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Jeff Weidner

Phone: E-mail: Reel: (949) 677-7695


To join and contribute to a dynamic team and create high-quality animated entertainment.

Sony Computer Entertainment of America

April 2012 ~ July 2012

Animator Unfinished Swan Provided in-game and cinematic animation on human and animal characters. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Provided in-game and cinematic keyframe animation and mo-cap cleanup. Sly Cooper 4 Provided keyframe animation skills for cinematic sequences.

Reel FX/Radium

March 2010 ~ December 2011

Animator Provide character animation for a variety of commercial and entertainment projects, including: Ice Age Holiday Special Animated various characters while assisting entertainment team in production of a television holiday special. Looney Tunes Short Assisted entertainment team by providing character animation for production and character testing. Sleep to Live kiosk video presentation Animated a new mascot character for a 3-minute video presentation to be installed at in-store kiosks. Take Your Medicine music video Worked on character animation development and animated two main characters in a music video for the band Transfer. RED Created animation for alligators and heron on interstitial postcard for the film RED. Webosaurs Created dance animation cycles for main characters of Reel FX's interactive web property.

Sony Computer Entertainment of America

April 2009 ~ November 2009

Character Animator Uncharted 2 Responsible for animating facial performances for a variety of characters including the hero and assorted villains for cinematic sequences. Mod Nation Racers Created keyframe animations, layout, and camera for cinematics for Mod Nation Racers.

Blue Sky Studios

January 2009 ~ March 2009

Character Animator Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Created physically and emotionally driven performances on a variety of lead characters and dinosaurs.

Technicolor Interactive Services

May 2008 ~ August 2008

3D Artist Created keyframe animation performances for Ben 10: Alien Force, The Saboteur, and mo-cap cleanup for Blitz: The League 2.

Diploma in Advanced Character Animation Studies December 2007

University of California, Irvine

B.A., English June 1995