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One Page Report

Prepared For: Hugo Gonzalez

Date Printed: 5/8/2014 9:57 AM


Career Interests Assessment

Date Completed: 9/9/2013
Pathway Results
2Manufacturing Production Process Development
3Science and Math
4Biotechnology Research and Development
5Engineering and Technology
Design/Pre-construction People who work in this group prepare detailed plans
for the construction of buildings and other kinds of things. These plans make it
possible for workers to carry out all the details described in those plans to build
homes, office buildings, bridges, roads, streets, and airports.
Manufacturing Production Process Development People who work in these
occupations figure out how to make a product. They may design the product
and its packaging. They may design and build the machines that make the
product. They figure out what the sequence of steps should be in making the
product. They monitor this process to improve it and make it work well.
Science and Math People who work in this group of occupations use their
knowledge of math and science in a wide variety of ways. Some are pure

Skills Confidence Assessment

Date Completed: 9/17/2013
Pathway Results
1Health Informatics
2Professional Support Services
3Agribusiness Systems
4Emergency and Fire Management Services
5Correction Services
Health Informatics People who work in this group of occupations manage health-related information and
facilities. The group includes those who manage hospitals, health centers, nursing homes, and other medical
care facilities. It also includes those who collect information about clients, record it, and make it available to
those who need to know it.
Professional Support Services People who work in this group of occupations provide a variety of special
services in school settings. These individuals help students with personal, physical, and educational problems.
Examples of these occupations are school counselors, social workers, psychologists, and speech pathologists.
Agribusiness Systems People who work in this group of occupations apply technology to many activities in the
field of agriculture. These activities include preparing food, marketing it, and shipping it.
Emergency and Fire Management Services People who work in this group protect the public by helping when
there are emergencies. Some rescue people who are trapped in a fire, car accident, or natural disaster such as a
scientists doing research. Others are technical assistants to such scientists.
Some write computer programs to support the work of these individuals. Some
teach those who hold these positions, and still others expand and preserve our
knowledge in scientific fields.
Biotechnology Research and Development People who work in these
occupations do studies in order to find treatments, medications, and cures for
diseases. Some design various kinds of devices to help people who have lost a
body part or function.
Engineering and Technology People who work in this group of occupations
apply their knowledge of science and math to specific practical purposes.
Occupations in this group include many different kinds of engineers and
technicians. Much of the nations ability to compete in the global society lies
in the hands of these workers. They must be highly skilled in science and math.
tornado or flood. Others drive and provide emergency medical care to patients in ambulances or at home before
they arrive at a hospital. Still others oversee and manage rescue operations.
Correction Services People who work in this group of occupations are concerned with youth or adults who
have broken the law. Some investigate and solve crimes. Some guard criminals after they have been placed in
jail or prison. Others work with offenders who will soon leave prison or have already left to help them find and
keep work. Still others monitor prisoners for a period of time after they have been released.

Work Values Assessment

Date Completed: 9/17/2013





Income Having the desire to achieve earnings and rewards that strongly
support my economic and financial advancement.
Accomplishment Having the feeling that what I do in my work is
important and making a contribution.
Composite Report
Date completed Interests Assessment: 9/9/2013
Date completed Skills Assessment: 9/17/2013
Pathway Results


Manufacturing Production Process Development

Workplace Having the pleasure of working in a comfortable, attractive
work space where the supervisors and co-workers are supportive and
Innovation Having the challenge and opportunity to do my work in
new ways and with independence and variety.
Prestige Having the sense of being highly regarded by others because
of the nature of my work or the leadership I provide.

Science and Math

Biotechnology Research and Development

Engineering and Technology

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