No one knows Raven's true name. What is known of
her past is that she grew up in a small Bretonnian
village near Athel Loren. One night her village was
attacked by a band of raiding Beastmen, and she was
forced to flee. Her mother helped her up on the last
horse just before the stable was surrounded. She rode
towards Athel Loren, the light from the burning houses
in her village becoming less clear as she rode further
towards the forest. She was found sleeping next to a
tree in the morning by a Wood Elf couple, who had lost
their own child in a Beastmen attack earlier that year,
and decided to adopt the helpless little girl as their
own. She was suffering from shock and they were
unable to get her to give them her name. They decided
to call her Raven after her jet-black hair.

Raven was taught in the art of stealth and archery and
was an excellent student. At the age of nineteen she left
her foster parents and Athel Loren and travelled to
Tilea, were she joined the mercenary armies as a
sentry, scouting out enemy positions and reporting
their locations to the general.

One day, she was given a very important mission by
her employer, to sneak into the enemy camp and
eliminating an enemy commander. She and a few other
men were assigned the dangerous task, and during the
night they entered the enemy camp. However, just as
they approached the tent of the commander, they were
discovered by the guards and had to flee.

They were soon surrounded and had to fight their way
out. Raven still felt obliged to finish her mission, and
could in the distance make out the silhouette of the
general shouting orders to his men in the distance. She
took the shot, hitting him in the eye, killing him
instantly. The soldiers were so shocked by the death of
their commander that they stopped fighting, which
gave Raven the time she needed to escape.

Upon her return, she was richly awarded by her
employer. Raven then left the service of the army, and
traveled the Old World recruiting the best archers and
foresters she could find and founded Raven’s Rangers.
On the battlefield, they are expert scouts, taking out the
enemy's war machines and fast cavalry, as well as any
commander unfortunate to come within range of her

MOTTO: Death from afar.

BATTLE-CRY: Aim for their eyes!

APPEARANCE: The Rangers wear linens and
hoods of green and brown to melt into the woodland
terrain, and wear leather armour to protect them from

FOR HIRE: Ravens Rangers may be hired by Dogs
of War, the Empire, High Elves, Wood Elves and
Lizardmen, and they count as a Rare choice.

POINTS: Raven and 4 Rangers cost a total of 140
points. Additional Rangers may be added for an
additional 15 points per model.

Raven 4 5 6 3 3 2 5 3 8
Ranger 4 4 4 3 3 1 4 1 8


EQUIPMENT: Two hand weapons, long bows and
light armour.

TROOP TYPE: Infantry.

SPECIAL RULES: Skirmishers, Scouts.

Unseen: The Rangers are adept at hiding in the terrain,
using their cloaks as camouflage. As long as they are
within forests they are an additional -1 to hit.

Woodland Ambush: The Rangers are very adept at
using the terrain to their advantage. While in wooded
terrain, they benefit from the Always Strike First
special rule in the first round of combat as they ambush
their enemies.

Eagle Eye: Raven is an expert archer, able to pick out
any one in a crowd. She has the Sniper rule.
Furthermore, if a 6 is rolled when rolling to hit, that
shot will wound automatically with no armour save
allowed. Note that this only applies to missile attacks.

Dodge: Raven is very agile and quick to react to her
surroundings. Enemies must re-roll successful hits
against her in close combat.

Born the son of Elven traders, and having grown up in
Tilea, Palindor was well accustomed to the traditions
of the land. As a young elf he joined the Fighters Guild
of Remas. He soon rose through the ranks of the Guild
and became their best swordfighter. Upon the passing
of the old Guildmaster, Palindor was given the
position. He eventually married Idril, an Elven Mage
who worked as a healer in Remas. They had two
children together, their firstborn was a son they named
Lolindir who soon became a great, albeit somewhat
reckless, warrior. Their second was a girl whom they
named Inwë. More alike her mother than her father,
Inwë showed signs of magic capabilities at a young

One day, as Idril was collecting herbs in the forest
outside of Remas, she and her guards were ambushed
by Goblins and killed. Palindor immediately felt her
demise, as if something inside him had died. Guided by
an unknown force, he traveled to the place of her death.
When he saw her dead body, he became mad with rage.
After her burial, he and his children, along with the
Elven fighters of the Guild, left Remas to embark on
the path of the Mercenary, hoping to one day get
revenge for the death of Idril.

They called themselves "the Praetorians", meaning to
uphold order in the world and push back evil wherever
it be found. As the regiment became more famous
across the Old World, more Elves begun to join its
ranks, inspired by Palindor's tragic fate. They are an
elite unit on the battlefield, thinning down the enemy’s
ranks before finishing them off with their glaives.

CAPTAIN: Palindor.

