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Euwaiu Nills: Bello anu welcome. I'm Euwaiu Nills, the piouucei of The Abunuant Nystic
Teleseminai seiies. Anu I am so pleaseu anu honoieu to have, }oe vitale, with me
touay on the call.
Boctoi }oe vitale is the authoi of way too many best selling books to mention heie.
I'll mention just a few of them. They incluue: The Attiactoi Factoi; Life's Nissing
Instiuction Nanual; The Key; Zeio Limits, anu his latest book; Attiact Noney Now.
}oe has also iecoiueu a ton of auuio piogiams. To name just a few: The Awakening
Couise; The missing Seciet, anu; The Seciet to Attiacting Noney.
}oe has also been in seveial movies, incluuing the blockbustei: The Seciet. Be's
been on Laiiy King anu Bonny Beutsch's Tv shows.
}oe also cieateu a; Niiacle's Coaching Piogiam; that helps people achieve theii
uieams by unueistanuing the ueepei aspects of the Law of Attiaction, anu the Law
of Right Action.
}oe was once homeless, but touay he is a best selling authoi who believes in magic
anu miiacles.
}oe, thank you so much foi being on the call, with me touay.
}oe vitale: 0f couise! I'm flatteieu! I'm exciteu! I'm eagei! Let's iock n ioll!
Euwaiu Nills: Let's uo it!
So the fiist question, that I am asking all of the abunuant mystic faculty membeis, is:
Bow uo you uefine abunuance.
}oe vitale: I have at least two levels of a uefinition foi you. The fiist is; to iealize that life itself,
anu youi existence in it, is an abunuant state of being. Nost people uon't iealize that
at all. Nost people will uismiss it. But we aie alieauy alive, so we aie expeiiencing
abunuance iight now. It is a miiacle of living. That's the fiist level.
The seconu level is that; you can acquiie anu attiact anu achieve anything that you
want, that you can visualize anu you can imagine having in youi expeiience, to
eniich youi abunuance; by using youi uou given - Bivine given, innate talents. So
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 2
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
foi me, you'ie alieauy abunuant. Anu you can have moie by using some of the
piinciples that we've been leaining about; that I teach anu wiite about.
Euwaiu Nills: So how woulu that have woikeu foi you. I know in the bio... anu I've heaiu you talk
about how theie was a time when you, to the exteinal eye, woulu not have appeaieu
abunuant. Bow woulu that fiist uefinition have applieu to you, at that point in youi
}oe vitale: Well the fiist uefinition woulu apply, but I woulun't have agieeu to it.
Euwaiu Nills: |Laughteij
}oe vitale: In othei woius; when I'm stanuing on the stieets in Ballas... back in 1977, 78,
whenevei it was, it was thiity, whatevei many yeais ago. ...Anu you woulu have
walkeu up anu saiu, "Bey }oe. Bo you iealize that you aie abunuant anu living in an
abunuant univeise, anu that youi life, iight now; is the gieatest miiacle of all." You
might have got a fist in the face, oi an angiy look, oi me stomping off, who knows
what it woulu be. Ny minu was not at a place to accept the iealityF D6 G6; H#I +"#
*&'()*(0# /. *J;#*)- +"#;#F @+K. * G'()*H#(+*J '()#;J-/(L <;/(0/<J# 6G J/G#F
M'+ N# *;#(K+ /( *J/L(H#(+ N/+" /+I N"/0" 0*'.#. *JJ 6G +"# G;'.+;*+/6( B N"/0"
0*'.#. *JJ 6G +"# )/.06;) B +"# )/.06HG6;+I *() *0+'*JJ- #O#( *++;*0+. +"# O#;-
&;#*P /( +"# ;#J*+/6(."/<I +"*+ N#K;# +;-/(L +6 ;#H#)-F
So foi me, at that point in time, a long time ago: No, I uiun't think I was abunuant!
No, I woulun't have believeu it, because I was looking foi the outei to fulfill me. I
was looking foi the... Well I hau nothing. I hau no cai. I hau no home. I hau no
fiienus. I hau no money. I was looking foi all of those things to say, "}oe, it's okay
foi you to be happy. }oe, it's okay foi you to be abunuant. }oe, it's okay foi you to
Anu you can uiaw a paiallel to that, because theie's plenty of people, that I've met,
that aie homeless anu aie happy. They actually expeiience wheievei they aie at, as
being an abunuant state. But when we uon't iealize that; wheievei we aie is
abunuant in anu of itself, that's when we stait the uishaimony. Anu that's when we
actually cieate all of the iiffs, anu keep on attiacting moie things to make us feel like
we aie not abunuant, anu we aie not in an abunuant univeise. Anu we will look all
aiounu to finu all of the eviuence to piove we'ie not in an abunuant univeise. But
unueilying it all; it's abunuant.
Euwaiu Nills: Now, veiy few people listening to this call will be in a similai situation to you. veiy
few people will be homeless on the stieets of Ballas. But many people, on this call,
will piobably be in the mental position that you weie in; wheie they'ie not thinking
that they'ie abunuant.
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 3
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
What weie some of the key moments, anu the key insights, that alloweu you to shift
youi minu; so that you coulu actually see, anu believe, anu feel; that you weie living
in an abunuant univeise.
}oe vitale: Well one of my favoiite stoiies to tell, anu theie's a movie calleu: The Compass. I
tell in the stoiy... anu it's pietty viviu anu well uone, anu pietty unfoigettable. Anu
it's the iuea; I iemembei stiuggling anu heaiing ovei anu ovei again that; I was
alieauy abunuant. Anu I hau to iealize that in oiuei to attiact moie abunuance in
my life. Anu I woulu just keep saying out louu, oi to myself, "Yeah, I feel abunuant,
but as soon as I have a job, oi I have cash, then I'll acknowleuge that I'm in an
abunuant univeise." Anu people woulu say things like... you know some of the
spiiitual teacheis of the uay, "You have to piactice giatituue. You have to look
aiounu anu say, I am giateful foi my life." Anu I was way too bittei to say anything
like that, until one uay, when I finally saiu, "I've got to expeiiment, because what I'm
uoing is not woiking - what I'm thinking is not woiking -what I'm believing is not
woiking. I've got to tiy something else." So I expeiimenteu with giatituue. I lookeu
aiounu my little place, wheie I was living at the time. Anu by then, I hau a little
stuuio apaitment oi something like that. Anu, foi me, it was unhappiness. It wasn't
what I wanteu. It wasn't the mansion. I wasn't giateful foi it. I was off the stieets,
but I wasn't even giateful foi that.
Anu so I pickeu up a pencil... the only thing I coulu finu in the ioom that I actually
began to feel giateful foi ...anu I pickeu up a pencil anu saiu, "0kay, I can feel giateful
foi this pencil. I guess with this pencil; I can wiite a poem, oi I can wiite a suiciue
note, oi I can wiite a gioceiy list, oi I can wiite a movie, oi I can wiite the gieat
Ameiican novel, oi I can wiite," you know, whatevei it was. Anu as I staiteu to
exploie that; I staiteu to feel like; wow this pencil is actually quite a miiacle. I can
wiite anything I choose to wiite, fiom affiimations, to goal setting, to visualizations,
to sciipts, to books. I mean, I can uo anything with this pencil.
I staiteu to feel uiffeient within myself. Anu then I lookeu at the othei enu of the
pencil, anu theie's an eiasei. Anu I thought, "What a maivelous invention. I can
eiase the suiciue note. I can coiiect the aiticle I was wiiting, oi the gieat Ameiican
novel, oi the sciipt, anu change the uialogue, anu nobouy will evei know it.
I staiteu to change my eneigy. Anu even as I stait to tell this stoiy, now, I stait to
get moie eneigy going thiough me. I feel a little happiei. I feel a little moie upbeat.
Anu I staiteu to move into that minu set of; giatituue. Anu that was a tuining point.
Because; I iemembei looking up fiom the pencil anu suuuenly the ioom that I
wasn't giateful foi was, like my oasis. Anu I staiteu to think, "0h my uou! Theie aie
people in thiiu woilu countiies that aie living in the uiit. They aie sleeping outsiue
in the weathei, no mattei what it happens to be, anu they may not have foou at all
foi uays. Anu they'ie uying young anu uying off ieally quick. Anu heie I am
complaining about my little aii conuitioneu apaitment, in Texas. Anu I've got foou
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 4
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
in my little fiiuge, anu theie's some watei in it, anu I've got a pencil to wiite my
novel, anu an eiasei to coiiect it, if it isn't iight.
Anu so; it was that kinu of a technique; that I began to just play touch anu go with.
That began an innei tiansfoimation. Now that uiun't last veiy long. That was not an
oveinight change. I hau to keep going back to it, but as I saiu, in the movie; that was
a beginning of a tiansfoimation - that was the beginning of an awakening - that was
the beginning of iealizing, "0h goouness! I uo have abunuance aiounu me. I haven't
been acknowleuging it."
Euwaiu Nills: Is giatituue something that you have incoipoiateu as a iegulai piactice, since that
}oe vitale: I love that question.
@ .*- +"*+ @ *H N"#;# @ *H +6)*-FFF N"/0" H#*(.Q @ "*O# * 0*; 06JJ#0+/6(F @KO# L6+
H- 6N( J/++J# 06H<6'() 6; #.+*+# +"*+ @ J/O# /(F @KH /( H- &;*() (#N 6GG/0#
"#;#I N"/0" /. *JJ N66) 4 N/+" .6H# 6G +"# H6.+ *H*R/(L G';(/+';#I *()
#S'/<H#(+I *() +"/(L. J/P# +"*+I /( "#;#F @ *H /( +"/. <J*0#FFF +"# L'- N"6 N#(+
G;6H "6H#J#.. +6 +"/. J'T';/6'. J/G#.+-J#I *() &#.+ .#JJ/(L &66P.I *() *JJ 6G
+"#.# H6O/#.I *() +;*O#JJ/(L *;6'() +"# N6;J)I J*;L#J- &#0*'.# 6G +"# )*/J-
<;*0+/0# 6G L;*+/+')#F
I've been telling this stoiy many times; that I now have a hot tub, which is one of the
gieatest investments of my life. Almost eveiy night, I get in the hot tub... it's outsiue.
