TEAM HRC satisfied with Rally Dakar 2014, begins work on the 201

"i# stage $i%tories &fi$e for 'oan (arreda) in whi%h the tea* was
%onstantly in +odi,* +ositions ,ntil the +en,lti*ate stage, as well as
being the only tea* to ha$e %o*+leted the entire %o*+etition witho,t
%hanging a single engine, are -,st so*e of the notable +oints that
TEAM HRC %an highlight after two to,gh and intense weeks of ra%ing
in the Rally Dakar 2014!
.n the world/s hardest off)road e$ent TEAM HRC %halked ,+ si# wins
o,t of a +ossible thirteen, with ele$en +odi,* +la%es for the riders!
'oan (arreda took the hono,rs in stages 1, 0, 1, 10 and 10, and "a*
",nderland won on the se%ond day!
H2lder Rodrig,es was the to+ finisher for TEAM HRC, in fifth o$erall
+la%e, 'oan (arreda ended in se$enth and 'a$ier 3i44olito twenty)
third! 5one of the* needed an engine %hange whi%h goes to show the
high le$el of reliability and d,rability of the Honda CR640 RA778!
"a* ",nderland and 3a,lo 9on:al$es were both ,nable to finish the
ra%e after in%idents in stages fo,r and fi$e res+e%ti$ely!
The riders fro* Honda Argentina Rally Tea*, 7aia "an4 and 3ablo
Rodr;g,e4 also saw the ra%e thro,gh ,ntil the end! 7aia "an4 was the
to+ fe*ale rider, in se$enth +osition in the ninth stage, a%hie$ing the
highest final %lassifi%ation for a wo*an in the bike %ategory! 3ablo
finished the Dakar in 02th +la%e!
The tea* bosses gi$e their e$al,ation of TEAM HRC in the 0<th
edition of the Rally Dakar!
=AT">M. 8AMA?A=.
@,r Dakar 2014 is o$er, one in whi%h so *any things ha$e ha++ened
in the s+an of two weeks! The *ost a*a4ing of all was what
ha++ened to 3a,lo 9on:al$es/ bike! He had a +roble*, the bike
%a,ght alight and we lost his +arti%i+ation! "a* too, had to dro+ o,t
of the ra%e!
@n the other hand 3i44olito, H2lder and (arreda +,t in %onsistent
daily +erfor*an%es, always gi$ing their best e$ery day! ./* $ery
+leased with these riders! 5ot only the riders, b,t also all the tea*
behind the*! E$eryone did their -ob well! ./* +ro,d to ha$e s,%h a
work tea*! (esides, we ha$e only ,sed the *a%hine for o,r own
TEAM HRC riders! .t/s a $ery +ositi$e sign for Honda, who ha$e b,ilt
and de$elo+ed the engine and the bike, with $ery %lear %riteriaA to be
highly d,rable, reliable and with a great +erfor*an%e! ./$e $ery
+leased with the*!
To be honest, this 2014 res,lt hasn/t been a +arti%,larly genero,s
one, b,t we ne$er ga$e ,+ trying to a%hie$e o,r goalA $i%tory! "o,
ne#t ti*e ro,nd in the Dakar, we/ll try and re*edy this target that
has es%a+ed ,s!
./d also like to %o**end the s,++ort)ridersB 3ablo Rodr;g,e4, 7aia
"an4 and 'ean De A4e$edo! They ha$e done a fine -ob!
.t has been a $ery +ositi$e year for Honda so far! .t has been a great
start for the ne#t Dakar! (e%a,se, for *e, ne#t year/s Dakar 201
began yesterday! Thanks for all the s,++ort o$er the last few *onths!
MART.5@ (.A5CH.
./* $ery +leased with this Dakar! Maybe not totally, b,t ha++y all the
sa*e! And ./* +leased be%a,se e$eryone did s,%h a great -ob! .t/s a
tri%ky task handling two tea*s, fi$e riders and +,tting e$eryone in
their +la%e with the sa*e %lear ai*! Ce %a*e really %lose to it!
(arreda won fi$e stages, and Honda took the hono,rs in si#, do,ble
the a*o,nt of any other tea*! .t/s +roof that we/$e got a great bike
and fine ridersA *aybe we are la%king a bit of e#+erien%e in this
de*anding and gr,elling ra%e, b,t ./* s,re that we will be in the
r,nning for $i%tory in the ne#t Dakar!
That is why we sho,ld be +leased with the res,lts that we/$e
a%hie$ed ,+ ,ntil now, es+e%ially when yo, %onsider that we didn/t
need an engine %hange in the entire D000 kilo*etres of ra%ing! This
has been the big test of the reliability of o,r engine!
Ce are also really +ro,d of o,r Es,++ort tea*/ on the +re)+rod,%tion
*odel who also *anaged to finish the ra%e! Ce began to de$elo+ the
bike last A+ril, and 7aia "an4 and Ca%ha Rodr;g,e4 ha$e shown that it
is a fine, $ery %o*+etiti$e bike! Honda and HRC ha$e done a great
-ob with the new Honda CR640 RA778!

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