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Dresser-Rand is committed to bringing you

the most value through its unique busi-
ness processes, advanced technology and
installed base support. Dresser-Rand busi-
ness processes enable faster cycle times
for all project phases. When it comes to the
total cost of ownership, you can count on
Dresser-Rand technology to deliver optimum
performance, as well as product upgrades
and services that extend the life of your
equipment. Combine our innovation,
technology and business processes with
our total life cycle support, and its easy to
see why Dresser-Rand provides the value
you need for that competitive edge.
Dresser-Rand has been designing gas
turbine-driven centrifugal compressors and
mechanical drive gas turbine packages for
more than half a century. Our DATUM

centrifugal compressors are used in critical
services throughout the world for applica-
tions in the oil, gas, petrochemical, and
process industries where high reliability and
availability are mandatory. We built our first
compressor more than a century ago, and
have more than 94,000 rotating equipment
units installed in more than 140 countries.
Dresser-Rand specializes in gas turbine gen-
erator sets up to 50 MW (ISO rated). A vari-
ety of standard designs is available to meet
individual applications within the oil and
gas, cogeneration and standby markets.
During the past 40 years, gas turbine units
have played an increasingly important role
in the generation of electrical power. They
are dominant in the offshore industry and
are used extensively throughout the world
in general power applications and the
rapidly expanding cogeneration market.
Dresser-Rand is recognized internationally
with generator sets operating in more than
60 countries.
to value
Dresser-Rands gas turbine designs
exemplify client value: their modular
concept allows short change-out
times and reduced life cycle costs.

40G power turbine

during installation.
Photo courtesy of Statoil
Dresser-Rand completed two of the
largest orders ever placed for gas
turbine-powered equipment in the North
Sea. Statoil awarded the contracts to
Dresser-Rand on the basis of a very
competitive solution. Critical technical
features included: low weight, minimum
dimensions and superior arrangements
for inspection and maintenance. The first
contract placed by Statoil for the A
platform covered two 21 MW D-R gas
turbine generator sets and five D-R gas
turbine/compressor units for recompression,
pipeline and reinjection duties.

Based on Dresser-Rands satisfactory
performance on this first contract, the
award for the equipment on the T
platform was negotiated with Statoil.
This included one D-R gas turbine generator
set, two VFD motor-driven recompression
trains and three D-R gas turbine-driven com-
pressor sets for pipeline and CO
gas strip-
ping and reinjection in the North Sea. The
equipment was delivered on schedule
and to the satisfaction of the client.
North Sea: Sleipner a major success.
Assembly of VECTRA 40G power turbines at
Drammen, Norway facility.
For more than 50 years, Dresser-Rand has
been a world leader in rotating equipment
solutions, designing, manufacturing and
servicing a wide range of field-proven cen-
trifugal compressors. Since the mid-1950s,
we have built and in many cases installed
more than 6,500 centrifugal compressors
for applications as diverse and challeng-
ing as LNG, ethylene, refining, fertilizers,
natural gas production, gas transmission,
gas storage, gas reinjection, and gas lift for
enhanced oil production.
Decades of experience in supplying hun-
dreds of gas turbine-powered compression
systems to the oil and gas industry have
given us special insight into our clients pri-
orities. Long-term relationships with oil and
gas companies around the world have given
us extensive experience in complying
with the industrys specifications in
health, safety, and environment (HSE),
QA/QC requirements, rules and regulations,
and classification requirements.
In addition to gas turbine-driven power
generation and compression, including float-
ing as well as fixed-foundation production
facilities, Dresser-Rand provides a full range
of solutions that may be required within a
project, including:
Motor-driven compression packages
(both centrifugal and reciprocating)
Waste heat recovery (steam, thermal
fluid, water/glycol)
Drilling power
Emergency power
Essential services
Capabilities for difficult and unusual fuels
(sour gas, low-caloric-value gas)
Operation and maintenance services