It's unuei the Texas sky. Anu colu, oi waim, oi whatevei the weathei happens to
be; @ ./+ /( +"*+ "6+ +'& *() N"/J# J66P/(L *+ +"# .+*;. U'.+ .*-I V!"*(P -6'FW
%() @KJJ J66P *+ #O#;- .+*; *() .*-I V!"*(P -6'F !"*(P -6'F !"*(P -6'I1 *. /G @
*H H*P/(L )/;#0+ 06(+*0+ N/+" +"# 5/O/(#F
Anu I think; it's that feeling that I constantly go back to, that causes me to attiact
moie things to be giateful foi. %() +"*+K. 6(# 6G +"# &/L J#..6(. G6; *(-&6)- N"6
N*(+. +6 *++;*0+I #T<#;/#(0# *() J/O# G;6H * <J*0# 6G <;6.<#;/+- *()
*&'()*(0#Q /. +6 .+*;+ G##J/(L L;*+#G'J G6; N"*+ -6' *J;#*)- "*O#. Anu the moie
you move into that space; you stait to live fiom an eneigy fielu that attiacts moie
expeiiences that aie eithei, like it oi fai, fai, bettei, than the one you weie just
focusing on. So foi me; it's a uaily expiession. I tiy to uo it thiough out the uay, but
it's an evening meuitation anu evening contemplative time.
Euwaiu Nills: Now, it sounus like, at this point in youi life, you've gotten to wheie that feeling anu
expeiience of giatituue is pietty easy to come by. But when you weie making the
tiansition out of; you know the homeless - being on the stieet; my guess is that theie
weie times when it might have been a little bit uifficult to conjuie up that giatituue.
What specific piactices oi tools, uiu you finu, help you... you know, make a tiansition
into giatituue, as a moie natuial state foi you.
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 3
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
}oe vitale: Yeah. That's a gieat question.
Anu I uo aumit that; that was ieally iough to uo, anu tough to uo. You talk about a
challenge. Because; I'm tiying to get my minu to go in a new uiiection, anu a
habitual foice of natuie alieauy hau my minu going in a negative way. I was veiy
skeptical. I was negative. I was hopeful foi the futuie. I knew I wanteu to be an
authoi. I was wiiting things. I was making the steps to go in the iight uiiection. But
it wasn't woiking out. I woulu focus on the; it's not woiking out, anu the
unpleasantness of it. Anu I'u look aiounu at wheie I was, anu I woulun't appieciate
it, anu think I want something else. Anu I kept uismissing wheie I was. So tiying to
come fiom a place of constant giatituue, oi even ieminuing myself to uo it eveiy
uay; was a massive challenge anu stiuggle.
So what uiu I uo to help with that. >(# 6G +"# +"/(L. +"*+ @KO# *JN*-. ;#J/#) 6( /.I
;#*)/(LF Anu even when I was homeless, one of the best places to go, anu many
homeless people uo this; they go to the libiaiy. I've always liveu at the libiaiy. I'm
just lucky enough to cieate my own libiaiy in my home now, anu I can stay theie
anu ieau anu uo it online, of couise. M'+ N*- &*0P +"#(I @K) L6 *() ;#*) +"#
.'00#.. J/+#;*+';# 6G +"# )*-1 !"# C*<6J#6( X/JJI !"# EJ*')# M;/.+6JI !"# 5*J#
E*;(#L/#I *() 6(I *() 6(I *() 6(F @K) U'.+ ;#*) /( +"*+ N"6J# *;#*I *. * N*- +6
&;*/(N*." H-.#JG /( * <6./+/O# N*-F I hau alieauy alloweu myself to be
biainwasheu in a negative way.
,6.+ 6G +"# H#)/*I H6.+ 6G .60/#+- /. P##</(L '. /( * O/0+/H H#(+*J/+-F !"#-K;#
(6+ )6/(L /+ (#0#..*;/J- 06(.0/6'.J- 6; /(+#(+/6(*JJ-I &'+ +"*+K. +"# H#..*L#
+"*+ N# L;*.<F %() '(+/J N# N*P# '< *() .+*;+ +6 H*P# (#N 0"6/0#.Q N#K;#
L6/(L +6 .+*- /( +"*+ H/() .#+F
So I hau to bieak fiom that minuset. Anu I knew enough; that if I ieau the wisuom of
the univeise, anu just kept ieauing it, that I woulu soak it into my neuions. So the
fiist thing I was uoing, was ieauing. I was ieauing a tiemenuous amount. I've
always loveu books. I was loving books then, anu I am still a book-aholic, anu was a
book-aholic then. So I uiu that, at the libiaiy.
The next level of uoing the same thing was with auuios. Anu back then, of couise,
they weie cassettes. Anu the libiaiy staiteu to get cassettes. When I staiteu to get
money; I'u put my cai... wheievei I was woiking, whenevei I hau a cai, whenevei I
hau woik ...into a univeisity on wheels. Anu I was listening to Nightingale Conant,
anu Nightingale anu whatevei kinu of self impiovement - self-help - optimistic
thinking auuios, that I coulu finu, because again, I was tiying to feeu my biain. Anu
both of these weie veiy instiumental in causing me to have a tuinaiounu.
Now again, that wasn't oveinight eithei. Because I hau, at that point, you know
thiity some yeais, a lifetime of piogiamming in a negative way. Anu I was tiying to
eiase the piogiam anu iewiite it. So ieauing helpeu. The auuios helpeu. Anu then I
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 6
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
woulu also go anu finu suppoit. %() @ (6N P(6N +"*+Q @ +"/(P #O#;-&6)- (##).
+6 "*O# * 06*0" /( 6;)#; +6 &;#*P +";6'L" *() "*O# <#;H*(#(+ 0"*(L#I 6; *+
J#*.+ O#;- G*.+ *00#J#;*+#) 0"*(L#F M'+ @ N6'J) L6 +6 +"# 8(/+- 0"';0"#.I +"#
8(/+*;/*( E"';0"#.I +"# .0/#(0# 6G H/() +*JPF @K) L6 +6 .#JG /H<;6O#H#(+
.#H/(*;.F @K) L6 +6 +"# G;## 6(#. G6; .';#I /G +"#- "*) +"#HI *() J/.+#( +6 +"#
+#*.#;.I *() +;/#) +6 "*(L *;6'() <#6<J# N"6 N#;# J/P# H#Q #/+"#; *J;#*)-
H*P/(L * )/GG#;#(0#I 6; +;-/(L +6 H*P# * )/GG#;#(0# /( +"#/; J/O#.F
So all thiee of these; aie veiy big elements that aie big in changing youi life.
Euwaiu Nills: Anu just to give the people listening on the line who, you know, may be stiuggling
financially. Appioximately how long uiu it take until you moveu into a place wheie
you woulu... you know looking back now woulu say; you hau a level of
abunuance in the physical exteinal woilu.
}oe vitale: That's an awkwaiu question foi me to answei, because when I tell people I'm an
oveinight success, as long as you say oveinight is twenty yeais...
Euwaiu Nills: |Laughteij
}oe vitale: !"#- ;#*J/R#I 6; G*JJ /(+6 G#*;. J/P#I V>" @ )6(K+ N*(+ +6 .<#() +N#(+- -#*;.
)6/(L +"/.FW %() N"*+ @ N*(+ +6 &*0P /+ '< &- .*-/(LFFF H-I *)) 6( .+*+#H#(+ /.Q
+"*+ /+ (6 J6(L#; "*. +6 +*P# +N#(+- -#*;.F @+ +66P +N#(+- -#*;. G6; H# *()
H*-&# <#6<J# J/P# H#I )';/(L +"*+ +/H# <#;/6)I 6; #O#( &#G6;# /+I &#0*'.# N#
)/)(K+ "*O# +"# /(+#;(#+F Y# )/)(K+ "*O# *JJ 6G +"# +66J. J/P#Q +"/. O#;- 0*JJI
+"#.# /(+#;O/#N. +"*+ -6'K;# )6/(LF Y# )/)(K+ "*O# *JJ 6G +"# ;#.6';0#. +"*+ *;#
*O*/J*&J# #/+"#; 6(J/(# 6; 6GGJ/(#F
Foi example my new book, Attiact Noney Now; I give it away. I tell people to go on
line. Anu if they uon't have a computei; go to the libiaiy anu go online theie, anu go
to, anu they can ieau it foi fiee.
Well it's that kinu of thing; I uon't iemembei being available foi me back in the
seventies oi eaily eighties. So you can speeu up the piocess of tiansfoimation with
all of these new tools, methous, suppoit anu fieebies like, Attiact Noney Now.
Euwaiu Nills: Is theie anything; that you think, coulu have acceleiateu the time it took you to
become, quote unquote, an oveinight success.
}oe vitale: 0h yes. 0h yes, absolutely. D## +"# +"/(L +"*+ N6'J) "*O# *00#J#;*+#) /+I *+ +"*+
+/H#I N6'J) "*O# &##( G6; H# +6 ;*/.# H- "*() *() .*-I V@ (##) "#J<FW
Euwaiu Nills: Ah!
}oe vitale: %() +"*+K. +"# +"/(L H6.+ 6G '. )6(K+ N*(+ +6 *)H/+F %() @ "*O# G6'() +"*+ *.
