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Are You Charismatic or

"For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall show signs and
wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect." - Mark 13:22
By Raymond Taouk
The Oriin o! the "resent day Charismatic Mo#ement can $e traced $ack to the %holiness
mo#ement& 'hich 'as $ean in the late 1(th century in the united states $y the )rotestant
"reacher Charles !o* )arham 'ho $ean "reachin +1(,1- to his to"eka conreation that
s"eakin in tonues 'as o$.ecti#e e#idence o! $a"tism in the s"irit/ A!ter the 0os Aneles
mission o! )arham1s a"ostolic !aith sect $ecame the center o! a reat re#i#al +1(,2- the
mo#ement 3uickly s"read around the 'orld/ O#er the ne*t t'o decades the mo#ement s"lit
alon doctrinal and racial lines/ Today the Charismatics enerally o $y the name o!
%"entecostalist& althouh the term %Charismatic& is the more enerally used since this sect
doesn4t limits $elie!s to is o'n denomination/
The Charismatic mo#ement ained its in!luence into the "ost Conciliar Church 'ith the e!!orts
o! #arious indi#iduals such as Cardinal 5uenens and 6e#in Ranahan 'ho hel"ed decei#ed a
num$er o! 'ell meanin Catholics into thinkin this 'ould $e a reat 'ay o! $ein united 'ith
those outside the Church 'hile learnin to %e*"erience the holy s"irit&/ The Catholic
)romoters o! this )entecostal mo#ement ha#e $een mo#ed !ar !rom orthodo* in their !aith +2
Thess 2:17-/ That is 'hy Arch$isho" 8'yer9 o! )ortland9 Oreon9 in a scathin criticism o! the
charismatic mo#ement9 'arned in 1(:7: ;<e reard it $luntly as one o! the most danerous
trends in the Church in our time9 closely allied in s"irit 'ith other disru"ti#e and di#isi#e
mo#ements threatenin ra#e harm to unity and damaer to countless souls/;
Charismatic Movement and False Ecumenism
0et us also $e reatly a'are that this Charismatic Mo#ement in the Catholic Church is !ounded
on a sin aainst the =aith/ As Bisho" 0ouis 0aRa#oire Morro'9 5/T/8 "oints out9 ;A Catholic
sins aainst =aith $y takin "art in non-Catholic 'orshi"9 $ecause he thus "ro!esses $elie! in a
reliion he kno's to $e !alse/; This is $ecause "artici"ation in >on Catholic 'orshi" has
al'ays $een !or$id +5ee Canon4s 12?@91,239231(9132? o! the 1(1: code o! Canon 0a'-/ Yet
$y the admission o! Catholic Charismatic "ioneer9 6e#in Ranahan9 the mo#ement $ean 'ith
Catholics "er!ormin the rotes3ue ritual o! seekin a s"iritual $lood trans!usion !rom the dead
cor"se o! )rotestantism9 and "roclaimin that Aod ;!illed them to o#er!lo'in 'ith the s"irit;
!or doin so/ 5uch colla$oratin and ;seekin the holiness o! the Boly 5"irit; !rom
anathematiCed heretics cannot $e a reliious mo#ement truly o! Aod $ut rather dia$olic
Mo#ement o! dece"tion/ <hile no one claims that those 'ho $elon to this Mo#ement are
necessarily all e#il or "ersons o! ill intent9 yet this is $eside the "oint/ 5ince the mo#ement
itsel! is !ounded on "rinci"les that contradict the =aith/
The !alse notion o! Dcumenical 'orshi" as "roclaimed $y the Charismatic Mo#ement 'as lon
ao condemned $y )o"e )ius EF and )o"e )ius EFF 'ho +$asin their teachin on the
unchanin tradition o! the Church rather than the "roressi#e no#elties o! li$eral theoloians-
'arned aainst the daners o! inter!aith acti#ity/ )ius EF in Mortalium Animos tauht that
