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Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2014 13:05:42 -0700

Subject: Fwd: folo-up questions

From: "Reichold, Zachary" <>
To: <>, Dean Bolstad <>

I am sorry it has taken so long for me to get back to you. Below are
the answers to your questions.

*1) In the Herd Management Areas, what is the actual allocation
(AUMs) for wild horses and for cattle/livestock?*

Active livestock AUMs authorized in HMAs is 1,076,000

This estimate is based on the following assumptions:

1. The data is reflective of what is currently entered into GIS and
RAS and may not reflect recent changes in allotment adjustments,
etc. FOs may still be correcting errors in GIS as well as making
adjustments in permitted use.
2. 'Active livestock AUMs' are the authorized Active AUMs and do
not include Suspended Use. These are NOT Actual use AUMs or
Total Permitted Use.
3. Livestock grazing use is authorized on an allotment wide basis.
4. Livestock grazing capacity has not been established for the
portion of the HMA or HA within an allotment. Livestock carrying
capacity by allotment has been established based on forage
availability production, achievement of standards and multiple use
objectives on an allotment basis.
5. For purposes of allocating use, we often proportion the use with
the acres. Ex. If we have a 1,000 ac allotment with 100 AUMs
livestock grazing use; and if there are 500 ac of this allotment in an
HMA, then 50 active AUMs are presumed to be used within the

Forage allocated to wild horses and burros is 320,124 AUMs.

*2) How many mares will be treated with birth control this year?*

The BLM has a target of treating 499 animals. The majority of the
treatments will be done by ground darting the the HMAs where it is
possible utilizing both BLM and volunteer labor.

*3) With regard to the fertility control and the March 2014 press
release, is BLM saying it doesn't think PZP works? Or is BLM also
looking for other options?*
BLM is not saying that PZP does not work. It is well documented that
PZP can be effective if animals are retreated annually and if a
enough mares in the herd, about 80%, are treated to provide a
population level effect. It is the duration of its effectiveness at this
time that is the problem.
Currently, the only approved PZP based vaccine is ZonaStat-H that
has a one year efficacy. We are using it where horses are fairly
approachable and it can be administered via a dart from the ground.
In areas where herd numbers are very large and animals are not
approachable, gathering the animals with a helicopter and treating
them is the only alternative which is expensive and not feasible for
the needed annual treatment to maintain infertility.

The Request for Applications that I believe you are referring to,
requests research proposals for more effective and longer lasting
forms of fertility control. BLM needs more tools to use to help manage
the wild horse and burro populations in the most effective and
humane manner possible.

*4) How distant are observers, such as journalists, required to stand
from gathers? *

The answer to your question can be found at the below link.
d_Bu lletins/national_instruction/2013/IM_2013-058.html>IM
2013-058, Wild Horse and Burro Gathers Public and Media