.66( *. @ S'/+ +;-/(L +6 ;'( +"# ."6NI 06(+;6J +"# ."6NI *() )6 /+ *JJ &- H-.#JGI
*() .*/)I VA66P @ (##) .6H# "#J<F A#*) H# +6 +"# &66P.I +"# ;#.6';0#.I 6; L/O#
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 7
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
H# * 06*0"I 6; * H#(+6;I 6; L#+ H# /( +"# .#JG4/H<;6O#H#(+ 0J*..I 6; +"#
H*.+#;H/() L;6'< +"*+ @ 0*( L6 6( * ;#L'J*; &*./.FFFW %() -6' N/JJ *00#J#;*+#
+"# <;60#..I &#-6() *JJ 06H<;#"#(./6(F %() +"*+ N6'J) "*O# &##( +;'# G6;
But at that point in time, my heio's of the uay weie people like; }ack Lonuon anu
Einest Bemingway. They weie the authois of the woilu anu weie veiy tough guys.
They weie the masculine ones who tiieu to say basically; "I'm going to beat the
woilu. I'm going to uominate the eaith. I'm going to hunt anu kill. I'm going to
come out with the best selling books, anu I'm going to uo it all by myself. I'm going
to say it on top of the mountain top, anu iaise my iifle in the sky anu say, I iule the
planet." Those weie my heio's, anu both of them uieu of suiciues. So when I
iealizeu that, "0h if I follow that path, I'm going to enu my life eaily, oi I'm just going
to be unhappy anu stiuggle my entiie caieei."
Y"#( @ G/(*JJ- J#+ L6 *() .*/)I VX#J< H#W *() S'/+ +;-/(L +6 &#FFF +"# <";*.# @
;#H#H&#; @ J#*;(#) &*0P /( +"# #/L"+/#. @ +"/(P /+ N*.I *+ * .#H/(*; @ N#(+ +6
/.Q V!66 H*(- 6G -6' *;# +;-/(L +6 &# * J6(# ;*(L#;FW %() N"#( @ S'/+ +;-/(L +6
&# +"# J6(# ;*(L#;I +"# 0"*;*0+#; 6( +#J#O/./6(I *() .+*;+#) +6 .*-I VA66PI @
(##) * +#*HI *() <J#*.# "#J< H# N/+" +"/.FW
That's when the acceleiation woulu have taken place eailiei foi me.
Euwaiu Nills: Anu what was it that enableu you to make the shift fiom lone iangei into being on a
team, oi attiacting a team, to help you.
}oe vitale: Yeah.
Well the fiist thing was awaieness; which I hope is what's happening to the people
listening to this. Because, I'm a gieat believei that if you'ie just awaie of what
you'ie uoing, anu awaie of youi options, anu make new choices, anu new uecisions;
you'ie going to change youi life in a heaitbeat, iight then anu theie.
I hau gone to an event, anu it was calleu Powei Netwoiking. It was with Sanuy vilas
anu Bonna Fishei. They'ie two wonueiful people, anu I'm still fiienus with both of
them. I believe both of them aie still out theie. They'ie still uoing seminais. Anu it
was at that seminai that I went to that I heaiu them talk about; that we'ie all tiying
to uo it by ouiselves, anu if you all woik togethei, anu stait making fiienus iight
theie in the ioom, anu cieate a suppoit team, iight theie in the ioom, anu staiteu to
masteiminu with each othei, anu suppoit each othei in youi goals; you will auvance
in youi caieeis fai fastei.
Anu I heaiu that anu I iealizeu that I was ieally stopping myself fiom giowing. Anu
in the class they gave this wonueiful example; they saiu, "The ieason that you'ie not
asking foi help, is that you'ie afiaiu to." Anu they askeu us to pause anu consiuei:
Y"#( .6H#6(# *.P. -6' G6; "#J<I "6N )6 -6' G##JZ %() @ ;#H#H&#; +"/(P/(LI
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 8
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
N#JJ @ *JN*-. G##J L66)F @G .6H#&6)- *.P. H# G6; "#J<I *() @KH *0+'*JJ- *&J# +6
"#J< +"#HI +"#( @ G##J J/P# @KO# )6(# * L66) )##)F @KO# &##( *&J# +6 "#J<
.6H#&6)-F Theie's a nice social iappoit going on. I have this phiase calleu:
"Kaimic Naiketing," that kicks in, anu I've eaineu goou kaimic maiketing points.
You know, theie's all kinu of goou feelings. Anu they saiu, "Well that's how people
feel when you ask them foi help." When I suuuenly iealizeu that, "0h, if I only ask
foi help, the people who aie willing to help, anu that can help aie going to feel goou
when they uo it.
I hau a paiauigm shift. Ny minu openeu up, anu I iealizeu that, V[6'KO# L6+ +6 S'/+
)6/(L /+ &- -6';.#JGI =6#\ %() N"#( -6' *.P G6; "#J<I -6'K;# L6/(L +6 *.P +"#
<#6<J# N"6 *;# L6/(L +6 &# N/JJ/(L +6 "#J<FW !"*+ N*. * &/L +';(/(L <6/(+F
Euwaiu Nills: That's gieat.
I want to shift geais, because theie aie so many aieas I want to covei with you. But
you mentioneu something, in an answei, a little while ago about not watching news
anu Tv, anu I think that's so ciitical. Bo you watch any news oi Tv, at this point.
}oe vitale: No! Which, is so bizaiie because; they'ie coming to me. ABC News foi example; was
heie on Nonuay filming me, anu they'ie going to come back foi an inteiview.
They'ie uoing a special, on positive thinking, that'll be aiiing in a few months.
Anu I have mixeu feelings about it, because I uon't watch the main stieam news at
all. I uon't... maybe if I walkeu thiough a iestauiant anu it's on; I might catch a
glimpse of something. Anu maybe, when I'm online anu I exit a webpage,
sometimes, the news bulletins will show up. But unless an aimy invaues my hill
countiy home heie; I won't know about anything going on in the woilu.
Anu my iule of thumb is; the meuia - the mainstieam meuia - is iepoiting on things
that aie not peisonally influencing me. They uon't impact me. I was tiaineu as a
jouinalist in college, anu we weie tiaineu to iepoit on the news, anu the news was
uefineu as anything bau.
So in othei woius; anything goou, it's not going to be of use to the news people,
because they figuie people aien't ieally uoing to watch it. Anu most people,
especially those that aie still in the victim mentality; they'ie looking at it foi
ieinfoicement. It ieinfoices theii feai. It ieinfoices theii victimhoou. It ieinfoices
the iuea; that they neeu to stay at home anu keep theii uoois anu winuows lockeu,
anu be baiiicaueu. It ieinfoices all of that. Anu it kicks in on an emotional level. It
kicks into that pait of theii biain; that is all uealing with suivival. Anu so theie's not
a whole lot of thinking about it, on the viewei's pait.
0n the news people's pait, all they know is that; if we keep putting out this negative
stuff, we'll keep getting vieweis, anu we neeu to keep getting vieweis. Because
why. They'ie selling auveitising on those commeicials. Anu the whole thing about
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 9
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
the news bulletin is that; they want you to watch the news so you'll stay long enough
to heai the aus, anu the aus will only be theie if the news people have vieweis.
So theie's a whole system in play, to keep the negative piogiamming going on. Anu
until you actually bieak fiee anu iealize; it is not seiving you, it is not helping you,
anu you neeu to tuin it off, you can be biainwasheu by it. You can be ueeply
influenceu by it.
I know I talkeu to a billionaiie a while back anu he saiu he uoes watch the news, but
he limits it to thiee minutes a uay.
Euwaiu Nills: Wow.
}oe vitale: Anu in that thiee minutes, he sees whatevei the top heaulines aie. Anu I thought;
that's piobably a smait way to uo it; at least you know what is going on in the woilu,
on a top level, anu foi conveisation alone. You can comment on it, oi at least know
what's up when somebouy comments on it, to you.
But I uon't think any of us neeu to go veiy ueep into it. We shoulu be busy focusing
on oui peisonal lives, anu focusing on the wellbeing of ouiselves, anu uoing goou in
the woilu.
Euwaiu Nills: Well anu that topic ties into Bo'o Pono Pono in a way, because... foi people who
uon't know Bo'o Pono Pono, you'll be able to explain it bettei. But I kinu of look at it
as, soit of, an extiapolation of the Law of Attiaction, in that the Law of Attiaction
says, "Take iesponsibility foi youi own life." But in many ways Bo'o Pono Pono says,
"Take iesponsibility foi eveiything that comes into youi life, eveiything that you
peiceive." Anu if you'ie watching the news, then you aie ingesting a lot of negative
stuff that then; if you believe that we'ie iesponsible foi eveiything, you know;
you've got a lot of cleaiing to uo.
}oe vitale: Yeah, we have a lot of cleaiing to uo any way you look at it.
Euwaiu Nills: Tiue.
}oe vitale: Anu if you stait watching the news; boy aie you going to stii stuff up.
So fiist of all, yes. @ .*- +"*+ +"# A*N 6G %++;*0+/6( /. * J*N H#*(/(L +"*+Q
#O#;-+"/(L /( -6'; J/G# #T<#;/#(0# -6' *++;*0+#) /+F D6 -6' H*- (6+ "*O# )6(#
/+ 06(.0/6'.J-I &'+ /( *( '(06(.0/6'. J#O#JI N# J/O# /( * &#J/#G );/O#( '(/O#;.#F
[6'KO# L6+ &#J/#G. /( -6'; '(06(.0/6'. H/() +"*+ "*O# 0*'.#) -6' +6 *++;*0+
N"*+#O#; -6'K;# J66P/(L *+F D6 /G /+K. /( -6'; ;#*J/+-I -6' *++;*0+#) /+F
Well, Bo'o Pono Pono goes a little ueepei anu a little fuithei than that. I wiote about
this in my book; Zeio Limits... anu foi some people this was the most life changing
book of theii lives, anu foi othei people; it was the most iiiitating book of theii lives.