thouh 5t/ Gohn recounted Our 0ord1s "rayer ;that all may $e one;9 as 'ell as Christ1s
command ;to lo#e one another;9 ;ne#ertheless9 he +5t/ Gohn- strictly !or$ade any intercourse
'ith those 'ho "ro!essed a mutilated and corru"ted !orm o! Christ1s teachin/ =or 1F! any man
come to you9 and $rin not this doctrine9 recei#e him not into thy house9 nor say to him9 Aod
s"eed you/;
)o"e )ius EF !urther castiated inter!aith "ro.ects9 statin9 ;///Ft is clear that the A"ostolic 5ee
can $y no means take "art in these assem$lies9 nor is it in any 'ay la'!ul !or Catholics to i#e
such enter"rises their encouraement or su""ort/ F! they did so9 they 'ould $e i#in
countenance to a !alse Christianity9 3uite alien to the one Church o! Christ; +Moralium
Animos9 Gan 29 1(2@-/
The Charismatic mo#ement $ein a "roduct o! such !or$idden acti#ities needed to ac3uire the
mock-sacrament o! a !alse reliion +%$a"tism in the s"irit&- !or its im"etus/ Bence it acts in
hauhty disdain o! )ius EF1s directi#es/
Speaking in Tongues?
Accom"anyin the so called %s"eakin in Tonues& the Charismatics 'ill o!ten $e !ound
screamin the name o! %Gesus& or rollin on the !loor9 or makin ecstatic utterances !re3uently
unintellii$le to listeners/ Fn the history o! the Church such $eha#ior has al'ays $een
condemned/ Fn !act in 5cri"ture it is only those 'ho ha#e $een "ossessed $y de#ils that can not
restrain themsel#es !rom actin in such a manner/ That is 'hy most theoloians aree that one
o! the sins o! demonic "ossession is the s"eakin in strane or unintellii$le tonues/ F 'ill
3uote a !e' as !ollo's:
;Accordin to the roman ritual9 other sins o! "ossession include Hthe a$ility to s"eak 'ith
some !amiliarity in a strane tonue or to understand it 'hen s"oken $y anotherI the !aculty o!
di#ulin !uture and hidden e#entsI and the dis"lay o! "o'ers 'hich are $eyond the su$.ect1s
ae and natural condition/4; +.ose"h ecanem9 "h/d/9 demonic "ossession9 "/ 23-
;The catholic church still de!ines true sins o! "ossession as dis"layin su"erhuman strenth9
o!ten accom"anied $y !its and con#ulsionsI chanes in "ersonalityI ha#in kno'lede o! the
!uture or other secret in!ormationI and $ein a$le to understand and con#erse in lanuaes not
"re#iously kno'n to the #ictim9 such as the "henomenon lossolalia/ Darly "uritan ministers
and later "rotestant clery areed on the same sym"toms !or declarin a "erson demonically
"ossessed/ Fn many incidences there 'as a com"lete inorance o! the "erson1s medical
condition and $eha#ior/; +Michael !oreman9 "h/d/9 a short history o! dia$olical "ossession9 "/
one o! the sins o! "ossession as listed in the rituale romanum is as !ollo's: ;to s"eak
unkno'n lanuaes +*enolosia- and to sustain con#ersations in such lanuaes9 as 'ell as to
understand the lanuaes that are s"oken/; +Rituale romanum-
=urther the Charismatics seem to ha#e !orotten the 'ords o! 5t )aul reardin ho' a "erson
should $eha#e himsel! in the Church/ 5t )aul tells us ; Thou kno' ho' thou should $eha#e
thysel! in the house o! Aod9 'hich is the Church o! the li#in Aod the "illar and round o! the
Truth; +1 Timothy 3:1?-/ Fn !act 'hen dealin 'ith the issue o! %s"eakin in tonues& he
e*"ressly states that %all thins $e done decently and accordin to order& +1 Cor 17:7,-9 'hich
is somethin that Charismatics totally inore/
The Holy Spirit?
