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January 7, 2014

Renewable Natural Resources 201

Word Processing Exercise #4 B Flyers, Posters, Brochures and

Part A -- Prepare a Flyer or Announcement for a Special Event

Purpose: Utilize special features of Word to produce a legible and attractive flyer
for advertising a special event.

Process: Select a fair, festival, or other special event that will occur during the
current semester. It can be sponsored by a University department, church,
community, school district, or other non-commercial entity. Use the
internet to obtain details on when the event will occur, where it will
happen, what its purpose is, and other pertinent information needed.

Prepare a flyer or announcement using Microsoft Word and its WordArt
feature to display the name of the event, and then select various fonts and
sizes to present the remaining information. Find two or more appropriate
graphics to include in this flyer and place them in appropriate locations
with respect to the text.

The format may be either Portrait (Vertical) or Landscape (Horizontal), it
can be as a flyer for posting on a board or as a newspaper advertisement,
but it should be of pleasing appearance, be sufficiently bold to catch one's
attention, have a name readable at a distance of three to ten feet, include
all pertinent information, and be complete and accurate. Include your
name in a footer in 6 point type.

Turn in a Word document or Adobe PDF file of this flyer to the
appropriate eCampus assignment.
January 7, 2014
Part B -- Prepare an Inspirational or Witty Poster

Purpose: To utilize Word and the WordArt feature to design a poster with an
inspirational or humorous message. (Note: this is not just a large

Planning: Use the web to find one or more pages which identify elements of poster
design. Use these tips to plan your poster layout.

Process: Use Word and its WordArt feature to produce a poster in 11" x 17
format. The poster can include any inspirational or humorous message
you have found or encountered in the past or can find on the web. While
the message need not be original, the design should not be a reproduction
of an existing poster.

Add your name on the poster as a footer in 6 point type.

Product: Turn in a Word document or Adobe PDF file of this flyer to the
appropriate eCampus assignment.

January 7, 2014
Part C -- Prepare a Brochure

Purpose: To utilize a word processor template to produce an informational

Background: In resource management programs, labor or personnel costs generally
account for fifty to eighty percent of the expense. A trend today is to
replace personal contact with brochures or computerized systems.

Printing a self-guiding trail brochure for visitors to use is less expensive
than hiring a person to lead guided walks, and leaves staff free to perform
more essential work.

Process: Using Word, find and open a brochure template for a tri-fold brochure to
be printed on standard letter size stock (8.5x11). (You may also choose
to use the brochure template which is located on the class web page. See
the link named Hints, Help & Humor for the template and for a sample
brochure.) Gather appropriate information on a topic and produce a tri-
fold brochure with six panels. You may wish to make a self-guiding
brochure for a resource area; a marketing brochure for a resort, camp, or
recreational enterprise; a brochure to alert homeowners about conservation
and recycling opportunities; or a guide for travelers and tourists to your
community, an informational brochure on your major or field of study, or
other topic. Use at least three graphics (digital photos, clip-art, or other
images) to illustrate the brochure. Fonts, font sizes and features, borders,
etc. should be chosen to form a harmonious balance.

Create the descriptive text for the brochure (write it yourself, dont copy it
from another source) and, where possible, provide a link to a web page
with additional information. While this is an informational brochure, you
should target the message (graphics and text) to appeal to a particular
market (teenagers, college students, the elderly, etc.).

Set up the back panel for mailing and include merge codes for the names
in Word Exercise #3..

Product: Submit as a Word document to the appropriate assignment on eCampus.

Part D Preparing a Newsletter

Submit your newsletter as a Word document or Adobe PDF file to the appropriate
assignment on eCampus. (See next page for format.)

January 7, 2014

RENR 201 Newsletter
All the news thats fit to print.
Word Processing Exercise #4

In this exercise you will design a
newsletter, write articles and news
reports, and publish a final copy.

Design a heading for your news
magazine, giving it an appropriate,
catchy name, list yourself as the
editor, add a volume and issue
number (Volume 1, Issue #1) and a
graphic. The heading will extend
across the page, but the articles will
be in column format (two or more
columns, as desired) with full

Your newsletter should be built
around a theme with related news
and articles to interest your readers.
You may wish to also include an
occasional graphic (line drawing or

The final product of this exercise
will be a one- or two-page newsletter
that you will submit to the
appropriate eCampus assignment.
Your file can be a Word document or
an Adobe PDF file.

See the newsletter
guidelines in the
Hints, Help & Humor
section of the web page
for this class.
Ever wonder what it takes to write an
interesting newsletter?

Well, what do you like to
read about? Chances are
you dont read many
newsletters at all, but you might read
the more modern equivalent of a
personal blog.

Whats the difference? A blog
is a newsletter of sortsbut it is
written in a more informal style.
Often, the rules of spelling and
grammar are ignored in blogs, but not
to the degree they are in text
messaging. Blogs also disseminate

Since blogs require that the
reader seek out the information on
their own, there is still a need for the
classic newsletter which lists
important dates and actions, reports
on meetings, or informs the readers of
pending changes and for that reason
will continue to have a function,
particularly in an office or business

There are other uses as well. A
newsletter format is a quick and
excellent alternative to the annual
letter which some people send out to
family and friendsall the latest
photos on the kids as well as
information births, deaths, arrests,
health issues, lottery winnings, etc.