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LG Mobile launches new L Series III in style
Features L80, L70 and L40

MANILA, May 3, !"# $
Mobile technology leader
LG Electronics unlocked
the fun this summer as it
introduced its newest
smartphone powerhouses
under the third generation
of its well-received L
Seriesthe L8! L" and
Launched in a stylish
street-themed event in
%ri&oma touted as the L
'ark! the L Series ((( event was graced by LG Mobile ambassadors) renowned actress
Ma*ene Magalona and +,,' basketball superstars -iefer .avena! %homas %orres and
,ndre 'aras$
(mbibing the adventurous spirit and creativity of today/s youth! LG/s L 'ark was filled
with fun activities like the dance machine and basketball arcade among others! and e*citing
freebies like the hippest shoes! face paint and (nstaprint to name a few$
0undreds of people in the crowd were also in for a visual treat as a group of parkour
practitioners and stuntmen opened the show with an electrifying and heart-pounding
1LG L Series ((( caters to the upwardly mobile youth market! so this L 'ark was designed
to let them unlock the fun! knock to their own style and live the LG life and style!2
Lawrence -im! vice president for LG Mobile 'hilippines! said$ 1Likewise! the L8! L"
and the L# are the perfect companions of today/s generation because of their user-friendly
and uni4uely smart features ideal for young people on the go$2
Stylishly smart
%he L8! L" and the L# are the first mid-priced units to feature the advanced ,ndroid
-it-at operating software in the 'hilippines! offering more innovative features! a more
polished interface and a more seamless user e*perience$
-im said! 1%he L Series ((( continues the improvements on the design of the L Series
heritage$ +sers will notice the distinctive comfortable grip! the smooth contours and the
uni4ue unibody look of the L Series/ third generation$2
LG provides more captivating images and videos! and stunning display with its own ('S
technology at 5 inches for L8! #$5 inches for the L" and 6$5 inches for the L#$
7or all units! a 3$8G09 :ual ;ore 'rocessor allows for outstanding performance whether
it/s for process-intensive applications or games! fast web surfing or seamless connectivity$
,ll these smartphone powerhouses also sport LG/s revolutionary unlocking system
innovationthe -nock ;ode< which is an upgrade from LG/s well-loved -nock=&
feature previously only available on LG/s premium phones$ -nock ;ode< lets users
create a uni4ue and personali9ed two to eight knock pattern which allows for single-
handed usage! enhanced security and easier accessibility! conveniently bypassing the lock
screen altogether$ (t wakes the phone and unlocks it at the same time$
1>hile other sophisticated unlocking methods are only available on premium models! LG
is making -nock ;ode< available to a wider audience$ Even mid-tier models like the L
Series ((( will come e4uipped with the -nock ;ode<!2 -im said$ 1LG is really working to
make smartphones more responsive and intuitive! solving security issues while still
retaining the well-loved knocking gesture of the -nock=&$ (t/s convenient! secured and
fun to use$2
=ther features of the L8! L" and the L# phones include longer lasting battery life? the
Guest Mode< which protects the user/s privacy by letting the owner create a separate user
profile specifically for guest users? the @uickMemo which allows users to create personal
doodles and messages directly drawn on screen? the ;apture 'lus< which enables the user
to save full webpage content as compared to the usual limited screen capture? and 7M
Music ;ollector which records radio hits and automatically converts them into music files$
(t removes the radio Aock/s voice which overlaps with the song! and pre-records up to four
minutes so even songs recorded starting in the middle can still be captured in full$
%he L Series ((( cements itself in the budget category with the L" at '8!#B and L# at
'#!"B$ %he L8 will be available in the 'hilippines this May$ ,ll models come with :ual
S(M capability and can be configured to store different alert tones for each S(M card$
7or more information about LG/s newest L Series ((( smartphones! visit www$lg$comCph!
www$lgblog$com$ph or www$LGnewsroom$com? like LG Mobile/s official 7acebook page
1LG Mobile 'hilippines2? or follow LG on %witter and (nstagram DLG'hilippines$
About LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company
%he LG Electronics Mobile ;ommunications ;ompany is a global leader and innovator in mobile communications$ >ith
its breakthrough technologies and innovative designs! LG continues to establish a number of benchmarks in the
smartphone market! while also helping create a better lifestyle for consumers by delivering a wholly enhanced
smartphone e*perience$ ,s a leader in #G Long %erm Evolution FL%EG technology! LG continues its commitment to
developing groundbreaking L%E technologies and fulfilling consumer demands with differentiated L%E devices of the
highest 4uality! all of which are based on the company/s wealth of L%E patents and technical knowledge$ 7or more
information! please visit www$lg$com$
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