The Charismatic Mo#ement o!ten claim to mani!ies the Boly 5"irit9 yet the scri"tures tell us
the role o! the holy s"irit is to mani!y Christ9 as 'e read ;But 'hen Be9 the 5"irit o! Truth9 is
come9 Be 'ill teach you all truth/ =or Be shall not s"eak o! himsel! he 'ill s"eak only 'hat he
hears and he 'ill tell you 'hat is yet to come9 Be 5hall Alori!y MDI $ecause Be shall recei#e
o! mine9 and 5hall make it kno'n to you; +Gohn 12:13-/
One o! the characteristics o! Charismatics is that it oes to e*cess on a detail9 $ut loses the $i
"icture o! the Catholic and A"ostolic =aith/ Ft is this e*cess o! sensual %e*"erience o! the Boly
s"irit& that is the "ro$lem9 'hich some are tryin to su$stitute !or the Roman Catholic =aith/
The Charismatic a""roach to the Boly Ahost makes Bim su$ser#ient to their emotions and
"ersonal con#eniences9 'hen on the contrary our !aith teaches us that race is a !ree i!t i#en
$y Aod 'hich Be is not necessitated to i#e $ut only does so out o! Bis !ree 'ill +1 Corinth
<hat is more is that they not only make Aod su$ser#ient to their emotions $ut also make their
%e*"erience& 'ith the Boly 5"irit into their ne' Maesterium9 since 'ho needs the Church i!
'e all ha#e a direct line 'ith the Boly 5"irit 'hich 'e can acti#ate accordin to our o'n
likinsJ This is con!irmed $y the !act that the Charismatics 'ill o!ten re!use to admit that their
%e*"erience o! the s"irit& could $e nothin more than a dia$olic delusion or sim"ly an
intensi!ication o! ones o'n emotions/ And so this Charismatic heresy is $ased on the erroneous
notion that emotional e*"erience al'ays accom"anies the con!erral o! race9 'hereas the
Catholic doctrine is that the only sensi$le indication o! the con!erral o! race is the sacramental
sin itsel!/
The Catholic church has a mar#elous t'o-thousand year history o! ;discernment o! s"irits; $y
'hich Aod has i#en us means +5"iritual tools- to use in order to discern the s"irit o! truth
!rom that o! error/ Yet this Mo#ement inores Catholic teachin on the discernment o! s"irits/
As 'e see o!ten see 0ay "eo"le lay hands on an indi#idual9 the indi#idual ets a %rush&9 and
immediately "roclaims that he is ;!ull o! the 5"irit/; This is shockin "resum"tion accordin to
Catholic teachin/
The reat mystical 'riter and 8octor o! the Church9 5t/ Gohn o! the Cross9 'arned that souls
must !lee !rom seekin such mani!estations: ; F reatly !ear 'hat is ha""enin in these times o!
ours: F! any soul 'hate#er a!ter a $it o! meditation has in its recollection one o! these locutions9
it 'ill immediately $a"tiCe all as comin !rom Aod and 'ith such a su""osition say9 1Aod told
me91 1Aod ans'ered me/1 Yet this is not so9 $ut9 as 'e "ointed out9 these "ersons themsel#es are
more o!ten the oriin o! their locution/; +The Ascent o! Mount Carmel/ Book FF Ch/ 2(-
Ft is this #ery s"irituality 'hich the Charismatic mo#ement is $ased on 'hich has lon ao
condemned $y the Church and her reat saints and theoloians9 "recisely $ecause it leads
"eo"le to delude themsel#es/
5t/ Kincent =errer9 'ho 'as 'ell kno'n !or the thousands o! miracles and con#ersions he
'ork9 ne#ertheless o"enly condemned this !alse !orm o! s"irituality 'hen he stated that:
; The soul that attaches itsel! to these !alse consolations !alls into #ery danerous errors9 !or
Aod .ustly "ermits the de#il to ha#e "o'er to aument in it these kinds o! s"iritual tastes9 to
re"eat them !re3uently9 and to ins"ire it 'ith sentiments that are !alse9 danerous9 and !ull o!
