Total marks – 300
Pass marks – 150

Part I Identify the correct answer. 5 x 2 = 10 Marks.
Q. 1. Among the following which items signify the 4
(i) House of Vehicles,
(ii) House of Brothers/Sisters,
(iii) House of Comforts,
(iv) House of Education,
(v) House of Progeny.

Q. 2. Which are the significations of 7
house in the following?
(i) General Public,
(ii) Debt,
(iii) Jamaatra, (Son in law)
(iv) Astha ,
(v) Mother.

Q. 3 What are the Significations of Bhagyasthana (9
House) in the
(i) Tapasu ,
(ii) Face,
(iii) Grand Children,
(iv) Guru (Teacher),
(v) Shonta (Waist),
Q. 4 Identify the Significations of Expenditure (12
) house?
(i) Disease,
(ii) Papa (Sin),

(iii) Siddhi,
(iv) Shayana (Sleeping)
(v) Paada (Feet).

Q. 5 What we decide from house of Profit (11
(i) Glamour/Enjoyment,
(ii) Waist,
(iii) Fulfillment of desire,
(iv) Shlaagane, (praise)
(v) Siddhi.

Part II Essay type answers, Answer any four. 5 x 4 = 20 Marks.

Q. 6 Explain the significations of 5

Q. 7 Explain the significations of 11
house Labhasthana)?

Q. 8 Explain the significations of 10
house (Karmasthana)?

Q. 9 Explain the significations of Lagna Bhava?

Q. 10 Explain the use of Bhava significations?

Part III Fill up the blanks 5 x 2 = 10 Marks.

Q. 11 In Rasi & Navamsa chart if a planet in the same sign it is called ………..

Q. 12 In Rasi chart if a planet is debilitated and in Navamsa if it is exalted the result will be

Q. 13 If one planet moves from Rasi Lagna to 5
house in Navamsa, it is called …………..

Q. 14 If Lagnadipathi or significator Venus is in Navamsa lagna the Marital life

Part IV Indicate the answers by ticking Yes/No 5 x 2 = 10 Marks.

Q. 15 If Navamsa chart is considered as independent chart like Rasi chart and aspects are
taken for prediction. Yes/No.

Q.16 To transit one Navamsa Sun takes 3 days 8 hours. Yes/No.

Q. 17 To transit one navamsa Jupiter takes one month ten days. Yes/No.

Q. 18 When two planets are in one Navamsa, it is called amsha yudda. Yes/No.

Q. 19 64
Navamsa indicates the danger to the life. Yes/No.

Q. 20 Exalted Moon can be in debilitated Navamsa. Yes/No.

Part V Essay type. Answer any two 5 x 2 = 10 Marks.

Q. 21 Explain the Signification (karaka) Planet in Navamsa.

Q. 22 As per Druvanaadi, what is Karakaamsha?

Q. 23 What is Navamsa Thulya rasi, explain ?


Part I Identify the correct answers 5 x 2 = 10 Marks.

Q. 24 In Binnasthaka varga what is the maximum No. of Bindus.
(i) 10, (ii) 5, (iii) 8, (iv) 6, (v) 4.

Q. 25 Which is the chart used for preparing Asthakavarga?
(i) Bhava chart, (ii) Navamsa chart, (iii) Rasi chart.

Q 26 What you call the rasi which has ‘0’ bindu in Asthakavarga?
(i) Adhama, (ii) Adhamaadhama, (iii) Shoonya rasi, (iv) Madhyama.

Q. 27 What is the Maximum bindus ‘Sun’ can give in a chart.
(i) 32, (ii) 56, (iii) 48, (iv) 39.

Q. 28 In Binnashtaka varga what is result for 4 bindus?
(i) Good, (ii) Medium, (iii) Mixed, (iv) Disease.

Part II Fill up the blanks 5 x 2 = 10 Marks.