Dresser-Rand generator packages are
designed to fulfill the needs of clients in
many markets; these include oil and gas,
industrial, continuous-duty systems, and
standby plant applications. Dresser-Rands
breadth of expertise includes systems incor-
porating our proprietary heavy-duty turbines
as well as General Electric higher-powered
aeroderivative engines.
Generators are selected to match clients
electrical system characteristics and any
special requirements such as motor-start-
ing capability, voltage dip limitations, etc.
The smaller turbines have integral speed
reduction gearboxes. Where necessary, a
freestanding gear is included in the higher-
powered packages.
Turbine, gearbox and generator are nor-
mally aligned on a fabricated steel base,
together with auxiliary equipment, to provide
a well-integrated unit. Auxiliary systems are
designed to comply with site environmental
conditions and any specific limitations on
noise level, exhaust emissions, space, and
weight. Optional equipment includes:
Intake and exhaust systems to suit the
PLC-based unit control systems
Acoustic enclosures
Fire protection
Gas detection
Generator controls
Auxiliary motor control centers
UPC batteries and chargers
Unit switch gear
Modularized control and
electrical systems
Air start systems
Waste heat recovery systems
Steam turbine-driven generator
packages for combined cycle/
cogeneration applications
21 MW generator set for cogeneration installation.
Experience in
mechanical drive

VECTRA 40G power turbine.
Dresser-Rand has completed one of
the largest orders ever placed for its
gas turbines, as six VECTRA 40G power
turbines (plus one spare) will supply
power and compression to a Nigerian
FPSO (floating production, storage and
offloading) vessel. Located offshore
Nigeria, it is the largest FPSO project in the
world, giving D-R a unique position in this
expanding market.
Each of the power turbines was packaged
at Dresser-Rands plant in Drammen,
Norway. Three of the gas turbine packages
drive 25 MW electrical generators, and
were load tested in Norway. The other
three gas turbines drive triple casing
gas re-injection compressor trains with a
discharge pressure of 7,200 PSI (490 bars),
and one of these trains was tested at full
load and full pressure on D-Rs test stand
in Le Havre, France.
Nigerian FPSO: D-R takes position in expanding market.
(LM2500+) 31.4 MW
VECTRA 30G FOR LM2500 (23.5 MW)
VECTRA 40G4 FOR LM2500+G4 (34.3 MW)
KG2 1.5 2.25 MW
ISO Power (SAC) ISO Heat Rate (SAC)
KG2-3E* --- 2,592 1,934 15,191 5,134 1,500/1,800
VECTRA 30G LM 2500 31,540 23,519 6,720 2,271 6,200
VECTRA 40G LM 2500+ 42,066 31,369 6,276 2,121 6,200
VECTRA 40G4 LM 2500+G4 46,004 34,306 6,302 2,130 6,200
DR-63G PC LM 6000 PC 59,436 44,322 6,042 2,042 3,600
DR-63G PG LM 6000 PG 66,822 49,830 6,054 2,046 3,743
*Base load rating
The right driver
for each application
As one of the worlds leading providers of
compression solutions, we have the experi-
ence, global resources and commitment to
do whatever it takes to meet your needs.
Dresser-Rand will analyze all of the param-
eters of your particular application, then
use a creative, flexible approach to develop
a solution that is superior in value and
gives you the lowest total life cycle cost
by minimizing operating expenses and maxi-
mizing reliability.
Our gas turbine-driven compressor sets can
be integrated into compact, self-contained
single-lift packages incorporating all essen-
tial on-skid auxiliaries. We also provide
installation and commissioning services, as
well as on-site training and ongoing support.
The extensive range of prime movers
includes industrial and aeroderivative
designs across a power spectrum of
1.5 MW to 50 MW. This broad product
range includes features offering specific
advantages for most applications:
Turbine thermal efficiencies
up to 43 percent
Simplicity and robustness
High reliability and availability
Modular designs
Ultracompact, low-weight units
Easy operation and maintenance
Emission control (DLE systems, etc.)
PLC-based control systems
Liquid, gas, dual-fuel, and bi-fuel
Experience with a wide range of fuels
including very low calorific value gas
1400 kW KG2 generator set package
for a North Sea production platform.
A borescope inspection rapidly
determines the condition of critical
turbine internal components.
System modules located beneath a
torque tube skid for easy maintenance.
Dresser-Rands patented torque tube baseplate allows auxiliary modules to
be conveniently located below the main deck, permitting unrestricted access.
North Sea: Two KG2-3E generator sets provide
emergency power onboard the Troll oil platform.
Four 21 MW D-R gas turbines provide base
load power and compression.
For many telecommunication centers,
airports and hospitals, standby power is
mandatory. For banks, computer centers,
oil platforms, and many others, protection
against blackouts is also necessary. These
types of clients require maximum reliability
with the absolute minimum of disturbance
to their normal businesses.
With 99.3 percent start reliability*, full-load
throw-on capacity and minimal maintenance
requirements, Dresser-Rands KG2 gas tur-
bine is ideal for stand-by and continuous
power supply onshore and offshore. The
KG2 generator set has been specifically
designed to meet requirements for power
from 1 MW to 10 MW (single and multiple
units). More than 900 units have been
delivered for standby, industrial, and oil and
gas applications worldwide.
In addition to the KG2, we can offer any
other gas turbines in D-Rs product range
for standby and peaking duty up to 50 MW.
D-R is committed to addressing critical
environmental concerns while continuing
to improve operational efficiencies.
Dresser-Rands emission control system for
and CO includes DLE, water injection
and steam injection. For example, our DLE
solutions for the VECTRA 40G can reduce
emissions by approximately 80 percent.
Effective noise abatement systems are also
a priority.
Most environmental regulations require
that all continuous-duty units be low-NO

