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Aug 2009

Aug 2009

VOL 7 1O.1


Renew your
RMS Tuas Flying Field
if you have not
will be
closed done so.
from 1400-1900hrs on
You can send your cheque the PO
5th Sept 2009(SAT) and Box address on this newsletter, or
hand the cross-cheque to any of
6th Sept 2009 (SUN) the RMS Exco Members. Please
make the cheque payable to
“Radio Modellers Singapore”.

Annual Membership Fees

Dear Members,
Ordinary Member: S$180.00
I hope you have had an enjoyable year so far. RMS was the host of Junior Member: S$90.00
the first ever National Championships for airplane, helicopter and
control-line competitions held at 1 place - an AFS’s (Aeromodelling - for members under the age of 18
Federation of Singapore) initiative to promote aeromodelling in
Family Member: S$200.00
- Family membership can include the father, mother, and
In line with promotion aeromodelling in Singapore, RMS members
also put up 3 public aeromodelling flying displays at the Hwa their children under the age of 18 and all will be allowed
Chung’s sports field, organised by AFS. I like to say a big thank to fly at the club’s authorised premises
you to members who have taken time over the 3 weekends to put - Family membership is entitled to 1(one) voting rights
up a great show that had included aerobatics and freestyle flying equivalent to the ordinary member
with airplanes and helicopters, scale flying displays, glider flying
and formation flying using trainer planes.
RMS Executive Committee 2009
I am also very proud that 5 of our members have taken part at the The executive committee members are:
recent FAI F3C helicopter world championship. Like someone has
told me before, “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to
try”. Their efforts and experience at the competition will be valuable Honarary President: Anthony Low
lessons for future generations to come, just as our F3A veterans who
Vice-President: Kenneth Ho
have relentlessly shared their valuable experience for us to achieve
better results. Hon Secretary: Frederick Yong

This year could not be complete without a funfly competition and

Asst Secretary: Bino Y Shinozaki
members’ get-together that will be taking place on 26th September Hon Treasurer: Tu Myint
2009 (SAT) and the detailed programme is listed inside this issue
of FlightLine. Field Officer: Cheng Kheng Tho
Indran Thana
Best regards, Kalvin Lim
Anthony Low Randall Goh
RMS Exco 2009

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Aug 2009

Upgrading of the club facilities and flying field

Field improvement was made to facilitate the first ever combined Singapore National Championship that was held at
RMS flying field. The improvement included the repair of the runaway, extension of the members area and tent, more
parking area and driveway as well as possibly a bigger area for helicopter pilots to hover. This is an illustration of our
current flying field.

The total cost of work required had Contributor Amount Contributor Amount
amounted to S$5,900, and in order RANDALL GOH $200.00 BERNARTO $50.00
not to draw down on our reserves, the CHAN TZE LAW $150.00 FRED KOENECKE $50.00
following members have generously WARREN QUEK $150.00 GERALD LAM $50.00
contributed towards this improvement. HOWARD DIXON $100.00 HOFMANN SIEFFEN $50.00
Thank you for your contribution JEFF DEWOLF $100.00 KENNETH SYMENRS $50.00
towards this improvement. JOHN WAGGOTT $100.00 LAWRENCE LOH $50.00
Contributor Amount PATRICK CHAN $100.00 M. YABIMA $50.00
JOHNNY YONG $1100.00 RICHARD PARK $100.00 MIKE TAN $50.00
KALVIN LIM $450.00 WONG KIM MUN $100.00 TU MYINT $40.00
KENNETH HO $450.00 JIMMY SOH $80.00

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Aug 2009

26 SEPTEMBER 2009(SAT) 1300hrs

“26 September 1pm” is the members’ day and night of fun and food. It will be an afternoon
packed with events for everyone who flies plane or helicopter, follow by BBQ in the evening.

The FUN will be:

- Pylon races in 2 classes: Club 20 and Club 50 (rules are printed in this issue of Flightline)
- Airplane fun fly
- Helicopter fun fly

The FOOD list will not be published as the organisers is still deciding on the types of dishes to be added to
the menu. Members are encouraged to bring your family members to ‘makan’.
One will be coming

A. Aircraft Data
• Delta Wing and tailless aircraft are not permitted. The aircraft
must have a distinctly separate wing and tailplane configuration.

• Weight (min. 1kg.dry)

• Width (min.5cm.within wing root chord)
• Height (min.10cm.within wing root chord)

• Wing Area(min. or 19.4dm2)
• Wing span(min. 30in or 76cm.)

Engine Data:(Stock,commercially available, front intake, side exhuast)

• Capacity(

Exhuast System
• Unmodified, manufacturer supplied silencer and be supported from engine manifold alone.

• Commercially available fixed pitch two blader.

The fuel is to be provided by the race meeting organisers and is to be used by all competitors. No fuel other than that supplied in the official
container is to be used.


2 plyons will be setup on the competition date, in the interest of safety to suit existing field conditions. The method of flying the course will
be anti clockwise. It is the responsibility of the contest director to ensure the accurate positioning of the base pylon marshals relative to the
flight path of the models.

