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CXC Information Technology Unit 1

Fundamentals of Hardware and Software
Homework 2 (with answers
!nswer all " #uestions$ Total of %& marks$

a Con(ert the decimal num)er %*
to a )inary num)er$ (2
) Con(ert the )inary num)er 11&111&1
to a decimal num)er$ (2
c +,-lain the term .-arity/0 as it relates to the coding of
characters$ (2 marks
d !dd the )inary num)ers 11&1&1
and 1&111&
(2 marks
12 32 11 " 2 2 1
& 1 1 1 & & 1
12" 12 32 11 " 2 2 1
1 1 & 1 1 1 & 1
c 6arity is a method of adding a check )it to the )inary
re-resentation of a character that can )e used to (erify
that the )it -attern is (alid
a 7efine the term .-rotocol/ as it relates to data
communication$ (2 marks
! -rotocol is the rules of the language that com-uters use
when communicating$
) 7igital transmission can occur in three of the following
i$ 7ata can )e transmitted in one direction only$
ii$ 7ata can )e transmitted in )oth directions )ut only
in one direction at a time$
iii$ 7ata can )e transmitted in )oth directions
State the correct technical term for +!CH of the transmission
methods a)o(e$ (3 marks
Half du-le,
Full 7u-le,
a 9ame a ty-e of de(ice which -roduces a human reada)le
co-y$ (1 mark
) 9ame a ty-e of de(ice which -roduces a machine reada)le
co-y$ (1 mark
c 9ame a ty-e of de(ice that acce-ts data in human reada)le
form$ (1 mark
:ar code -rinter
;-tical Character <ecognition$
The wide (ariety of in-ut de(ices and media is a ma=or factor
which adds to the fle,i)ility and (ersatility of com-uter systems$
The use of a (i de(ice which allows users to mo(e around images
on the monitor )y the shifting of a le(er on the de(ice that has
made com-uter games (ery -o-ular$ In su-ermarkets0 there are
(ii de(ices which allow a cashier to key in data on sales and this
data on sales and this data is automatically transmitted to a
com-uter for -rocessing$ There are also (iii de(ices that are
ca-a)le of reading -encil marks on an e,amination scri-t there)y
allowing the test to )y scored automatically$ The use of (i(
de(ices to read in images allows -ictures and logos to )e
incor-orated in a document$
State the technical names for +!CH of the de(ices num)ers (i >
(i( in the -assage a)o(e$ 6lease use the num)ering indicated in
the -assage to identify your answers$ (2 mark
+6;S electronic -oint of sales
;@< ;-tical @ark <ecognition
a Con(ert "*
to its )inary e#ui(alent$ (2 marks
) !dd the two )inary num)ers 11&1&1
and 111&1
0 gi(ing the
result in )inary form$ (2 marks
c Ai(e the :C7 re-resentation of %B
$ (2 marks
12 32 11 " 2 2 1
1 & 1 & & 1 1
c &1&1 1&&1
a Chat is meant )y the term .direct access/D (2 marks
) +,-lain the difference )etween the following terms8
i$ U-Eload and downEload$ (2 marks
ii$ HalfEdu-le, and du-le,$ (2 marks
iii$ Focal area network and Cide area network$ (2 marks
i($ +lectronic mail and )ulletin )oard$ (2 marks
7irect access$ The a)ility to go directly to a s-ecific record
without ha(ing to read from the to- of the file$
U-Eload sending a file to a remote com-uter and downEload is
recei(ing a file from a remote com-uter$
HalfEdu-le, is transmission in )oth directions )ut only one
direction at a time and fullEdu-le, is transmission in )oth
directions at the same time$
F!9 restricted to a small area like a )uilding and a C!9 co(ers a
larger geogra-hic area like a region$
+Email is electronic messages sent to indi(idual electronic
addresses and a )ulletin )oard is an electronic location where
-eo-le can lea(e0 read and re-ly to general messages and
@atch the following a--lications with the most a--ro-riate in-ut
!66FIC!TI;9 7+GIC+S
-ointEofEsale o-tical mark reader
games key)oard
architectural design magnetic ink character recognition
multi-leEchoice e,am micro-hone
-u)lishing -ads and ta)lets
che#ue -rocessing )arcode reader
language -rocessing =oystick
-re-aring letters scanner
(" marks
-ointEofEsale )arcode reader
games =oystick
architectural design -ads and ta)lets
multi-leEchoice e,am o-tical mark reader
-u)lishing scanner
che#ue -rocessing magnetic ink character recognition
language -rocessing micro-hone
-re-aring letters key)oard
a 7efine the term .resolution/ as it a--lies to a gra-hics
dis-lay$ (2 marks
) Ai(e TC; e,am-les of in-ut de(ices that can read data
directly from a source document$ (2 marks
c Ai(e TC; ad(antages of using de(ices that can read data
directly from source documents$ (2 marks
The num)er of -i,els0 -icture elements0 that make u- the
screen$ The higher the resolution the clearer the -icture$
;@<0 ;C<
'uick and accurate$