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(Established under section 3 of UGC Act,1956)
Course & Branch B!E"B!#ech $ Co%%on to A&& Branches
#itle of the 'a(er 'h)sics of *aterials *a+! *ar,s -.
/ub! Code /'011..1 #i%e 3 0ours
2ate 3-".5"3.11 /ession 45
'A7# 8 A (1. + 3 9 3.)
Ans:er A&& the ;uestions
1! /tate the relation bet:een ther%al conducti<it) and electrical
3! =hat is %eant b) su(erconductin> transition te%(erature?
3! =hat are 2o%ains or /tate ener>) (roduct of a hard %a>netic
@! #he radius of the heliu% ato% is about .!55A! Calculate the
electronic (olarisabilit) of heliu%!
5! 2istin>uish bet:een 4luorescence and 'hos(horescence!
6! =hat is %eant b) second har%onic >eneration in nonlinear
o(tical %aterials?
A! =hat are %etallic >lasses?
-! =hat are cer%ets, and >i<e e+a%(les!
9! 2istin>uish bet:een electron diffraction effect and neutron
diffraction effect!
1.! /tate the (rinci(le in<ol<ed in the nano hardness testin>!
'A7# $ B (5 + 13 9 6.)
Ans:er All the ;uestions
11! /tate =iede%ann84ranB la: and usin> this la: deduce the
e+(ression for &orentB nu%ber!
13! =rite a note on the follo:in>
(a) *eissner effect (b) Cose(hnson effect
(c) A((lications of /;UD2s (d) *a>netic &e<itation!
13! =hat are 2o%ains? E+(lain the reason for the do%ain for%ation
structure in ferro%a>netics and discuss the ener>ies in<ol<ed in
the do%ain >ro:th!
1@! =hat is %eant b) local field in 2i8electrics and use the sa%e to
deri<e the Claussius8*ossoti relation for ele%ental dielectrics!
15! /tate the 4ren,el and /chott,) defects :ith neat dia>ra%s!
=hat are colour centers? E+(lain 4 and E centers!
16! /tate the (rinci(le, (ro(erties and discuss an) three a((lications
of nonlinear o(tical %aterials!
1A! =hat are /ha(e *e%or) allo)s? 2escribe the (rinci(le of /*As
and list the a((lications of ther%oelastic /*As!
1-! Dllustrate the (rocessin> and a((lications of (article reinforced
co%(osites and fiber reinforced co%(osites!
19! =rite the (rinci(le, construction and :or,in> of 1 ra) diffraction
%ethod to stud) cr)stal /tructure! &ist the ad<anta>es of this
%ethod o<er other diffraction stud) %ethods!
3.! 2escribe the (rinci(le and a((lications of %icro and nano
hardness testin>!