illusions9 $ut 'hich the misuided soul imaines to $e true/ AlasJ Bo' many souls ha#e $een
seduced $y these deceit!ul consolations? The ma.ority o! ra"tures and ecstasies9 or9 to call them
$y their "ro"er name9 !renCies o! these !ore runners o! Antichrist s"rin !rom this cause/
Bence9 the only consolation you should admit into your soul in time o! "rayer9 is that 'hich is
"roduced $y the consciousness o! your nothinness and miseryI a consciousness 'hich 'ill
"reser#e you in humility9 and ins"ire you 'ith "ro!ound re#erence and the desire that he may
$e honored and lori!ied/ Consolations such as these cannot mislead/ ; - 0i!e o! 5t/ Kincent
=errer9 By =r/ Andre' )radel9 0ondon 1@:?9 )/ 1@3
Experience the Holy Spirit !o to Mass"
The "rinci"le 'ork o! the Boly Ahost is the sancti!ication o! the soul +1 Thess 7:3- throuh
race and not some hy"eracti#e mo#ement o! our emotions/ This 'ork o! sancti!ication is
accom"lished $y means o! 'orthy rece"tion o! the sacraments/ This is reason Christ instituted
a Church9 in order to im"art to Bis mem$ers the li!e o! race throuh the sacraments/
=or this reason the Church has al'ays a!!irmed that a most "o'er!ul out"ourin o! Aods race
is i#en to us e#ery time the Boly sacri!ice o! the Mass is o!!ered/ Fn his 'ell kno'n 'ork
%The Fncredi$le Catholic Mass& +Tan Books- =r/ Martin Cochem9 ela$orates the :: Araces and
=ruits to $e 8eri#ed !rom 8e#out Attendance at Boly Mass and concludes 'ith the 'ords
%<hat dost thou no' think o! the holy Mass O Christian? Can it $e su""osed that in the 'hole
'orld there is any other ood 'ork 'here$y so many races and !ruits are "laced 'ithin our
reach? F! Christians only kne' ho' to "ro!it $y holy Mass9 they miht ac3uire reater riches
than are to $e !ound in all the thins Aod has created/&
The Mass $ein an o!!icial "rayer o! the Church9 is non-other than the "rayer o! Christ Bimsel!
'ho continually o!!ers Bimsel! in intersection !or us +Be$ ::2?-/
Catholic #evotions
5ince the out"ourin o! the Boly Ahost is not limited to the sacraments alone9 the Church has
al'ays recommend #arious other means $y 'hich Aod 'orks the sancti!ication o! her
mem$ers9 such as the #arious sacramentals9 +i/e/ Boly <ater9 5ca"ular-9 the #arious and "ri#ate
"rayers9 not to mention the other "u$lic "rayers o! the Church such as are !ound in the Roman
Bre#iary/ =or this reason the Church encouraes us to %)ray 'ithout ceasin& +1 Thess ?:1:-/
<hat is more is that amonst these de#otion are !ound those such as the de#otion to the 5acred
Beart9 'hich has $een "racticed and recommended $y a reat num$er o! 5aints/ <hat surer
"ath is there to sanctity than dra'in closer to the Beart o! AodJ
=urther more9 the Rosary itsel! is another most am"le means o! dra'in Aods race and
$lessin u" oursel#es and those around us/ 5t/ )o"e 5t/ )ius E in e*"ressin the mind o! a
num$er o! )o"es and saints on this issue states that ; There is nothin more e*cellent9 it seems
to us9 than that numerous #oices are uninterru"tinly and !rom many "arts o! the 'orld
simultaneously li!tin su""lications to the Blessed Kirin Mary as they meditate on the
Christian mysteries9 so that the $lessins o! her maternal oodness may not cease to descend
u"on the Church/;
