FIM Trial World Championship

April 2014 - Mount Tarrengower (Australia)

The new Repsol Honda Team
debuts in Australia

The FIM Trail World Championship gets underway this weekend in Australia and will feature the new
Repsol Honda Team. Seven times World Trail champion Toni Bou lines up in the official HRC team
alongside 2004 champion Takahisa Fujinami.
Toni Bou looks all set to face the challenge of his life: the defense of his World Championship title which is all
the more relevant as the rider will become the overall title record holder in the discipline. Combining his
trophy tallies of eight outdoor and eight indoor titles, will allow him to overtake the fifteen overall titles of
legendary rider Giacomo gostini.

The !"# Trial World Championship kicks off in ustralia, an event whose calendar includes eight main dates
and thirteen races whose points count towards the championship. The rules of the main competition will,
once again, follow those of last season$s %&on'(top$ format.

)epsol *onda Team will be represented in the race by Toni Bou and Takahisa !u+inami who will be sporting
the new colours of the official *)C team. Both will be using the #ontesa Cota ,-.). The #ontesa has
chalked up -/0 victories to date in the World Championship, including 12. podium places in the event. The
brand has won the !"# manufacturer$s title eight years in a row 3455/'45-,6, making an overall total of -.
wins. *onda won in -074, -07,, -071 and -07/.
Da!" Pla#" Co$n!r%
-4'-, pril #ount Tarrengower, #aldon ustralia
4/'42 pril Twin )ing #otegi, Tochigi 8apan
41'4. #ay "le )ousse, Corsica !rance
- 8une lagna, 9alsesia "taly
-, 8une Comblain au :ont, ;i<ge Belgium
-0'45 8une &ord 9ue, :enrith Great Britain
42 8une ;a #ongie, #idi':yr=n=es !rance
/'2 (eptember rnedo, ;a )io+a (pain
Re-running the Australian Trial GP
The !"# Trial World Championship has already taken place at #ount Tarrengower once before in
45--. That was the first occasion that the World Championship had been disputed in ustralia
and it was )epsol *onda Team rider Toni Bou who was victorious on both days.
#ount Tarrengower, in #aldon, a region of 9ictoria will be home to the first test of the World
Championship. The mountain consists of some very large areas of rock characteri>ed with good
grip. The 45-- event took place after a downpour on the eve of the race that left the terrain in
delicate condition. Toni Bou soon took command over his rivals on each lap. Takahisa !u+inami
finished in fourth place, drawing with an adversary in third position. ?n the competition$s second
day, there was little between the riders with %@ynamite$ Bou taking victory once more and %!u+igas$
occupying the third step of the podium.
DA( 1 ) 2*+,+12
-. Toni Bou 3#ontesa6
4. dam )aga 3Gas Gas6
,. lbert Cabestany 3(herco6
1. Takahisa !u+inami 3#ontesa6
.. 8eroni !a+ardo 3Beta6

DA( 2 ) 2,+,+12
-. Toni Bou 3#ontesa6
4. 8eroni !a+ardo 3Beta6
,. Takahisa !u+inami 3#ontesa6
1. dam )aga 3Gas Gas6
.. lbert Cabestany 3(herco6

TONY BOU World Champion 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007
‘We are starting the FIM Trial World Championship in the Antipodes, in a place that I
get on very well with and like very much. I cant wait to get started. The level o! the
"ones is not going to #e too high, so itll #e important to not make any mistakes. We
will #e !ighting to #e on the podium and itll #e a #ig plus i! we win. We will try to
make the most o! the trip.
We #egan the outdoor season a couple o! weeks ago with the $panish Championship,
that in spite o! having di!!erent rules, the toughness has served as good preparation
!or the !irst date o! the World Championship.
We are really happy to carrying the new %epsol &onda Team image. Its a #ig
responsi#ility to wear the &%C name, #ut we are used to per!orming at a high level.
Takahisa !u+inami World Champion 2004
‘As we start the !irst test o! the new World Championship, I want to put the
e'perience o! the last indoor races #ehind me and keep a cool head, and look !or a
good result. I want to do it well and get a result that sets me up !or the second test
on my home tur! o! (apan. )ast year I won and it was !antastic. To make a good start
is important !or all o! us.
#?)A "#GA( &@ @?CB#A&T( ?! "&TA)A(T

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