hippocapu! i! crucial for inforation and narrati%e eorie! while the
neocorte- i! the !eat of rational thought.
+he brain i! !till de%eloping during the
period fro twel%e to !e%enteen year! of age. 0t i! ore %ulnerable to abnoral
!tre!!or pattern! or cheical acti%ity. 0t)! unhealthy to be e-po!ed to repeated
!e-ual graphic iage! during thi! !tage. +hi! cau!e! an o%er!tiulation of the
brain)! Pplea!ure center!) and reinforce! an unhealthy addiction to !e-ual
gratification. Definiti%e !tudie! to under!tand the full e-tent of porn)! effect on
noral brain or p!ycho!ocial de%elopent are in progre!!.
+he effect! of looking at porn cau!e %ariou! le%el! of de!en!iti8ation and
ob&ectification of the per!on)! !e-uality. +hi! can create warped and unreali!tic
e-pectation in interper!onal and intiate relation!hip!. +he !ae precaution!
apply to !e-ual acti%ity at a young age. $hildren who ha%e repeated !e-ual act!
before they are eotionally ature, can al!o !uffer !iilar !ide effect! and lifelong
eotional traua.
"hen you re%iew thi! !e-ual chao!, it !ee! that our whole culture i! attepting to
accoodate the porn indu!try. +hey do !o through brea!t iplant!, enlarging the
peni!= the u!e of Hiagra, abortion on deand, and %accinating kid! for teen !e-.
0t ha! been di!co%ered that it only take! three/tenth! of a !econd for a pornographic
picture or !ybol to flood the brain with !en!ory e-perience!. Eeurobiocheically
!peaking, a pornographic p!ychopharacological flood fro !tiuli, yield!
epinephrine 3adrenaline4, te!to!terone, o-ytocin, 3a peptide a!!ociated with feeling!
of lo%e4, dopaine, !erotonin, phenylethylaine, along with other
pharacological !tiuli.
Mou could !ay, in !uary, that pornography i! really not like a drug, but rather an
endogenou!ly proce!!ed poly/drug pro%iding inten!e, although i!leading, !en!ory
Ch&p#er 9@
Mour ga! tank read! epty before you reach your de!tination, but you decide to
pray and it work!.
Mou talk about a great article that di!cu!!e! the any car accident! that occur
becau!e people take ri!k! by reading while they)re dri%ing. +he article get! !o
good, you ha%e to pull o%er to fini!h it. Seriou!ly, you no longer ha%e a hi!tory of
otor %ehicle accident! !ince 'od helped you to !top te-ting and talking on the
telephone while dri%ing.
+he ticket lady at the o%ie theater autoatically charge! you the adult price after
!he !ee! you e%en though you)re a !enior. +hi! i! certainly worth paying the higher
ticket price.
Mou are not only able to find a parking !pace iediately in front of the all, but
there)! enough free tie left on that parking eter to !hop.
Mou put an old pair of pant! on to do !oe yard work and find a rolled/up K2C.CC
bill in the pocket.
Mou)re !hopping in the en)! departent and a friendly woan pa!!e! by and !ay!
to you, *Mou dre!! !o nicely.,
Mou)re going through your ail and find an in%itation to attend a !pecial luncheon
for $hri!tian!, but there are no boring retireent progra! re.uired to !it through.
Mou eet an old college friend while you)re on the way to the park. He tell! you
that he ha! i!!ed talking to you and he ha! i!!ed your friend!hip e%er !ince you
left !chool.
Mou %i!it a friend in the ho!pital and you tell hi &u!t the right thing! he need! to
hear. "hen he call! you the ne-t day, he let! you know that you helped hi !o
uch with hi! challenge. He told hi! doctor he felt well enough to be di!charged
and he wa!.
Before you e%er get in your car to dri%e, !ay, *Lord, protect e fro the other
dri%er! and protect the fro e and thank you for no accident!.,
Mou hold the door open at the po!t office entrance for an elderly an. He .uickly
!ay! to you, *0 wi!h y !on were a! polite and a! courteou! a! you are.,
Mou %i!it the !port)! arcade for your three/onth check/up and the e-erci!e
phy!iologi!t get! your blood pre!!ure which i! 12C<JC. She !ay! to you, after !he
take! your weight, *"ow, you ha%e e%en lo!t three pound! !ince the la!t tie. Mou
e%en look younger fro doing your e-erci!e progra.,
Mou)re carrying your Bible with you on your way to work to read at lunch tie.