Bence 'hat real "retension ha#e Catholics to claim they ha#e need to "artake in 'orks o! the
Charismatic sects in order to o$tain the a$undant out"ourin o! the Boly Ahost/
$o Second %entecost"
Contrary to 'hat the Charismatics claim9 their 'ill ne#er $e a second )entecost/ The reason
$ein that the !irst )entecost 'as !or the "ur"ose o! !ul!illin Our 0ords "romise to send the
Boly Ahost +Gohn 1?:22- and to con!irm the di#ine Oriin o! the Church 'hich had $y the
Comin o! the Boly Ahost had $een esta$lished once and !or all9 !or the redem"tion o! the
mankind/ =or this reason 5t/ )aul e*"licitly states that %=or other !oundation no man can lay9
$ut that 'hich is laid: 'hich is Christ Gesus& +1 Cor 3:11-/ Fn other 'ords the !oundation o! the
Church 'hich Christ has "laced can not $e re-!ounded or esta$lished/ This is not only
con!irmed $y the !act that the Church 'hich Christ !ounded is inde!ecti$le +Matt 12:1@-1(- $ut
also !rom the !act that all heretics 'ho ha#e e#ery made the claim o! a %second )entecost& ha#e
al'ays $een condemned/
Fn this reard the charismatic mo#ement is similar to that o! many o! the %s"iritual& rou"s that
ha#e arisen in the history o! the Church and 'hich conse3uently merited $y their strane
$elie!s and "ractices the condemnation o! the Church/ Chie! amon these 'ere the Goachimites9
!ollo'ers o! Goachim o! =iore in the 12th Century9 'ho held the history o! the 'orld to $e
di#ided into three distinct "hases9 each corres"ondin to a "erson o! the $lessed trinity/ Thus9
the !irst ae o! the 'orld 'as marked $y Aod the =athers ma.estic rule9 the second $y the
'isdom o! the son and his Church9 and the third ae +still to come- $y the Boly Ahost in an
out"ourin o! uni#ersal lo#e/ This teachin 'as condemned $y )o"e Ale*ander FK a!ter
Goachim4s death9 in the 13th Century +Goachim o! =lora9 the Catholic Dncyclo"edia9 Charles
Ber$ermann9 et al9 eds9 >e' york91(,(-/
&ppeal to Scripture and History
Charismatics 'ill o!ten attem"t to a""eal not only to scri"ture $ut also the Bistory o! the
Church to "romote their e!!orts9 yet i! 'e look into $oth scri"ture and Church history 'e !ind
that such e!!orts are clearly con!ounded/
<e read in scri"ture that on the day o! )entecost 'hen the Boly Ahost descend u"on the
A"ostles they s"oke in tonues in such a 'ay that 'hile they 'ere actually s"eakin in their
o'n lanuae they 'ere understood $y those "resent in their o'n nati#e lanuae +Acts 2:7 c!
also9 The Baltimore Catechism >o/ 3L72 )/@(-/
<hat is more is that no'here in Acts o! the A"ostles do 'e read that in order "re"are
themsel#es !or the rece"tion o! the Boly Ahost9 the a"ostle or disci"les $ean to sho' !orth
hysterical sins or actions that 'here not in kee"in 'ith Christian modesty !or as numerous
s"iritual authors ha#e "ointed out9 Aod s"eaks to us in silence +3 6ins 1(:12- and not $y
means o! hy"eracti#e motions/ That is 'hy 'e read that in the Acts o! the A"ostles that %All
these +A"ostles- 'ere "erse#erin 'ith one mind in "rayer 'ith the 'omen9 and Mary the
mother o! Gesus& +Acts 1:17-/ And so i! 'e desire the a$undance o! Aods race 'e also must
unite oursel#es in "rayer %'ith Mary the mother o! Gesus&9 'ho is truly the Mediatri* o! all
=urther 'hen 5t/ )aul deals 'ith the issue o! s"eakin in tonues in the !ourteenth cha"ter o!
