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Our name is our message. It embodies our
core idea and ideals- people first, their
interest and welfare above all.
News Release
May 10, 2014
News Release
May 11, 2014
Reference: Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares, 09178!04!9
B"#"N M$N" %& %'(C&): )'' #&$ *N C&$R%
Says group to intervene in CA and even SC to expedite refund to telcos subscribers

Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares today said that they would intervene at the Court of Appeals (CA) and
even the Supreme Court (SC) when the telecommunications companies (telcos) brin the !".#$% billion refund case to

&'o e(pedite the refund to subscribers we will intervene at the CA and the SC. )e will see them in court. 'he
telcos already have so much in profit* and it is but riht for them to return their illeal chares to subscribers includin
interest payments. )e +now that the telcos, ame plan is to brin this case to court and let it sleep there until it is
forotten* but we will not allow that*- said Rep. Colmenares.

'he senior deputy minority leader made the call as spo+espersons for .lobe 'elecom and !hilippine /on
0istance 'elephone Company (!/0'),s Smart Communications and 0iital Mobile said on 1riday that they would
ta+e their case to the Court of Appeals.
'he issue stem from the National 'elecommunications Commission (N'C Memorandum Circular no. 23$42$
3244 orderin the Ayala$led .lobe 'elecom and !hilippine /on 0istance 'elephone Co. (!/0') units* Smart
Communications and 0iital Mobile !hil. (Sun Cellular) to slash their short messae service (SMS) rate to &other
networ+s- to 52 centavos from !4. 6t can be remembered that Bayan Muna alon with '(tpower led the campain to
have the SMS rates reduced when the order was issued in 3244 but the N'C treated the telcos with +id loves and
waited for more than two years to rule with finality.

'he proressive solon also called on the 7ouse of Representatives to prioriti8e the passae of 7ouse Bill
4%%" to protect consumers from further overcharin by reedy telcos.

&)e also call on Spea+er Sonny Belmonte of the 7ouse of Representatives to prioriti8e 7ouse Bill 4%%"
which aims to reulate telco rates* re9uire detailed billin of prepaid credits and other service improvements to protect
subscribers from another overchare by reedy telcos- said the senior deputy minority leader.

&6t,s about time we abandon the dereulation policy of overnment and protect the people,s interest aainst
rapacious corporations*- he said.

7ouse Bill 4%%" titled :An Act !romotin the Rihts of Mobile !hone Subscribers by Reulatin !rices*
Re9uirin 'elecommunication Service Companies to provide 0etailed Billin of !repaid Credits* Number !ortability*
/owered !ulse Rate and ;ther Service 6mprovements- was filed on <uly 3#* 324# but has not been tac+led by

&'he N'C should also increase its !322 per day fine to !32*222=day as this is peanuts for the telcos. 'he fine
must be in an amount that would teach these telcos a lesson not to un>ustly overchare subscribers to increase their
already super$profits. 'he telcos made e(tra profit of at least !5 million per day in the last two years and the !322=day
fine is a mere slap in the wrist for them. 'he fine must be included in the refund subscribers instead of oin to the
N'C since it is the public who suffered in>ury and not the overnment*- Rep. Colmenares ended. ???
Our name is our message. It embodies our
core idea and ideals- people first, their
interest and welfare above all.
For more information, please contact Bayan Muna me+ia officer Carl "la a, 0917!1104!9