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<mimi> SlaveZeroFX cMd LIsT.

<mimi> RuNNINg WiTH Egg v1.6.21 PoWERED BY [SlaveZeroFX] g0eZ egGo

<mimi> MSg..!
<mimi> auth <password> authenticate user
<mimi> deauth <password> deauthenticate user
<mimi> pass <password> set password
<mimi> passwd <oldpass> <newpass> change user password
<mimi> userlist userlist
<mimi> op <#> <nick> op someone
<mimi> deop <#> <nick> deop someone
<mimi> voice <#> <nick> voice someone
<mimi> devoice <#> <nick> devoice someone
<mimi> kick <#> <nick|host> <reason> kick someone
<mimi> kickban <#> <nick|host> <reason> kickban someone
<mimi> identify <nick> <passwd> identify to nickserv someone access
<mimi> join <#> joining #channel temporary
<mimi> part <#> part #channels
<mimi> logo <your crew logo> changing text logo on kick message
<mimi> vhost <IP DNS> changing vhost
<mimi> away <msg> set bot away message
<mimi> admin <msg> set bot admin on status
<mimi> memo <user|all> <msg> send memo to all user or one user
<mimi> bantime <minutes> auto unban on X minutes (0 never unban)
<mimi> logchan <#|0FF> log #channel
<mimi> WARNING!! it will degrease bot performance
<mimi> <DCC> .log show #channel log
<mimi> note. please increase on general - window buffer into 5000
<mimi> +chan <#> joining permanent #channel
<mimi> botnick <nick> <id> changing permanent bot primary nick
<mimi> botaltnick <nick> <id> changing permanent bot alternate nick
<mimi> realname changing permanent bot realname
<mimi> ident changing permanent bot ident
<mimi> die kill bot
<mimi> #PuBLIC MSg..!
<mimi> `bankey ON|OFF set key on ban enabled|disable
<mimi> `up op your self
<mimi> `down deop your self
<mimi> `op/+o <nick> op spesified nick
<mimi> `deop/-o <nick> deop spesified nick
<mimi> `voice/+v <nick> voice spesified nick
<mimi> `devoice/-v <nick> devoice spesified nick
<mimi> `kick <nick> <reason> kick spesified nick
<mimi> `kickban <nick> <reason> kickban spesified nick
<mimi> `mode <+/- settings> mode setting #channel
<mimi> `ping / pong ping your self
<mimi> `invite <nick> invite person to current #channel
<mimi> `banlist <#channel> list of banned from specified <#channel>
<mimi> `ban <nick|hostmask> banned nick or hostmask
<mimi> `unban <nick|host> <#> unbanned nick or hostmask
<mimi> `+chan <#> joining permanent #channel
<mimi> `channels list of channel who's bot sit on
<mimi> `userlist list of user
<mimi> `chaninfo <#> list of option for specified #channel
<mimi> `join <#> joining #channel temporary
<mimi> `part <#> part specified #channel
<mimi> `cycle <#> cycle on specified #channel
<mimi> `+/- cycle <#|all> enable/disable bot cycle every 15 minutes
<mimi> `+/- ignore <nick|host> ignore or unignore person
<mimi> `+/- status <#> enable/disable bot displaying status
<mimi> `+/- enforceban <#> enable/disable bot enforcebans
<mimi> `+/- autovoice <secs> enable/disable channel autovoice on join
<mimi> `+/- seen <#> activate/deactive seen on #
<mimi> `+/- guard <#|all> enable/disable bot guard
<mimi> `+/- master <nick> add/del <nick> from master list
<mimi> `+/- avoice <nick> add/del <nick> from avoice list
<mimi> `+/- friend <nick> add/del <nick> from friend list
<mimi> `+/- ipguard <host> add/del host from ipguard list
<mimi> `+/- akick <host> add/del host from kick list
<mimi> `+/- noop <nick> add/del <nick> from no-op list
<mimi> `topic <topic> change channel topic
<mimi> `status status system
<mimi> `servers servers bot currently running
<mimi> `jump <server> <port> push bot to use spec server
<mimi> `access <nick> see user access from spec flags
