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K b n y a

Kbnyai Nevelsi Tancsad s

Pedaggiai Szolgltat Kzpont
1105 Budapest, Kpolna tr 4.
Telefon/fax: 262-8!"
#ttp://$$$.xps%&.#u '-(a)l: xps%&*xps%&.t-onl)ne.#u Tehetsgpont
For Primary - High schools, Secondary schools in Kbnya, Talent points in Budapest and
Students in Taiwan
Proposed goal, objectives:
To eplore, understand and support the young talents with an interest in the natural science
encourage them to be able to eplore and display the natural !alues o" the en!ironment , study o"
the nature, carry out eperiments in topics o" #hemistry, Physics, Biology, to recogni$e the
phenomena threatening the ecological unit,to support them in independent researches relating to
the protection o" wildli"e% &ith all that orientation to their science career%
To de!elop the cooperation, in"ormation, communication s'ills, intercultural approach ,creati!ity
with the possibility o" team wor'% To shape their intercultural approach with understanding other
cultures, natural en!ironments, creati!e learning acti!ities and enrich their 'nowledge o" science%
(ccording to the proposal the students) products, based on scienti"ic topics, with integrating the
sub*ect +#T, and using "oreign language s'ills the whole programme becomes more comple%
Target population:
Four-member teams, consisting o" students aged ,--,. or ,/-,0 at educational institutions in
Kbnya, talent points in Budapest and schools in Taiwan% The teams must choose a mentor
teacher who will support and coordinate the wor' o" candidates, to help them i" they ha!e any
Candidate teams tasks in the competition:
,% To introduce the city and the district o" the candidate team according to2 geographical
"eatures, climate, population, sightseeing, cultural !alues, and students) li"e "eatures
-% To present the close residential en!ironment, the natural !alues and the problems
threatening these local issues 3eg% energy consumption, pollution4
5% To present alternati!e solutions and eperiments matching with the outline o" the research
topic starting "rom the suggestion o" the problem, using their 'nowledge- gained in natural
sciences 3#hemistry, Biology, Physics, 6athematics4
The products would be prepared as follows:
,% Written material 2 Please detail all three tas's, eplain the tas's step by step presented
in mother tongue and 7nglish as well
-% PowerPoint presentation2 Please outline all three tas's schematically,point out the
essence o" the tas' presented in mother tongue with 7nglish subtitles
5% Short videos2 Primarily we would li'e to get the eperiments presented in this "orm, in
mother tongue with 7nglish subtitles
The recommended structure o" the !ideos, content2
Fit to the research topic
+n the detailed presentation o" the eperiment the teams should write down in
which theme the eperiment can be placed, what are the conditions o" the
eperiment and eplain the hypothesis that suits to the eperiment i" it can be
7planation o" the process o" the eperiment
#onclusions and eperiences
+n the presentation o" the eperiment, the mentor must be presented
3in the !ideo must appear4
8ideo Sharing2 The prepared !ideos should be uploaded in the 9ouTube !ideo-
sharing site with the denomination o" the content as "ollows2
7nter a title2 :group name; - :sub*ect; eperiment - <(=T(>(?@? application
3eg% AFire team - #hemistry - <(=T(>(?@? (pplicationB
The prepared !ideos must appear in mother tongue with 7nglish subtitles%
The !ideos may appear as lin's on PowerPoint presentations%
The submission method
- The application "orm can be downloaded "rom the website 2
and must be sent to the email address2 xpsk!xpsk.t"
- The prepared written materials and PowerPoint presentations must be sent to the
email address2 ps$'Cps$'%t-online%hu
- +n their e-mails the lin' to the !ideo access should be displayed
#ssessment criteria
(pproach to the problem o" originality and creati!ityD thoroughness o" the preparation,
and its scienti"ic !alueD clear interpretation o" the resultsD reasoned, color per"ormance,
clear reasoning, the !alidity o" rele!ant e!idence, presentation o" the eperimental data,
characteristics o" the team wor'3each team member too' part in the tas's according to
their greatest assets 4
$eb %.&
+n accordance with the web- ser!ices we pro!ide a "ramewor' on the application
website where the candidates) uploaded and sent contents will appear , here they can
comment on these contents, communicate and create "orums%
The deadline for applications2 15th January 2012.
The submission deadline for applications2 30th March 2012.
The announcement of results: between 30th April and 15th May 2012.
'irst place2 ,/E% EEE Ft worth o" Science programme or a tool 'it "or science
'nowledge ac1uisition
(econd place: ,EE% EEE Ft worth o" Science programme or a tool 'it "or science
'nowledge ac1uisition
Third place: /E% EEE Ft worth o" science programme or a tool 'it "or science
'nowledge ac1uisition
&e plan to !isit the maintainerFowner institutions o" the applicant teams) schools in
Budapest to as' them to o""er additional rewards "or the winning teams according to
their capabilities e%g% entrance tic'ets to the museums or educational institutions, boo's,
so"tware programme pac'ages etc%
(how )elevance:
For the *ury)s best 1uali"ied candidates, we pro!ide the high court to present their
pro*ectwor' in public in Kbnya%
The members of the jur*:
-HGrtlein Kroly, Budapest @ni!ersity o" Technology, B67
- >agynH Hor!th 7mIlia, Bem JK$se" Primary-High School
-6un'csy =s$lK, Lirector o" (pc$ai Secondary <rammar School
- Lr% 8ictor (ndrs, Head o" Lepartment, 7=T7 @ni!ersity
For "urther in"ormation about the application please contact2
+atalin ,erceg Tel2EM5ENO,-/-,
"or applicants "rom Taiwan2
-aria .alkon* Tel2 P5MF5E-.,0-N0,
Budapest, N% >o!ember -E,,%