InFusion View

InFusion View
Enabling Objective
This lab will show the service engineer InFusion View.
This lab will show the service engineer InFusion View Block Select

This lab will show the service engineer WindowMaker
Lab Objectives:
• Students will be able see all the available options for multihead stations
as well as changing the appearance of the Initial !ispla"
• Students will be able to view I# Series stations$ compounds and blocks
b" configuring the I# Browser
• Students will be able to invoke InFusion View Block Select
• Students will turn on%off compounds within InFusion View Block Select
• Students will bring faceplates%detail displa"s%trend overla"s into InFusion
View though InFusion View Block Select
• Students will witness the different views of InFusion View Block Select
• Students will use the Find !ialog bo& to search for
• Students will be able to access WindowMaker and create displa"s
1) To Launch Framer, select All Programs Invensys InFusionView 
Launch Framer. This will bring up the InFusionView Framer Properties bo.
!) From the "on#iguration $plorer, epan% Properties. $pan% the &onitorLayout
') (ithin this win%ow, you will see the available options #or multi)hea% stations. *ou
will also be able to see the available con#iguration options to change the appearance
o# the Initial +isplay.
,) Ta-e a moment to loo- at the options. +o you see names o# win%ows that are present
in (in%ow&a-er.
/n The 0erver1
1) From the 0tart 2utton All Programs  Invensys InFusion IA0eries 2rowser 
"on#iguration 3enerator
!) *ou nee% to a%% the name o# your 3alay
') 0elect 3enerate "on#iguration 4you might have to clic- /5 at the login bo)
,) /nce this is %one, you will then be able to 6browse7 IA 0eries
0tations82loc-s8"ompoun%s #or con#iguration o# %isplays etc.
9:ote the location o# the two #iles1 IA" an% +I"
These two #iles nee% to be copies to a #lash %rive or #loppy an% brought over to the
other station.
/n The ;P station1
1) "opy the two #iles #rom #lash %rive or #loppy into the location speci#ie% #rom
the server .
!) From the 0tart 2utton All Programs  Invensys InFusion IA0eries 2rowser 
"on#iguration 3enerator
') *ou nee% to a%% the name o# your 3alay
,) 0elect 3enerate "on#iguration 4you might have to clic- /5 at the login bo)
<) *ou are now all set on both stations to browse.
1) Invo-e InFusion View 2loc- 0elect
a) From InFusion View  Tools  Block Select
!) 0elect 0tation
a) +ouble "lic- on Fuse"P
') Turn /n "ompoun% 4"&P=3)
a) 0elect either the /n8/## Icon in the &enu 2ar or un%er "ompoun%
"ompoun% /n
,) 0elect 2loc-
a) "all up the #aceplate win%ow o# the 0>?A@$ bloc-. This can be
accomplishe% two ways. $ither %ouble clic- in the bloc- or select the icon in the
menu bar.
b) 0how the +etail %isplay o# this 2loc-. "lic- on hour glass icon in the lower right
han% corner
9:otice that the available options are being calle% up on the overlay9

<) 0witching 2etween 0tation View an% 2loc- View
a) The 0tation View is %isplaye% by %e#ault. To change to 2loc- View, select the
2loc- View tab. :ote that you must #irst epan% the station in or%er to see the
bloc-s. This will show you the available bloc-s within this station. *ou can change
the or%er o# each #iel% by clic-ing on the hea%er o# each column.
A) a 0tation8"ompoun%82loc-
a)To #in% a station8compoun%8bloc- clic- on /ptions  Fin%. A %ialog bo will
then appear. *ou may search either in either1 Fin% in View or Fin% on :etwor-.
b)0elect Fin% in View
c)Type F?0$"P in the station bo. Then select match whole wor%. 0elect Fin%
0tation. A#ter selecting 6Fin% 0tation7 F?0$"P shoul% now be
highlighte%. *ou can select %one to eit the #in% %ialog bo.
B) To Print 2loc-s
a) First you nee% to select the station F?0$"P. +ouble clic- compoun% "&P=3.
"lic- the &aster bloc-. 0elect /ptions Print 2loc- List. 0elect Print only
0electe% Items. "lic- o- on the printer %ialog bo. The report will now go to the
2asic +rawing
A) From the InFusion View (in%ow  0elect Tools  (in%ow&a-er
99 :ote1 (in%ow&a-er ta-es about < minute to open99
B) "lic- /5 at the (in%ows to /pen bo
C) In the Application $plorer 0ection, epan% the (in%ows selection
D) 0elect EFT$&PLAT$0FF?LL 0IE$
1G) @ight clic-, save as &y(in%ow
11) &y(in%ow will now be the open win%ow on the %rawing area
1!) 0elect the @ectangle tool an% create a rectangle on the win%ow
1') 0elect the @oun%e% rectangle tool an% create a roun%e% rectangle on the win%ow
1,) 0elect the $llipse tool an% create an ellipse
1<) :ow try creating each obHect again 4rectangle, roun%e% rectangle an% ellipse), but
with the 0hi#t -ey hel% %own. +o you notice the %i##erence.
0elect an% +eselect
1) "reate a new %isplay an% name it Lab(in%ow
!) +raw two rectangles. "lic- on the insi%e on one o# them. *ou shoul% see that the
corners an% e%ges o# the rectangles show selecte%. *ou can select a Ihan%leJ an% move
an% manipulate the rectangle.
') Kol% %own the 0hi#t -ey an% select a han%le. :ow try moving an% manipulating the
win%ow. :otice how the rectangle respon%s %i##erently.
1) *ou will notice that the #ill color o# the rectangles match the Fill color button on the
Format 2ar. To select a new color, select the Fill color button an% select your new
color. @emember, that only the selecte% obHect will change color.
!) +raw a line by selecting the line tool
') 0elect Line color #rom the #ormat toolbar. :otice the color that the line originally is.
:ow change the color o# the line.
,) To change the wi%th o# the line, select Line #rom the menu bar. *ou will see the options
available #or wi%th.
0ymbols an% "ells
0ymbols an% "ells provi%e #or the grouping o# obHects.
+i##erences between the two1
1) "reate a new %isplay
!) +raw two rectangles. :ote that you can move an% siLe each one in%epen%ently.
') +o a multiple selection o# both rectangles.
,) (hen you clic- in the mi%%le o# both, they will both move.
<) (ith both obHects selecte%, select the &a-e 0ymbol #rom the IArrange ToolbarJ.
:otice how the Ihan%lesJ now encompass both rectangles. They are now one
A) +raw two separate circles. &a-e them into one symbol.
B) 0elect both symbols 4the rectangle an% the circle)
C) &a-e one symbol out o# both symbols. :otice that once you ma-e one symbol, you
can resiLe, change the color or move it.
D) (ith the symbol selecte%, pic- the 2rea- 0ymbol button on the IArrange ToolbarJ
1G) (hat happens with each symbol.
11) @eselect the rectangles an% ma-e a symbol with them.
1!) @eselect the circles an% ma-e a symbol with them.
1') (ith both symbols selecte%, select the &a-e "ell #rom the IArrange ToolbarJ
1,) Try to resiLe or change the #ill color. (hat happens.
1<) Pic- the 2rea- "ell button #rom the IArrange ToolbarJ. (hat happens.
1) "reate a new win%ow
!) "lic- the (iLar%s button #rom the I3eneral ToolbarJ. A (iLar% 0election %ialog bo
') 0elect 0witches
,) 0elect Fiture 0witch then /5. *ou can now place into the win%ow.
<) *ou can browse through the a%%itional (iLar%s that are available i# you choose.
0ymbol Factory
1) From the (iLar% list, select 0ymbol Factory
!) 0elect a location on the win%ow 4although you have not yet selecte% a symbol)
') *ou will now see another /verlay popup, 0ymbol Factory by @eichar% 0o#tware
,) *ou can eplore the a%%itional symbols that are available

