Department of Agriculture

Philippine Rural
Development Program
Commonly Used
Acronyms and
Information Bulletin No. 2/February 2013
ACEF Agriculture Compettveness Enhancement Fund
ACPC Agricultural Credit and Policy Council
AD Ancestral Domain
ADSDPP Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development Protecton Plan
AEW Agricultural Extension Worker
AFMA Agriculture and Fisheries Mondernaton Act
AFMP Agriculture and Fisheries Modernizaton Plan
AMAD Agribusiness and Marketng Assistance Division
AMAS Agricultural Marketng Assistance Service
AMCFP Agro-industry Modernizaton Credit and Financing Program
ARBA Agrarian Reform Benefciaries Associaton
ARCDP Agrarian Reform Community Development Project
ATI Argricultural Training Insttute
BAC Bids and Awards Commitee
BACs Bureaus, Atached Agencies and Corporatons
BAI Bureau of Animal Industry
BAR Bureau of Agricultural Research
BAS Bureau of Agricultural Statstcs
BDT Bureau of Domestc Trade
BER Bid Evaluaton Report
BFAR Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatc Resources
BIF Block Investment Fund
BPI Bureau of Plant Industry
BSMED Bureau of Small and Medium Enterprise Development
BSWM Bureau of Soils and Water Management
CADC Certfcate of Ancestral Domain Communites
CADT Certfcate of Ancestral Domain Title
CAF Certfcate of Availability of Funds
CDA Cooperatve Development Authority
CFA Community Forced Account; or, Co-Financing Agreement
CIP Communal Irrigaton Project
CIS Communal Irrigaton System
CITC Cotage Industries and Technological Center
CNC Certfcate of Non-Coverage
COA Commission on Audit
CPT Commodity Prioritzaton Tool
CQS Consultant Qualifcaton Selecton
CSO Civil Society Organizaton
DA Department of Agriculture
DAR Department of Agrarian Reform
DBM Department of Budget and Management
DBP Development Bank of the Philippines
DCF Data Capture Form
DED Detailed Engineering Design
DENR Department of Environment and Natural Resources
DFIMDP Diversifed Farm Income and Market Development Project
DILG Department of Interior and Local Government
DOF Department of Finance
DOLE Department of Labor and Employment
DOST Department of Science and Technology
DPs Displaced Persons
DPWH Department of Public Works and Highways
DSWD Department of Social Welfare and Development
DTI Department of Trade and Industry
EB Equipment Based
ECC Environmental Compliance Certfcate
ECP Environmentally Critcal Project
EDC Economic Development Commitee
EIA Environmental Impact Assessment
EIPA Enterprise Investment Partnership Agreement
EIP Enterprise Investment Package
EIRR Economic Internal Rate of Return
EIS Environmental Impact Assessment
EMB Environmental Management Bureau
EPC Estmated Project Cost
ESMP Environmental Social Management Plan
FA Farmer’s Associaton
FBS Fixed Budget Selecton
FGD Focused Group Discussion
FIDA Fiber Industry Development Authority
FIRR Finacial Internal Rate of Return
FITS Farmers Informaton Technology System
FMR Farm-to-Market Road
FPIC Free and Prior Informed Consent
FS Feasibility Study
GAD Gender and Development
GDP Gross Domestc Product
GEF Global Environment Facility
GIS Geographical Informaton System
GOP Government of the Philippines
HVCDP High Value Crops Development Program
IA Irrigators’ Associaton
IBCA Interest Bearing Current Account
I-BUILD Intensifed Building-Up of Infrastructure and Logistcs for
ICC Indigenous Cultural Community
IEC Informaton, Educaton and Communicaton
IEE Inital Environmental Examinaton
IMA Implementaton Management Agreement
InfoACE Informaton, Advocacy, Communicaton and Educaton
InFRES Infrastructure for Rural Productvity Enhancement Sector Project
IP Indigenous People
I-PLAN Investment for AFMP Planning at the Local and Natonal levels
IPM Integrated Pest Management
IPRA Indigenous Peoples Republic Act of 1997
IQMDS Infrastructure Quality Monitoring and Durability
I-REAP Investments for Rural Enterprises and Agricultural and Fisheries
I-Support Implementaton Support to PRDP
ITB Invitaton to Bid
JIT Joint Inspectorate Team
LB/ES Labor Based - Equipment Support
LBP Land Bank of the Philippines
LCE Local Chief Executve
LDC Livestock Development Council
LDIP Local Development Investment Plan
LDP Local Development Plan
LGU Local Government Unit
LOI Leter of Intent
LPDC Local Development Council
LP Loan Proceed
MAO Municipal Agricultural Ofcer
M&E Monitoring and Evaluaton
MFI Micro Finance Insttuton
MF Municipal Facilitator
MIS Management Informaton System
MLDLP Mult-Livestock Development Loan Program
