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LDIs Outline-12//Process Plant Commisioning, Start-up and Troubleshooting/Lz-p1

A LDI Training Course

Process Plant Commissioning,
Start-Up and Troubleshooting


Process plant commissioning and start-up refer to both new facilities and restarting an existing plant
after major modifications. Commissioning and start-up of new plant and equipment presents both a
major technical and management challenge. The initial start-up of any plant, irrespective of size, type, or
industry, is a unique occurrence. Therefore, the start-up phase poses some special problems. Lack of
experience in dealing with these problems has frequently resulted in prolonged and costly start-ups. An
organizations personnel must familiarize themselves with the new equipment, processes and
technologies, and develop the relevant operating and safety procedures.
Successful commissioning of new facilities involves all the activities of: preparation and planning;
mechanical completion and integrity checking; P&ID checking and verification; pre-commissioning and
operational testing; commissioning; start-up; initial operation; performance testing and acceptance and
post-commissioning. It is also imperative that close relations be maintained amongst all parties involved
in the project in order to ensure successful commissioning. Ultimately, any delay in commissioning for
whatever reason, whether due to insufficient preparations, incidents or mishaps, results in a loss of
revenue for the owner.
The objective of this seminar is to provide participants with a complete and up-to-date overview of the
start-up and commissioning of Process plants. The seminar will also cover the troubleshooting of the
start-up process. Upon the successful completion of this seminar, participant will have gained enough
skills to anticipate and avoid problems associated with such start-up processes. Further, this seminar
will provide participants with a satisfactory understanding of the commissioning strategy, organizational
issues, estimation of required resources, planning, mechanical integrity, troubleshooting, start-up
operations, technical inspection, instrumentation/control systems, HSE and much other necessary
knowledge associated with the petrochemical plant start-up and commissioning.


Upon the successful completion of this seminar, participants will have a good knowledge of:
The nine key activities/steps of the commissioning process;
How to develop and overall commissioning and plant start-up strategy;
How to deal with machinery and equipment specific commissioning issues;
How to manage issues dealing with the commissioning of Electrical, Instrumentation and Utilities
How to develop an overall commissioning management plan, resource planning and
commissioning budget;
Troubleshooting and Problem Solving strategies which can be applied during commissioning;
How to manage risks associated with Commissioning and Start-up of new facilities.

LDIs Outline-12//Process Plant Commisioning, Start-up and Troubleshooting/Lz-p2

Overview and Definitions
Introduction to Process Plant Commissioning and Start-up
Project Requirements and Details
Contracting Strategies
Organizational Structure & Responsibilities
Success Measures and Problem Avoidance

Preparation and Planning
Project Planning
Cost Estimation
Critical Path (CPM/PERT)
Gantt Chart
Logic Diagrams
Planning Methods
Preparation of Checklists and Spare Parts Planning
Spare Parts Planning

Commissioning Acti vi ties
Commissioning strategy
Mechanical completion and integrity checking
P&ID checking and verification
Pre-commissioning and operational testing
Initial operation
Performance testing and acceptance

Machinery Commissioning and Specific Issues
Process Plant and Machinery Commissioning
Types of Process Equipment Plant Machinery
Preparation of Machines and Equipment
Instrumentation and Control Systems
Preparing and Isolating Process Plant

Start-Up Progress Monitoring and Control
The Start Up and Commissioning Planning and Control, Planning for Success
Start-up sequence by Units
Progress Monitoring and Control
Recovery from False Start-ups

Managing Risks during Commissioning
Trouble Shooting and Problem Solving
Risk Management
Managing Safety and Quality
Change Management and Implementation of Change
Success Measures
Operational Techniques


LDIs Outline-12//Process Plant Commisioning, Start-up and Troubleshooting/Lz-p3
This seminar addresses the needs of a diverse audience with an interest in Plant Commissioning and
Start-up, including:
General Managers who have oversight responsibility for Plant Commissioning and Start-up;
Operations and Maintenance Managers with direct line responsibility as well as staff support
responsibility for delivering on effective Plant Commissioning and Start-up;
Plant Commissioning and Start-up Managers and Engineers;
Technical personnel involved in supporting Plant Commissioning and Start-up activities;
Supervisors and Engineers, both operations and maintenance who are involved or likely to be
involved in Plant Commissioning and Start-up activities;
Team Leaders, Project Managers, Refinery Managers, Plant Managers, Section Heads, Plant
Supervisors, Process Engineers, technical staff and contractor personnel involved in project
execution and plant Commissioning and Start-up in the Oil and Gas Process industry;
Managers and specialists who lead or facilitate in the designing, selecting, specifying, operating,
installing, repairing and trouble-shooting of oil and gas processing facilities;
Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Engineers who are involved in Process Plant
Start up and Commissioning will benefit from this advanced workshop.



