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Group Members: Noll Joseph, Nassim Stegamat, and Spencer Homitz

Title: Environment
Specific Purpose: Reduce Carbon Emissions
Thesis Statement:
Introduction Strategy we chose: Description using imagery to explain your problem
Introduction: Imagine an alien planet, covered in smog from the ground to the tallest
building you can see. Surviving solely in your oxygen-filled suit, you traverse the
world. You find barren wastelands with no plant life, no animals, and certainly nothing
you could call human. What you believe might have been lakes are now just goopy
puddles of methane and carbon. You think, was this planet once beautiful and lush, or

was it always like this? The mask to your suit has already changed to a grey tint from
all the smoke and gas in the air. After walking through these barren wastelands, you
believe you see a city in the distance, but thick smoke blocks you from seeing farther
than a few feet in front of you. After a few minutes of trudging through the smog, you
make it to the city limits, where a sign stands next to a large road. You wipe away the
dust and gunk to reveal the name of this alien city. New York City it says in big white
font. New York City from the year 2114. Now this is obviously fictional, but soon this
problem could become reality if we dont cut down on carbon emissions.

Problem - How is air pollution a problem? What are the negative effects of air
pollution?(2 paragraphs)
Every day, the human race is hurting the planet more and more through carbon
emissions. Carbon emissions harms wildlife, causes global warming, and contributes
to ozone depletion.
First, the Carbon emissions from mainly automobiles harm wildlife. Carbon
emissions dont affect wildlife directly, but causes a chain reaction that is detrimental
to the wildlife. It all starts with the carbon affecting rainwater. It changes the pH of the
rain to acid rain and causes nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide to contaminate soil by run-
off. This soil then causes the organisms that utilizes it to have defects. These defects
include the disruption of food chains and the disastrous effects on the organisms
reproductive, respiratory, immune, and neurological systems
Next, Carbon emissions deplete the ozone layer. Ozone depletion is when
carbon emissions and other harmful chemicals are released into atmosphere and
slowly deplete the ozone layer. The depletion of the ozone layer has disastrous
effects. One of which is skin cancer caused by the increased amount of UV rays that
are emitted from the sun. The ozone layer then acts as a sunscreen to help to filter
these harmful UV rays allowing us to go outside without quickly getting burnt. Ozone
depletion is causing birth defects. When too much UV radiation is exposed to a
mother expecting her child, this child may have birth defects (Tobin).
Third, Carbon emissions cause Global Warming . Carbon emissions trap heat
into the Earths atmosphere causing worldwide heat increases; This is otherwise
known as the Greenhouse Effect. Global warming is also caused by the increased
amount of sunlight through the depleted ozone layer. Global Warming is affecting the
whole planet, but is specifically detrimental to Antarctica. If Global Warming continues
at the rate it is going now, polar bears will be extinct in under 50 years (Tobin).
Causes - What causes air pollution? (1 paragraph) The problem is that too many
people are driving just themselves to school. This is way too many single person cars
that come to school everyday. To put in perspective, 1,392 pounds of carbon dioxide
is dumped into the air every day when the Hampton High School students come to
school in the morning. That weighs more than a fully grown male liger! Multiply that by
185 times a year, and you are contributing a large amount of carbon dioxide to the
environment. The increased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere traps heat
inside the earth after it goes through the ozone layer, otherwise known as Global
Warming. This increases temperature around the globe, melting our ice caps and
making sea levels rise. Its beginning to hurt the ocean, having made it thirty percent
more acidic since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution (Whats Your Impact).
Other factors contribute to these ideas, like large factories that send thousands of
pounds of smoke into the air daily. Or large trucks guzzling diesel as they drive cross
country. The fact of the matter is, the human idea of efficiency is destroying our home,
the planet weve lived on for thousands of years, one tank of gas at a time.
Solutions (2 paragraphs) Our solution to this problem is organizing carpools in
Hampton Township that reduce carbon emissions as well as promoting bus riding
which also works towards the same goal. This solution will reduce the amount of
vehicles on the road, so less carbon will be emitted daily. If every Hampton student
had to drive 2 miles to school and 2 miles back, they would produce approximately
1,400 pounds of carbon per day. With our plan to decrease carbon emissions, every
carpool would need to take approximately 4 people every day, reducing the number of
vehicles from 400 to 100. This would reduce car emissions from 1,400 pounds to 350
pounds per day. The carpool project will be headed by the school administration, and
will not have to be funded because everyone already has vehicles if they will be
Our idea for reducing carbon emissions will work because it is a very simple task. If
just of the drivers start taking about 3 other people to school, we could reduce the
emissions by 4x. When Nassim lived in California, they had similar carpooling
programs in his school and he said that they were flawless. If everybody pitches in
just a little bit of effort, we can make the amount of carbon emissions in Hampton
plummet. People may say that this is too difficult to do but we are saving the world.
Sure, it is a bit difficult, but what gives more satisfaction than knowing that our children
and grandchildren can live in a world when they can go outside without being worried
about harmful UV rays. If we all contribute, we can save the world together as one!

Conclusion: After reading this, we hope you understand the detrimental effects that
carbon emissions cause, such as disrupting the body systems of animals, causing
ozone depletion, and causing global warming. The obvious effects of the carbon
emissions primarily by car can easily be reduced by simple procedures. Some of the
procedures needed to be taken here at Hampton High School are carpooling and bus
riding. This could be aided by the school offering incentives for the students that take
these steps. Carpooling and bus riding by Hampton High School Students can reduce
the amount of carbon emitted by 300 percent daily.

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