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About ACE-Training (1033748-A)
ACE-Training provides instructor-led, hands-on, customized training courses and certificate programs
for Professionals, Consultants, Managers and Graduates in field of Engineering, Businesses, Private
and Government Organizations.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1033748-A)
1-9D, Resource Centre, Technology Park Malaysia,
Lebuhraya Puchong- Sg Besi, Bukit J alil,
57000, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2788 3740
Our Partners offices
Level 25 Menara Prima,
12950 J akarta,
Tel: +6621 5794 8283
Fax: +6221 5794 8285
14-01 Equity Plaza,
20 Cecil Street,
049705 Singapore.
Tel: +65 6438 888
Fax: +65 6438 2436
14B, Rufino Pacific Tower,
6784 Ayala Avenue,
1200 Makati City, Philippines
Tel: +63 2703 5514
Fax: +63 2403 1495
Executive Director
Department of Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering University Malaya
Harikrishnan Ramiah, received the B.Eng (Hons), MSc
and PhD degrees in Electrical and Electronic
Engineering from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2000,
2003 and 2008 respectively. He is currently attached to
Universityof Malaya.
Harikrishnan was the recipient of Intel Fellowship Grant
Award, 2000-2008. He received the Best Paper Awards
fromICAST (International Conference on Advances in
Strategic Technologies), 2003 Conference. His
research work has resulted in various technical
publications. His main research interest includes
Wireless Communications, Electromagnet, LTE, Radio
Communications, Intelligent Network Design, Analog
Integrated Circuit Design, RFIC Design, VLSI system
designandMixed Signal IC Design.
Suresh Kumar Kandasamy
Managing Director
M.Sc. By Research in Radio Propagation (UKM)
B.Eng. (Hons), Electrical& Electronics (USM)
Suresh graduated with M.Sc. by Research in the field
of Radio Propagations, from faculty of EES, UKM in
2004andB. Eng (Hons) in EEE in year 2000.
He started his telecommunications engineering career
in Maxis fromyear 2000 until 2005. He continued his
journey in field of RF Optimization with Ericsson since
2005 until 2012 and have consulted in the Middle East,
Asia, South America and also worked as Network
Consultant for Maxis, Celcomand Digi in Malaysia. He
is acknowledged by Operators and Vendors for his
contributions in Network Optimizations and Consulting.
He is a graduateMember of IEMandBEM.
Board Of Directors
Our Courses
Wireless Technology
Code Course
ACET-5318 4G LTE Advance
ACET-5319 3G WCDMA Advance
ACET-5320 2G GSM Advance
ACET-5321 Wi-Fi Technologies and Network Overview
ACET-5322 Wi-Max Technologies and Network Overview
ACET-5323 Wi-Fi 11ac Transport Layer and standards
ACET-5324 PHY and MAC layer in Wi-Fi
ACET-5325 Wi-Fi 11series technologies
TCP & IP Convergence
Code Course
ACET-9001 Introduction to Data Networking
ACET-9002 IP Basics
ACET-9003 TCP/IP Advance
ACET-9004 IP & QoS
ACET-9005 Ethernet from LAN to Metro
ACET-9006 IP for Mobile Packet Core
ACET-9007 IP Security
ACET-9008 Gb over IP
ACET-9009 SGSN Overview
ACET-9010 Hands on TCP/IP Networking.
ACET-9011 VPN Applications
ACET-9012 MPLS Overview
ACET-9015 Path to Cloud Computing
Project Management
Code Course
ACET-2101 Project Management Professional
(In-House Training)
Soft Skills
Code Course
ACET-1101 Effective Time Management in Life & Work
ACET-1102 Selling it Smart Effective Sales Skills
ACET-1103 Business Communication & Presentation Skills
ACET-1104 Effective Emails that get Read
ACET-1105 Train the Trainer
ACET-1106 Customer Relationship Management
ACET-1107 Conducting Successful Meetings
ACET-1108 Maintaining Work-Life Balance
ACET-1109 Managerial Skills Development
ACET-1110 Effective Team Building
ACET-1111 Interpersonal Skills/Conflict
Transport Networks
Code Course
ACET-6001 NGN Transmission Expert
ACET-6002 VPN Applications
ACET-6003 Gigabit Ethernet Overview
ACET-6004 SDH Basics
ACET-6005 Advanced SONET/SDH
ACET-6006 DWDM Basics
ACET-6007 Advanced DWDM
ACET-6008 Optical Networking Overview
ACET-6009 Next Generation Fiber Networks
ACET-6011 MPLS Overview
ACET-6012 ATM Advance
ACET-6013 Optical Transport Networking
ACET-6015 Path to Cloud Computing
ACET-6017 Gigabit Ethernet Overview
ACET-6018 Gigabit Ethernet Services
ACET-6019 Gigabit Passive Optical Networking
ACET-6020 Optical Transport Networking
ACET-6021 ATM Advance.
ACET-6022 NGN Transmission Expert
ACET-6023 MW in Cellular Transmission
ACET-6024 Terrestrial MW Engineering
ACET-6025 SS7 Signaling
Code Course
ACET-8001 VAS Services
ACET-8002 Trends in VAS
ACET-8003 VAS Evolution
ACET-8004 Scaling Principles
ACET-8005 Availability of services
ACET-8006 VAS - key factors for growth
ACET-8007 Future trends in VAS
ACET-8008 Architecture of VAS
Core Networks
Code Course
ACET-5001 Inter-working of Networks
ACET-5002 Network Basic call model
ACET-5003 Network Architecture with signaling
ACET-5004 Messaging Signaling
ACET-5005 Call Control ISUP & IN Model
ACET-5006 IN Basics
ACET-5007 IN Advance
ACET-5009 IMS Architecture
ACET-5010 SIP Network Architecture & Signaling
ACET-5011 SIGTRAN Basics & Advance
ACET-5013 ATCA & CPCI Platform System Principles
ACET-5014 ATCA Performance Management
ACET-5015 CPCI Performance Management
ACET-5017 IMS signaling
ACET-5018 MSS Network Planning & Dimensioning
ACET-5020 SIP in MSS