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1: Pg. 86- Explain how a kernel of corn will be broken down into its various parts.

- The kernel is first subdivided and the yellow skin is used for vitamins and nutritional
supplements. The germ will be crushed for oil. The endosperm will be plundered for it's

2: Pg. 86- What are some of the names of compounds that are in products that are made
from corn?
- Glucose, fructose, ethanol and xanthan gum.

3: Pg. 88- it takes about ___5__ gallons to process a bushel of corn, and prodigious amounts
of energy. Wet milling is an energy-intensive way to make food; for every calorie of
processed food it produces, another __10__ calories of fossil fuel energy are burned.

4: Pg. 89- What did the discovery of glucose isomerase do for the industry?
- Its the most valuable food product.

5: Pg. 90- What does it mean when we say that we are liberating food from nature?
- We should processing the food instead of stopping the food from going back to nature

6: Pg. 91- Corn is the key constituent of what four processed foods? Is this surprising?
- Cheez Whiz, Cool Whip, margarine and Tang. Yes

7: Pg. 93- How much does it take to make a box of cereal? How much is it sold for?
- It costs 4 cents to make a box cereal, and it's sold for $4.00 dollars in stores.

8 Pg. 94- What is the average growth rate of Americans? What does it mean by fixed
stomach and how does this relate to profits?
- 1% per year. "Fixed stomach" means that our stomach is taking in processed foods and not
natural grown/organic food. This relates to our profit is increasing.

9: Pg. 94- How many pounds of food does the average American eat per year?
- 15,000 pounds

10: Pg. 94- Theres money to be made in food, unless youre trying to grow it- explain
this statement.
- It cost more money to grow natural foods than to produce processed foods.

11: Pg. 97- Explain what the author means by, getting more fruits and vegetables into food.
- Most food that says has fruits and vegetables, doesn't have anything natural in them at all.

12: Pg. 98- Does natural raspberry flavor mean that the flavoring is actually raspberry or
even natural? Explain.
- The natural raspberry flavor is just artificial flavors that are trying to make the taste of natural
raspberry. The companies use the extracts from raspberries to give their foods the flavor of

13: Pg. 98- What is resistant starch and how does it get around the biological limit on how
much you eat in a year?
- Resistant starch is an ingredient that doesn't account for any calories of glucose.