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Aug 2009


1.- The race will consist of 4 competitors maximum and ten laps of the RMS CLUB 50 PYLO1 RACI1G MODEL
course will be flown.
2.- Models will be hand launch from behind the start line. Model will The model specs. for this class are models of conventional
be launched only upon the launch signal given by the contest/line design with forward wing and distinctly separated aft tailplane
director. and equipped with radio channels each to independently
3.- One minute will be allowed for starting engines although the starter control engine speed throttle, elevator, ailerons or rudder and
may commence the race if he is satisfied that all competitors are ready ground steering control.
to launch before the one minute start time has elapsed.
4.- A total of five minutes will be allowed for the race, any entrant who The model must have wheels for ROG take off and landing.
does not land his model within this time will be disqualified. Engine capacity is limited to standard commercially
5.- A model must not be launched or re launch after a period of available side exhaust front induction 0.55cu
30 seconds from the start of the start of the race has elapsed. If a in. Only manufacturer supplied
competitors model has not taken off within 1 minute of the start of standard carburetor
the race the competitor is disqualified from the race and re run of that a n d muffler is to
race. be used.
6.- A competitor may only retrieve his model after the race has finished
and all other models in that race have landed.Pilots and their callers Fuel will be supplied by the Organiser.
must stand behind the start line at all times during a race. No other fuel is allowed.

C: DANGEROUS FLYING: Model Specifications

Low flying is consistent flying below pylon height which endangers • Weight (min.) ………………………. 2.5kg
officials or other competitors. The contest Director may give a • Wing span (min.)………………….....1400mm.(55in.)
competitor a warning for low flying, if the competitor continues to • Wing area (min.) …………………,…33 (
fly the Contest Director shall disqualify him/her from that heat. At the • Airfoil thickness (min.) ……….....…. 3.2cm. (1.25in.)
contest Director’s discretion he may disqualify that competitor from • Airfoil thickness to be constant for at least 1200 mm.(47.25in.)
the heat or the event if he thinks the competitor is flying dangerously. of wing span.
• Fuselage shall have a simple rectangular box cross section.
Racing Course and Procedure
The number of times to be taken into consideration for placing will be These will be similar to Club 20 race course and procedures.
announced on the day of the competition by the contest director.

D1.- Points shall be awarded after each race as follows: The

competitor’s score is his corrected time in seconds to the first decimal I have selected certain paragraph from an R/C Plyon Racing article with
place. A pilot cutting a pylon (flying inside) will have 1/10 of the ten some modifications to give members, who has not taken part in plyon
racing, an idea of what they can expect.
laps time added to the ten lap time. Two cuts in any race will cause
the pilot to be disqualified from that race. If the competitor fails to Everyone on the course is required to wear a hard hat for safety.
complete his flight or is disqualified the score shall be 200.
When the pilots are positioned at the start/finish line, a 60-second timer
is started. Pilots have just one minute to start their engines and prepare
D2- The winner of the event is the competitor who has accumulated for takeoff.
the lowest score after the conclusion of all races.
Pilots are prepared for takeoff when their aircraft engines are started and
D3- If the time permits, and there is no frequency conflict, ties shall be they are facing pylon #1 with both hands on the radio transmitter. Pilots
not prepared for takeoff before the timer runs out are disqualified for
broken by a fly off race. Otherwise, the best single race score shall be the heat. As soon as all pilots are in position and ready to control their
considered in resolving a tie. aircraft, the starter gives the signal to launch, and the heat begins.

E: ENFORCEMENT OF RULES: From the start of a heat until the end, the aircraft run “flat-out.” There is
no remote-throttle control to vary the engine’s speed
Enforcement of announced race rules is the responsibility of the
Contest Director, whose authority is absolute. During the race, the pilot’s partner, the caller, is of critical assistance to
the pilot. In addition to launching the aircraft, and because the pilot’s
attention is so focused on controlling the aircraft, the caller determines
when the pilot should commence a turn around a pylon and calls this out
to the pilot.

Cut judges are assigned to each pylon in order to insure that the aircraft
turn outside the pylons instead of “cutting” inside a pylon during a turn.
One “cut” will add extra time to the pilot’s overall timing; two “cuts”
disqualifies the pilot’s aircraft from the race. Cuts are indicated to pilots
by the flag marshall not lowering the flag at each turn. When a pilot or
pilot’s caller sees a ‘cut’ for the assigned lane, they know adjustment
needs to be made in the next turn to avoid another cut.

When flying plyon, you need to TURN LEFT AND FLY FAST!

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Aug 2009

Welcome to the family! Enjoy some snap shots from the

Singapore National Championship in
June 2009

We like to welcome the following members and

their family who have joined us in 2009. We hope
you have a great time with us.

From Singapore
Mr Louis Liauw Ling Hao 1043
Mr Ong Kim Choon 1044
Mr Wee Seow Peng 1045
Mr Noel Nicholas Lee Shao 1046
Mr Chen Fun Gee 1047
Mr Cheong Swee Wei Jephry 1049
Mr Wong Soo Wei 1054
Mr Yeo Chin Heng 1055
Mr Chang Keng Seng, Simon 1056
Mr Eddie Tiang Wen Wei 1057
Mr Tan Beng Hong F1059
Mr Tan Cong Sheng F1059-1

From Australia
Mr Saul Leighton 1060

From Britian
Mr Jonathan Warwick Bowler F1058
Mr Jonathan Bowler F1058-1
Mr Maxwell Bowler F1058-2

From Germany
Mr Wildhagen Jens 1048
Mr Fred Koenecke 1051
Mr Carsten Hellmann 1052

From Korea
Mr Lee Sung Ho 1053

From US
Mr Jeffrey De Wolf F1050
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Aug 2009

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