Bill creates 5

district in Nueva Ecija
A bill was filed in the House of Representatives creating the fifth district in the
province of Nueva Ecija by reapportioning the two cities and six municipalities
comprising the Second Legislative istrict!
"nder House #ill $%&' authored by Rep! (oseph )iolago *+
istrict, Nueva Ecija-,
the city of San (ose and the municipalities of .arranglan, Lupao and /alugtug shall
constitute the Second Legislative istrict while the Science .ity of 0uno1 and the
municipalities of 2antabangan, Ri1al and Llanera shall comprise the new 3ifth Legislative
)iolago said the upsurge in the population of the 2rovince of Nueva Ecija compels
the reapportioning of its legislative districts!
4Since &5'%, the population of the 2rovince of Nueva Ecija had tremendously
increased to &,566,$%$ persons as of 0ay &, +7&7 as per +!7&8 annual population growth
rate of Nueva Ecija conducted by the National Statistics 9ffice, necessitating a
reapportionment of its legislative districts in order to give proper and ade:uate
representation in the House of Representatives to all inhabitants of Nueva Ecija,; )iolago
4/he reapportionment of legislative districts proposed in this #ill adheres to the
standards prescribed in Section 6, paragraph *$- of Article )< of the .onstitution, i!e! as
far as practicable in contiguous, compact and adjacent territory,; )iolago stressed!
)iolago said the population in the proposed 3ifth Legislative istrict may not reach
+67,777 inhabitants but this should not prevent the creation of additional district!
He cited the ruling of the Supreme .ourt in the case of A:uino vs! .90ELE. in
=!R! No! &'5%5$ dated April %, +7&7, which states that a population of +67,777 is not an
indispensable re:uirement for the formulation of an additional legislative district in a
province, whose population growth has increased beyond the &5'> numbers!
4"nder the same Supreme .ourt ruling, it provides that the number of inhabitants in
the resulting additional district should not be considered! <t further clarified that
population is not the only factor but is just one of several other factors in the composition
of the additional district,; )iolago said!
)iolago said it is imperative for .ongress to reapportion the legislative districts to
meet the increasing socio?economic demands of the people of Nueva Ecija!
NR # 3464B
MAY 12, 2014
4/he magnitude tas@ and troubles that beset the people in the area further show the
compelling reasons to apportion in the soonest time,; )iolago said!

/he composition of the 3irst, /hird and 3ourth Legislative istricts shall remain,
the bill provides!
/he 3irst Legislative istrict is composed of the municipalities of Aliaga, .uyapo,
=uimba, Licab, Nampicuan, Aue1on, Santo omingo, /alavera and Barago1a!
/he .ities of .abanatuan and 2alayan and the municipalities of #ongabon,
=abaldon, =eneral 0amerto Natividad, Laur and Santa Rosa comprise the /hird
Legislative istrict, while the .ity of =apan and the municipalities of .abiao, =eneral
/inio, (aen, 2eCaranda, San Antonio, San <sidro and San Leonardo comprise the 3ourth
Legislative istrict! *$7- mrs