Phi Theta Kappa (Alpha Delta Mu) Meeting Minutes

Minutes Recorded By: Dalleane McNichols

Minutes Reviewed and Approved By: Nicole Schoenstein

Meeting called to order :

By Whom: Nicole Schoenstein Date: 11/3/2009 Time: 12:30 P.M.

Officer Role Call: Present (P), Absent (A), Late (L) Nicole Schoenstein (President) P Tammy Medica (Vice President) P Dorothy Doyne (Treasurer) P Dominique Leotta (Public Relations) P Dalleane McNichols (Secretary) P Stephanie Mac (SGA Representative) P Tina McConnell (Historian) P Carolyn Coulter (Advisor) P. Excused Absences: N/A

Member Role Call:

Please refer to the attached attendance sheet.

Secretary’s Report: Dalleane McNichols.


Advisor’s Report: Carolyn announced that we received a letter of participation appreciation from the American Red Cross Association for our willingness to assist and volunteer in the Blood Drive dated back on September 29th. She also stated that as of the above date we have added 59 new members to our Phi Theta Kappa Club Chapter. She also expressed that members who wish to participate in the Phone-a-thon Fundraiser to recruit new Phi Theta Kappa members/raise funds for our club, should contact President Nicole Schoenstein. Nicole will send each participant a list of eligible Phi Theta Kappa members to call. Furthermore Nicole emphasized that for each member that is recruited,

whoever called that person will earn five (5) to go towards that person’s trip to the International Convention in Florida, if he or she chooses to attend. Vice President’s Report: Tammy Medica N/A

SGA Representative’s Report: Stephanie Mac

Secretary and Treasurer's Report- all approved Advisor Report•

SGA is sponsoring an Adopted School program, which deals with disadvantage community. On December 8th in Cafe B (10am-1:30), This event is a holiday party for the 1st grade children at Charles Sprague School in Egg Harbor City. They are looking for club participation in the event. They try to provide a positive environment for them..Like providing Entertainment (singing xmas carols), Arts&Craft, snacks, Lunch, and Presents. This year Don volunteered to be Santa, and each child will have a gift to take home. There will also be News media that usually comes in for this big event. For more information, contact Wanda Lugo, the Program Chair and Cynthia.

Club coordinator•

Nov 17- Self-Defense Seminar (12:30-2pm) at Cafe B A representative from the Martial Arts Academy is coming with four (4) senior students who are all Black belts. They will be giving lectures about self-defense in bad situations and show demonstrations. Also, they will interact with the students and teach them the moves of self-defense. If a club has a meeting that day and would like to attend, Don has a sign-in Sheet and will count that as the club’s minutes for that week.

Program Chair• •

Alcohol Awareness- looking forward to see everybody there. Adopt-a-School Christmas Event- For more information, Contact Wanda at

Sophomore Senator's Report

no report

Vice President's report•

Great American Smoke Out Proposal - Project 1200- The project entails collecting 1200 shoes to represent the amount of people who die from smoking a year. Donated shoes will be put on display and then donated to the Salvation Army.

President's Report-

The show "Noises"- Date changed to Jan 14-16

Treasurer’s Report: Dorothy Doyne N/A President’s Report: Nicole Schoenstein Nicole handed out a flyer to attendees entitled “Make a Difference in the Lives of New Jersey Families This Holiday Season.” The Phi Theta Kappa club was approved to “Adopt a Family” through Rutgers against Hunger. The handout items that are needed and those we cannot accept. We as Phi Theta Kappa Members have sponsored from their program a family of four members. A 29 yr old male, a 27 yr old female, and their two children , their 6 yr old son, and their 13 months old daughter. There will be boxes around different section of the Mays Landing Campus title example “Phi Theta Kappa have adopted a family for the holiday, please help us by donating.” Lists of items needed are stated on each box. THIS EVENT ENDS ON DECEMBER 1st. In reference to one of our activities/fundraising events, showing the “FOOD INC. FILM,” Nicole has contacted an anthropologist Professor at the Richard Stockton College New Jersey to get some help in promoting the show of the film at Richard Stockton campus. However at this point Vice President Tammy Medica made a motion and all members voted in favor to put off the showing of the film to February 2010. As it may be more feasible to host the event off campus, and this will give us more time to plan for the event. We are approved to coordinate and carry out the fundraising event to sell lollipops .The sale of the lollipops will be 50 cents each. However we are awaiting a check delivery from the SGA. Also we are approved to participate in the fundraising of an oriental customized items, further information about this fundraising will be given at the next meeting. Unfinished Business: Phi Theta Kappa is selling Partylite candles to raise money for this year’s Phi Theta Kappa International Convention in Orlando, Florida. Anyone wanting to place an order please contact either Nicole Shorenstein (President) in person or by telephone at 609-204-8625 or Dorothy (Treasurer) in person or by telephone at 609-241-4028. New Business: Phi Theta Kappa has four Hallmarks programs. On November the 17th we will be visited by Miss Patty Van Atter, a a {hi Theta Kappa alumni member will outline to us the details of the hallmark programs. Open Forum (questions, comments, concerns, ideas): We were visited by one of the SGA Club Coordinator Don Palmieri . He Proposed to us an idea that he is sharing with all the different clubs on campus, in hopes of gaining support. His ideas is to get all the clubs at ACCC involved in a Make a Wish Foundation Event, for the benefit of children in the Cape May and Atlantic counties. He would like to make eac child’s wish come true. Moreover when asked what we as members of Phi Theta Kappa can do to help , he said “we can visit business places around the area and ask for donations.” Special Recognition: Special thanks to all the members who volunteer at the Food Bank on October the 24th.

Announcements and Adjournment: Adjournment time: 12:59 P.M.

Meeting Notes: After the meeting was adjourned, a handful of members stayed behind to decorate collection boxes for the Adopt-aFamily program.

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