FIM Trial Outdoor World Championship 2014

JAPANESE P! Mot"#i! 2nd o$ % & 'a( 2
Toni )ou* +ith a ri, in-ur(* $inish"s s".ond in Japan
and maintains +orld .hampionship l"ad"rship
An "/traordinar( Toni )ou on." a#ain mana#"s to $inish s".ond in th"
Japan"s" ran Pri/ in spit" o$ #oin# into th" "0"nt +ith a s"rious ri,
in-ur(! 1"psol 2onda T"am .oll"a#u"* Japan"s" Ta3ahisa Fu-inami*
$inish"s in $ourth! )ou .ontinu"s to 3""p his pla." at th" top o$ th" World
Championship l"ad"r4,oard!
The world champion, once again, put his extraordinary courage, physical and
mental abilities on display, managing to both finish the Japanese Grand Prix,
and get a magnificent result in the process. All this despite going into the
competition carrying an injury.
Toni Bou was in the running for the ictory throughout the entire competition,
and een managed to find himself at the top of the score!sheet at the end of the
first lap, as he battled to oercome the intense pain caused by the crac"ed rib.
The second lap proed to be a lot harder for the #panish rider, grimacing in pain
aboard the $ontesa %ota &'T, pic"ing up points in a couple of the sectors,
which "ept him off the top spot. (n the final lap, and completely out of strength,
the rider refused to throw the towel in, and too" the oerall second position,
which allows him to hang on to his oerall world championship lead.
)either was 'epsol *onda Team!mate Ta"ahisa +ujinami able to gie the large
home crowd the delight they wanted, here at the $otegi circuit in the world
championship,s second race. A hard blow to the "nee yesterday practically put
an end to the rider,s chances. +ujinami had began the race today in a podium
position, but continued to lose strength in his right "nee as the competition
progressed, excessiely punishing the left one in the process. The rider could
only watch as the third place began to slip away from him on the final lap. -n
spite of the fourth place in Japan, +ujinami holds third position in the oerall
championship standings.
)ext stop for the .orld %hampionship is the /uropean Grand Prix, which will be
held in 'ousse, on the +rench island of %orsica on $ay 0& and 01.
Mi5u"l Cir"ra
- thin" that we hae got a magnificent result here in the Japanese GP,
especially considering the condition that Toni was in. (nce again, Toni has
shown the true champion that he is. .e would hae willingly accepted two
second places before haing flown out here. )ow it,s time to recoer, and then
continue fighting. Toni remains at the head of the leader!board, and that,s ery
positie for us. -t won,t be easy getting oer the injury, as a crac"ed rib re2uires
2uite a bit of time, so he,ll be staying out in Japan for a few days rest. *e,ll be
out of training for the next wee", then we,ll ta"e it from there for the next race.
+ujigas is also carrying an injured "nee and we "new that he wouldn,t hae
been at 3445 for the two!day race, which has been a long one for him. ir6
After yesterday,s race, which was a tric"y one for Toni,s situation6 today,s race
saw him battling the whole way for a ictory, in spite of carrying the rib injury.
*e was up there with 'aga right until the end. -t wasn,t to be, but it,s a good
result all the same.
+ujinami was in the running for a podium place all day, but on the whole, a
fourth place isn,t at all bad when you consider what state his "nee was in. -t was
a shame not to be able to win on *onda,s home soil, but it,s a positie result
gien the circumstances. The race was a difficult and technical one. -f Toni had
been in better physical condition, the result would probably hae been different.
As far as the championship goes, Toni comes away as the leader and +ujinami
third. .e are in a good position to go into the next race.
TONI )O7 1ACE8 2nd 4 C2AMPIONS2IP8 1st
“Physically, I’m wiped out. We battled all we could to be able to finish the
race. The way that it turned out, I think we got a result. I got off to a good
start on the first lap, near Adam, on the second I started to feel bad, and
by the third I was totally wasted. !en so, I’m really pleased to ha!e
finished. We weren’t able to win, but we come away as leaders, so we
can’t complain. I’ll stay here for a few days to reco!er then I’ll go back
and !isit the doctor, but I already know what I ha!e to do" not train so that
I can get o!er the in#ury. I hope to be able to make it to the ne$t race in
top physical condition.%
“I finished yesterday in a lot of pain. Today, I started off a bit better, but
from the second lap onwards, I was without energy. The knee wasn’t
holding up. I knew what &abestany’s points were, and I wanted to outdo
him and make it onto the podium, but I didn’t manage to. I knew that
there was a good chance here to make up points in some sectors if you
are able to finish them. I was up for it, but I couldn’t do it. It is a pity,
because there were a lot of fans here that got behind me. 'ourth place
lea!es a bitter fla!our because I don’t think it’s a !ery good result. I want
to thank all the fans, and (onda for all the support that they ha!e gi!en
me in this race.%
P(#- '-7/' $A8/ P(-)T#
3 Adam 'aga Gas Gas &4 93:;3<;3:=
2 Toni )ou Mont"sa 4= >1:?2@?%A
> Albert %abestany #herco 1> 90&;3<;3>=
4 Ta3ahisa Fu-inami Mont"sa @: >22?20?21A
1 Jeroni +ajardo Beta << 904;0<;04=
@ Tomo(u3i O#a+a 2onda %1 >2@?2B?2@A
: Jorge %asales Gas Gas ?@ 9><;0@;0&=
? Alexandre +errer #herco 34? 9>:;&4;>3=
@ +umita"a )oAa"i Bamaha 334 9>0;&<;>0=
34 James 7abill Beta 333 9>:;&0;>:=
1 Toni )ou Mont"sa =1
0 Adam 'aga Gas Gas :4
: Ta3ahisa Fu-inami Mont"sa D%
& Jeroni +ajardo Beta 10
1 Albert %abestany #herco 13
1! Mont"sa 1:4
0. Gas Gas 34&
>. Beta @4
&. #herco ?>
1. Bamaha 00