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Executive Summary

The Metolius Agency is a Eugene, Ore. based graphic design and visual communications firm.
Metolius will be concentrating on corporate identity of established companies. The targeted
customer is a small- to medium-size company that has been established for five to 15 years. The
company has done well with the business so far, but they are in need of a new corporate identity to
allow them to move to the next level.
Metolius will operate out of a small office in the downtown area. For months one through seven,
Kiev Lartiste will be the sole employee. By month seven, Kiev will be hiring an assistant to help
with design work as well as administrative details.
Metolius will offer companies a fresh perspective regarding corporate identity and visual
communication. Kiev has a unique background where he has business skills and creative skills.
Most firms come solely from creative backgrounds. While this is useful for the crafting of logos and
other devices of visual communication, it lacks the intuitive business mindset that Kiev brings to the
firm. This competitive edge allows Kiev to bring both an aesthetic design focus as well as a
practical, quantitative mindset that adds value to the service offerings by creating solutions that have
both creative elements combined with rational, business ideas. This is useful since the clients are
more business oriented.
Metolius will grow their customer base by providing clients with well-priced projects due to
reasonably low overhead, creative, practical designs that add more value than competing graphical
art firms, and superior customer attention. The Metolius Agency will reach profitability by month
nine and generate $27,347 in profits by year three.

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1.1 Objectives
The objectives for the first three years of operation include:
1. To develop a start-up graphics agency that will grow to profitability within year two.
2. To create a company whose primary goal is to exceed customer's expectations.
3. To create a firm that provides the target customers with valuable services and provides the owner
with a flexible, creative, fun, and profitable business opportunity.
1.2 Mission
The Metolius Agency's mission is to provide the customer with creative and practical graphic design
work and visual communication services. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we
adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place. Our services will exceed the expectations
of our customers.
1.3 Keys to Success
The keys to success are:
Practical insight
Enjoyment of the experience