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By: Moesha Jeffrey

Trinidad actually had 3 different types of government since

1970 unitary state, constitutional republic and parliamentary
republic. Now they have a parliamentary republic, which is a
type of republic that operates under a parliamentary system of
Christopher Columbus went to Trinidad in 1498. he is the one
that made Trinidad into what it is today without him we
wouldnt have known anything
Yasin Abu bakr lead a small army to Trinidad and took over
the government.

Trinidad and Tobago's population jumped to over 15,000.
Trinidad modern popular culture is the carnival, its where people would
dress up in costumes and walk on the street while loud music plays.
Women were allowed to vote in 1970 and they are still allowed to vote
Women are allowed to go to school and get an education to have the
opportunity to become something, women can also be apart of the
government sex doesnt matter in Trinidad everything is equal.
Trinidad population increased because people would migrate from there
countries to come to Trinidad and that would make the population grow
rapidly and only caused a few challenges like housing and jobs.
Trinidad competed in the Olympics they participated in the 100, 200, and
400 meter dash, also participated in the featherweight weightlifting, and
medley swimming.
Trinidad and Tobago has a mixed economic system because as the
government ensures that there are systems in place to favor the free
market also economic decisions are made through the price system.
The main exports of Trinidad and Tobago are petroleum gas,
refined petroleum, ammonia, acyclic alcohols, and crude
The main imports of Trinidad and Tobago are crude petroleum,
iron ore, refined petroleum, cars, and special purpose ships.
Trinidad and Tobago is highly industrialized with petroleum.
Industrialization helped Trinidad and Tobago to become well-
known by other countries. Trinidad transformed from a primary
agricultural society into the one thats based on the manufacturing
of goods and service.
The advance in Technology has helped Trinidad and Tobago in a
great way. It helped teachers work easier, construction workers etc.
Trinidad and Tobago's traditional dish is pelau, it is eaten by
many. It is made of rice, peas, spices, ghee and coconut milk
They drive on the opposite side from us.

Trinidad and Tobago biome is the tropical and subtropical forest.
This differs from Ohio because this biome forest type only occurs in
low latitude areas and Ohio is not a low latitude area.
Trinidad and topography is similar to that of the adjoining Orinoco
section of Venezuela. Three hill ranges, trending east-west, cross
the island roughly through the northern, central, and southern
parts, respectively.
Trinidads indigenous animals are howler monkeys, ocelots, TNT
birds woodpecker, tiger cat Felis Paralis, Capuchin monkey cebus
albifrons, the nine-banded armadillo.

Trinidad and Tobago time zone is Atlantic time zone, This is
Trinidad and Tobago's only time zone. This difference between
Ohio's time zone and Trinidad is that Ohio's time zone is
eastern while Trinidad is Atlantic.
8:30am on a Monday Ohio time it will be 8:30am on a
Monday in Trinidad.
12:00pm on a Tuesday Ohio time it will be 12:00pm on a
Tuesday in Trinidad.
5:53pm on a Friday Ohio time it will be 5:53pm on a Friday
in Trinidad.
9:15pm on a Sunday Ohio time it will be 9:15pm on a
Saturday in Trinidad.