installations, of which the preferred
method is DLE. Even when we produce
non-DLE packages, we build with DLE
retrofit in mind.
At Dresser-Rand, our concept of service
goes far beyond supplying spare parts
and providing on-site assistance. D-R
aims to be our clients partner for gas
turbine solutions, starting with assistance
at the conceptual design stage and
providing support throughout the life of
the equipment. D-R packages are carefully
designed to save time and money, and
to maximize availability.
For example, consider our lightweight,
three-point mount, patented torque-tube
baseplate design specifically for offshore
use. All auxiliary system modules are
conveniently located below the main deck
on either side of the torque tube, where
they are readily available to the operator.
This means it is not necessary to enter
the gas turbine acoustic enclosure for
preventive maintenance. Dresser-Rands
emphasis is on user-friendly solutions to
help clients achieve maximum availability
and minimum life cycle cost for their
rotating equipment.
*Based on D-Rs field data across the entire installed fleet from our first installation in 1968 to date.
D-R equipment is found worldwide
and so is our support. Dresser-Rand
employees use their OEM expertise to pro-
vide unmatched dedication and reliable
technical support, 24 hours a day.
Our manufacturing and repair capabilities
are also drawing on local resources
as well as D-Rs worldwide presence
and experience.
D-Rs ISO-certified, state-of-the-art manu-
facturing facility in Kongsberg, Norway, is
equipped to build in the performance
and reliability you expect from every D-R
product. D-R has been supplying gas turbine
packages worldwide using industrial and
aero-derivative designs since the mid-1950s
and is well prepared to meet your
We have invested heavily in test facili-
ties for gas turbines, compressors and
generator sets. In Drammen, Norway, all
the generator sets in our product
range can be individually
tested at full load. At the
Dresser-Rand facility in Le
Havre, France, we have
seven compressor test
stands for mechanical and
performance testing and
two full-load testing stands,
including hydrocarbon test-
ing. In Olean, NY, USA, the
Dresser-Rand facility has
several test stands capable of
testing gas turbine-driven com-
pression trains to more than
100 MW, including full hydro-
carbon capability.
Test capabilities include:
String testing
Generator set full-load testing
Package testing with contract equipment
Generator set load-response testing
Parallel testing of generator sets
Compressor full-load/full-pressure
hydrocarbon testing
Gas turbine dynamometer load
testing (proprietary units only)
Noise and vibration testing
Acoustic enclosure integrity testing
Fire-extinguishing testing
Auxiliary system module testing
Control panel testing
Dresser-Rand completed construction of its large com-
pressor full-load test facility in Le Havre, increasing its
worldwide testing capacity with natural gas up to 150
MW (gas turbine drive) or 100 MW (electrical drive).
This facility includes a high capacity quay with direct
sea access that facilitates compressor train delivery and
shipment from and to any location in the world.
The indoor test stand in Drammen, Norway, can
accommodate parallel operation of two large
generator sets. Access to deep sea quay facilities
allows for easy shipment of large equipment for
full-load testing of water injection pump sets.
VECTRA 40G power turbine.
Kongsberg, Norway, 5,700 m
. Gas turbine driver
and complete generator set packaging.
Le Havre, France, 40,000 m
. Compressor
design, manufacture, testing, and packaging.
Olean, New York, USA, 82,000 m
. Compressor
and power turbine design, manufacture,
testing, and packaging.
Drammen, Norway, 4,900 m
Compressor and gas turbine pack-
aging plus generator set testing
and Client Satisfaction Center.
The Huldra Platform Train is the first
LM2500 gas turbine-driven combined
compressor (DATUM D08R6S) and genera-
tor train. A special four-shaft gearbox with
two output shafts was designed to accom-
modate a compressor and generator operat-
ing at different speeds. A full-load test was
conducted at the Dresser-Rand Le Havre
facility to test this special shaft line. The
test proved the train could operate suc-
cessfully over the full range of combined
compressor and generator loads (max load
compressor = 10.6 MW and max load
generator = 9 MW).
In addition to this unique arrangement,
the Huldra platform may be unmanned.
The client wanted to test as much of the
contract equipment as possible in the
Dresser-Rand factory. Therefore, over a
period of three months the following
equipment was assembled and tested:
LM2500 DLE package, including DLE
mapping, contract gas turbine enclosure,
air inlet, and exhaust systems
Driven skid including four-shaft gearbox,
D-R compressor and ABB generator
Lube oil console and rundown tank
Unit control panel including the
Woodward Atlas fuel controller, ABB
generator excitation cabinet, and the
D-R RECON remote condition
monitoring system
Your assurance of quality parts.
Dresser-Rand is a technology leader,
committed to R&D. Our replacement
and upgraded parts are designed for the
application to maximize the reliability and
availability of your rotating equipment. To
minimize downtime associated with over-
hauls and turnarounds, packages and kits
of consumable parts are readily available for
use in standard maintenance procedures
and repairs. In addition to custom stocking
and recommended spares programs, we
maintain a large inventory of replacement
parts ready to ship upon order.
D-R offers an extensive range of value-
added, state-of-the-art upgrades and
modernizations for most brands of rotating
equipment. Our latest design, material
and manufacturing improvements, our
extensive engineering knowledge, testing
capabilities and field operating experience
provide you with improved components
that maximize safety, reduce maintenance,
increase reliability/availability, improve per-
formance, extend equipment life, and
reduce life cycle costs.
Dresser-Rands pay us for our perfor-
mance Availability PLUS

