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Job Descriptions

Name: C. Smith
Job Title: Human Resources Manager
Description: Responsible for recruitment
and staff welfare.
Drawbacks: The pay is low for the
responsibilities it implies. ou ha!e to fire
Name: ". Roberts
Job Title: #ccountant
Description: Responsible for the boo$$eeping
and the payroll.
Drawbacks: ou wor$ long hours. ou&re
alone most of the time.
Name: #. Sanche'
Job Title: "roduction Manager
Description: (eads the team which ma$es
the products.
E-mail: asanche'@central.una!.es
Drawbacks: ou must be a!ailable at all
times. )f a piece of e*uipment brea$s down
in the middle of the night+ you ha!e to be
Name: ,. Murphy
Job Title: Technical Support -ngineer
Description: Ma$es sure all hardware and
software in the company wor$s ade*uately.
Drawbacks: Sometimes people don&t
understand that e*uipment is a time%
consuming acti!ity.
Name: /. 0ul$ens
Job Title: Sales ,irector
Description: )n charge of the people who
sell the products.
E-mail: /$ul$ens.sales@copeland.u$
Drawbacks: ou ha!e to deal with internal
conflicts fre*uently as salespeople are !ery
Name: S. )shi$awa
Job Title: Research and ,e!elopment
Description: Responsible for finding and
testing out new products.
E-mail: ishi_$$
Drawbacks: )t is a !ery stressful and
demanding position since the company&s
competiti!eness depends on its products.
Job Descriptions
Job Title: 1raphic ,esigner
Description: 1raphic designers ma$e
images for boo$s+ ads+ websites+ and
Benefits: )t&s interesting wor$.
ou ha!e to be creati!e. ou must $now
how to use computers.
Drawbacks: ou sit in front of a computer
all day.
Job Title: Tour 1uide
Description: Tour guides ta$e tourists to
interesting places.
Benefits: ou meet a lot of people.
Requirements: ou ha!e to be friendly.
ou need to ha!e a dri!er&s license.
Drawbacks: )t&s not a stable 2ob. The 2ob ends
when the tourist season ends.
Job Title: (ogger
Description: (oggers cut down trees.
Benefits: The pay is high.
Requirements: ou ha!e to be physically
fit. ou need to ha!e your own e*uipment.
Drawbacks: )t&s dangerous.
Job Title: Currency Trader
Description: Currency traders buy and sell
foreign money.
Benefits: The pay is high.
Requirements: ou ha!e to $eep up with the
news. ou must understand financial mar$ets.
Drawbacks: )t&s !ery stressful.
Job Title: (ibrarian
Description: (ibrarians help people find
boo$s and information in a library.
Benefits: )t&s a low stress 2ob.
Requirements: ou must $now how to find
information. ou ha!e to be computer
Drawbacks: The pay is low.
Job Title: Middle School Teacher
Description: Middle School teachers teach
Benefits: ou get lots of !acation time.
Requirements: ou must ha!e a teaching
license. ou must en2oy wor$ing with
Drawbacks: )t&s !ery stressful wor$.
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Job Descriptions
Job Title: Security 1uard
Description: Security guards protect people
and property.
Benefits: )t&s an easy 2ob 7most of the time8.
Requirements: ou ha!e to ha!e special
training. ou can&t ha!e a criminal record.
Drawbacks: ou ha!e at wor$ at night.
Job Title: "lay School Teacher
Description: "lay school teachers teach
young children.
Benefits: ou wor$ short hours.
Requirements: ou ha!e to en2oy wor$ing
with children. ou can&t ha!e a criminal record.
Drawbacks: The pay is low.
Job Title: /artender
Description: /artender&s ma$e alcoholic
drin$s for people in bars and restaurants.
Benefits: ou meet a lot of people.
Requirements: ou ha!e to be friendly.
ou ha!e to $now how to mi. drin$s.
Drawbacks: ou ha!e to wor$ wee$ends
and late nights.
Job Title: Mechanic
Description: Mechanics fi. cars.
Benefits: The pay is high.
Requirements: ou ha!e to $now how to fi.
cars. ou must ha!e your own tools.
Drawbacks: )t&s dirty wor$.
Job Title: #n engineer
Description: -ngineers build bridges and
Benefits: )t&s )nteresting wor$.
Requirements: ou ha!e to ha!e a
uni!ersity degree. ou need to be good at
Drawbacks: )t&s stressful wor$.
Job Title:
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