MLGU Municipal Local Government Unit
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MPA Marine Protected Area
MRDP Mindanao Rural Development Program
MSME Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise
NAFC Natonal Agricultural and Fishery Council
NAFMP Natonal Agriculture and Fisheries Modernizaton Plan
NAPC Natonal Ant-Poverty Commission
NBSAP Natonal Biodiversity Strategy and Acton Plan
NCB Natonal Compettve Bidding
NCI Natonal Convergence Initatve
NCIP Natonal Commission on Indigenous People
NCPT Natonal Core Planning Team
NDA Natonal Dairy Authority
NEDA Natonal Economic and Development Authority
NFRDI Natonal Fisheries Research and Development Insttute
NGAS Natonal Government Accountng System
NGO Non-Government Organizaton
NIA Natonal Irrigaton Administraton
NLAs Natonal Line Agencies
NMIS Natonal Meat Inspecton Service
NOL No Objecton Leter
NPAAD Network of Protected Areas for Agricultural Development
NPAB Natonal Program Advisory Board
NPCO Natonal Program Coordinaton Ofce
NRM Natural Resource Management
NTA Natonal Tobacco Administraton
NTP Notce to Proceed
ODA Ofcial Development Assistance
OGI On the Ground Investment
O&M Operaton and Maintenance
OM Operatons Manual
OPAG Ofce of the Provincial Agriculturist
PA Provincial Agriculturist
PAB Program Advisory Board
PADCC Philippine Agricultural Development and Commercial Corporaton
PAP Project Afected Person
PAs Program Agreements
PCA Philippine Coconut Authority
PCAARRD Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatc and Natural Resources
Research and Development
PCC Philippine Carabao Center
PCIP Provincial Commodites Investment Plan
PDC Provincial Development Council
PDDC Product Development and Design Center
PDP Philippine Development Plan
PECAs Projects in Environmentally Critcal Areas
PENRO Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Ofce
PEO Provincial Engineer’s Ofce
PFDA Philippine Fisheries and Development Authority
PhilGEPS Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System
PhilMech Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanizaton
PhilRice Philippine Rice Research Insttute
PLGU Provincial Local Government Unit
PMED Planning, Monitoring and Evaluaton Division
PO People’s Organizaton
POW Program of Work
PPDC Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator
PPDO Provincial Planning and Development Ofce
PPE Personal Protectve Equipment
PPMIU Provincial Program Management and Implementaton Unit
PPP Public-Private Partnership
PRA-RSA Partcipatory Rapid Appraisal-Resource and Social Assessment
PRDP Philippine Rural Development Program
PR Purchase Request
PSO Program Support Ofce
PS Planning Service
PTTC Philippine Trade and Training Center
PWS Potable Water System
QCBS Quality and Cost-Based Selecton
QER Quotaton Evaluaton Report
Quedancor Quedan and Rural Credit Guarantee Corporaton
RAFC Regional Agricultural and Fishery Council
RAFMP Regional Agriculture and Fisheries Modernizaton Plan
RAP Relocaton Acton Plan
RCPT Regional Core Planning Team
RDC Regional Development Council
R&D Research and Development
REOI Request for Expression of Interest
RFP Request for Proposal
RFQ Request for Quotatons
RF Report Form
RFU Regional Field Unit
RMA Rapid Market Appraisal
RMC Regional Management Commitee
ROW Right of Way
RPAB Regional Program Advisory Board
RPCO Regional Program Coordinaton Ofce
RP Request for Proposal
RRA Rural Rapid Appraisal
SALT Sloping Agricultural Land Technology
SARO Special Allotment Release Order
SBGFC Small Business Guarantee and Finance Corporaton
SC Service Contract
SEAFDEC South East Asian Fisheries Development Center
SEC Securites and Exchange Commission
SESF Social and Environmental Safeguards Framework
SES Social and Environmental Safeguards
SIC Selecton of Individual Consultant
SO Special Order
SP Sangguniang Panlalawigan
SRA Sugar Regulatory Administraton
SRE Statement of Receipts and Expenditures
SSAF Statement of Sources and Applicaton of Funds
SSIP Small-Scale Irrigaton Project
SSS Single Source Selecton
SUCs State Universites and Colleges
SWA Statement of Work Accomplished
SWIP Small Water Impounding Project
TOR Terms of Reference
VCA Value Chain Approach/Analysis
VSA Vulnerability and Suitability Assessment
WB World Bank
WFP Work and Financial Plan
Produced by
Informaton, Advocacy, Communicaton and Educaton
(InfoACE) Unit
in cooperaton with
PRDP Preparatory Team

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