Mour bo!! !ee! you and !ay!, *Mou ha%e to find tie to help e learn how to read
that book. ;y wife tell! e it)! y te- book for life.,

Ch&p#er 93
"hen you reali8e the power that you will deon!trate when you learn to tell &oke!
3better to call the !torie!4, you will ipre!! e%en your!elf.
+he rea!on the de%il hate! your fullne!! of &oy and happine!! i! that it ean!
you)re onto hi. +hi! huiliate! hi, for you are now in charge. Do thi! enough
and you)ll get !o good at doing it that you will reali8e that laughter i! the u!ic of
the !oul.
?ne lady told e telling &oke! i! really like ind o%er atter. But. 0 !tarted
laughing when 0 re!ponded, *Soe people think thi! ean! that if you don)t ind
it doe!n)t atter.,
Mou know, 0 had a patient with a proble and 0 attepted to rea!!ure her. 0 !aid, *0
wouldn)t worry about that edical condition.,
She told e, *Doc, if you had it, 0 wouldn)t worry about it either.,
"here you)ll be in the ne-t two to fi%e year! depend! on four thing!7 14 the people
you eet, 24 the book! you read, 94 the 'od you pray to, and D4 the laughter that)!
within you tell which fill! up your !oul with lo%e.
(! a re!ult, 0 now only !ee and hear po!iti%e thing!, and 0 totally ignore the
negati%e. For e-aple, alway! borrow oney fro a pe!!ii!t becau!e they ne%er
e-pect to get it back.
?ne tie 0 wanted to take a pe!!ii!t to a $hine!e re!taurant, but he refu!ed to go.
He told e he get! too depre!!ed when he read! the fortune cookie!. +he la!t tie
he went to one he read7 *Mou ha%e ine-hau!tible wi!do and power.,
0 like to be po!iti%e e%en in the ele%ator. Mou can do thi!. "hen 0 enter the
ele%ator, 0 wait for the door to clo!e and then .uickly turn around and face the
people and !ay, *0 gue!! you)re all wondering why 0 in%ited you here today.,
Laugher boo!t! your iunological !y!te.
( friend of ine went to an auction, and he iediately fell in lo%e with the o!t
beautiful parrot he had e%er !een. Deterined to ha%e the bird, he began bidding
and finally outbid the bidder!. (! he wa! paying for the bird, he !aid to the
auctioneer, :0 certainly hope thi! bird can talk after all the oney 0 !pent.:
+he auctioneer replied, *"ho do you think ha! been bidding again!t you1,
0f you practice your &oke! 3the fi%e P)!7 practice, practice, practice, practice,
practice4 in the irror you)ll do great by training your!elf. 3Proper Preparation
Pre%ent! Poor Perforance. Plea!e Pro%ide Per!onal Patience Peritting Progre!!,
and Practice, Pre!er%ere, and Pre%ailN4
( woan goe! into the drug !tore and a!k! for the pharaci!t. *Here 0 a,
She !ay!, *0 need !oe talcu powder.,
He re!pond!, *?kay, walk thi! way.,
She !ay!, *0f 0 could walk thi! way, 0 wouldn)t need the talcu powder.,
Laughter becoe! like a weapon. 0t)! their proble, not ine, if they don)t laugh.
Lo%e the anyway.

0 alway! attept to ipro%e people)! attitude!. 0 went into a re!taurant and the
waitre!! who knew e a!ked for !ugge!tion! to lo!e weight. 0 told her to read y
book and that huor wa! the be!t an!wer. 0 told her to eat a diet of liburger
chee!e, garlic, and onion!. +hen 0 added, *Mou won)t lo!e any weight, but you)ll
!ure look good fro a di!tanceN,
0 al!o told her 0 liked to go down to the beach to get weighed becau!e the price al!o
include! your fortune. "hen the card cae out it !aid, *$oe back in ten inute!
>odney went to a denti!t becau!e he had yellow teeth. +he denti!t told hi to wear
a brown tie. >odney told hi he wanted another opinion. +he denti!t !aid, *?kay,
you)re ugly too.,
He ne%er got any re!pect fro hi! parent! either. Hi! other brea!tfed hi through
a !traw. ?ne tie they took hi to a picnic and he got lo!t. He a!ked a policean
for help and he told hi, *+here are !o any place! they could hide.,
'oliath)! o wa! really up!et with her !on. *'oliath, 0 told you not to go out
with Da%id. 0) tired of you coing hoe !toned.,
0t)! a fact7 D2.J percent of all !tati!tic! are ade up on the !pot.