Q. 29 In Samudhaya Asthaka varga for benefic results ……. Bindus required.

Q. 30 In Venus Asthaka varga ………….. number of bindus are there.

Q. 31 Planet in a Exalted house which has low bindus gives ………. Result.

Q. 32 Planets in Dusthana which has more number of bindus gives …… results.

Q.33 To have a good living the native should have more bindus in ………….. houses.

Part III Essay type. Answer any two of the following. 5 x 2 = 10 Marks.

Q. 34 Explain the results of Chandra Asthaka varga?

Q. 35 Explain the results of Venus Asthaka varga?

Q. 36 With the help of Venus Asthaka varga how the effects of Marriage and married life
can be predicted?


Part I Identify the correct answers in the following 20 x 2 = 40 Marks.

Q. 37 Which planet rules/signify Telephone, Road, School ?
(i) Sun, (ii) Moon, (iii) Mars, (iv) Mercury.

Q. 38 Which planet signify - Typing, Short hand, Paper Technology?
(i) Saturn, (ii) Mars, (iii) Mercury, (iv) Jupiter.

Q. 39 Identify the other names of Jupiter?
(i) Jeeva, (ii) Angirasa, (iii) Brahaspati, (iv) Kaavya.

Q.40 Jupiter as lord of Pieces, Identify the personality of the native?
(i) High body, (ii) Beautiful personality, (iii) Attractive hairs, (iv) attractive Eyes.

Q. 41 Identify Jupiter’s Exaltation, Debilitation, own houses?
(i) Capricorn, (ii) Cancer, (iii) Libra, (iv) Sagitarious.

Q. 42 Which type of education does Jupiter give?
(i) Tatwa jyana, (ii) Law, (iii) Ayarveda, (iv) Milk vender.

Q.43 What is the diseases caused by Jupiter in Libra ?
(i) Skin disease (ii) Tumour, (iii) Kidney problem, (iv) Throat pain.

Q. 44 How many natural Satellites are there for Jupiter?
(i) 61, (ii) 78, (iii) 63, (iv) 60.

Q.45 Identify Saturn’s Gothra?
(i) Marichi, (ii) Kaashyapa, (iii) Niruti, (iv) Bharadwaja.

Q.46 Identify Saturn’s ‘Paryaaya’ names?
(i) Swori, (ii) Asitha, (iii) Manda, (iv) Chaaya.

Q.47 Which is Saturn’s vehicle?
(i) Owl, (ii) Crow, (iii) Vulture, (iv) Eagle.

Q.48 What is the Birth star of Ketu?
(i) Chitta, (ii) Vishaka, (iii) Dhanista, (iv) Moola.

Q.49 Who is the Prathyadi devathe of Saturn?
(i) Shakti, (ii) Hanuman, (iii) Yama, (iv) Prajapathi.

Q.50 Which element (Tatwa), Ketu planet is?
(i) Akasha, (ii) Vaayu, (iii) Prathvi, (iv) Jaala.

Q.51 Which are the diseases Saturn can cause?
(i) Epilepsy, (ii) Fistula, (iii) Leprosy, (iv) Diabetics.

Q. 52 Ketu in Venus Star, identify the diseases they are going to cause?
(i) Excess sex desire, (ii) Secrete part Diseases, (iii) Good health, (iv) Relief from

Q.53 Which is Rahu’s vehicle?
(i) Tiger, (ii) Lion, (iii) Leopard, (iv) No Vehicle.

Q.54 Rahu in Saturn Star, identify the diseases they are going to cause?
(i) Accident, (ii) Joint pains, (iii) Vaatha Pitta (Bile) Diseases, (iv) Non of these.

Q.55 Mercuryin Venus Star, identify the disease they are going to cause?
(i) Nerves problem, (ii) Secrete part Diseases, (iii) Leucodorma, (iv) Good health.

Q.56 Identify the character of Jupiter as lord of Sagittarius?

(i) Wisdom, (ii) Artist, (iii) Poet, (iv) Hasty personality, (v) Bad Habits.

