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I closed my office
J. Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence.

1. At 11 oclock yesterday morning, I ......... my essay.
a. still was writing
(6) was still writing
c. still wrote
d. write still
2. I love your new shoes. How much ......... ?
(a) did they cost
b. they cost
c. have they cost
d. were they costing
3. The passengers were only setved drinks ......... the
plane had taken off.
b. no sooner
c. until
d. by the time
4. I ...... a documentary on TV when I got a text
message from a friend.
a. had watched
b. watching
c. watched was
5. As firefighters tried to put out the fire, the injured
people ...... to the nearest hospital.
a. were taking
were being taken
c. had taken
d. had been taking
11. By three oclock, the patient ........ by the doctor.
a. still had not seen
b. still had been not seen
had still not been seen
d. had still not been seeing
12. I ...... to hurt your feelings.
a. wasnt meant
didn't mean
c. havent meant
d. wasnt meaning
When he was living on his own, Tyler. at least three
times a week,
a. has eaten
c. eating
d. was eaten
I met Angela in June.
...... together at the bank then?
a. You had been working
b. Had you worked
c. You worked
Were you working
This park is absolutely beautiful now. Yes, but it
a. wasnt used to
b. wouldnt be
didnt use to be
d. hadnt been

We had eaten all our popcorn started.
a. no sooner than
b. after
c. as soon as by the time
At first I didnt recognize Olivia because she .........
so much weight.
a. was losing
b. was lost had lost
d. had been losing
Sandwiches ...... as the guests arrived.
(a) were being served
b. were serving
c. had been served
d. had serving
Did you ever have a pet as a child?
No, but I ....... my friends dog for a walk.
(a) would often take
b. often had taken
c. had often been taking
d. often was taking
Jack and Daisy got married last month. Really?
...................had they been seeing each other?
a. When
b. Since
c. By the time (S?) How long
the movie
The moment I ....... the fire alarm,
and left the building.
(a) heard
b. was hearing
c. had heard
d. was heard
17. Joshua was confident about winning the race
because he ...... for months.
a. was training
b. was trained
had been training
d. was being trained
18. Where are you going on vacation?
Florida. We ...... there last year too.
a. have gone
b. were going (a)
d. had gone
19. I got such a bad grade on my last test.
What ...... ? You didnt study.
a. you are
expecting did you
c. you had expected
d. were you expected
20. Luke ....... his glasses when I saw him yesterday.
a. didnt wear
b. didnt use to
wear (a) wasnt
d. hadn't worn

K. Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence.

1. I ..... Jack for a game of golf tomorrow.
a. meet
b. do meet 0 am meeting
d. going to meet
2. Its 7.30 and the train hasnt arrived.
I know. By 8 pm, we ........ for over an hour.
a. will wait
b. will be waiting
0 will have been waiting
d. have wait
3. Shall we go for a walk?
No, its about .........
a. to start and rain
b. starting to rain 0 to start raining
d. start raining
4. Dont bother coming to watch the game.
I ..... after all.
0) wont be playing
b. shall not play
c. not going to play
d. wont have played
5. The bedroom still needs painting.
So when ....... ?
a. it is going to do 0) is it going to
be done
c. it going to be doing
d. is going to be done
6. Olivia has a terrible headache.
Oh! I ...... her an aspirin.
a. am getting
b. get 0 will get
d. will be getting
7. I hear the city is going to lower taxes.
You think so? That ....... I
0 will be the day
b. day will be
c. the day will be
d. will the day be
8. No matter where the exhibition........... it will attract
a lot of people.
a. will hold (B) is held
c. will be held
d. is going to hold
9. The TV is too loud ......... it down, please?
a. Are you turning 0) Will you turn
c. You are going to turn
d. Do you turn
Max wants the report on Monday,
but I it
by then.
a. even wont be started 0^ wont
even have started
c. wont have even been starting
d. even wont started
10. Watch the step or ........ I
a. you'll be falling
b. youre falling 0 youll fall
d. you will have fallen
11. We must hurry!
Why? What time ....... ?
a. the bus is going to leave
b. leaves the bus
c. the bus leaving 0 does
the bus leave
12. I expect Ryan ....... with the present you bought him.
a. will please 0 will be
c. is pleasing
d. has pleased
My parents let me go to the
movies tonight.
won't havent
c. arent
d. dont
13. Weve decided to go sailing on Saturday.
Im afraid I ...... you - Ill be busy.
0. wont be joining
b. wont have joined
c. not going to join
d. havent joined
14. Are you still interviewing people for the
job? Yes, but by Friday, the best candidate ...........
a. will be choosing
b. are chosen
0. will have been chosen
d. are going to choose
15. Do you think youll be happy at college?
I dont know but time ..........
a. tells
(0 will tell
c. is telling
d. is going to tell
16. Toms ..... here until tomorrow.
a. due not to get
b. due to not getting
not due to getting 0^ not
due to get
17. I need some help with packing up the house. Sorry,
I .................. late tomorrow.
a. will work probably
b. probably will be worked
c. will have probably
worked 0. will probably be
18. The hotel rooms wont ........ by 10 oclock in the
a. be cleaning
b. have cleaned
0. have been cleaned
d. have been cleaning

Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence.

1. You ...... ever leave the front door unlocked.
@ mustn't
b. shouldnt have
c. dont have to
d. ought to not
2. Im starting Russian lessons next week.
Ive heard that you ....... find it difficult at first.
a. shall
b. would
(c) might
d. must
3. The children were so excited they ........ sleep the
night before their trip.
a. cant couldnt
c. not able to
d. couldnt have
4. Your brother never paid back that money, you
I ........ Hes so unreliable.
a. might have been guessing
b. might be guessing
(c) might have guessed d.
might guess
5. Do you think Ellen got the package?
Yes, it ...... by now.
a. has delivered
(b) will have been delivered
c. will be delivered
d. will have delivered
6. The flowers were lovely but you ........ bothered.
a. would not have
b. ought to not have
c. didnt have to
(d) neednt have
7. When Ella was younger, she ....... arguments with
her brother.
(a) would often have
b. used to have often
c. would to often have
d. often have used to
8. Id love to go to the wedding but I .......... able to
make it.
a. might not
b. cant be
c. will not Q) may not be
9. Is that your cousin over there?
No, it ...... be him. Michaels much taller.
(j) can't
b. might not
c. shouldnt
d. may not
10. Why are the children watching TV at this time of
night? They ought ............
a. have been sleeping
b. . have slept
c. to have slept Q) to be
I cant find my purse.
..... it at home by mistake?
a. Can you have left
b. Could you leave
c. You could be left
(d) Could you have left
12. The rescue workers ....... for the missing climbers.
a. must look still
b. must still have looked
c. still must be looked
must still be looking
13. I finished reading the book yesterday.
..... give it to me then?
(a) Could you
b. Shall you
c. You would
d. You can
14. Its almost lunchtime ........ you a sandwich?
a. I should make
b. I will make
c. Would I make (3)
Should I make
15. Joshua ....... part in the parade but he was sick.
a. should take
b. was able to take (c)
would have taken
d. must have taken
16. The people responsible for the graffiti ........ to
clean the walls.
a. should make
b. must have made (c)
should be made
d. must be making
17. How will I pay for repairs to my house?
Well, you .......ask Dad to lend you the money.
a. would
b. have
(c) could
d. may
18. The mechanic said he ........ time to fix my car
today, so Ill need a ride tomorrow.
a. may have not had (B)
might not have
c. would have not
d. couldnt have
19. The painting of the bedroom has ........ before
the children get back from their trip.
a. been doing
b. to be doing
c. to do
Q) to be done
20. I didnt spend all the money you gave me
because I didn't think I ..........
(a) should
b. must
c. have to
d. would

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