his !irst letter to the Corinthians9 he i#es them some "recise instructions9 !or e*am"le he
!irmly states that such "erson are to s"eak in such a manner that they are understood $y the
conreation !or %F! then F kno' not the "o'er o! the #oice9 F shall $e to him to 'hom F s"eak
a $ar$arian: and he that s"eaks a $ar$arian to me/& +1 Cor 17:11-/ This is $ecause the soul
"ur"ose o! s"eakin in tonues must $e the edi!ication o! the Church and >OT the sensual
rati!ication o! the indi#idual/ =or this reason9 5t/ )aul oes on to say % But in the church F had
rather s"eak !i#e 'ords 'ith my understandin9 that F may instruct others also: than ten
thousand 'ords in a tonue/&
<hat is more is that 5t/ )aul is unhesitant to tells the Corinthians in this instruction +1 Cor
17:37- %0et 'omen kee" silence in the churches: !or it is not "ermitted them to s"eak +in the
Church-&/ Bo' many Charismatics o$ser#e such commands?
5t/ )aul stresses the !act that all Charisms are im"er!ect in com"arison 'ith Charity9 'hich is
!ar more su"erior9 !or this reason he tells the Corinthians ;But $e Cealous o! the $etter i!ts/
And F sho' unto you yet a more e*cellent 'ay; +F Cor/ EFF :31-/ <hat is this $etter 'ay? <ell
5t/ )aul oes on to e*"lain in the thirtheen cha"ter to the Corinthians that this $etter 'ay is
Charity: %And i! F should ha#e "ro"hecy and should kno' all mysteries and all kno'lede9 and
i! F should ha#e all !aith9 so that F could remo#e mountains9 and ha#e not charity9 F am
The Catholic !aith is $uilt on the su"ernatural #irtues o! =aith9 Bo"e and Charity and not on
Charisms 'hich are only lo'er i!ts/ =or this reason 5t/ Macarius Manus +7th Century- states
;Fn com"arison 'ith Charity 'hich is "er!ect9 these i!ts are o! little conse3uence and those
'ho are at that le#el can !all 'hile those 'ho ha#e Charity do not !all/ F tell you that F ha#e
seen men 'ho ha#e recei#ed all the Charisms and 'ho ha#e $ecome "artici"ants in the 5"irit
and 'ho nonetheless !ell $ecause they did not achie#e "er!ect Charity;/ +5"iritual Bomilies9 FF9
2:9 17-
=urther the Charismatic idea o! tryin to re#i#e the "henomenon o! the early Church4s
Charisma 'as an error the Montanist4s !ell into in 1:, A/8/ These heretics 'ere anathematiCed
$y the Church/ This is $ecause the %Charismata& o! s"eakin tonues ena$led the early Church
to s"read to the ends o! the kno'n 'orld ra"idly and $ecome 'ell esta$lished $e!ore the death
o! the a"ostles/ That is 'hy 5t/ )aul in his second e"istle to the Corinthians9 e*"lains the
"ur"ose o! the i!ts 'as sim"ly to $uild u" the Church and not !or the sancti!ication o! those
'hom the i!ts 'ere i#en/
The Catholic Church today no' contains "eo"le o! e#ery nation/ <hat need could there
"ossi$ly $e o! the i!t o! tonues !or e#aneliCation? 5ine the Catholic Church has a 2,,,-year
record as the true reliion9 'hat !urther need has she to "ro#e her claims/ <here!ore 5t/
Auustine +3?7-73,- declares that 9 % 'hereas e#en no' the Boly Ahost is recei#ed yet no one
s"eaks in tonues o! all nations9 $ecause the Church already s"eaks in the lanuaes o! all