1) "reate a new win%ow
!) 0elect the 0mart0ymbol button #rom the I(iLar%s ToolbarJ
') Place the cursor at the upper le#t location o# where you want to put the 0mart0ymbol
#aceplate an% clic-
,) The wiLar% presents you with a %ialog bo1 InTouch 0mart0ymbol 0elect &o%e.
<) 0elect the Faceplates no%e on the ArchestrA symbols tree
A) 0elect the PI+ #aceplate #rom the choices
B) *ou will then see another %ialog bo1 0mart0ymbols Properties
On the left-hand side are the generic references from the template. On the right-hand
side are the specific reference links for this instance of the template. The specific links
start out the same as the generic ones. The generic connection is to
C) "lic- on the @eplace button
D) $nter E+A0F3@P.3@P.3@P1F"2 un%er Fin% what
1G) $nter IA+A0."&P=3.&$A0 un%er @eplace (ith
11) "lic- on @eplace All
1!) (in%ow ma-er will now go through an% ma-e the reMueste% substitution.
1') (hen %one, select cancel
1,) "lic- /5 to close
1<) 0ave win%ow an% eit
1) "reate a new %isplay an% name it 0LI+$@
!) From the (iLar% 0election, select sli%er, then vertical sli%er
') Place the obHect in the win%ow
,) +ouble clic- on the obHect
<) In the entry #or the tagname, enter TA3
A) 0elect save on the Tagname %ictionary %ialog bo appears. Then close
B) 0elect Tet #rom the toolbar
C) Type NNNN
D) +ouble clic- to open %ialog bo
1G) 0elect ?ser Inputs) Analog
11) $nter TA3 besi%e the tagname entry, then select /5
1!) 0elect /5 to close out con#iguration
1') "lic- on 0ave
1,) 0ave to (in%ow that was create%
1<) 0elect @untime in upper right han% corner. This will bring the win%ow into
1A) &ove the sli%er up an% %own an% veri#y that the numeric number is eMual to the
sli%er setting.
1) From the Application $plorer pane, select con#igure  (iLar%8Active ;
Installation. +ouble clic- to open
!) 0elect the tab labele% Active ; "ontrol Installation
') From the bottom pane, select ArchestrA.Kist"lient.?I.aaTren%"ontrol then select
Install. This will place that option in the top pane.
,) "reate a new win%ow  select EFT$&PLAT$0FFull0iLe  right clic- to save as
<) "lic- on the (iLar%s icon an% clic- on the %rawing area
A) From the (iLar%s selection %ialog bo, select Active ; "ontrols 4on le#t) then select
an% highlight Kist"lient then o-. Place the obHect on the screen
B) $nlarge the %isplay so that you can see the entire graphic. 0ave the graphic
C) "all the T@$:+0 graphic up in (in%owViewer 4The best way to %o this is by saving
the %isplay, then going bac- into (in%owViewer, selecting File 2rowse
T@$:+0  open.
D) 0elect the I"on#igure 0erverJ icon 4#rom the top) then select the server name
4F?0$"P). 0elect Logon then "lose.
99 :otice the list o# TA3Js that now appear in the le#t bottom pane99
1G) 0elect the tags that were create% 40I: "/0I:$)
11) 0ee how the in#ormation is populate% to the screen.
1!) 2ecome #amiliar with the a%%itional options that are available #or tren%ing.

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