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Katy Allen
Mrs. Tyree
English III, Per. 3
27 January 2014
Promoting/ Relegation in Professional Sports
When America has a bad season, as the old saying goes theres always next year but not
with European soccer and other sports. If you dont do well in your season there could be a
chance that your team could get moved down to a lower division or even possible that your
whole team be removed. With this system theres also a chance your team could get moved up to
the higher division if they played a good season, making every game matter, every loss an issue,
and every win an opportunity. The teams are put in their divisions for their skill capability and
stronger teams should be promoted if they consistently win every year, while relegating poor
teams to a lower division when they consistently are playing poor.
Promotion is when the top 2 from a lower division gets moved up to the higher division
for playing so well that season. This is a privilege that teams die for like Worcester Warriors 25,
Cornish Pirates 20, After 32 matches in whom such is the convolutes system that determines
promotion for the championship- Worcester Warriors have had to in effect win the league twice
as well as a two-legged cup final to return to the Premiership last night(I ). Now relegation is
about the same but opposite and isnt a privilege. Relegation happens when you consistently
keep losing, so the bottom 2 teams get bumped down to the lower division and sometimes even
removed completely from the leagues. This is a great tragedy to some when their season doesnt
do to well like the former Premier League champions Blackburn becoming the first to relegate.
Every sport separates their divisions in their own ways, putting the teams in their
recommended division by skill capability. This is how cycling separates theirs

Under proposals to be considered for approval in January, the current
World Tour would be in favor of 16-team first division and 8-team second
division would race 120 days and second division 50 days with sporting,
ethical, financial and administrative criteria to determine the teams
Another example of how the leagues organize their divisions is The a-league, in which
the Thunder formerly played and the pro Soccer league were reorganized under the USL in a
Two-Tiered Professional system with 12 teams in 1
Division and 9 teams in 2
This system is very popular in many sports in Europe. The English Premier League, one
of the most prominent soccer leagues, is so well organized by skill capability that nearly every
game is always determined by the last minutes of the game. The system was put upon the Rugby
leagues in Europe to fix problems between the leagues. Following a meeting on April 25
between RFU, the ESDR clubs and Premier Rugby a system of promotion and relegation has
been decided upon, with a one up, one down structure to be adopted for the next 3 seasons.(J)
This system also brings people all over the world for professional road racing to come together
and compete against the best of the best of their teams skill capability.
These divisions help keep the game interesting, giving good and bad teams competition,
thats fun for everyone. Who wants to watch there favorite team lose to the top dogs for 20 years
straight, When their getting more support and money from their fans because they keep winning
and that team is barely getting their families to show up. This system brings leagues together
and solves the problem of athletes jumping from league to league just because they didnt get
what they wanted and the separate leagues had no rules about it. Cecil Duckworth, chair of
English Second Division Rugby had a big problem with is and stated that pleased that the key

issue has been resolved (J). Then Howard Thomas, chief executive of Premier Rugby,
welcomed the decision of combining the leagues together stating that Both Premier Rugby and
ESDR clubs can now plan for the future with greater certainty.(J) The system also keeps the
athletes on their toes because it gives them something to look forward to or be scared of. No one
is safe from relegation rule as Blackburn becomes the first former Premier league champion s to
be relegated. (J)
This system still has its problems; a main issue right now is people moving from their
divisions to a lower division or a higher division. When in the lower divisions for example Of
the 19 players who represented England against Austria this summer, 14 came from the first
division teams. (D) People think this shouldnt be fair because the competition is much harder
and makes the players better but if it is the players choice to move down and they did it
according to the rules then theres nothing you can do about it. Another problem they keep
having with is players moving from divisions when contracts arent up yet and this mostly
happens with players wanting to move up to higher divisions. For instance Kevin Pietersen has
been a big problem because of him the chief executive of the PCA; Richard Bevan said in this
context perhaps it is time for the games stakeholders to raise the issue of a transfer system for
debate. We will talk to the ECB and the countries about this in the future. He also says he
believes in the Principle of Sanctity of Contract but that it was clearly not in anyones interest
for a country to have an unhappy squad. This issue has come to the force again as more players
are changing clubs. They trend will continue as countries try to balance between reducing paying
staff to save money and the need to gain promotion and avoid relegation. (D)
Another problem is money issues, but what sport system doesnt have money issues. One
situation that really bothers the fans and programs is prize money and how fair dividing it up. It

was also felt to be unfair that the third-place teams in the First Divisions went unrewarded while
those finishing second in the Second in the Second Division received prize money (A); this
statement makes you really think about the system and how money should be reorganized more
fairly. While another issue with money is winning but having a financial and faculty problem and
keeping them in lower division because of it.
Dover Athletics, of the Beazer Homes leagues, and the Colne
Dynamoes, of the HFS Loans leagues clubs which spent heavily on their
ground and players respectively, the right to promotion was won on the
field and lost in the boardrooms because their facilities were below
standards. The lesson of this season is clearly that promotion is no longer a
question of having the better team, but adding facilities to match; it is a
bitter sweet pill to swallow particularly for Chris Kinnear, the Dover
manager and Graham White, of Colne, who set points records, but the
conference is adamant; Safety comes first. (G)
This system keeps everyone on their toes and keeps the fans on the edge. Athletes, staff
and coaches are never safe from relegation and not everyone can handle it financially.
Lancashires Coach Bobby Simpson: This is vital match for us. Its imperative we stay in the
First Division. Were too good to go down. But weve been hit by the weather after we went on a
roll early on the weather forecast for this match is terrible again and if we get 4 points for a draw
it might not be enough.(D) There is never a way to be safe from relegation, if you dont play
good it sucks but youre going to get moved down. Sometimes you can get out of promotion but
who doesnt want to be promoted? It is not only International players who have to worry about
their status. There is also threat to the fringe country players with second Division clubs, where

squads may have to be cut. (D) This system doesnt care who you are or if youre a favorite if
you have a bad season no matter the issue you will get moved down.
Would you want this kind of system in the United States leagues in the NBA,
MLB, and NFL? Do you think it would work well with our sports? How would Americans act
when their team got relegated? Do you think this would ever be passed in the NBA, MLB or
NFL? I think that this system works well for soccer most of all sports because everyone plays it
all over the world and everyone cant fit in one league thats why there would be Divisions. But I
wouldnt want to see it in any other sport in America because American sports arent played all
worlds competitively like soccer, so there would be no point in commanding the leagues
together. We kind of already have our own divisions, you just cant move a whole team up but
the players can be moved up if they get afford a spot. If we were to get this system in American
sports, I think it would cause chaos and havoc on the leagues and the leagues would have to
reorganize everything. This system is a great system but I just dont think it would work in
America, and would hate to see teams that been around for years get removed. This system
works great in Europe and I still believe that the teams are put in their divisions for their skill
capability and stronger teams should be promoted if they consistently win every year, while
relegating poor teams to a lower division when they consistently are playing poor, I just wouldnt
want it here.


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