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Importance Of True Friendship
Scene 1
Narrator : In Bahrain, there was a school named Beverly High School. In that school, there
was a girl named Nazihah. She was really pretty and gorgeous. This made her
really proud. All students hovering like bees around her.
Nazihah : Tirah , get my note book from my bag and copy the notes for me. Then, get some
fries for me.
Tirah : Sure, why not! After all, what are friend for ?
Narrator : She was really smart in acting as a decent girl in front of her teachers. So, all the
teachers thought she is a good student but they were totally wrong.

Scene II

Narrator : One day, Nazihah comes to school and finds out that there is a new girl in her
class. Her name is Alia. She looks very brilliant and friendly. Soon, all the
students started hovering around her and leaving Nazihah alone. She became
very popular in just a few days and this made Nazihah jealous.

Alia : Do you need help in solving this maths problems?
Nazihah : Get lost! I am far better than you in Mathematics. Don’t just show off!
Alia : (Thinking) I was just trying to help her.
Narrator : At last, Alia become teacher’s favourite and student too.
Alia : Madam, can I help to bring those books?
Nazihah : HMPHH! She is just buttering the teachers. On that, they will stop like me. What
an awful girl!
Tirah : But, please listen to me.
Nazihah : Keep quiet and get lost! Never you dare to come again. I don’t need any friends.

Scene III

Narrator : The teacher assigns all the students with a project. She says the best one will get
reward. The next day . . . . . . .
Tirah : Hello Alia! What have you done for the project?
Alia : My project is about Wonderful and Awesome Places in Bahrain.
Tirah : It sounds very interesting and I can’t wait to see it.
Alia : Thanks friend for your motivation.
Narrator : Nazihah heard all the conversation between Alia and Tirah. She was burning with
anger. Finally, she decided to be the best one to get the prize from the teacher.
Nazihah : (Thinking) I don’t care what people want to say. I know I am the best! I must do
something to get that prize.
Narrator : So, Nazihah came up with a wicked plan to spoil’s Alia project. She had blotted
Alia’s entire project with ink.
Nazihah : Now, I am sure that I will be the winner and get all the prize.
Narrator : The teacher enters the class and ask the students to take out their projects.
Teacher : Alia, where is your project? Take it out now.
Alia : Here is my project teacher. But . . . . . .
Teacher : What pile of rubbish is this? So, this is the way you want to submit your project?
Please, get out from my class and I will make sure you will get E for your project.
I hate lazy people like you.
Alia : But, Madam my project was not like that. Someone sabotage me.
Teacher : I don’t want to hear any reason. Just keep you mouth and follow my orders.
Alia : Okey Madam.
Teacher : Nazihah, where is your project?
Nazihah : Here it is Madam.
Teacher : Very good and neat. Well done and give a big hand for the winner.
Narrator : On that day, after school end.
Tirah : I am sure Nazihah who was spoilt Alia’s project.
Nazihah : I love the way my hair bounces. Ahhh! My head is aching.
Tirah : Karma had slap you, friend. You do a bad thing to someone and God will give you
back what you had done.
Narrator : Nazihah reached home. She had high fever. Late evening, she had chickenpox.
Nazihah : Yuck! I look gross.
Narrator : The doctor had gave Nazihah 2 weeks to rest at home. In that two weeks, she
feels lonely and sad because no wants come to visit her. Suddenly, someone
knock the door. Knock. Knock. Nazihah is feeling really excited.
Nazihah : Who is there?
Alia : It’s me Alia. I come just wants to know your condition. Madam just inform us
that you had a chickenpox. I have some flowers for you. Besides, I brings also
notes and homework for you.
Nazihah : Ohh, Alia! Thank you very much. I never thought that you would come to see

Alia : What are friends for?
Nazihah : Actually , I want to tell you something about your project. I was the one who
blotted ink on you project. I really envy with you. All the teachers put their
attention to you. I’m really sorry and I had realized my mistakes.
Alia : That’s okey and as a friend I’m really proud if you had turn over a new leaf. So,
Nazihah : Yeahh, friends.
Narrator : Since that day, Alia and Nazihah became a true friends ever after.


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