Personal Narrative

Giant Swing!

As we were walking away from the Flying Fox at camp my tummy
felt like an earth worm was making a knot and pulling it very tight.
When I was over at the flying fox this next ride looked scary! The
group before me had screamed.

I watched other people have their turn and the knot got even
tighter. Finally it was my turn. I stood shaking on the platform, my
helmet was on and the safety glasses were resting on top of my

Meanwhile Miss Holand (a grade 3 teacher) was grasping her
harness and fastening it on herself, because she was next on the
ride and my class mates were getting ready to seize the rope. The
rope was attached to my seat. My class mates had to pull the rope
to make the seat be pulled up very high and then they would let go.

It was proceeding. I was being pulled up, up and up until I was
very high and then my class mates ( they were pulling the rope ) let
go. I was moving very quick. The seat moved down then it moved
up. This happened a number of times and I screamed with shock!
It was just like a Giant Swing!

Later that afternoon as I was in my school camp cabin packing my
things to go back to school, I said to my wonderful friends whom I
was sharing a cosy cabin with. “Now that was one of the best days
of my life,” and they certainly agreed.

Personal narrative

The Memory Tree

I used to live in Melbourne with a huge backyard. Our backyard
was always so colourful. In the hot waves of summer the grass
stayed green.

My clearest memory from then was the tree, the tree you could
climb so high in. I still have photos of me and my brother playing
and climbing. I really remember one of the photos. It was of me
dressed as a pirate sitting in the big brown trunks of the tree.

I remember my brother and his friends once dug a huge hole at
the trunk of the tree to hopefully grow a lemon tree. One of the
memories I have of the lemon tree was the hole, it took a few
days to dig but it then got forgotten about in less than two days!

I have this flashback of our old next door neighbours’
Chris, Sasha, Jordie and Cosmo. We shared a backyard for quite a
few years then we got a fence. I remember Cosmo was Banjo’s
best friend. Sasha, Jordie and Cosmo were all boys. I know that we
were not happy about building the fence because we didn't know
how to open it!

Now I remember that the yard felt so big because I was so small.

Personal narrative

So You Think You Can FUSE!

As the time came for our dance, my heart was racing.
When the lights dimmed my blood was pumping.
When the song started I felt like I was right there
singing it. I felt really happy that me and my friends
had come up with this dance completely ourselves. I
had made a few moves and Summer and Ella had too. I
was dancing in front of nearly 100 people so I had better
not do a wrong move.

Ella, Summer and I got a massive applaud when we
were finished. I felt amazing. I could see my mum
waving to us, smiling brightly. Our costumes
represented the colour Titanium because that was the
name of our song.

When we were backstage everyone said we did well
and they wished they had signed up for it too. We
were all so happy we had done it together. It was
definitely a dance to remember and we all had so
much fun!

Personal narrative


As I came out of the art room, "OUCH!" My hand had slipped and
my pinkie was stuck in the side of the door. I pushed the door back
open so I could get my pinkie out. When I got my pinkie out it was
covered in blood and my nail was cracked.

Sienna took me to the office. My mum quickly came, I was in
tears, lots of pain, shock and I was shaking!

Soon I was at the medical centre. The nurse and the doctor had a
look at my pinkie. To look at it I had to have a needle that numbed
it. When they had finished having a look at my pinkie they sent us
to Geelong Hospital because they didn't know if something else had
happened to my pinkie.

At Geelong Hospital a surgeon looked at my pinkie and said
something I never wanted to have. SURGERY! I was terrified!
When I was in the surgery room I got a needle and happy gas to
help me go to sleep. I was afraid. Before I knew it I was awake. I got
a strawberry icy-pole because I was extremely hungry. Soon my
mum came in to see how I went. When I lifted my hand out of the
blanket, it was wrapped in a bandage. I had to keep my pinkie in a
bandage for a few weeks.

When I got home my brother and sister were waiting up to see me.
I told them everything that had happened. I never want to jam my
fingers in a door ever again in my life!

Personal Narrative

Best Holiday Ever

Wow! That resort was massive. I was in Queensland and
looking at a very wide resort, that my family and I would be
staying at.

My dad got the key and we went to our unit, then we put our
clothes in the cupboard. We got changed into our bathers and
went to the pool.I just bombed straight in straight away. It
was quite refreshing after a three hour plane trip. The nice
calm water on my skin I felt like I could stay in there for days
but of course that world be very hard.

In the pool there were two seats, on the opposite side from
where you get in, so the only way to get there was to swim.
At the end of the pool there was a tunnel, from the outside it
looked awesome but when I got in it was nearly pitch black.
In the middle I felt like I wanted to run straight back the way I
came in, but guess what? I didn't. I kept on going.

We stayed at the resort for five days, then it was time to
leave. I was a bit sad but I knew we had to go some day. For
the last time I went for a swim and then jumped in the car
and headed home.

Personal Narrative
Emma G

A flowing waterfall

It was a beautiful sunny day, when we started to walk up to the
waterfall. It took about 40 minutes until we were at the flowing
waterfall, but it was worth it.

As I very carefully dipped my feet into the cool relaxed water, I
suddenly felt a lot more calm. I then swam over to my sister Jess,
who was sitting on top of a big tall rock. I don't know what had got
into Jess, it looked like she was posing for the camera.

I looked around and saw my brother Tom, splashing around under
the waterfall. It fun so I swam over to him. The water fell onto my
body and I felt relaxed and still.

Around the waterfall, there were beautiful lush plants and warm,
bright opened flowers. I could hear all of the birds’ songs. Their
colourful feathers lit up the light blue sky.

The highlight of the waterfall for me was all the glowing, bright
colours that surrounded the waterfall, and from the help of all the
photos we took I am sure that I will never forget them.

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