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A Glance At the American Elections Drama - Military News for Canadians

A Glance At the American Elections Drama

Monday, 09 November 2009 13:48 Backdrop:

On November, the 2nd, the first episode of the American colonialist drama ended which had
started two months ago on August 20. For the last four years, the American rulers have been Digg
blaming Hamid Karzai for the constant failures in the country.
They allege that corruption is rampant in government offices, the people are alienated and Hamid
Karzai including his immediate relatives have secret links with drug traffickers. As evidence, they
constantly refer to the releasing of some well-known heroin smugglers by Hamid Karzai from prison.
Contrarily, Hamid Karzid accuse them of disbursing their financial assistance to Afghanistan through the
channels of foreign NGOs which are involved in embezzlement and corruption, spending only 20% of the
assistance in Afghanistan and putting the rest 80% in their own pockets. While their bickering continued,
the American rulers brought forward a new pawn by the name of Abdullah who agreed to all legitimate and
illegitimate wants of Washington.
The People Boycott Elections:
People positively responded to the statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, calling for boycott with
the election. Seeing that only a minuscule numbers of voters turned out on the day of polling, the
followers of Karzai and Dr. Abdullah in northern and southern Afghanistan resorted to stuffing the empty
boxes with fraudulent ballots. The Election Complaint Commission received 2800 complaints about frauds
and rigging in votes. American rulers with the complicity of the United Nations jointly handed over the
complaints to the Complaint Commission which was headed by a foreigner and its foreign members
outnumbered the Afghan members. Even one Afghan member of the commission stepped down, accusing
the foreigners of taking every thing in their own hands and taking decisions on themselves without
consultations with their Afghan counterparts.
After the passage of two months, the Complaint Commission invalidated 30% of H. Karazai votes, pushing
him below the 50% threshold. Doing this, they gave Hamid Karzai a message that they knew tactics,
which will strip him of power or induct him through legal means. As another instrument of pressure on
Karzai and the Afghan people, the Americans suspended payment of all ongoing projects and stopped
launching new.
Meanwhile, American Democrat Senator and Chairman of the Foreign Relation Committee, John Kerry
visited Kabul to find out whether Karzai was ready to accept all American demands or he still was in the
bickering mode. After a few days of hot discussion, pressures and telephonic calls from the White House,
Karzai unconditionally accepted all American demands and the Americans announced that a run-off would
be held. This was a political ploy to legitimize Karzai victory.
John Kerry applauded Karzai for being a sagacious statesman, whereas Hillary Clinton said that Abdullah’s
pull-out of the second round of elections would not leave negative impact on the legality of the elections.
The Independent Election Commission with the consultation and instruction from the American rulers
declared Karzai as next president of Afghanistan. Ironically, now the same H. Karzai who was a little
before responsible for all corruption and heroin trafficking, was legitimate president after bowing to the
American demands. The American and British rulers immediately congratulated him on his victory and the
UN General Secretary, visiting Kabul, congratulated Karzai to further rubberstamp his victory.

Veracity of the stance of the Islamic Emirate:

Our people surely remember that the Islamic Emirate always maintained that the real decision about the
results of elections is made in Washington. The elections are held in order to throw dust in the eyes of
people and hide their colonialist agenda under the clout of elections. They want to keep the common
people occupied in the election drama to distract their attention from the civilian casualties caused by the
blind bombardment of the invaders, poverty, unemployment and corruption. This is to ensure that people
are not able to form a common front against these atrocities. Our people are aware that Americans as per
their habit left Dr. Abdulla, in the lurch after using him against Hamid Karzai to domesticate the latter.
They had given him fleshy promises at the outset but then left him in the middle. Still, the White House
rulers will keep him as a spare in order to use him time and again for taming Karzai. No doubt, they will
always install the one who dances well to the tune of the Americans.
Islamic Emirate as a Force of the People:
Events in our country in the last two months showed that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is both a
military and a public force. It is a public force because people positively responded to the call of the
Islamic Emirate for boycott with the elections and stood by it and it is a military force because all the
American, NATO and the stooge regime military and police force could not prevent the Mujahideen from
carrying out attacks on the polling day, on August 20. The Mujahideen made 200 attacks throughout the
country on that day, paralyzing the whole elections process.
Observers believe, the military strength displayed by the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate on the polling
day of the run-off elections faced the Americans with frustrations while the audacious martyrdom- seeking
attack on UNAMA guesthouse in Kabul played out their last strength to hold the runoff.

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A Glance At the American Elections Drama - Military News for Canadians
These events show that the Islamic Emirate is an undeniable reality. The last eight years have proved that
no one could obliterate this reality by dint of military force, political maneuvering and propaganda
campaigns. The invaders should understand to admit this reality today rather than admitting it tomorrow.
They should let the Afghans to start a new life under the shade of a just Islamic system in an independent
th th
country. The colonialist’s ambitious dreams of colonizing of the 18 and 19 centuries are not feasible in
this 21 century. The people are awake now. They know that it is their natural right to have freedom and
a government of their choice. The colonialists should willingly grant them this right; otherwise, they will
surely grab the right from them.

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