Henny Moungan told hi! office !taff, *0 &u!t got back fro a plea!ure trip. 0 took
y other/in/law to the airport.,
Did you know7 he who laugh! la!t think! !lowe!t1
Friend! are 'odS! way of taking care of u!.

Faith, Hope Y Lo%eLbut the greate!t of the!e i! L?HA. 3See 1 $orinthian!19719.4
( an !how! up in a local bakery on a terribly !tory night. He look! wet and
bedraggled. He !ay! to the baker, *;ay 0 ha%e two bagel! to go, plea!e1:
*+hat)! all you want, on a horrible night like thi!1,
*+hat)! right, ?ne for e and one for Bernice.:
*Bernice i! your wife1, (!k! the baker.
:"hat do you think,: the little an !aid, :;y other would !end e out on a night
like thi!1:
Laughter !upport! good health and ipro%e! your daily ood and eotion!.
$an %egetarian! eat anial cracker!1
+he !eron thi! orning here at $al%ary ;ethodi!t i!7 *#e!u! "alk! on the "ater.,
$oe early to get at !eat at tonight)! !er%ice7 *Searching for #e!u!.:
+he fi%e be!t e-cu!e! to u!e if the pa!tor catche! you !leeping during the church
14 +hey told e at the Blood Bank that thi! ight happen.
24 +hi! i! &u!t a fifteen/inute power nap 0 learned fro your cour!e on how
to o%ercoe !tre!! and get rela-ed.
94 "hewN 'ue!! 0 left the top off the whiteout again. +hank! for coing
here &u!t in tie.
D4 +hat)! what happen! when you !pend too uch tie reading the Bible at
F4 (nd the Euber ?ne be!t thing to !ay if you get caught !leeping in
church7 >ai!e your head !lowly and !ay, :0n #e!u! nae, (en.:
Do you know why 'od ade toe!1 +o find furniture in the dark.
Laughter help! to !pread cheer, happine!!, and &oy.
;o7 0) two onth! pregnant now. "hen will y baby o%e1
Doc7 "ith any luck, right after he fini!he! college.
?ne nice thing about egoti!t!7 +hey don)t talk about other people.
+he pa!tor introduce! the new Sunday orning winner for bringing in the o!t
new church candidate!. He tell! her, *(! 0 proi!ed, plea!e coe up front and
take thi! book and pick out the three orning hyn!.,

She walk! right up front, and point! to three good/looking guy! on the front row
and !ay!, *Hi, hi, and hi.,
+here i! no p!ychiatri!t in the world like a puppy licking your face.
( dog i! the only thing on Aarth that lo%e! you ore than he lo%e! hi!elf.
;y goal in life i! to be a! good of a per!on a! y dog already think! 0 a.
0f +hoa! Adi!on hadn)t in%ented electricity, we would be watching +H in the dark
( an ha! a !ore outh. He !chedule! an appointent with hi! denti!t who
infor! hi, :+hat new upper plate 0 put in !i- onth! ago i! copletely
corroded. "hat ha%e you been eating1:
He replie!, :(bout four onth! ago y wife ade !oe a!paragu! and put !oe
!tuff on it that wa! deliciou!7 Hollandai!e !auce. 0 lo%ed it !o uch 0 now put it on
e%erythingLeat, toa!t, fi!h, %egetable!, you nae it.:
+he denti!t !ay!, *+hat)! the proble. Mou)%e eaten away your upper plate. But
thi! tie 0 will u!e a chroe plate.:
:"hy chroe1:
+he denti!t replie!, *0tS! !iple. A%eryone know! thereS! no plate like chroe for
the hollandai!eN:
"aterbed For Sale7 Hu!band and wife drifting apart.
;iddle aged an looking for copanion. Like! to talk and cook. An&oy! reading.
(d%enturi!t. Lo%e! fi!hing. ;u!t ha%e boat. Plea!e !end picture of boat.
+he owner of a !port! all recei%ed an inappropriate e!!age with beautiful
flower!. He call! the flower !hop to coplain, for the pla.ue read!, *Deepe!t
Sypathy., +he flori!t !ay!, :Sir, 0^ really !orry for the i!take. "e accidently
!ent your flower! to the funeral hoe and that pla.ue read!, :$ongratulation! ?n
Mour Eew Location.,
Laughter boo!t! your energy le%el! and change! the character of your thought! for
the better.
Aternal #ewi!h +ruth!
+he ?ptii!t !ee! the bagel, the pe!!ii!t !ee! the hole.