Mr. Willem Nel NHD (Chem. Eng.) is a Senior Process & Chemical Engineer
with over 30 years of industrial experience within the Oil, Gas, and
Petrochemical Industries. His experience covers Boiler Feed Water Treatment
and Steam Generating Facilities (Utility and Waste Heat Boilers), OM&S (Oil
Movement & Storage), Air Separation (Oxygen, Nitrogen & Utility Air Supply),
Natural Gas Treatment and Separation, Top Fired Furnaces (Syngas
Production), Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), Failure Mode & Effects Analysis
(FMEA), Environmental Management (ISO 14001), Safety Management
(OHSAS 18001), Safety Verification & Assessment, Process, Chemical & Safety Engineering
particularly on Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Technology, Liquid Bulk
Cargo Handling, Process Plant Performance & Efficiency, Petroleum Refining Processes,
Refinery Optimization, Further herein, he has been involved in technical and operational aspects of
piping and pipeline engineering, integrity, design and maintenance from offshore to onshore
facilities, feasibility studies, requirements engineering, HAZOP & hazardous area classification
studies, hazard, risk assessment & management, SIL Assessment, Accident/Incident
Investigation, Validation of Control Systems, Safety & Quality Auditing, and the Design of Functional
Safety Management Systems. He also has extensive knowledge of various PHA (Process Hazard
Analysis) techniques used in the industry and has conducted several trainings in these fields in
compliance with the international standards and as an application of HAZOP (Hazard and
Operability). During his career life, Mr. Nel was a HAZOP Team leader for numerous HAZOP

During his career life, Mr. Nel was the Project/Plant Manager of VIVA Methanol Ltd in Lagos,
Nigeria. He was also the Syngas Manager for PETROSA, South Africa, where he was responsible
for Methane Reforming (both steam & auto-thermal), PSA Hydrogen Purification, CO
(Amine process), Air Separation (air, oxygen & nitrogen), Gas Separation (LNG, methane, ethane,
propane, butane, LTG, ethylene, propylene & butylenes), liquefaction and vaporization of natural
gas. He was monitoring and optimizing the plants operating parameters and continuous problem
solving in order to ensure optimal production. He has also performed HAZOP studies for plant

LDIs Outline-12//Process Plant Commisioning, Start-up and Troubleshooting/Lz-p4
modifications and new developments. Prior to this, Mr. Nel was the Divisional Superintendent of
MOSSGAS responsible for the overall Oil Movement and Storage, including subsea and overland
pipelines (condensate, gas and final products). Part of his responsibilities included the pigging
(gauging, cleaning, intelligent, etc.) for these pipelines after construction, during operations and
turn-around maintenance.

Lately Mr. Nel has devoted his time to training for various disciplines in the Petroleum and
Petrochemical industries in the Middle-East. He has presented both public and in-house courses for
companies such as ADMA-OPCO (Abu Dhabi), SABIC and ARAMCO (Saudi Arabia), TATWEER
(Bahrain), Q-Chem (Qatar), PDO (Oman), TOTAL (Yemen), Borouge (Ruwaiz, UAE) and also
KPO (Kazakhstan), covering topics such as Safety, Accident/incident Investigation and Reporting,
Engineering and Design, Troubleshooting and Problem Solving, Production and Optimization in the
Oil and Gas, Gasoline and Diesel Fuel, and Polymer production. He has also provided consultancy
services for Ar-Razzi Methanol Company in Al-J ubail, Saudi Arabia, for the training and
conducting of HAZOP studies.

Mr. Nel has a National Higher Diploma (equivalent to Bachelors degree) in Chemical Engineering
and a Advanced Management Certificate from the University of Stellenbosch.

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