nations/ 5ince 'hoe#er is not in the Church9 recei#es not the Boly Ahost& +Tract/ EEEFF9 in
Goan-/ Dlse'here he also a!!irms that ;these MlossolaliaN 'ere miracles suited to the times//// Fs
it no' e*"ected that they u"on 'hom hands are laid9 should s"eak 'ith tonues? Or 'hen 'e
im"osed our hand u"on these children9 did each o! you 'ait to see 'hether they 'ould s"eak
'ith tonues? and 'hen he sa' that they did not s"eak 'ith tonues9 'ere any o! you so
"er#erse o! heart as to say ;these ha#e not recei#ed the Boly Ahost;? --5t/ Auustine9 D"/
Goan/9 tr/ #i/-
The a"ostle 5t )aul 'arns us aainst such !alse mo#ements sayin ; Fn those last days some
shall de"art !rom the !aith i#in heed to s"irits o! error and doctrines o! de#ils; +1 Timothy
7:2-/ This mo#ement is essentially a su$stitution o! emotion !or !aith and ood 'ill !or sound
doctrine/ Ft is a ste""in stone to occultism/ =or this reason the Charismatic Mo#ement $ears a
strikin resem$lance to the occultic >e' Ae mo#ement and se#eral heresies condemned $y
the Church:
'elo( is an example o) some o) those heresies and the resem*lance+
>e' ae Mo#ement/ Ft is a "an-denominational mo#ement 'ith a non-Catholic "rinci"le as its
uni!yin !actors9 in this case9 ;$a"tism in the s"irit;/ Ft o!!ers a reliion o! DE)DRFD>CD/
Charismatics ne#er really "ro#ide a satis!actory theoloical e*"lanation o! ;$a"tism o! the
s"irit9; $ut em"hasiCe that it is somethin that must $e e*"erienced/ Yet the 5cri"tures 5ay you
are com"lete in Christ9 +CO0 2:(-/
O Messalianism9 a heresy that oriinated in Meso"otamia in A/8/ 32,/ The Messalians denied
that the 5acraments i#e race and declared that the only s"iritual "o'er is "rayer leadin to
"ossession $y the Boly 5"irit/ 5uch ;"ossession; e#entually led to immorality9 !rom 'hich
they 'ere also called ;The =ilthy/; Karious $isho"s and councils o! the Church condemned
O Montanism9 a heresy that claimed the Boly 5"irit su"erseded the re#elation o! Christ and 'as
su""lementin the re#elation o! Christ9 such that they 'ere actin under a ;ne' out"ourin o!
the 5"irit/; This heresy takes the name o! its !ounder9 Monatanus9 'ho $ean to $e carried
a'ay $y %ins"iration&9 $y 'hich 'ould !all into a sudden seiCure and start ra#in in his s"eech9
s"eakin 'ith a strane tonue/ )o"e 5t/ Pe"hyrinus +1((-21:- denied them communion 'ith
the Church/
O )rotestantism9 a heresy that oriinated 'ith Martin 0uther in 1?1:/ This heresy denies the
e*istence o! a #isi$le hierarchical Church $ut holds to an in#isi$le %s"iritual Church o! the
"redestined&9 'hile also claimin that "ro"hetic ins"iration is i#en to each indi#idual $elie#er
to understand the <ord o! Aod in!alli$ly/
O Gansenism9 a 12th Century heresy that tried to incor"orate the errors o! )rotestantism into the
Catholic !aith/ 0ike )rotestantism it !ailed to make the distinction $et'een nature and race in
such a 'ay that they erroneously held that race 'as due to nature9 since it maintained 'ith
)rotestantism that $y oriinal sin mans nature had $een totally destroyed so that 'ithout race
it could not e#en do natural ood/ The Gansenists con!used race 'ith the !eelin o!