0f you canSt !ay !oething nice, !ay it in Middi!h.
0f it ta!te! good, itS! probably not ko!her.
Z7 How any Spaniard! doe! it take to change a light bulb1
(7 #u!t #uanN
Heni, %edi, %i!a7 0 cae, 0 !aw, 0 !hopped.
$hurch note! to 'od,
Dear 'od,
0f Mou watch e in church on Sunday, 0Sll !how Mou y new !hoe!.
Dear 'od,
0 bet it i! %ery hard to lo%e e%eryone in the whole world. +here are only D people in
our faily and 0S ha%ing a hard tie lo%ing all of the.
Dear 'od.
(re you really in%i!ible or i! it &u!t a trick1
Dear 'od7
0 think about you !oetie!, e%en when 0S not praying.
Dear 'od7
"e read +hoa! Adi!on ade light. But in Sunday !chool they !aid you did it. So, 0
bet he !tole your idea.
( an buy! a !inging bird and i! !o thrilled. He fall! a!leep with the bird !itting in
front of hi on the kitchen table. "hen he wake! up in the orning, the bird i! !till
!inging, but he notice! that the bird only ha! one leg to !tand on. He call! the pet
!hop and a!k! the owner, *"hat)! going on1,
+he owner replied, *"ant did you want, a !inger or a dancer1,
( young!ter approached hi! dad7
*Dad, 0 know you don)t like facial hair, but 0 want to grow a beard like #e!u! had,,
*Son, when you can walk on water, then you can grow a beard.,

Ch&p#er 95
A%ery day for an entire year a an coe! through the !ecurity checkpoint. +he
guard! check hi each tie %ery carefully for contraband and drug!, a! well a! he
bike, but ne%er find anything. (fter the war, the guard eet! the an and a!k!,
*"hat were you !uggling that we couldnSt find., +he an !ay!. *Bike!.,
( wok i! !oething you wow at a wabbit.
"hy do Hell)! (ngel! u!e leather1 Becau!e chiffon wrinkle!.
;o7 "hat i! the be!t tie to get an epidural1
Doc7 >ight after you find out your pregnant
*Do you guy! pray before you eat1,
*Eo, y oS! a good cook. But !oetie! we ha%e to pray after we eat.,
;y o !ay! her floor! are !o clean you could eat off the. Mou can !ee the rai!in
bread and the cereal.
( lady at the gra%e !ite i! crying. She !ay! to the care taker, *0 can)t find y
hu!bandS! gra%e, Harry "eber., He !ay!, 0 know e%ery gra%e in thi! whole place
and we donSt ha%e a Harry "eber. "e ha%e a Sarah "eber. She !aid, :+hatS! hi.
A%erything i! in y nae.:
+here wa! a fi!heran naed Fi!her
who fi!hed for !oe fi!h in a fi!!ure.
+ill a fi!h wit5h a grin,
pulled the fi!heran in.
Eow they)re fi!hing the fi!!ure for Fi!her.
( an i! kneeling o%er a gra%e and crying hi! eye! out while he i! pounding the
gra%e !ite with hi! fi!t! and !aying, :"hy did you die, why did you die1:
+he caretaker pa!!e! by and !top! a!king the an, *"ho are you crying about like
He an!wer!, :;y wifeS! fir!t hu!band.:.
( truck dri%er, e-hau!ted fro a long haul, goe! into a re!taurant. He tell! the
waitre!! he want! !oething good to eat and !oething good to hear. (fter he
order!, !he !tart! to walk away. He !ay!, *"hat about !oe kind word!1 She turn!
around and coe! back and whi!per! in hi! ear, *DonSt eat the li%er! and onion!.:

( lady purcha!e! cigarette! in the drug!tore and !tart! to !oke one. +he druggi!t
!ay!, :Mou canSt !oke that in here.:
She !ay!, :0 bought thi! in here.:
He re!pond!, :"e !ell enea! in here too.:
Do you know why huing bird! hu1 Becau!e they don)t know the word!.
( woan run! into a bar and !ay! to the bartender, :Zuick, gi%e e !oething for
the hiccup!.:
+he bartender hit! her in the face with a op and knock! her down.
She look! up and !ay!, : 0t)! not for e. 0t)! for y hu!band. He)! in the car.:
+hey wanted to ake e Pre!ident of the Procra!tination $lub, but we ne%er got
around to ha%ing a eeting. (ctually, one of our eber! wa! a better candidate.
She ne%er got a birth ark until !he wa! eight year! of age.