Part II Fill up the Blanks 10 x 2 = 20 Marks.

Q. 57 ………………………. Planet has 61 Satellites.

Q.58 Mercury das period ………………….. years.

Q.59 ………………….. Mercury planet grain.

Q.60 Mercury’s Prathiady devate ……………….

Q.61 Agjna it is …………………….. planets another name.

Q.62 Venus is ……………… Maharishi’s Son.

Q.63 Venus’s Deep exaltation ………….. in Pieces sign.

Q.64 Venus’s lordship in male sign is …………….

Q.65 Carbon’s has ………………. Planet adhipathi.

Q.66 Spiritual and Secret knowledge is given by ………………… planet.

Indicaticate the answer by Yes/No 10 x 2 = 20 Marks.

Q.67 Mercury is significator of Memory. Yes/No.

Q.68 Mercury is Dual sign planet. Yes/No.

Q.69 Mercury is significator of speech. Yes/No.

Q.70 Jupiter Pingalaksha (Honey coloured eyes) Yes/No.

Q.71 Jupiter is the Significator of Wealth and Progeny Yes/No.

Q.72 Ketu planet is also called as ‘Dhwaja’ Yes/No.

Q.73 Uranus planet represents ‘Arcade’ Yes/No.

Q.74 Neptune planet signify Artis. Yes/No.

Q.75 Vaathapi, Elvar’s are brothers of Ketu. Yes/No.

Q.76 Rahu is the significator of rough talks. Yes/No.

Essay Type Answer any four questions 4 x 5 = 20 Marks.
Q.77 Name the five professions signified by Saturn?

Q.78 Name the five Diseases caused by Jupiter?

Q.79 Name the five objects signified by Mercury in Mundan Astrology?

Q.80 Name the five educational wings signified by Rahu & Ketu?

Q. 81 Name the five Diseases caused by Saturn?

Q.82 Name the five professions signified by Ketu?

Essay Type answers. Attempt any two questions 10 x 2 = 20 Marks.

Q.83 Explain the effects/results of Saturn as lord of Sagittarius?

Q.84 Explain the effects/results of Jupiter as lord of Pieces?

Q.85 Explain the planets and their colours?


Part I Identify the correct answers 5 x 2 = 10

Q.86 In Vimshotari dasa system what is the total years span?
(i) 100, (ii) 120, (iii) 80.

Q.87 In Astothari and Yogini dasa system which are the planets not taken?
(i) Rahu, (ii) Saturn, (iii) Ketu, (iv) Sun.

Q.88 To find out the Bhukti period of the planet after multiplying the two planets dasa
period in which the result is divided?
(i) From the dasa period of planet whose dasa is required.
(ii) From the total of both planets.

(iii) from 120 years.

Q.89 In dasa system which are the first three stages?
(i) Dasa, (ii) Bhukti, (iii) Pratyantara, (iv) Antardasa, (v) Shooksma dasa.

Q.90 To give beneficial result, where the planets should be positioned?
(i) Uchcha sthana, (ii) Moolatrikona, (iii) swakshetra, (iv) Upachaya,
(v) Panapara.

Part II Fill up the blanks. 5 x 2 = 20 Marks.

Q.91 Dasanatha to Bhuktinatha in ………. ………. …….. …….. ……. Stars, give benefic

Q.92 Dasa results are depends on ………………… Avastha (status) of the planet.

Q.93 Planet is in friendly house it is called as …………………….

Q.94 Planet which has lost in the graham yudda is called…………………

Q.95 Dasa results in their Adhipatya rasi …………… Planet trasit, gets activated.

Part III Essay Type Answer any two questions. 2 x 5 = 10 Marks

Q.96 In order to decide the results of dasanatha which are the five requirements, explain?

Q.97 During Sun dasa period, explain the common results?

Q.98 During Mars dasa period, explain the common results?

Part I Identify the correct answer by a tick Mark
Q.99 Identify the types of Sadbalas in the following?
(i) Jestabala, (ii) Grahabala, (iii) Kalabala, (iv) Nakshatra bala.

