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Nursyazwani Binti Tolos (Tesl Sem7)

What is happening in the classroom? Students are not able to respond

appropriately in formal and informal
situations for a variety of purposes.
E.g. When teacher greet them.
How are you?/ Where are you
Unable to use English words in their
daily life.
Focus: Listening & Speaking
Am I giving my learners what they
Yes, I give them a stimulus and
drill with guidance.
e.g. Q&A sentence structure
They practice to use the related
words repeatedly.
e.g. substitution drills,
transformation drills, chain drills
What do they really think about the
Boring, because they practice
on the same sentence structure
throughout the lesson.
What do they expect from me as their
Provide them with
communicating learning
Provide most important
sentence structure regarding to
the situation in their daily life.
They can practice the same
materials in different ways.
What would they like more of/less of? They like to do role play
They do not like writing
What are their preferred ways of
Collaborative learning.
Visual learning.
Activity 2.2: Writing your reflection about past teaching experiences.

Nursyazwani Binti Tolos (Tesl Sem7)

What is problematic about my
Time management
Language usage S unable to
understand difficult word.
Not challenging activities.
Why does the problem exist? The lesson goes in 1 hour but the
students take a lot of time when
completing the activity.
Teacher use word that are not within
student`s vocab.

What is the worst case scenario? Too much time assisting the students.
Textbook based.
Translate into Bahasa.
What have I done to address the
Get advice from supervisor and
guidance teacher.
Collaborative activities.
What else can I do? Provide materials that relate to the
topic of the day.
What are the factors in my own history
and experiences that made me
interested in this area of inquiry?
When teacher teach only listening and
speaking which drill on the same
materials, students feel bored.

Activity 2.3: Preparing the problem statement

Nursyazwani Binti Tolos (Tesl Sem7)

Briefly restate your problem situation:
Students not able to respond to the teacher`s greeting automatically

Root cause:
Grammar error, students are not motivated to use English in daily life, lack of

Role play, drilling, drama, collaborative activities, direct question, provide
students with the most important structure and sample regarding to the topic
of the day.

Decide on an action from the list above as research focus:
To overcome the problem of students Students not able to respond to the
teacher`s greeting automatically, I will provide students with the most
important structure and sample regarding to the topic of the day using drilling

Activity 2.5: Stating your research focus.