0 !topped to !ee how ;r!. Brown, y patient, wa! doing in the ho!pital. 0 !at
down by her bed!ide and while we were talking, 0 began to eat !oe of the nut! in
the bowl on her night!tand. +hen, 0 !uddenly reali8ed !he wa!n)t !uppo!ed to eat
nut! becau!e of her edical condition. (! 0 began to repriand her, !he .uickly
infored e, *Doc, 0 wa!n)t eating the nut!. 0 reebered your in!truction!. 0 wa!
&u!t !ucking the chocolate off the nut!.,
( woan goe! to the !ynagogue to talk to the rabbi. Her dog, Bagel, died, and !he
want! the rabbi to !ay a !pecial prayer at the funeral !er%ice. He tell! her, *+hi!
ha! ne%er been any part of any eorial !er%ice in any !ynagogue, nor ha! any
rabbi e%er done thi!.,
She !ay!, *;y nae i! ;r!. 0r%in >abinowit8 and 0 plan to gi%e a K2,CCC
+he rabbi look! at her and !ay!, *"hy didn)t you tell e your dog wa! #ewi!h1,
( o take! her !on to the ballet. (fter !oe ten inute!, he turn! to hi! o
and a!k!, *;o, why don)t they &u!t get taller girl!1,
During y pre/ed day!, 0 got to work in the ?perating >oo a! a !crub nur!e
between !ee!ter!. 0 took a week/end %acation to rela- in (tlantic $ity. 0 !aw a
po!tal card with a pretty picture of a young girl in a bathing !uit and decided to
!end it to y tough ?> !uper%i!or. ?n the back of the card 0 wrote7,Ha%ing a
wonder tie7 "i!h you were her., She po!ted it on the bulletin board.
#ohn (rthur i! a faou! ichthyologi!t and !till i!. Howe%er, hi! wife nearly got hi
into trouble becau!e !he wanted e%eryone in the counity to recogni8e her
brilliant and talented hu!band. He actually knew the nae of e%ery fi!h that e%ery
e-i!ted and could recogni8e the a! well. So !he !tarted introducing hi to
!ociety and he et any people fro all o%er the area. +hat i! until that day #ohn
reali8ed that e%ery tie he net another per!on, he forgot the nae of a fi!h.
>odney ha! a terrible proble with hi! weight and hi! arried life wa!n)t going !o
well either. Hi! doctor told hi he had the cure. He wa! to !tart running ten ile! a
day for a week and to get back to hi at the end of that tie. (t the end of the
week, >odney called hi! doctor back to gi%e hi the good new!. He !aid, *Doc, 0
lo!t nine pound! of weight.,
+he doctor a!ked hi how hi! arried life wa! going. He !aid, *Doc, there wa! no
change in y arriage relation!hip. 0) !e%enty ile! fro hoe.,
0 had a patient in the office tell e that !he had a terrible proble with ane!ia. 0
a!ked her, *How long did !he ha%e that1,
She !aid, *How long ha%e 0 had what1,
( !tate trooper picked up a guy for !peeding. He wa! about to gi%e hi a ticket
when he reali8ed he would be late for roll call. *Sir, if you gi%e e a good rea!on
why you were !peeding, 0)ll &u!t gi%e you a warning.,
*?fficer, y fir!t wife ran off with a !tate trooper. "hen 0 !aw you !peeding after
e, 0 thought you were bringing her back.,
( an without ar! in.uire! for a &ob at the local church to ring the bell. +he
Pa!tor !ee! hi perfor by !triking the bell with hi! face whene%er the bell need!
to ring to identify the tie.
?n one Sunday orning, after the third week of work, he i!!e! hitting the bell
with hi! face and fall! through the bell tower flat onto hi! back. ( crowd
iediately gather! and one of the church eber! a!k! if anyone know! who
thi! i!1
+he Pa!tor who &u!t !how! up on the !cene, !ay!.,0 don)t know who he i!, but hi!
face !ure ring! a bell.
( cu!toer approache! an u!her in the o%ie theater. He !ay!, *0 know it)!
crowed, but thi! i! y fa%orite urder y!tery and 0 ha%e to !it up front to
appreciate it.,
+he u!her coe! back .uickly and !ay!, *Sir, 0 ha%e a !eat in the fourth row down
front, and lead! hi to the !eat.
+he an !it! down, .uite plea!ed, but initially ignore! the u!her !tanding there by
hi! !ide. He look! up !ay!, *?h,, at which point he reache! into hi! pocket and
hand! the u!her a .uarter.