Because, it was all about one hunuieu peicent iesponsibility - no exceptions - no
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 10
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
uisclaimeis - no excuses - no nothing. If it's in youi life expeiience, you helpeu
cieate it on some level. Anu if you uo tuin on the news, anu theie was a muiuei, oi
an eaithquake, oi some iecession, uepiession, oi whatevei it happens to be; you
can't look at it anu go, "Wow, they neeu to fix this," oi "Boy theie's a mess out theie."
You actually have to look at it anu go, "0kay. It's in my awaieness. I cieate my own
ieality. This is in my ieality. I helpeu cieate this ieality." Anu you've got to clean on
it; which is the whole Bo'o Pono Pono technique uesciibeu in the book; Zeio Limits.
Anu, it's a way of communicating with uou, oi the Bivine, oi the Life Foice, whatevei
you want to call it - to help eiase the piogiamming that's in us that cieateu, slash,
attiacteu; the veiy thing we'ie complaining about.
D6 N#K;# )6/(L /+ G;6H +"# /(./)#F 9O#;-+"/(L +"*+ N#K;# .##/(L /. *( /(./)# U6&F
%() N"#( N# 0"*(L# +"# /(./)#I H/;*0'J6'.J-I +"# 6'+./)# 0"*(L#.Q 6; *+ J#*.+
.##H. +6F M#0*'.#I /+K. *JH6.+ J/P# -6' *;# +"# <;6U#0+6;I *() -6'KO# &##(
<;6U#0+/(L +"/. H6O/# 6'+I G;6H +"# /(./)# 6G -6'; .P'JJF D6 +"# <;6U#0+6;K. /(
-6'; .P'JJF !"# &#J/#G. *;# N"*+K. 6( +"# G/JHI *. /+. ."/(/(L J/L"+ G;6H /(./)#
-6'; "#*;+I +";6'L" +"*+ <;6U#0+6;I +"*+K. L6/(L +";6'L" -6'; #-#.F %() -6'
J66P 6'+ /( +"# '(/O#;.#I *() N"*+ -6'K;# .##/(L /. +"# H6O/# +"*+ -6' 0;#*+#)F
D6 "6N )6 -6' 0"*(L# +"# H6O/# +"*+ -6' 0;#*+#)Z Y#JJ -6'KO# L6+ +6 L6 &*0P
/(./)# -6';.#JGF ]6 &*0P +6 +"# <;6U#0+6;F ]6 &*0P +6 +"# H#(+*J /H<;/(+ +"*+
-6' <'+ 6( +"# G/JHF %()I +"*+ *JJ 06H#. G;6H &#J/#G. *() <;6L;*HH/(LF
Euwaiu Nills: I just have a quick stoiy to shaie about that.
You know; I uon't believe in coinciuences, but last night the powei went out, while I
was woiking on my computei. The powei went out... anu I hau noticeu myself
getting a little woiiieu about whethei Suzanne was going to get back to me with a
time foi you anu I to talk, because it hau been a few uays. ...the powei went out anu
I saiu, "I'm just going to go meuitate. That's a sign fiom the univeise. I'll just go stop
anu meuitate. Anu I got this ieally cleai guiuance; uo Bo'o Pono Pono. You know,
cleai that woiiy anu just connect with }oe, on a veiy cleai level. The powei came
back on, a few houis latei, anu theie was an email fiom Suzanne saying, "Bey can
you talk with }oe tomoiiow at ten."
No coinciuence...
}oe vitale: No, not at all, because fiist of all; I felt youi nuuge. Because I was wonueiing when
we weie going to be talking too, anu that was about last night.
Then, yesteiuay... I also want to point out that this is the ebb anu flow of my woilu.
...Yesteiuay, I was to uo a Rolls Royce Nasteiminu last night; which is a whole
sepaiate thing that I uo. Anu people fly in, anu they pay quite a bit of money to uo
this. Anu the iestauiant, though, that I hau alieauy bookeu to uo this at, hau
cancelleu at the last minute. They hau a pioblem. They closeu theii uoois. They
actually just closeu the iestauiant. Anu so I was tap uancing going, "0kay, wheie uo
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 11
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
I go now." We staiteu looking on line to finu uiffeient places we might go to. It has
to have a piivate ioom, anu it has to have ceitain things that I want foi the
Along the way, I got an email fiom a iestauiant that I useu to go to, but haun't been
to in half a yeai. Anu the email just was beginning with the phiase, "Wheie's }oe."
Anu when I open it up, it says "We miss him. When can he come back to the
iestauiant." Anu to me it was like; heie is the univeise telling me, "Beie is the
iestauiant to go to." We went to it last night. Anu I tolu the ownei; I saiu, "I uon't
even know why you sent the email when you uiu, but it was so peifectly timeu."
Anu she saiu, "When she woke up that moining she hau gotten an intuitive impulse
to just, kinu of ping me, anu finu out; wheie have I been. Anu she also hau the vision
that; I was coming in that night.
Euwaiu Nills: Wow.
}oe vitale: So this is all connecteu. It is almost like the univeise itself, anu all of us; we'ie just
big chaiacteis in a big play, anu we'ie all connecteu in some, behinu the scenes, way.
The way to ieally make this woik foi ouiselves bettei is... insteau of tiying to
manipulate the outsiue, the setting, anu the othei chaiacteis; we go insiue wheie
the sciipt wiitei is, anu we visit ouiselves on this veiy ueep level, wheie we'ie all
connecteu. Anu on that level... You almost uiun't have to senu youi email last night,
because we might have... you know in a moie auvanceu woilu wheie we all tiust
each othei anu I might have just gotten on the phone at the exact time.
Euwaiu Nills: I've been joking about that with someone. "Though," we say, "}ust to be suie..."
}oe vitale: Theie's nothing wiong... Theie's the famous phiase, "Tiust in Allah, but tenu to youi
camel fiist."
Euwaiu Nills: Right.
}oe vitale: Which means; tiust it's all going to woik out, but you know what. uet the phone
numbei, you know. It means that; you'ie going to call tomoiiow anu be suie anu
veiify what time.
Euwaiu Nills: Well, anu that's one of the themes that seems to be iunning thiough these
inteiviews; that abunuant mystics ieally uo tiust. Anu they uo have a ieally stiong
connection to spiiit anu souice, but they also iealize the impoitance of taking caie,
hanuling the uetails, anu being stiategic anu focusing in the physical woilu.
}oe vitale: Well we'ie in both places. This is why yeais ago, I think it was in 97 I wiote a book
calleu, Spiiitual Naiketing. Anu, of couise, that was ieviseu, anu it came out as my
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 12
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
best selling book; The Attiactoi Factoi. But I still think of myself as a spiiitual
maiketei. I have a foot in both woilus, anu both woilus means this woilu.
Y"#( N# J66P 6'+./)#Q N# .## +"/. H*+#;/*JF %() /G -6' U'.+ G60'. 6( +"#
H*+#;/*JI *() -6' )6(K+ G60'. 6( +"# .</;/+'*J -6' +"/(PQ /+K. U'.+ * <"-./0*J
'(/O#;.#F M'+ +"# .</;/+'*J 6; +"# H#+*<"-./0*J /. 6( +"# /(./)# 6G +"*+
H*+#;/*JF @ .*-I +"#-K;# +N6 ./)#. 6G +"# .*H# 06/(F @G -6' J66P *+ 6(# ./)#Q /+
)6#.(K+ )/.H/.. +"# 6+"#; ./)#I /+ U'.+ H#*(. -6' G60'.#) 6( 6(# ./)#F [6' 0*(K+
G60'. 6( U'.+ +"# H*+#;/*JI *() -6' 0*(K+ G60'. 6( U'.+ +"# .</;/+'*JF Y# *;#
"#;# *. <"-./0*J &#/(L. "*O/(L +"/. #T<#;/#(0#I &'+ N# *;# .</;/+'*J +"/(L. /( *
<"-./0*J N6;J)F D6 N# 0*(K+ #J/H/(*+# 6(# 6; +"# 6+"#; /( 6;)#; +6 "*O# +"#
&#.+ +/H# *() +"# &#.+ ;#.'J+F %() +6 &# +"/. *&'()*(+ H-.+/0Q +"#( N# "*O# +6
;#*J/R# +"*+I N# *;# &6+"F !"*+K. N"#( +"# H*L/0 "*<<#(.F
Anu I uo finu that when people tiust, when they let go, when they iealize that; the
abunuance is alieauy heie. When they'ie not uespeiate, oi neeuy, oi auuicteu, oi
attacheu to enu iesults; that's when the magic of miiacles happen.
I think it was in The Attiactoi Factoi... that might be in my new book; Attiact Noney
Now, wheie I say that; -6' 0*( "*O# O/;+'*JJ- *(-+"/(L -6' N*(+I *. J6(L *. -6'
)6(K+ (##) /+F C##) .+*;+. +6 #(L*L# * )#.<#;*+# H/().#+F Anu you stait to look
at the physical woilu as the only aspect that is foi you, to suivive with, anu you
foiget that you aie a spiiitual being in a physical bouy. [6'K;# * .</;/+'*J G6;0# /( *
H*+#;/*J N6;J)F
But, you have to have both of these. You can't focus on just one oi just the othei. If
you only focuseu on the spiiitual, you might not uo veiy well in the physical woilu.
