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Lesson Plan

Reflection / Plenary / Revisit Learning Objectives (2 minutes):

Go back to the learning objectives - thumbs up, down or half way for each one.
Graphic Org
&enn 'iagram
+trongly visual and kinaesthetic
,raction wall in pack as an aid
to seeing e-uivalent fractions
and e.plaining findings
Peer support in mi.ed groups
,raction cards are
differentiated /colour coded -
green to orange0
1.tension task on board /lv20
Starter Activity (3 minutes): Pupils to stick on name tags. !ell activity" - odd one out. Give time to t#in$ and %air, then
&iscuss as class. 34an you make any of them the odd one out56 )eminder of what a fraction means /numerator 7denominator0,
e.amples if necessary. 'o t#roug# learning objectives( /#ould normally show 8big picture here to give conte.t and show how
to progress0
Lesson Title: Equivalent Fractions
Learning Objectives:
All: Identify simple equivalent fractions (level 3)
Most: Find any equivalent fraction (Level 4 / 5)
Some: se equivalence to put fractions in order (Level 5)
!#9 presentation, mini white boards, online stopwatch
+hape cards and Overlays
Pupil record sheet
,raction match cards
(e.t 9ooks
4lass: ;ear < /mi.ed ability0
+ubject: athematics
'ate: =
'ec >?@?
(eacher: Mr N.Drayang
(raffic %ights
(he %adder
ind aps
+trategy %inks to: ,unctional +kills 7 P%(+ 7 %iteracy 7 Aumeracy 7 4itiBenship 7 !4(*4
(hinking +kills 7 Cuestioning +kills 7 Gender !ssues 7 +tudent Grouping 7 Dse of %+*
E mins
F mins
> mins
/ain Learning Activities:
/ain activity 0:
(Pu%ils in %airs but sharing ideas as a table.0 Dsing pack of shape cards and
overlays: 3Pick a card and use the overlays to find out what fraction is shaded -
can you use more than one overlay to make a different fraction5 $ow many
different fractions can you make5 #hat do you notice about them56
3)ecord your results for each card - is there a pattern 7 rule that you can spot5
%ook at your fraction walls - how do these help50
/)1tension tas$ %ut on boar& here for pupils who grasp this part -uickly.0
/ini %lenary - #hat have we found out5 Pupils up to the front to demonstrate
2uic$ assessment - /on mini whiteboards0 3Dsing your rule, can you find three
e-uivalent fractions for =7E 5 #hat about >72 56 /!f necessary - look at
e.tension task with some groups.0
Activity 2: /!f time allows0
+onsoli&ation activity: Pupils all pick a fraction card and find someone else in the
room who has an e-uivalent fraction to theirs. (imer on board - @ minute. +top
when everyone has found their group. *sk each group for a different e-uivalent
fraction which isnt on their cards.
Possible %robing 2uestions
Gack says 3#hatever you do to the top you do to the bottom6 - so can ! add one to the top
and one to the bottom5 !s the new fraction e-uivalent5
#hat do we mean when we say 8e-uivalent5
$ow can ! work out which is bigger without a fraction wall5
#hat different overlays would we need if we wanted to have >F as the denominator5