FIM Trial Outdoor World Championship 2014

Mount Tarrengower, Australia. 1st o ! " #a$ 1
#ou%le or &epsol 'onda Team on Trail irst da$ in
Ta(ahisa Fu)inami too( *i+tor$ in the irst ra+e o the Trial World
Championship held toda$ in Australia, and in doing so %e+omes the
e*ent,s leader. &epsol 'onda Team team-mate, and reigning
+hampion Toni .ou o++upied the se+ond step o the podium %eside
It couldn’t have been a better start for the new Repsol Honda Team at the FIM Trial
World Championships with an opening day double in the ustralian Trial !" held at
Mount Tarrengower# It was a very confident Ta$ahisa Fu%inami who almost
effortlessly too$ the honours on the Montesa Cota &RT' winning his ()nd world
championship victory# Fu%inami is the first leader of the )*+& World Championship#
,econd place corresponded to current champion Toni -ou' who made a slight
tra%ectory error in the final .one of the first lap and pic$ed up the ma/imum penalty#
The rider' in spite of putting in a near flawless second and third lap' was unable to
ma$e up for the penali.ation in his overall final time#
The competition’s first day at the ustralian !" was characteri.ed by some fairly
straight0forward areas' not particularly demanding1 but ones in which there was no
room for error' and where any mista$es were heavily punished# The terrain was in
perfect shape in spite of some rain on previous days# Tomorrow' ,unday' sees the
second and final day of the ustralian Trial !"# The course will be the same as
today’s one' with +& .ones a total of three laps to complete#
TA/A'I0A F12I3AMI &AC45 1st - C'AM6IO30'I65 1st
“It went really well. I’m very pleased with the season’s first win, and also with
the new Repsol Honda Team, which is more offical than ever. It was very
important to get a victory in the first race. It was quite an easy trial; we saw that
in the points, although I wasn’t epecting Tony to slip up. I was ahead of the
other riders, without pressure, running my race. I stayed focussed and
managed to win. The sensation of winning was !ust li"e the one in #apan last
year$ fantastic. I’ve got to than" the whole team for the !o% that they’ve done. &
TO3I .O1 &AC45 2nd - C'AM6IO30'I65 2nd
“In a way I’m quite happy %ecause I was a%le to come %ac" from 'th place
where I was at the end of lap one. It was an easy trial. I made a mista"e and it
wasn’t possi%le to ma"e up for it. It happened in (one )*; a roc" %ro"e and I
lost %alance as I accelerated. It made me a %it edgy, and I wasn’t riding
comforta%ly, %ut I was a%le to get myself focused and pulled %ac" a few places.
I regret not winning %ut I’m happy for the victory of +u!inami&.
CTO 0TA3#I370. WO&8# T&IA8 76 A10T&A8IA #A9 1
1 Ta(ahisa Fu)inami Montesa ! :2;<;2;1=
2 Toni .ou Montesa > :?;2;0=
( 7eroni Fa%ardo -eta ++ 89:):+;
& dam Raga !as !as ++ 89:+:);
< 7ames 4abill -eta (( 8=:>:+=;
= lbert Cabestany ,herco (& 8+<:>:+);
> "ol Tarr?s ,herco =) 8)):)*:)*;
9 le/andre Ferrer ,herco >* 8)9:+=:)=;
@ 7orge Casales !as !as 9+ 8(+:+@:(<;
+* 5ddie Aarlsson Montesa 9< 8(+:+@:(<;
O@4&A88 C'AM6IO30'I6 0TA3#I370 MA31FACT1&4&,0
"IB2T2 "63T2, MRC "63T2
1. T. Fu)inami :Montesa= 20 1. Montesa <?
2. T. .ou :Montesa= 1? )# -eta )=
(# 7# Fa%ardo 8-eta; +< (# ,herco )&
&# # Raga 8!as !as; ++ &# !as !as )*
<# 7# 4abill 8-eta; ((

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