That's why many people who say, "I'm a spiiitual peison, anu I meuitate all uay, but
I'm bioke, anu I can't pay the ient, anu I have no clients, anu I can't affoiu lunch
touay." Well they focuseu on the spiiitual, anu they foigot that they'ie in a mateiial
woilu. 0i the people who focuseu on the mateiial oi the physical, anu foigot that
they'ie spiiitual. These people enu up being unhappy, miseiable, Type A
peisonalities. They enu up getting sick. They have heait attacks oi some soit of
uisease. 0i they just kinu of bounceu thiough life with bloouy faces anu biuises,
because they haven't founu how to go with the flow. Theie's no level of bliss oi
giatituue, oi happiness within them, because they only focuseu on the outei. Y"#(
-6' )6 &6+" 6G +"#.#FFF @ J6O# +"# <";*.#I V!"# %&'()*(+ ,-.+/0FW FFF+"*+K. N"#(
-6' &#06H# *&'()*(0# <#;.6(/G/#)F [6' *;# *0+'*JJ- J/O/(L +"/. H-.+/0*J
#T<#;/#(0# /( * H*+#;/*J N6;J)F
I was going to wiite a book once calleu; Nystic in the Naiketplace.
Euwaiu Nills: I love that.
}oe vitale: Anu it's the veiy same concept. It's about being able to go thiough life, going
thiough the woilu, making money, spenuing money, uoing youi business following
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 13
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
youi passion, but uoing it with a sense of uetachment, because you iealize it's only a
spiiitual theatiical play. I'm just heie to expeiience the uivine ebb anu flow, anu
have fun with it. When you get hung up on it; anu you have a little pioblem; that's
when you focus too much on the conciete siue of it - the physical siue.
Euwaiu Nills: So that leaus, nicely, into a question, anu soit of a tiiggei point, that I've seen, in
many mouein uay mystics. When they watcheu the movie The Seciet, that you weie
in... Anu I mean, fiist of all; a lot of them say that The Seciet is just focuseu on
mateiial stuff, anu it's, you know, about getting moie anu moie stuff. Then theie's
actually a line that you say that seems to specifically tiiggei a lot of people. I foiget
the exact woius, but it was along the lines of, "The univeise is youi catalogue. You
get to just pick anu choose anu get whatevei you want." Anu I've heaiu people say,
"Well if eveiyone gets eveiything they want then, you know, we'ie going to uestioy
the eaith anu..."
Euwaiu Nills: I'u just like to heai youi take on that.
}oe vitale: Well thank you foi the oppoitunity, because I coulu almost get on a soap box anu
iant anu iave about this foi a minute.
Well fiist of all; I want to uefenu the movie. It's like so many people aie out theie
staiving. They can't manifest theii own lunch, anu heie comes a movie out, that
shows you how to manifest whatevei you want. Anu people complain about it. Anu
it's like, "Come on. This is helping you attiact what you want." You uon't have to go
anu attiact mansions, oi a line of jeweliy, oi you know five thousanu paiis of shoes.
Y"*+ +"/. /. *&6'+ /. J#*;(/(L +6 *++;*0+ N"*+ -6' N*(+I +"*+ /. /( *J/L(H#(+
N/+" -6'; 6N( )/O/(# 0*JJ/(LF
Foi some people, what they want to attiact, is a cuie foi cancei. Foi othei people
they want to attiact some soit of iemeuy foi the people in Baiti anu the eaithquake.
Anu foi somebouy else; they might want to attiact a big mansion. Well uouspeeu to
Ny answei, that was in the movie... that actually stemmeu fiom a behinu the scenes
conveisation. I was all uone with my filming foi the movie; The Seciet, anu I lookeu
aiounu the ioom anu I saiu, "Well aie theie any othei questions." Anu theie was a
technician, who hau been iunning a cameia, anu he just on his own, "he saiu "Well I
have a question." Anu he saiu, "If we all go foi what we want; won't we just iun out
of things." Anu I saiu, "0h, tuin the cameia back on." Anu he tuineu the cameia
back on. That's when I saiu, "The univeise is like a catalogue. It is abunuant." That's
the fiist line. The seconu thing is: "We'ie not all going to go foi the same things. We
uon't all want BNW's. We uon't all want Neiceues cais. We uon't all want Rolex
watches. We uon't all want the same paii of shoes. We all want something unique
to us. Anu when you go foi what you neeu foi you, anu I go foi what I neeu foi me,
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 14
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
because the univeise is abunuant that will be supplieu easily. Anu then theie's going
to be a checking anu balancing system, with the univeise itself, that we'ie not going
to iun out of iesouices."
I mean, I giew up in the peiiou in the seventies when we ian out of gas. Anu we hau
to alteinate wheie we weie going to go anu get the gas in oui cais. Anu even license
plate numbeis coulu uo it one uay, anu ouu numbei license plate numbeis can uo it
anothei. It lookeu like we weie going to be out of gas in ten yeais. That was in the
seventies. Technology got impioveu, anu we founu moie gas. We uiun't have
anothei pioblem until moie iecently when we staiteu woiiying about gas piices
Well that'll get iesolveu. Theie aie companies making things like... one of the cais
I'm going to be buying is a hyuiogen gas hybiiu. Because of the neeu foi it, out
theie, the univeise is supplying us with new iueas, anu enteipiising people aie
jumping on those iueas. So we'ie going to have a hybiiu cai coming out, anu not just
a batteiieu cai, but a hyuiogen cai.
!"#.# *;# #T*H<J#. 6G "6N +"# '(/O#;.# .6JO#. /+. 6N( <;6&J#H.I N"#( N# L#+
6'+ 6G +"# N*- *() U'.+ G6JJ6N 6'; /(+'/+/O# (')L#.F So foi me, yes; the univeise
is a catalog, anu no we'ie not all going to go foi the same thing. Anu please, let's
celebiate the iuea that we aie able to attiact what we want.
To me, it's so amazing that when people uon't have money, they stait putting uown
people who uo. But yet, when those people uo stait to acquiie money, in theii lives,
as long as they'ie in alignment with ueseiving this they can holu onto it, anu now it's
okay to have money. Anu they keep flip flopping between - it's okay to have money
- it's not okay to have money - it's okay to attiact things - it's not okay to attiact
I wiote a blog post iecently wheie the question, I think at the top was; when is
money bau. At one point uoes it become bau. At a ceitain point, you allow so much
money to come in... anu I'll just make up a figuie ...maybe it's fifty thousanu uollais a
yeai, foi one peison. Is it bau if they suuuenly make one hunuieu thousanu uollais a
yeai. Bepenuing on theii belief system; they can juuge it as bau, anu they'll
sciamble to get iiu of it.
M'+ H6(#- /( *() 6G /+.#JG /. (6+ &*)F @+K. <*<#; *() 06/(F @( G*0+ /+K.
H#*(/(LJ#.. '(+/J -6' <;6U#0+ H#*(/(L 6(+6 /+F You know, anu I'm in the 0SA,
anu I can look at the uollai bill anu go, "That's ieally cool," anu, "I like having
hunuieu uollai bills." But then; I go to Russia, anu I look at theii money, anu that
looks like monopoly money. Anu I'll go to Polanu, anu I'll look at theii money, anu it
looks like play money. Anu I'll go to Italy, anu I'll look at theii money. Anu it's like,
what is ieal. Which money is, actually ieal. None of it is, actually ieal, unless we've
given meaning to it.
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 13
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
So my whole iant heie is foi people to just kinu of pause anu ask themselves; N"*+
)6 @ &#J/#O# *&6'+ N"*+ @ 0*( *++;*0+ /( +"# N6;J)Z Y"*+ )6 @ &#J/#O# *&6'+ +"#
*&'()*(0# 6G +"# '(/O#;.#Z Y"*+ )6 @ &#J/#O# *&6'+ N"*+ @ )#.#;O# /( H- J/G#Z
Y"*+ )6 @ &#J/#O# *&6'+ H6(#-Z Because, we aie in a belief uiiven univeise, youi
beliefs aie causing you to cieate the univeise you'ie looking at.
Euwaiu Nills: When you uiun't have a lot of money weie theie times when you founu youiself,
eithei, feeling iesentful oi iiiitateu, about people who uiu have money.
}oe vitale: Absolutely! Absolutely! I was so mau at them. I was so jealous of them. I was so
uistuibeu by them.
Anu you know in my latest book; Attiact Noney Now, I ueuicateu it to a man nameu
Bobby Biiusall. I uon't explain who he is, in the ueuication oi in the book, but I'm
going to say it iight now, because it is ielevant. Bobby Biiusall was piobably the fiist
piospeiity teachei I evei heaiu. Anu I was back in Bouston. I woulu save a little bit
of money, most of which I'u spenu on books oi on CBs. Anu I finally went to a
piospeiity couise. Anu it was taught by Bobby Biiusall. Theie weie a couple of life
changing things he saiu in theie. Anu one was: Y"#( -6' .## * <#;.6( );/O/(L
)6N( +"# ;6*) /( * J'T';- 0*;I -6' J66P *+ +"#H *() .*-I V]6).<##) +6 -6'FW
[6' J66P *+ +"#H *() -6' .*-I VMJ#.. -6'FW [6' J66P *+ +"#H *() /(.+#*) 6G
G##J/(L #(O/6'. 4 -6' G##J /(.</;#)F
Anu it took me a while to make the mental shift. M'+I "# .*/) +"*+ *. J6(L *. -6'K;#
J66P/(L *+ +"#H *() 06()#H(/(L +"#HI -6' *;# 06()#H(/(L -6';.#JGF [6' *;#
06()#H(/(L H6(#-F [6' *;# 06H/(L G;6H U')LH#(+F [6' *;# 0J6./(L 6GG -6';
#(#;L-F [6' *;# *0+'*JJ- "';+/(L -6'; 6N( &6)-4H/() .-.+#HF [6' *;#
;'/(/(L -6'; "#*J+"F [6' *;# U'.+ <J*/( '("*<<-F Anu so I woulu iemembei
staiting to look at the Neiceues that was uiiving by anu going, "Wow, I uon't know
how that peison uiu it, but uouspeeu to them. uou bless them, anu I hope to join
them, on whatevei ianks they'ie on, some uay in the futuie."