Q.100 What is measuring unit of sadbala?
(i) Rupa, (ii) Part of 100/ %, (iii) Shastamsa, (iv) Simhamsha like amshas.

Q.101 To measuring Sthanabala what are the requirements?
(i) Planets distance from rasi starting point,
(ii) Planets distance from bhava starting point,
(iii) Planets distance from its exaltation point,
(iv) Planets distance from its own house.

Q.102 What is Arhoha?
(i) From sign’s starting to middle point movements status,
(ii) From bhava’s starting to middle point movements status,
(iii) Movements towards exaltation point,
(iv) Movements towards Trikona point,

Q.103 What is sapthavarga strength?
(i) Strength gained by the position of Friendly, enemy houses.
(ii) Strenth gained by seven divisional charts, swahamsas,
(iii) Strength gained by Kendra, Trikona position.

Part II Indicaticate the answer by Yes/No 2 x 5 = 10 Marks.

Q.104 Oja Yugtha Rasiamsaja bala means planets gaining strength in even –odd sign in
navamsa Yes/No.
Q.105 If the planets are in the same house in four divisional charts, it is called
Simhaasanaamsa. Yes/No.

Q.106 Male planets in first drekkana gain 15 shashtyamsa strength. Yes/No.

Q.107 For Digbala we take the four house as North direction. Yes/No.

Q.108 Moon and Venus in north get full digbala. Yes/No.

Part III Essay Type Answer any two questions. 5 x 2 = 10 Marks

Q.109 What is Shadbala panda, explain?

Q.110 What is Istaphala – Kashtaphala?

Q.111 What is bhavabala, explain?


Part I Identify the correct answers in the following. 5 x 2 = 10 Marks

Q.112 For marital happiness which are the important houses to be referred?
(i) Ascendant,
(ii) Sixth house,
(iii) Seventh house,
(iv) Eleventh house,
(v) 8

Q.113 To get a soft and beautiful wife, what are the indication?
(i) In 7
house 9
lord (Bhagyadipathi) should be posited,
(ii) Bhagyasthana should be aspected by benefic planets,
(iii) Lagna should aspected by bhagyadipathi,
(iv) Lagna should be aspected by benefic planets,

Q.114 For couple’s happiness and progeny, what are the indications?
(i) From 7
lord, in 1, 7, 11
houses benefic planets conjunction, aspect, etc.,
(ii) From 7
lord, in 2, 7, 11
houses planets are debilitated, combust.
(iii) From 7
lord, in 2, 7, 11
houses dusthana planets relation.

Q.115 For happy married life the dictums are:
(i) 2, 7, 12
lords are posited in Kendra, trikona with benefic planets relation.

(ii) 2, 12
lords are posited in dusthana.
(iii) 12
lord is combust.

Q.116 If Sun is posited in lagna or in 7
house, what is the status of married life.
(i) Sun is in lagna means dislikes more,
(ii) Sun is in 7
means, dislike and disputes are more,
(iii) Sun in lagna means, help from parents for happy married life,
(iv) Sun in 7
means, help from Father & Mother-in-law for happy married life.

Part II Fill up the blanks 5 x 2 = 10

Q.117 If malefic planets in fourth house Shthri becomes ………………. ,

Q.118 Girl born in Vishaka nakshatra will destroy ………………..,

Q.119 Girl born in Moola nakshatra 1, 2, 3 pada will destroy …………………. ,

Q.120 Two Naphomsaka planets are in 7
, 11
house causes …………….. yoga,

Q.121 In 5
house naphomsaka planets, Venus Rahu conjunction, Mars in dusthana
forms ………… yoga.

Part III Essay type answer any two of the followings. 2 x 5 = 10 Marks

Q.122 Explain vidhavaa (Widow) yoga?

Q.123 Explain wife’s character, habits deciding factors?

Q.124 Explain the Trimshamsa results of Mars?

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