maximize your profitability by providing
increased reliability, availability and effi-
ciency. The Availability PLUS program
bundles all the resources within D-R into a
comprehensive, value-added package with
a single point of responsibility, regardless
of nameplate. With D-R taking care of your
equipment, youll be better able to focus on
your core business.
D-Rs experienced engineers and techni-
cians are available to visit your site to deter-
mine the physical condition and operating
performance of your equipment, and recom-
mend the best ways to improve its reliability,
efficiency and operation. Our field service
personnel have access to information that
is simply not available to other field service
providers; this includes original designs,
historical data and other Dresser-Rand
proprietary information that help us to
recommend the most effective solutions.
Our dedicated staff is strategically located
throughout the world for responsive, reliable
support. Our network of nearly 40 service
centers feature the latest technology and
manufacturing skills to repair and rebuild
your steam, reciprocating and centrifugal
unitsincluding complex equipment
such as axial compressors and hot gas
Product services
to help you get
the most from
your equipment
Dresser-Rand has many ways to help you get the most from your equipment invest-
ment by increasing its longevity, availability, safety, reliability, efficiency, and perfor-
mance. D-R offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions including parts,
upgrades, revamps, reapplications, rerates, repairs, field services, controls and
condition monitoring, and customized training. Our dedicated teams of profession-
als have the experience and vision to help you select the approach that provides
maximum benefit to your specific equipment, facility and operating requirements.
In addition, as an OEM we have complete access to the original design specifica-
tions of our equipment and understand the full implications of any changes, so your
systems integrity is maintained. D-Rs state-of-the-art technology and total solu-
tions capabilities can be applied to all makes and models of rotating equipment.
Dresser-Rand provides complete field instal-
lation, commissioning, maintenance, client
training, and repair services for all rotat-
ing equipment and control systems. These
services can extend to non-Dresser-Rand
nameplate equipment as well. Our dedi-
cated teams around the world can help you
develop cost-effective, field-proven solutions
for repairs, overhauls, upgrades, rerates,
and virtually any other challenge. D-Rs
on-site, on-time pledge means well be
there when you need us, 24 hours a day,
365 days a year.
Formal classroom instruction
Hands-on, skills-based labs
Video training programs
Web-based training
Installation, commissioning
and startup
Overhauls, refurbishment and
revamp projects
Emergency repairs
Long-term maintenance crews
Comprehensive maintenance agreements
Contract operations and maintenance
Refurbishment, upgrades
and reapplication of client-owned
or surplus equipment
Field consulting
OEM-trained field service representatives
Trained craft labor

