Jeff Weidner

Phone: E-mail: Reel: (949) 677-7695


To join and contribute to a dynamic team and create high-quality animated entertainment.

Sony Computer Entertainment of America

April 2012 ~ July 2012

Animator ● “Unfinished Swan” – Provided in-game and cinematic animation on human and animal characters. ● “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale” – Provided in-game and cinematic keyframe animation and mo-cap cleanup. ● “Sly Cooper 4” – Provided keyframe animation skills for cinematic sequences.

Reel FX/Radium

March 2010 ~ December 2011

Animator Provide character animation for a variety of commercial and entertainment projects, including: ● Ice Age Holiday Special – Animated various characters while assisting entertainment team in production of a television holiday special. ● Looney Tunes Short – Assisted entertainment team by providing character animation for production and character testing. ● “Sleep to Live” kiosk video presentation – Animated a new mascot character for a 3-minute video presentation to be installed at in-store kiosks. ● “Take Your Medicine” music video – Worked on character animation development and animated two main characters in a music video for the band Transfer. ● “RED” – Created animation for alligators and heron on interstitial postcard for the film “RED”. ● “Webosaurs” – Created dance animation cycles for main characters of Reel FX's interactive web property.

Sony Computer Entertainment of America

April 2009 ~ November 2009

Character Animator ● “Uncharted 2” – Responsible for animating facial performances for a variety of characters including the hero and assorted villains for cinematic sequences. ● “Mod Nation Racers” – Created keyframe animations, layout, and camera for cinematics for Mod Nation Racers.

Blue Sky Studios

January 2009 ~ March 2009

Character Animator ● “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” – Created physically and emotionally driven performances on a variety of lead characters and dinosaurs.

Technicolor Interactive Services

May 2008 ~ August 2008

3D Artist ● Created keyframe animation performances for “Ben 10: Alien Force”, “The Saboteur”, and mo-cap cleanup for “Blitz: The League 2”.

Diploma in Advanced Character Animation Studies December 2007

University of California, Irvine
B.A., English June 1995