consolation 'hile claimin that only those 'ho are totally s"iritual +i/e/ the Gansenists- can $e
sure that they are "redestined and this 'as assurance 'as to $e seen in li#in a li!e a'ay !rom
the sacraments and a$andonin onesel! to %the race o! Aod&/
O =or a detailed e*"lanation and a more com"lete listin see: %Dnthusiasm& $y Mr Ronald
6no*9 O*!ord o! Qni#ersity )ress9 1(?,

Seven ,eason -hy the Charismatic Movement is not From !od
./ The Charismatic Mo#ement Mani!ies the Boly 5"irit9 Yet the Bi$le Mani!ies Christ/
GOB> 12:13 ;But 'hen Be9 the 5"irit o! Truth9 is come9 Be 'ill teach you all truth/ =or Be
shall not s"eak o! himsel! he 'ill s"eak only 'hat he hears and he 'ill tell you 'hat is yet to
come9 Be 5hall Alori!y MDI $ecause Be shall recei#e o! mine9 and 5hall make it kno'n to
0/ The Charismatic Mo#ement "roduces 8i#ision and stri!e in many Churches/ The Bi$le says9
;Aod is not the author o! Con!usion/;
1COR 17:33 ;=or AO8 is not the AO8 o! dissension9 $ut o! "eace: as also F teach in all the
Churches o! the 5aints/;
1/ The Charismatic Mo#ement 5ays that a ; 5econd e*"erience; is necessary in order to $e
com"lete/ The Bi$le says you are com"lete in Christ 'hen you are sa#ed/
CO0 2:( ;=or in him d'elleth all the !ullness o! the Aodhead cor"oreallyI And you are !illed
in Bim9 <ho is the head o! )rinci"ality and "o'er/1
2/ The Charismatic Mo#ement 5ays that Miracles must $e !rom Aod9 yet the 5cri"tures say
that not all miracles are !rom Aod/
MATT ::22 ;Many 'ill say to me in that dayI 0ord9 0ord9 ha#e 'e "ro"hesied in thy name9
cast out de#ils in thy name9 and done many miracles in thy name? And then 'ill F "ro!ess unto
them9 F ne#er kne' you: de"art !rom me9 you that 'ork ini3uity/;
3/ The Charismatic Mo#ement says that s"eakin in tonues is a sin that you ha#e $een
$a"tiCed 'ith the Boly 5"irit9 yet the 5cri"tures say that it 'as a sin to un$elie#in Ge's/
1COR 17:22 ; <here!ore tonues are !or a sin9 not to $elie#ers $ut un$elie#ers9 $ut
"ro"hecies not un$elie#ers9 $ut to $elie#ers/;
4/ The Charismatic Mo#ement 5ays that it is alriht !or <omen to s"eak in tonues in the
Church9 yet the 5cri"tures say that 'omen are to 6ee" 5ilent in the Church/
1COR 17:37 ;0et 'omen 6ee" silence in the Churches: !or it is not "ermitted them to s"eak9
$ut to su$.ect9 as also the 0a' 5aith/;
5/ The Charismatic Mo#ement "laces Areat em"hasis on ;Bodily healin; and tells "eo"le that
;AO8 is not 'antin any$ody to $e sick; $ut they ha#e no 5cri"tural "assaes to re!ere to
'hile many o! them 5co!! and 5neer at such )assaes/
2COR 12:: ;And 0est The reatness o! the re#elations should e*alt me9 there 'as i#en me a
stin o! my !lesh9 and anel o! 5atan to $u!!et me/ =or 'hich thin thrice F $esouht the 0ord9
that it miht de"art !rom me/ And he said to me: My Arace is su!!icient !or thee !or "o'er is
made "er!ect in in!irmity/ Aladly there!ore 'ill F Alory in my in!irmities9 that the "o'er o!
Christ may d'ell in me/ =or 'hich Cause F "lease mysel! in my in!irmities9 in re"roaches9 in
necessities9 in "ersecutions9 in distresses9 !or Christ/ =OR <BD> F AM <DA6 TBD> AM F
;And we charge you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to withdraw yourselves
from every brother who lives irregularly, and not according to the [Apostolic] teaching
received from us." - 2 Thessalonians 3:2