So yes! I uiu go thiough a long peiiou, wheie I thought money was uespicable anu
veiy iich people weie evil oi bau. But, those thoughts all stem fiom piogiamming.
They stem fiom beliefs; some of which I talk about in; Attiact Noney Now.
0ne of the most insiuious beliefs that aie out theie is that; money is the ioot of all
evil. Anu ueoige Beinaiu Shaw saiu, "It's the lack of money. That is the ioot of all
evil." Anu I go on to exploie it fuithei, anu @ U'.+ )/.06O#; +"*+ +"# O#;- N#*J+"-
<#6<J# 6G +"# N6;J)I +"# "*<<-I "#*J+"-I +"# *&'()*(+ H-.+/0. 6G +"# N6;J)
"*O# * "#*J+"- ;#J*+/6(."/< N/+" H6(#-F !"#- )6(K+ .## H6(#- *. N"*+ +"#-
J6O#F ,6(#- /. * +66J +6 "#J< +"#H )6 N"*+ +"#-K;# "#;# +6 )6I N"/0" /. )6 N"*+
+"#- J6O#F ,6(#- #(*&J#. +"#H +6 "*O# +/H#F ,6(#- #(*&J#. +"#H +6 "*O#
G;##)6HF D6 +"#- *0+'*JJ- )6(K+ J6O# H6(#-I +"#- *<<;#0/*+# H6(#-F !"#- '.#
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 16
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
H6(#-F M'+ N"*+ +"#- J6O# /. &#/(L *( *&'()*(+ H-.+/0 +6 *JJ6N +"#H.#JO#. +6
G'JG/JJ +"#/; 0*JJ/(L "#;# 6( +"# <J*(#+F
Anu it took me a while to get to that minuset. M'+ G6;+'(*+#J-I +6)*-I &#0*'.# 6G
+"/(L. J/P# +"/. O#;- /(+#;O/#NI *() N"*+ -6'K;# )6/(L N/+" 6+"#; <#6<J#I
<#6<J# 0*( .<##) '< +"/. <;60#.. *() L#+ +6 * "#*J+"- H/().#+ +"*+Q -6' *;# *(
*&'()*(+ '(/O#;.#F [6' *;# *( *&'()*(+ H-.+/0F %()I +"*+ -6' 0*( "*O# +"/.
N6()#;G'J J/G# N"#( -6' U'.+ J#+ L6 6G +"# ;#.#(+H#(+I +"# U')LH#(+I +"#
(#L*+/O/+-I *() G6;L/O# -6';.#JG *() #O#;-&6)- #J.#F
Euwaiu Nills: It feels like the Bo'o Pono Pono technique woulu be ieally poweiful, in that moment,
when you feel iesentment about someone who has moie money than you.
}oe vitale: It is the numbei one technique I use, on a iounu the clock basis, evei since I
uiscoveieu it, a few yeais ago. Anu I wiote the book, with Boctoi Bew Len, on Zeio
Limits. Anu, of couise, we've uone seveial seminais togethei. So I know, it's
become moie of a seconu natuie. It's the backgiounu tape in my minu: I love you.
I'm soiiy. Please foigive me. Thank you. So I'm always uoing that.
But I woulu agiee that /G -6' J66P *+ .6H#&6)- +"*+ /. #T0##)/(LJ- N#*J+"-I *()
/+ <'."#. -6'; &'++6(Q -6' "*O# +6 ;#*J/R# /+ "*) (6+"/(L +6 )6 N/+" +"*+
<#;.6(F !"# &'++6( /. /( -6'F %() N"*+ -6'K;# )6/(L /. J66P/(L /(./)# -6'; .#JG
*() .*-/(LI V>P*-I @ )6(K+ P(6N N"#;# +"# <;6L;*HH/(L 0*H# G;6HI &'+ @KH
.6;;-F :J#*.# G6;L/O# H# G6; *JJ6N/(L /+ +6 &# #.+*&J/."#) /(./)# H-.#JGF A#+K.
;#H6O# /+ (6NF %() +"*(P -6'I '(/O#;.#I G6; 0J#*;/(L /+ 6'+ 6G H#FW Anu, "I love
you," is a gieat phiase to enu with, because it's putting you back into the flow of the
univeise - of the uivine - which is basically love. If theie's any woiu to uesciibe it;
the closest I can come up with is love. So I love you. I'm soiiy. Please foigive me.
You can cycle - iecycle those. uo thiough those in any paiticulai oiuei. 0i even just
say one of the statements. If you just walkeu aiounu saying, "I love you," in youi
minu, all of the time; you'ie going to change youi eneigy fielu. Anu if you look at
somebouy that is wealthy anu they'ie uiiving off in a one million uollai cai... which
exists, theie's many cais that aie ovei a million uollais ...when you see somebouy
uiive off in one of those, say, "I love you. I love you. I love you." Anu ieally stait to
feel it. It'll tiansfoim you.
Euwaiu Nills: Well anu one of the things that I love about the Bo'o Pono Pono technique is it takes
you out of youi minu. It get's you out of the space wheie you'ie tiying to figuie it
out, which is wheie, I think, so many mouein uay mystics get stuck tiying to figuie
out; why uo I have this belief. Wheie uiu it come fiom.
}oe vitale: Yeah.
When you say those statements; none of that matteis. You'ie just cleaiing it.
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 17
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
Boctoi Bew Len is ieally gieat at iepeateuly pointing out you cannot figuie it out.
[6'; 06(.0/6'. H/() /. J/P# 6(# <#;0#(+ 6G N"*+ /. 6<#;*+/(L /( -6'; N6;J)F @+
/. +"# O*.+ '(06(.0/6'. H/()F %() <;6&*&J- G;6H * '(/6(K. <#;.<#0+/O#I /+K.
*++*0"#) +6 +"# 06JJ#0+/O# '(06(.0/6'.F %() +"*+K. N"*+K. <'."/(L +"# &'++6(.I
*() ;'((/(L '. *. <'<<#+.F
So, you'ie sitting theie tiying to figuie it out. You will nevei get a clue on how the
whole system woiks, because youi pip-squeak little conscious minu can't contiol, let
alone unueistanu, all of the uiffeient stiings that aie being pusheu anu pulleu anu
activateu, at any point. You ieally uo have to suiienuei. But what uo you suiienuei
to. Well that's when you suiienuei to what you'ie calling the abunuant mystic. It's
that behinu the scenes... what we began by talking about at the veiy beginning of
this call ...that unueilying eneigy - that unueilying souice - the unueilying powei -
the unueilying state of loveF !"*+K. N"#;# -6' N*(+ +6 L6 +6I *() +"*+K. N"#;#
-6' N*(+ +6 06H# G;6HF %() ;#<#*+/(L +"# <";*.#.I /( H*(- N*-.I U'.+ L/O#.
-6'; 06(.0/6'. H/() .6H#+"/(L +6 )6Q .6 +"*+ -6' 0*( .+*;+ +6 B ;#U6/( B
;#H#;L# 4 ;#06((#0+ N/+" +"*+ G6;0#I +"# .6';0#Q N"/0" /. J6O#F
Euwaiu Nills: Bo you think that you'ie in a point in youi life, now, wheie if something happeneu
anu eveiything was taken away fiom you; you woulu still be able to connect into
that fiist uefinition - the fiist level of abunuance, that you talkeu about that; we aie
in an abunuant univeise.
}oe vitale: I love the question. You know I uon't honestly know. I woulu hope that I can uo
that, ielatively quickly. In my imagination, I think anu feel anu possibly even a little
bit feai that I woulu piobably have to iecoil anu iecovei. I'u piobably have to go
thiough a little bit of a peiiou of like, "What just happeneu." You know, if I ieally
uiu lose eveiything anu was stanuing theie anu hau to iecieate my life. I know I
woulu iecieate my life. I am not woiiieu about that pait at all. I know with what I
know now, what's in my books, eveiything that I've leaineu ovei the last few
uecaues, I'u iecieate it veiy quickly anu veiy beautifully. But, woulu I so easily go
into a state of giatituue, anu a state of abunuance. I uon't think I woulu
immeuiately. I think I'u be pausing. I'u piobably be a little shockeu. Anu I'u look
aiounu anu I'u go, "0kay, how uiu I attiact it." What was in me that uiu this. What
neeueu to be puigeu. I'u uo my best to leain the lesson, because in my book, !"#
%&&'()&*' +()&*', I say, V>(0# -6' L#+ +"# J#..6(I -6' (6 J6(L#; (##) +"#
#T<#;/#(0#FW So, I woulu look foi the lesson anu as soon as I got it I woulu hope that
I woulu get theie pietty quick. I woulu hope that I woulu.
Euwaiu Nills: uieat. Thank you foi that honest answei. I appieciate that.
I'u love to talk about inspiieu action. Because, I've heaiu you speak about that
befoie. Anu it's such a key concept, as people move towaiu abunuance. Anu you
know, it's a concept in the Law of Attiaction, that we neeu to be taking inspiieu
action. Anu yet, at times, it seems like to get to wheie we want we have to uo things
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 18
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
that maybe uon't seem oi feel so inspiieu. You know, we have to take caie of the
uiuugeiy tasks as well. So what uo you say to people that say, "Well I'm just going to
uo things that feel inspiieu."