<mimi> `+/- forced force bot to set mode w/o kick 1st
<mimi> `+/- colour enable/disable colour on kick msg
<mimi> `+/- greet <msg> autogreet user on join %n nick %c channel
<mimi> `+/- ntcpart <msg> auto notice user on part channels
<mimi> `+/- repeat <number> max repeat user permitted
<mimi> `+/- text <number> char limited text length on channel
<mimi> `+/- limit <number> limited user on channel
<mimi> `+/- caps <%> max %percent upper text
<mimi> `+/- clone <max> enable/disable bot anti clones
<mimi> `+/- reop auto re@p bot when got de@p
<mimi> `+/- joinpart <seconds> kick user join part in past X 2nd
<mimi> `+/- spam scanning for spam
<mimi> `+/- massjoin preventing mass join lame
<mimi> `+/- key <word> set channel with key
<mimi> `+/- revenge enable/disable bot revenge
<mimi> `+/- badword <badword> add/remove badword from list
<mimi> `+/- advword <advword> add/remove advword from list
<mimi> `+/- colours enable/disable kick who use colour
<mimi> `+/- bold enable/disable kick who use bold
<mimi> `+/- action <text> enable/disable bot action, <text> create with ur
own text or just +action will show random of text
<mimi> `+/- csguard enable/disable ChanServ Guard OnLine or Offline
and show to the topic on channel
<mimi> `+/- idle <mns> enable/disable @ps idle Max. <time in minutes>
<mimi> `+/- noawayop enable/disable checking on away @ps
<mimi> `+/- unidentifyop enable/disable @ps must be indentify
<mimi> `badwords list of badwords
<mimi> `advwords list of advwords
<mimi> `nobot scanning for bot and kick them out
<mimi> `sdeop <#> bot self deop
<mimi> `chanmode # <+ntmcilk 1> set permanent mode for specified #
<mimi> `chanset <#> <LINE|CTCP|JOIN|DEOP|KICK|NICK> set # options
<mimi> `chansetall <option> set option for all #
<mimi> `chanreset <#|all> reseting option for specified #channel
<mimi> `bantime how long bot unban in X minutes
<mimi> `tsunami <nick|#> <text> flood someone or channel
<mimi> `deluser <nick> del user from userlist
<mimi> `restart restarting bot also jumping server
<mimi> `+/- owner <nick> add/del <nick> from owner list
<mimi> `+/- admin <nick> add/del <nick> from admin list
<mimi> `+/- aop <nick> add/del <nick> from aop list
<mimi> `+/- host <nick> <flag> add or remove user host
<mimi> `+/- gnick <nick> guard nick kick it if not identify
<mimi> `host <nick> see user host
<mimi> `mop <#channel> mass op
<mimi> `mdeop <#channel> mass deop
<mimi> `mkick <#channel> mass kick
<mimi> `mmsg <#channel> mass msg except the opped
<mimi> `minvite <#channel> mass invite except the opped
<mimi> `munbans <#channel> mass unban
<mimi> `say <text> say with spesified text
<mimi> `msg <nick> <text> msg person
<mimi> `act <text> act with spesified text
<mimi> `notice <nick> <text> msg person or #channel with spesified text
<mimi> `+/- topiclock keep topic locked
<mimi> `+/- nopart <#channel> make # protected
<mimi> `+/- mustop set bot del channel if not oped
<mimi> `+/- invitelock <#> invite back who part on spec chan
<mimi> `+/- dontkickops enable|disable bot kick @
<mimi> `+/- autokick auto kick on join
<mimi> `nick <nick> change nick temporary
<mimi> `altnick change nick to alternative nick
<mimi> `randnick change nick to random nick
<mimi> `realnick change nick to real nick
<mimi> `chattr <nick> <flag> changing user flag (+) add or (-) remove it
<mimi> `rehash rehashing data packing and unpacking
<mimi> FLAg LIsT UsER & cHaNNeL
]OuR [AC]TioN
<mimi> [Z]owner admi[n] [m]aster botne[t] [x]fer [j]anitor [c]ommon
<mimi> [p]arty [b]ot [u]nshare [h]ilite [o]p de[O]p [k]ick [f]riend
<mimi> [a]uto-op auto[v]oice [g]voice [q]uiet [X]no add
<mimi> (#SlaveZero)