+he u!her !tare! at the .uarter in hi! hand. He then bend! o%er and whi!per! in the
an)! ear, *+he butler did itN,
0n the late 1BGC)!, *'et Sart,, an (erican tele%i!ion coedy !erie!, !atiri8ed a
!ecret agent, ;a-well Sart. During an in%e!tigation, he enter! a roo where a
!_ance i! being held. ;a- &oin! (gent BB, already hidden behind a large piece of
furniture, and a!k!, *"ho i! the woan doing all the talking1,
She !ay!, *;a-, !he)! a ediu.,
He !neak! a .uick look! hi!elf and re!pond!, *Look! ore like a large to e.,
+hing! you donSt want to hear at a tattoo parlor7
14 *Aagle1 0 thought you !aid BA('LA.,
24 *"eSre all out of red, !o 0 u!ed pink.,
94 *+here are 2 ?)! in Bob, right1,
D4 *Mou)re not dating her anyore1 "ell, 0 hope you do eet !oeone el!e
naed +ahiti Sweetie.,
F4 *'o!h, 0 hate it when 0 get the hiccup!.,
G4 *(nything el!e you want to !ay1 MouS%e got plenty of roo back here.,
J4 ,0Sll bet you canSt tell 0S%e ne%er done thi! before.,
@4 *+he flagS! all done and, you know, the fold! of fat ake a nice wa%ing
B4 *0 don)t norally do thi!= 0 u!ually &u!t an!wer the phone.,
1C4 +he wor!t thing to hear at a tattoo parlor7 *?op!.,
F2or #hi+ i+ (y %lood of #he -ove'&'# .hi-h i+ po4red o4# for (&'y for #he
for/ive'e++ of +i'+G F!&##he. 59:5= ESV1.
Ch&p#er 96
PSAL! >3 J?<V1
Probably one of the greate!t and the o!t popular P!al i! B1. Intil you eori8e
it, !peak it out loud after you wake up and before you go to !leep. +hi! will ble!!
you enorou!ly. +he Oing #ae! %er!ion i! ea!ier to eori8e becau!e it i! !o
*He that dwelleth in the !ecret place of the o!t High !hall abide under the !hadow
of the (lighty.
*0 will !ay of the Lord, He i! y refuge and y fortre!!7 y 'od= in hi will 0
*Surely he !hall deli%er thee fro the !nare of the fowler, and fro the noi!oe
*He !hall co%er thee with hi! feather!, and under hi! wing! !halt thou tru!t7 hi!
truth !hall be thy !hield and buckler.
*+hou !halt not be afraid for the terror by night= nor for the arrow that flieth by
*Eor for the pe!tilence that walketh in darkne!!= nor for the de!truction that
wa!teth at noonday.
*( thou!and !hall fall at thy !ide, and ten thou!and at thy right hand= but it !hall
not coe nigh thee.
* ?nly with thine eye! !halt thou behold and !ee the reward of the wicked.
*Becau!e thou ha!t ade the Lord, which i! y refuge, e%en the o!t High, thy
*+here !hall no e%il befall thee, neither !hall any plague coe nigh thy dwelling.
*For he !hall gi%e hi! angel! charge o%er thee, to keep thee in all thy way!.
*+hey !hall bear thee up in their hand!, le!t thou da!h thy foot again!t a !tone.
*+hou !halt tread upon the lion and adder7 the young lion and the dragon !halt thou
traple under feet.
*Becau!e he hath !et hi! lo%e upon e, therefore will 0 deli%er hi7 0 will !et hi
on high, becau!e he hath known y nae.
*He !hall call upon e, and 0 will an!wer hi7 0 will be with hi in trouble= 0 will
deli%er hi, and honour hi.
*"ith long life will 0 !ati!fy hi, and !hew hi y !al%ation.
$ere0+ & fi'&l /odly .ord fro( yo4r Cre&#or:
He won)t let you !tuble, your 'uardian 'od won)t fall a!leep.
Eot on your lifeN 0!rael)! 'uardian will ne%er do8e or !leep.
'od)! your 'uardian, right at your !ide to protect youL
Shielding you fro !un!troke, !heltering you fro *oon!troke.,
'od guard! you fro e%ery e%il,
He guard! your %ery life.
He guard! you when you lea%e and when you return,
He guard! you now, he guard! you alway!.
3P!al 1217D/@, ;S'4.
'odly ble!!ing!,
0) proud of youN
Phil 'oldfedder

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