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Travel Itinerary for Osaka, Japan

Travellers: xxxx
Travel Dates: January 10 to 14, 2014

Arrive in Kansai International Airport via Cebu Pacific 5J 828 at 1955H. Take than Nankai Express Train from the
airport to Namba Station and transfer to your hotel. Free time for dinner and shopping at the Dotonbori,
Shinsaibashi Area. (Hotel: Hotel Villa Fontaine Shinsaibashi)

Have breakfast along the Shinsaibashi / Dotonbori area. Visit the Aerial Garden Observatory and the Umeda Sky
Building (5 minutes from Osaka station). Afterwards, visit the Osaka Castle and Nishinomaru Garden
(Tanimachiyonchome station, Tanimachi subway line). In the afternoon, visit the Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium for
huge marine life and exhibits (Osakako station, Chuo subway line). Free time in the evening back in Namba area.
(Hotel: Hotel Villa Fontaine Shinsaibashi)

Whole day at Universal Studios Japan (Universal City station, JR Yumesaki line). (Hotel: Hotel Villa Fontaine

Start the journey by train to historical Kyoto where you will visit the Nijo Castle, Kinkakuji Temple, Kyoto Imperial
Palace, Ryoanji Temple, Kiyomizudera Temple, and Kyoto Handicraft center. Best to purchase the Kyoto
Sightseeing Card for unlimited usage of Kyoto City Buses during your one day tour. Come back in the evening to
Osaka for your own free time. (Hotel: Hotel Villa Fontaine Shinsaibashi)

Free time for your last day in Osaka for shopping and other activities. In the evening, take the train from Namba
station for your departure from Kansai International Airport via Cebu Pacific 5J 827 at 2040H

Date Activity Transportation
1/10, Fr Arrival at Osaka Kansai Airport
Flight Details:
NAIA Terminal 3 to Osaka Kansai Airport (KIX)
Departure: April 9, Tuesday, 1520H
Arrival: April 9, Tuesday, 1955H
Flight No: 5J 828

Check-in at:
Hotel Villafontaine Shinsaibashi
3-5-24 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku
Kansai Airport to Namba Sta by Nankai
Line Express (70 mins)

1/11, Sa Osaka City Tour
(1) Aerial Garden Observatory
Umeda Sky Bldg: 1000-2200, 700 yen
(2) Osaka Castle: 0900-1700, 600 yen
Nishinomaru Garden: 0900-1700, 200yen

(3) Osaka Aquarium: 1000-2000, 2000 yen

5min walk from Osaka Sta.

Higashi-Umeda Sta to
Tanimachiyonchome Sta by Osaka City
Subway-Tanimachi Line (7mins)

Osakajokoen Sta (from Osaka Castle) to
Morinomiya Sta by Osaka Loop Line
Morinomiya Sta to Osakako Sta by Osaka
City Subway - Chuo Line
1/12, Su Universal Studios Japan
Operating Hours: 0900-2100
1 Day Pass: 6,200 yen
Osaka Sta. to Nishi-Kujo Sta. by Osaka
Loop Line (5mins)
Nishi-Kujo Sta. to Universal City Sta. by JR
Yumesaki Line (4mins)
1/13, M Kyoto Tour
(1) Nijo Castle: 0845-1700, 600 yen
(2) Kinkakuji Temple: 0900-1700, 400 yen
(3) Kyoto Imperial Palace:
Free but needs reservation for the tour
(4) Ryoanji Temple (Zen Rock Garden/Pond)
0800-1700, 500 yen
(5) Kiyomizudera Temple: 0600-1800, 300
yen; 1830-2130, 400 yen (Illumination)
(6) Kyoto Handicraft Center

Special Tickets:
Kyoto Sightseeing Card (1,200 Yen for one
day, 2,000 Yen for two days)
-Unlimited usage of Kyoto City Buses,
Kyoto Buses and the two subway lines in
the city of Kyoto. The 2-day pass can be
used on two consecutive days.
*other options available
Free Day

Departure for Osaka Kansai Airport
Flight Details:
Osaka Kansai Airport to NAIA Terminal 3
Departure: April 16, Tuesday, 2040H
Arrival: April 16, Tuesday, 2350H
Flight No: 5J 827

Nankai Railway (express train) from
Namba Station