Condition-based maintenance programs
Reliability engineering services
Field engineering services
Site audits
Commissioning, startup
and acceptance
Dresser-Rand provides custom-engineered
control systems to meet clients specific
needs and specifications. Drawing from our
unmatched rotating equipment experience,
Dresser-Rand provides technologically
advanced control systems that achieve
new levels of reliability and operational
efficiency. Moreover, the D-R standard
systems are client-maintainable without
significant investment. Our state-of-the-art
PLC-based DI-Tronics control system can
be configured to monitor and protect an
entire turbine-compressor system. Manual
and automatic start, unit warm-up and cool-
down, local and remote control, gas turbine
fuel control, compressor surge control,
vibration and temperature monitoring, train
sequencing, and machinery protection are
all integrated in the DI-Tronics system.
Solutions can be configured with single,
duplex, or triple redundant PLC controllers
based on service criticality.
All critical parameters are continuously
monitored for signal failure or alarm and
shutdown conditions. A fail-safe approach
is utilized to provide maximum protection
for personnel and machinery in the event of
machinery, control system, field device, or
electrical failures.
The user-friendly operator interface features
full-color, graph- and text-based screens,
real-time and historical trending, report
generation, alarm, shutdown and event
logging, and web-based global access
Many operations have substantially reduced
their maintenance budgets and personnel,
leaving a shortage of in-plant knowledge.
Dresser-Rand provides comprehensive,
remote condition monitoring solutions that
provide you with the information you need
to ensure your equipment operates reliably
and cost effectively.
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Contact Dresser-Rand for detailed design and engineering information suitable to your specific applications. Dresser-Rand reserves the right
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