}oe vitale: Well I've got at least two appioaches to that: Fiist of all; you can always finu people
to uo what you uon't like to uo. Finu the people who think it's inspiieu anu loving to
uo taxes, foi example, because, I uon't like uoing taxes. Foi the longest time, I uiu uo
them. I uiun't uo them well, anu I was using up all of my eneigy anu time until I
iealizeu that. heie's the lone iangei appioach again. I've got to go anu suiienuei
that anu finu somebouy who loves uoing it. Y"#( @ )#J#L*+#) +"*+ +*.P +6
.6H#&6)- N"6 /. L66) *+ )6/(L +*T#.I N"6 J6O#. )6/(L +*T#.I N"6 G##J. +"#/;
0*JJ/(L /. +6 )6/(L +*T#.Q @ G;##) H- #(#;L-F %() *. @KO# +6J) +"# .+6;- H*(-
+/H#.I H- /(06H# H'J+/<J/#) *JH6.+ G/O# +/H#. N"#( @ )/) +"*+F
Euwaiu Nills: Wow.
}oe vitale: Why. Because, I just fieeu up my time, anu my eneigy, anu my passion, anu my
love, to uo what I was goou at uoing. So what I tell people is; if you uon't want to uo
something that neeus to get uone, finu somebouy who loves to uo it. C6N *+ +"#
.*H# +/H# /G /+K. .6H#+"/(L +"*+ -6' H'.+ )6 -6';.#JGFFF *() @ )6(K+ #O#( P(6N
N"*+ +"*+ H/L"+ &#I H*-&# *( #T#;0/.#I *() -6' 0*(K+ ;#*JJ- )#J#L*+# +"*+I -6'
"*O# +6 L6 +6 +"# L-H -6';.#JGF %() N"*+ @ N6'J) .*- +"#;# /.I -6' "*O# +6 +';(
-6'; H/() *;6'() *&6'+ N"*+ -6'K;# )6/(LF [6' "*O# +6 G/() +"*+ L;*+/+')#I /(
+"# *0+/O/+- /+.#JGF D6 /G +"#;# /. .6H# .6;+ 6G N6;P -6' "*O# +6 )6I @ .*- J66P G6;
+"# N*- +6 #(U6- /+F ^/() * N*- +6 J6O# /+F ^/() * N*- +6 *<<;#0/*+# /+F M#0*'.#I
+"*+KJJ +;*(.G6;H N"*+ -6'K;# )6/(L *() H*P# /+ H6;# 6G *( /(.</;#) *0+/O/+-F I
woulu say, just open youiself to it, because if you'ie not enjoying it; you'ie juuging it
in some way. Anu if it's in youi life, anu you'ie juuging it negatively... pait of the
lesson is to leain to juuge eveiything in a positive loving way.
I'm a big fan of Will Bowen who wiote the books, % ,*-./(01& +'## 2103#'4#, anu %
,*-./(01& +'## 5*'/6, anu the new one is, ,*-./(01& +'## 7#/(&0*14"0.4.
Both well woith ieauing, especially foi abunuant mystics. Anu I woulu say that
what he's pointing out is that, insteau of complaining about what you have to uo,
finu a way to appieciate it, that's alieauy theie, then finu a way to state what you
want, because, most of us complain iathei than pausing, anu then iefoimatting, anu
iefiaming the veiy complaint into a statement of intent.
So those aie a couple of things; uelegate oi finu a way to appieciate.
Euwaiu Nills: Anu then, the othei siue of that coin is foi people who have an ovei abunuance of
inspiieu iueas. I mean, heie's someone who...
}oe vitale: Yeah.
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 19
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
Euwaiu Nills: ...who's veiy cieative. Bow uo you, you know, how uo you stay focuseu long enough
on an inspiieu iuea to biing it thiough to fiuition.
}oe vitale: It's actually easiei than what the question suggests, because what most people uo is
talk themselves out of theii inspiiation. What I uo... I've leaineu to uo anyways ...
that when the inspiiation is heie, when an iuea comes to me, I fiist of all
acknowleuge it as a gift. I uiu not cieate the iuea. It came to me. It came thiough
me. It came fiom that lowei level, oi highei level, uepenuing on how you look at
this. It came fiom the souice. It came fiom the uivine. So the fiist thing I uo is go,
"0h my uou, I was just given this million uollai gift." I uon't know if it's going to be a
million uollais, but it feels like it. It's a gift. So I acknowleuge, anu I uo what I can to
stait woik on it iight then anu theie. Why. M#0*'.# G/;.+ 6G *JJI @KH .#()/(L *
./L(*J +6 +"# '(/O#;.#Q V@ *<<;#0/*+# -6'F @ *0P(6NJ#)L# -6'F %() @ N*(+ /)#*.
J/P# +"/.I *() H6;# 6G +"#HF @KH L6/(L +6 &# * N/JJ/(L ;#0/</#(+F D6 P##< +"6.#
The seconu is... uo you evei notice that when you get a ieally exciting iuea, that
theie's a whole lot of eneigy that comes with it.
Euwaiu Nills: 0m hum.
}oe vitale: Well I iiue that eneigy to cieate the iuea in mateiial foim. So, in othei woius, if
theie is an iuea foi a book, foi example; I will viitually wiite as much as I can, almost
in one sitting, knowing I can't wiite the whole book in one sitting. But, I'm going to
uo my best to get as much uone as possible, because the eneigy that came with the
iuea is eneigy that will help me fulfill the iuea.
Too many people will talk themselves out of the iuea. I uon't have the time. I uon't
have the money. I uon't have the skills. I uon't have the expeiience. I'll uo it latei.
They'll scheuule it foi next week, foi next month, next yeai. Noie often than not,
whenevei they get to the iuea, if they uo... because veiy often it's going to be gone.
But, when they get to the iuea, the eneigy foi it isn't theie. It's still a goou iuea, but
now they have to uium up the eneigy within them, to actually act on it. So, one of
my big seciets, to being so piolific anu piouuctive, is the iuea that comes, "Thank
you, uou. I acknowleuge it. It is a gift," anu I stait woiking on it."
Now at the same time, you maue the comment about what if you have an abunuance
of iueas. I have, veiy often, been in the situation wheie theie's been like fifteen
uiffeient things, anu they'ie all goou iueas. They'ie all on my list. Anu, what uo you
uo fiist.
Euwaiu Nills: Yeah.
}oe vitale: Well the iuea that has the most eneigy on it is the one that I'm going to uo fiist, the
one that feels the most exciting. >(# 6G H- *)O*(0#) +;/0P. /. @ N/JJ N6;P 6( /+
'(+/J @ .+*;+ +6 G##J J/P#I 6P*- +"# #(#;L- /. &'RR/(L 6GG * J/++J# &/+ (6NI /+K.
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 20
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
.+*;+/(L +6 +*<#;F Anu I'll look at the next iuea on the list. Anu I might go anu iun
with that one foi a while, knowing that while I'm woiking on the next iuea, a pait of
me is still woiking on the one I staiteu. I'll go back to it the next uay, the next week,
whateve,; anu my unconscious minu might have been ueveloping it, a little bit moie.
D6I @KJJ U'LLJ# +";6'L" * 06'<J# L66) /)#*. /( *( *++#H<+ +6 L#+ +"#H )6(#F M'+
H6;# 6G+#( +"*( (6+I H- .#0;#+ +6 .'00#.. /.I +6 +*P# *0+/6( 6( +"# /)#* N"#( /+
06H#.F 56 H- &#.+ +6 L#+ /+ )6(#I *() )6 H- &#.+ +6 L#+ /+ 6'+ /(+6 +"# N6;J)I
*() J#+ +"# N6;J) U')L# /+F 56(K+ J#+ H# U')L# /+F
Euwaiu Nills: So, then what about foi people who have inspiieu iueas, anu they may take the fiist
step anu then the belief systems; the little voice comes in anu says, "0h this isn't
going to woik," anu it uiains the eneigy. What woulu you suggest to help them finu
the eneigy, oi at least take the actions to complete that.
}oe vitale: Yes. They have to become awaie of theii thoughts. Theie's a fiienu of mine, Ninuy
Auulin, anu she's been teaching What If 0p Thinking, foi a while. Anu Y"*+ @G 8<
!"/(P/(L /. ;#*JJ- &;/JJ/*(+. It's veiy eye opening, because most of us come fiom;
What If Bown Thinking. Anu what both of these mean is fiist of all when you have
an iuea anu you say, "0h I'm not the one foi it," anu then the little voice staits talking
to us anu talking ouiselves out of it . that's What If Bown Thinking. It means, what if
it uoesn't woik out. You know, "What if this is a bau iuea. What if I'm going to be
wasting my time. What if I uo this, anu I uon't make any money."
Well that just feels like ciap when you say those things to youiself. Youi eneigy
uiops. You uon't feel like an abunuant mystic like that. You feel like a bioke mystic,
at that point. Anu so be awaie of the; What if Bown Thinking anu tuin it aiounu.
That's just a voice you've been leaining to listen to. You'ie in chaige of the voices.
Tuin it aiounu anu fill it with What if 0p Thinking. Anu go, "What if it woiks out.
What if this is a gieat iuea. What if this is the iuea that tiansfoims my life. What if
it's the iuea that makes millions of uollais foi me. What if this is the iuea that enus
up being the cuie foi cancei, oi the cuie foi the eaithquake victims, oi the cuie foi
whatevei it happens to be." Well when you ask What If Bown Thinking, you lose all
of youi eneigy. When you ask What If 0p Thinking, you get moie eneigy. So
become awaie of youi thought piocess anu focus on the thoughts that aie going to
take you up into action. That's the big step.
Euwaiu Nills: I love that.
Anu you coulu again, as you mentioneu in the beginning; you coulu just feel youi
eneigy shift.
}oe vitale: Yeah, I feel it.
Euwaiu Nills: Yeah.