MOTTO: Order above all!

BATTLE-CRY: Vengeance for Idril!

APPEARANCE: The regiment wears slick uniforms
of red and white, and cuirasses and helmets of shining

FOR HIRE: Palindor's Praetorians may be hired by
Dogs of War, the Empire, High Elves, Wood Elves and
Lizardmen, and they count as a Rare choice.

POINTS: Palindor, Lólindir, Inwë and seven
Preatorians cost a total of 290 points including
Standard Bearer and Musician. This is the minimum
size of unit you can hire. The regiment may be
enlarged by adding extra models at a cost of +12 points

Palindor 5 7 6 4 3 2 7 3 9
Lólindir 5 5 5 3 3 1 6 2 8
Inwë 5 4 4 3 3 1 5 1 8
Praetorian 5 4 4 3 3 1 5 1 8


EQUIPMENT: Palindor is armed with the Sword of
Vengeance, a longbow, the Bloodstone and wears
heavy armour. Lólindir and Inwë have hand weapons,
longbows, light armour and shields. The Praetorians
have glaives, long bows and light armour.

TROOP TYPE: Infantry.

Vengeance: Seeking revenge for Idril’s death,
Palindor, Lólindir and Inwë are subject to Hatred.

Mage Apprentice: Inwë was studying under her
mother Idril, learning to become a Mage. She counts as
a Level 1 Wizard, and knows the spell Regrowth from
the Lore of Life. However, she suffers -1 to cast and
does not channel any dice.

Glaives: Models armed with glaives fight in two ranks,
the front rank gets +1 Strength. Requires two hands.

Sword of Vengeance (Magic Weapon)
Palindor created this sword after his wife’s death. It is
instilled with his bitter hatred for his enemies.

The wielder of the Sword of Vengeance gets +1
Strength and may re-roll failed rolls to wound.

The Bloodstone (Talisman)
The gem carried by Idril the day she was killed. It was
retrieved by Palindor at the scene, covered in her
blood. He now carries it in his belt, the stone
protecting him against enemy attacks.

The Bloodstone confers a 5+ Ward save to the wearer.

A very unconventional Dwarf, Curin was more
interested in the traditions of Tilea, where his father
had worked as a blacksmith, rather than his Dwarfen
ancestry. He was particularly interested in the jousting
tournaments of Luccini. The other Dwarfs mocked him
for his wish to ride like the Humans, but Curin did not
care. One day, still a beardling, he decided to join the
tournament, riding one of the ponies the Dwarfs used
in the mines to pull the ore carts.

As he rode onto the jousting field, the crowd laughed at
him, but Curin was undismayed. Certain of victory,
Curin’s first opponent charged at him, lance ready, but
Curin just ducked under his lance and dismounted the
Knight with a blow from his axe. The rest of the joust
went similar; Curin used his small size (though he'd
never admit it!) to avoid his opponents’ attack, before
easily knocking them out of the saddle. He went on to
win the entire tournament. Wanting to see more of the
world, Curin became a mercenary. Rumor of the
mounted Dwarf begun to spread, and soon other young
Dwarfs took their ponies and left the mines and
blacksmiths to join up him. So became the regiment
known as Curin’s Cataphracts, among the toughest
cavalry in the Old World.


MOTTO: Who says a Dwarf can't ride?

BATTLE-CRY: Armoured Might!

APPEARANCE: The regiment wears brazen gromril
armour covering their entire person, leaving only two
small eye sockets (and their beards if course!) visible.

FOR HIRE: Curin's Cataphracts may be hired by The
Empire, Dwarfs and Lizardmen, and they count as a
Rare choice. Dogs of War armies may choose Curin’s
Cataphracts as a Special choice.
POINTS: Curin and four Cataphracts cost a total of
235 points including Standard Bearer and Musician.
This is the minimum size of unit you can hire. The
regiment may be enlarged by adding extra models at a
cost of +24 points each.

Curin 3 6 4 4 5 2 3 3 9
Cataphract 3 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 9
Dwarf Pony 7 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5


EQUIPMENT: Curin is armed with Headcleaver,
Gromril armour, shield and rides a barded Dwarf Pony.
The Cataphracts are armed with hand weapons, lances,
Gromril armour, shields and rides barded Dwarf

TROOP TYPE: Cavalry.

Unconventional: Other Dwarfs frown upon the use of
horses in battle, and are less likely to fight with any
who defies their traditions. Any friendly Dwarf unit
within 12" from Curin’s Cataphracts suffers a -1 to
their Leadership. In addition, Curin’s Cataphracts do
not have any of the special rules associated with
normal Dwarfs.

Headcleaver: Magic Weapon. The wielder is granted
+1 Strength and may re-roll 1’s to hit.