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GEs Network Transformers are constructed to provide economy, flexibility
& reliability for network systems and meet stringent underground
installation requirements. GEs Network Transformers are designed to
supply power to the network bus and handle significant short-term
overload. Cities rely on General Electric Network Transformers to provide
reliable and dependable electrical service to their customers.

Network systems are designed based on redundant facilities so that any
single equipment failure will not result in service outage on the network.
Network transformers typically supply power to secondary grid-type
systems in densely populated cities. The transformers are designed for
submersible operation but are also frequently used in dry vaults or inside buildings. Vault-type
transformers are designed for occasional submersion and Subway type transformers are designed for
frequent or continuous submerged operation. A Commercial Subsurface Transformer (CST) is similar to a
Pad-type transformer but is designed for continuous (subway) and occasional (vault) submersion.

Each network is served by at least two primary feeders and the network unit consists of a high-side
disconnect or grounding switch, a network transformer, and a network protector (with master relay,
phasing relay, and fuses). The primary network voltage classes range from 5 kV to 35 kV. Typical 3-phase
network transformer sizes are 300, 500, 750, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, and 2,500 kVA. The transformers are
liquid-filled with a variety of insulating fluids. The transformer impedance typically ranges 4%7% but
other impedances are possible.
Metropolitan Underground Networks
Government, Commercial and Institutional
Office Towers and Skyscrapers

High Rise Apartment Buildings
Sporting Venues
Three-phased, 300-2500 kVA
HV up to 35 KV with taps as an option
Liquid filled Mineral Oil,
Environmental/vegetable type, Silicone
Low voltage ranges from 208V through 5 kV
Available Temp Rise is 55/65C or 65C
60 or 50 Hertz
Highly Reliable providing years of service
operating in harsh conditions
High Short-Circuit Strength
Meet or exceed DOE 2010 efficiency standards
Working towards DOE 2016 efficiency standards
Organic zinc epoxy primer and polyurethane top
coat for superior corrosion protection
Tank and cooling panels available in copper
bearing carbon steel (standard) or stainless steel
( 304 or 316)
Patented high fault energy tank design (optional)
Network ANSI/IEEE C12.57.40
CST - ANSI/IEEE C12.57.24
1 As defined in IEEE standard C57.12.80

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GE Network Transformers
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GE Network Transformers
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