“He Gave Himself for You”

(Hebrews 2:5-18)

I. Introduction.
A. Orientation.

The author sets out to show

Why his readers shouldn’t

Abandon Christianity for Judaism,

Leave the danger of illegal religion

For the safety of legal –

Why they shouldn’t forsake Christ

Even to save their lives.

It’s same reason you and I shouldn’t:

Because of who He is,

And what would happen to you if you did.

Who is He?

He’s greater than the prophets

Through whom He gave OT Scripture –

They were His instruments

Through whom He wrote and spoke.

He is Greater than the angels

Who delivered the Law on Sinai –

They were His messengers,

But He is the King.

He is commander in chief of the angels,

The Son of God,

The eternal Creator,

Who holds the universe in His hand,

Who controls history,

The Heir of all things,

The King of all creation,

To whom one day every knee will bow.

You should listen and not forsake Him

Because of who He is.

What if you don’t listen to Him?

What happened to those

Who didn’t listen to prophets/angels?

They missed out

On only way they could possibly escape

The consequences of their sins.

What happened to these readers

Who didn’t listen to Jesus?

They might have saved their lives,

But they lost their souls.


What if you don’t listen?

Might gain friendship of world,

Might gain what world has to give,

Might keep self safe from persecution for while,

But you will lose your soul in the end.

Every day you’re faced with the same temptation –

To leave Christ for the world,

Perhaps some day

To leave Him to save your life.

But consider the price.

The author’s trying to bring them to their senses,

To stir their hearts towards God and Christ.

You need your heart stirred

Both to fear Him –

By remembering who is,

And what He can require of you –

And to love Him –

Remembering what He has done

To save you from your sins.

B. Preview.

The author has many more things

To tell you about Jesus

To help you hold fast to Him.

This morning, he breaks ground

On what Jesus did to save you:

He who infinitely greater than angels,

Was made lower than angels

That He might die for you.

We’ll look at two things:

1. Jesus became one with you to die that you might go to heaven.

2. And that He might be better able to help you.

II. Sermon.
A. First, He became one with you to die that you might go to heaven.

The One infinitely greater than angels,

Stooped lower than angels,

To became man.

The author showed that Jesus was greater than the angels –

Because He is God/Creator –

But also was because of the reward for His work –

He was exalted to highest place.

But before He was exalted,

He was first humbled.


The author shows this predicted in Psalm 8.

“What is man, that you remember him? Or the son of man, that you are concerned
about him? You have made him for a little while lower than the angels; you
have crowned him with glory and honor, and have appointed him over the works
of your hands; you have put all things in subjection under his feet” (vv. 5-8).

David/author wasn’t speaking about angels,

But about Jesus –

Being God,

Would be made lower than angels,

Would become man,

Before becoming King,

Before everything subjected to Him.

He points out the second part

Hasn’t been fulfilled yet –

We haven’t yet seen everything subjected.

Just look around,

Most people still living for themselves,

Living in sin,

Not living for God.

But there is a day coming

When every knee will bow,

Every tongue confess,

Everyone will serve,

When everything will be subject to Him.

But that day obviously hasn’t come yet.

But, he says, we do see the first part fulfilled –

We see the One

Who for a little while

Was made lower than the angels – Jesus.

The author is speaking of the incarnation:

When God became a man –

When the Son took on Himself your nature,

Was born of the Virgin –

When the Creator became a creature.

And why?

That He might taste death for everyone –

That is,

Not just for Jews,

But also Gentiles,

For everyone under heaven

Who would trust Him –

That He might taste death for you

If you’re trusting Him this morning.

The wages of sin is death (Rom. 6:23).

That’s what you deserve.

You sinned in Adam.

You’ve sinned many times over.

You were filling up

God’s cup of wrath,

And you would have drunk it all down,

But Jesus drank it for you on the cross,

If you’re trusting Him.

Notice, that He didn’t do this for the angels,

But only for man: “For assuredly He does not give help to angels, but He gives
help to the descendant of Abraham” (v. 16).

It was God’s plan

To take something out of this world

When everything was said and done.

What was it?

Those He would adopt

As His own sons and daughters,

His own children.

Who are these children?

Those Jesus redeemed through His work.

Those He calls brethren (v. 12) –

Their being the Father’s children

Makes them Jesus’ brethren

As He is the Son of God.

Those the Father gave Him as a reward,

“Behold, I and the children God has given Me” (v. 13).

Another name for them is the descendants of Abraham (v. 16).

Jesus became the seed of Abraham –

He became a Jew,

Became a man –

So could help seed/descendants of Abraham –

Those who would trust Him,

As Paul writes, “For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, nor is circumcision that
which is outward in the flesh. But he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and
circumcision is that which is of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the letter; and his
praise is not from men, but from God” (Rom. 2:28-29).

He didn’t take the nature of angels –

He didn’t provide salvation for them;

Those who fell remain fallen,

And will suffer in hell for ever.

But He did take the nature of man –

He became flesh and blood –

So that through death

He could defeat the one who threatened you –

The one who had the power of death – the devil –

And set you free from the fear of death (vv. 14-15)

By setting you free from death.

He’s taken the sting out of the grave for you,

If you’ve trusted Him.

You don’t have to be afraid any longer.

Death would have ushered

Your body into the grave

And your soul into hell.

But Jesus suffered hell on the cross

And rose from the dead,

So now death brings you to heaven,

To wait until your body is raised from the grave.

If you’re trusting Him,

You don’t have to be afraid.

If you haven’t trusted Jesus –

If you haven’t turned from your sins,

And received Him as your Lord and Savior –

You still have every reason

To be afraid,

Because every moment

You’re in danger of entering into hell forever

From which you will never escape.

If you haven’t repented and believed,

Then do so now:

Pray and ask for His mercy,

So that you can.

But for those of you who do know Him,

Remember, He became one with you to die for you

That He might save you.

He did this because He loves you.

Remember how much He does

And stir your heart up to love Him

So that you will never want to leave Him.

B. Second, remember that He also did this

That He might be better able to help you

Get to heaven.

The author to the Hebrews

Will speak much more on this topic,

So we’ll just touch it in closing.

He also became flesh and blood –

A man –

So that He could experience

What you have to go through,

To understand what you go through,

So that He can be your merciful and faithful high priest.

A priest not only makes a sacrifice

For those he represents

To reconcile them to God –

And Jesus did this

By sacrificing Himself (v. 17) –

He also prays for them

Using his own experience to guide him

How best to do this.

Jesus lived as one of us

For thirty three years,

And in those years

Experienced everything you will have to go through,

Even the sufferings of death (v. 18).

He knows how to help you,

Even when faced with death.

And He will help you,

If you will only look to Him,

If you will only trust Him to do it.

Know that He stands

Willing and ready to do so

In the way that’s best for you,

Because He knows what that is,

And because He loves you. Amen.


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