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 21
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
}oe vitale: Anu you feel it youiself if you just stait uoing it foi a few minutes eithei way. :J*-
N/+" !"# Y"*+ @G 56N(F :J*- N/+" !"# Y"*+ @G 8<F You'ie going to know which
one feels bettei, anu which one's going to leau to action, anu which ones going to
leau to watching Tv anu eating nachos.
Euwaiu Nills: 0thei than the giatituue piactice, uo you have a specific that you uo on a uaily basis,
ielateu to abunuance.
}oe vitale: @ )6 H- &#.+ +6 .';;6'() H-.#JG N/+" * H*.+#;H/() .'<<6;+ +#*H. So I will
shaie iueas with people I know aie not going to uismiss them oi ciitique them, but
will help me builu on them. @ +"/(P "*O/(L * 06*0"I * .'<<6;+ +#*HI *
H*.+#;H/() L;6'<Q +"#.# *;# *JJ #J#H#(+. 6G *)O*(0#) .'00#... [6' 0*(
0#;+*/(J- .'00##) &#/(L *( *&'()*(+ H-.+/0I *() )6 /+ *JJ 6( -6'; 6N(I &'+ G6;
*00#J#;*+#) ;#.'J+. N"#( -6' .+*;+ ."*;/(L N/+" * .'<<6;+ +#*H... I mean you
can uo it by email. You can uo it ovei the web. You can uo it ovei the phone. You
can uo it in peison. That's when you stait to see uiamatic change. So I have that in
my life. You know, I'll shaie with people by email. Sometimes I'll meet with people
in uiffeient locations. Sometimes I'll uo it by phone. But, that's one of mine.
Then, of couise, I'm still ieauing. I still listen to the positive auuio mateiial. You
know I've gone fiom being a guy who listeneu to Nightingale Conant yeais ago, to
being a guy with foui piogiams with them, incluuing theii numbei one bestsellei,
!"# 4#)'#& &* %&&'()&018 9*1#:. Anu I say this, as all eviuence that if you keep uoing
all of this, you'll keep achieving iesults that will just uazzle you, as you keep moving
D6I @ )6 *JJ 6G +"*+ /(0J')/(L N;/+/(L )6N( /(+#(+/6(.F @KJJ <J*- N/+"
<6../&/J/+/#.F Y"*+ N6'J) @ J6O# +6 "*O# U'.+ ."6N '< /( H- J/G# N/+" (6
*))/0+/6(I (6 *++*0"H#(+Z It just woulu be a playful thing to expeiience. Anu
allowing that to be in my woilu, allows me to actually place the oiuei with the
univeise, anu some uay uown the ioau it'll show up.
Euwaiu Nills: Bo you set specific intentions anu goals, monetaiily. Bo you have financial goals
that you set.
}oe vitale: I uo. I've leaineu to uo it with a sense of uetachment. When I have set goals foi how
much I want to make pei month, how much I want my company to biing in pei
month, foi example, then I just let go of it. So I put it out theie foi me anu my
unconscious minu to heai, but I put it out theie foi the univeise to heai. I think that
is what an abunuant mystic is uoing; you'ie communicating anu being the univeise,
at the same time.
So, I'm uoing that, but I'm uoing my best not to be hung up on how it will happen.
Because, it's ieal easy to go, "Well how in the woilu am I going to uo that." 0i, "Who
has uone that befoie." Anu then you tiy to copy them. It's fai wisei foi me to state
the intention to the univeise, anu let go of it. Then when I'm inspiieu an iuea comes
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 22
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
to me in a uieam, oi in a conveisation, oi in the hot tub, I know wiite it uown, give
thanks foi it, anu take action foi it. That coulu be the step that eithei attiacts it, oi a
step that leaus to the next step that can manifest it.
Euwaiu Nills: Bo you think it's impoitant to set specific financial goals. 0i uo you think, foi some
people, setting moie specific outcomes that ielate to a pioject, oi something they
want to achieve in theii life, might make moie sense.
}oe vitale: It's actually moie poweiful, if you focus on the outcome that you woulu want.
Noney usually is just a means to an enu. Anu even, when I say I set financial goals
it's moie of a fun thing. It's like, "0h I'u love to be able to hit that, anu then say,
"Well I maue this much money anu these millions of uollais in a paiticulai month."
That's moie of a fun thing.
What excites me even moie, which has moie powei, which I think woulu be moie
useful to people is, what woulu you uo with the money. You know, what woulu you
buy. What woulu you expeiience. Wheie woulu you go. Bow much woulu you
uonate. What woulu you uo with the money, to uispeise it to the woilu. Finu what
excites you theie. That outcome can piopel you to attiact the money that you neeu
to make the outcome happen.
So when I say that I put financial goals up theie, yeah that is. But, that's no wheie
neai as poweiful as putting a pictuie of a... in my case I love to attiact nice cais ...but
a paiticulai cai that I might want to attiact, oi I have a movement to enu
homelessness, anu I want to attiact a lot of people to help me with this. I want to go
on national Tv explaining how to enu homelessness, viitually, in one uay. Those aie
outcomes that excite me fai moie than a check.
Euwaiu Nills: Anu what about... eveiy one of the abunuant mystics, that I've spoke to, the faculty
membeis, is pioviuing a huge amount of value to the woilu. Bo you think it's
impoitant to be cleai anu set intentions, about how many people you'ie going to
ieach, oi how much value you'ie going to offei anu biing into the woilu.
}oe vitale: Well I uon't want to put limits on it. Anu I think that's pait of the pioblems, with
most peoples intention, is that actually limits what's possible foi them. So I like
what }eiiy anu Esthei Bicks say - with the Abiaham folks - you know, they just want
to ieach the people who aie open to ieceiving theii message.
Euwaiu Nills: 0m hum.
}oe vitale: That can enu up being the entiie planet.
Euwaiu Nills: Right.
}oe vitale: It uoesn't say, "I want to ieach five million people," which enus up sounuing like a
lot, but it's actually a limitation when theie's billions on the planet. So, I'u iathei
come fiom, "@ N*(+ +6 G'JG/JJ H- )/O/(# 0*JJ/(L 6( +"# <J*(#+I *() @ N*(+ +6 ;#*0"
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 23
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
+"# <#6<J# N"6 N*(+ +6 "#*; H- H#..*L#I *() @ )6(K+ N*(+ +6 <'+ * J/H/+*+/6(
6( /+ &- .*-/(L /+ "*. +6 &# 0#;+*/( H/JJ/6(.FW I want to ieach the people, who
ieally want to heai the message anu that may enu up being, you know, thousanus, oi
it coulu be millions, oi it coulu be billions. I uon't honestly know.
Euwaiu Nills: Right. Wow.
Well, }oseph we'ie ieaching the top of the houi, anu I'm suie that you have... You've
mentioneu some of youi books, but I'm suie that you have some piogiams, out
theie, that might be of benefit... not might be woulu be of benefit. Is theie something
you want to mention.
}oe vitale: Well the numbei one thing is: Niiacles Coaching. I staiteu a coaching piogiam foui
yeais ago, because I iealizeu that if you'ie ieally going to have peimanent change
anu acceleiateu iesults, you'ie going to neeu a coach; somebouy that can help you
get out of youi own belief system. Because, if you keep on uoing what you'ie uoing,
anu thinking what you'ie thinking; you'ie going to keep on getting the same iesults.
Anu even with ieauing anu auuios; you'll make stiiues in a new uiiection, but my
expeiience has been, foi the most pait, they'ie baby steps compaieu to when you
have a coach. So I have a Niiacles Coaching piogiam. I woulu invite people to go to;, anu just check it out. Anu talk to somebouy that's a iep
foi it - that you'll get a connection fiom, when you go to;
Anu then of couise my book: Attiact Noney Now. It's fiee please go to; anu ieau it. Anu if you piefei auuio, my piogiam; The
Seciet to Attiacting Noney, has been getting iave ieviews, anu just changing lives,
because it's so inteiactive. Theie'ie CB's, BvB, anu guiuebook. It's a complete
piogiam foi unueistanuing youi beliefs, about money. Anu just go to;
Anu I can piobably go on. If somebouy just wants to check me out they can go to my
main website which is
Euwaiu Nills: Thank you, }oe. Is theie one message that you woulu leave, you know, foi mouein
uay mystics stiuggling financially. Is theie just one message that you woulu leave
them with.
}oe vitale: ^6JJ6N -6'; <*../6( *() &# G#*;J#..F !"6.# +N6 +"/(L.I #O#( +"6'L" @ .*/)
+"#H /( 6(# .+*+#H#(+I *;# <;6&*&J- +"# 06H&/(*+/6( J60P +"*+ N/JJ G;## -6' +6
&# +"# *&'()*(+ H-.+/0F If you follow youi passion; you'ie going to finu youi ioau
thiough life. You'ie going to finu the high ioau that's spiiitually uiiecteu foi you.
Anu when you act feailessly, meaning, uon't juuge youiself, uon't stop youiself,
uon't seconu guess youiself, uon't listen to the What If Bown thinking, but act fiom a
feailess place, that you'ie tiusting, it's going to woik out heie. Tiusting you'ie on
the iight path. That's when the things begin to unfolu. So follow youi passion with a
feailessness, anu watch the magic anu miiacles occui.
1ranscrlpL - !oe vlLale age 24
1he AbundanL MysLlc: 21-uays Lo 18uL Abundance |
Euwaiu Nills: I love that.
Well }oe, thank you so much. This has been such a pleasuie to talk with you, touay.
}oe vitale: 0h. Thank you. You aie uoing wonueiful woik, anu I'm veiy glau to be pait of this.
uouspeeu to eveiybouy listening! Expect miiacles!
Anu Euwaiu, you'ie uoing fantastic!
Euwaiu Nills: Thank you, }oe.