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Clements High School Volume 2 Issue 8 May 2014

Goodbye, Clements!

Extension 5200
ABR, Accredited Buyers
Area Specialist (New
First Colony Resident for
Over 31 Years
Call for your FREE Market
Proven Results
14905 S.W. Freeway
Sugar Land, TX 77478
Offices are individually owned and operated.
A Top Producer for Fort
Bend Area for 21 Years
Full Time Professional
Innovative Marketing
CRS, Certified
Residential Specialist
GRI, Graduate of Realtor
9731 Southwest Freeway
Houston, Texas 77074
Phone: 713-772-7772
Fax: 713-583-7750
The Round Up, a feature magazine pub-
lished by the students in Clements High
Schools Magazine Journalism class, is a
designated forum for student expression.
The Round Up is distributed to its readers
and the student body at no cost.
The Round Up is printed eight times a year
in October, November, December, January,
February, March, April and May. All Round
Up is archived-and available at http://ranger-
Prograd Main Event after
graduation... p. 4
CHS celebrates achievements for
2013-2014 year... p. 4
College Lifestyles
How to get along with a
roomate... p. 5
Moments to remember from
2013-2014... p. 5
Horoscopes... p. 14
Mr. & Ms. CHS
Mr. CHS looks to future endeav-
ors... p. 7
Ms. CHS leads with honorable
morals... p. 7
College Maps
Texas College Map... pgs. 8-10
Out of State College Map... p. 11
Senior Staff Goodbyes
CHS taught me how to right
good... p. 12
True friendship survives high
school trials... p. 13
Writers journey to self-under-
standing fulfilled... p. 13
Sports editor shares memories...
Where do you see yourself in 5
years?... p. 15
Volume 2 Issue 8
ProGrad Main Event after graduation
It is time to reflect on an eventful school
year. Many accomplishments and victories
took place this year, so many that not all of
them will be listed in this small space.
Clements was recognized as one of the top
schools in the Houston area, receiving an A+
rating by
At Homecoming, students cut loose at The
Great Gatsby themed Homecoming dance
after they cheered on their fellow Rangers
during the football game.
Clements teams have been outstanding
this season. Mens varsity soccer went for
an undefeated season as they, along with the
ladies varsity team, were deemed district
champs. The swim team once again won
Clements Color Guard made the Texas
Color Guard Circuit National
A Class State Finals and earned a Silver
Medal, finishing second.
The FFA judging team beat out over
125 other schools to take first place at the
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.
At I-fest students enriched themselves with
culture from around the world at the annual
Clements International Festival. They tried
different foods and enjoyed entertainment
from around the world.
Clements JETS sent two teams to the
Science Olympiad Regional tournament
at UT Austin. Our teams took 1st and 2nd
overall, medaling in 45 out of 46 events (23
events per team).
This years musical, The Annual Putnam
County Spelling Bee, won awards and Tommy
Tune nominations.
The Stars presented the annual CHS Cuties
contest where senior boys competed to win
the hearts of their fellow classmates. The
As the 2013-14 school year ends, senior
students are looking forward to the next step
in their lives. Moving on to college is the next
chapter towards becoming an adult and what
better way to celebrate it than with classmates
and friends? Organized by CHS and senior
audience laughed and danced along with the
boys as they watched senior Rangers take the
On the Disney band trip, 209 CHS band
members participated in Festival Disney
bringing home superior ratings and the
highest level of the festival.
Eight CHS students became part of only
600 semifinalist students across the nation in
the National Science Olympiad.
Model UN students traveled to Boston
and took second place at the national MUNI
The Global Studies Academy hosted its
Global Summit where students and guest
speakers discussed world issues among many
other activities.
This list could go on and on. Clements
2013-2014 excelled in so many areas.
Seniors especially can be proud of a year of
parents, Project Graduation or ProGrad is an
alcohol and drug free, all night lock-in party
held at Main Event in Katy. The event is June
7, graduation night and is for all graduating
Seniors will spend the evening bowling,
playing billiards, listening to music, eating,
playing Texas Holdem and Blackjack,
having caricatures made, doing gravity ropes,
and playing over one hundred arcade games.
Students will also have the chance to win
amazing prizes such as laptops, 42 TVs,
refrigerators, iPads, and more.
Throughout the year, the ProGrad
organizers host fundraising events to pay for
the celebration. The ProGrad Committee also
organizes the Ranger Donor Drive and Senior
Cookbook. The Ranger Donor Drive is an
event with the sole purpose of raising money
to pay for ProGrad. Parents can donate
$50-$100 and receive recognition. The
Senior Cookbook is a recipe book compiled
of recipes from the senior class and their
families. The proceeds go towards ProGrad
Seniors have the opportunity to earn hours
that can be traded in for Ranger Bucks.
Throughout the year, seniors have different
options on how to earn Ranger Bucks,
whether it is volunteering or raising money.
Ranger Bucks give students the opportunity
to win great prizes at ProGrad.
The lock-in is unique in its location. Once
a senior enters, he or she cannot leave until
the next morning.
Most importantly, Pro Grad night represents
the last chance for seniors to be together with
their classmates until their first reunion.
CHS celebrates achievements for 2013-2014 year
College Lifestyles
Moments to remember from 2013-2014
Copy Editor
In the generation of smartphones and excessive
use of the internet, news is never hard to find.
From to new apps to unnecessary amounts of
information about celebrities, the 2013-2014
school year is defined by pop culture.
On October 28, 2013 Kim Kardashian
and Kanye West had their daughter North
West, a name which students not from just
CHS but from schools across the country,
laughed at.
Catching Fire premiered on November
22, 2013 following up The Hunger Games
and it became a box office hit.
Frozen came out on November 27, 2013
and it became the biggest Disney hit on
record as it chronicled the journey of Elsa
and her sister Ana, the newest Disney
Paul Walker, the actor of Fast and Furious
6, died in a car accident on November 30 of
Taking place on January 12, 2014 the
Golden Globes presented awards to the best
movies and actors of 2013. 12 Years a Slave
won best motion picture, Cate Blanchett
won best actress for Blue Jasmine, and
Matthew McConaughey won best actor for
Dallas Buyers Club.
The Oscars in March awarded 12
Years a Slave with best picture, Matthew
McConaughey with best actor, and Cate
Blanchett with best actress.
The Winter Olympics from Sochi, Russia,
dominated tv screens in February
The app Flappy Bird for smartphones and
tablets took over students lives for a period
of time before it was taken out of the app
store at the owners request, leading to many
knock-off versions.
In serious world news, former South African
president Nelson Mandela passed away in
These events characterize the news CHS
students read about and discussed all through
the 2013 and 2014 school year. Though
mostly about celebrities, some of these events
became significant in many lives.
The Oscars selfie was tweeted by Ellen Degeneres.
How to get along with a roomate
Copy Editor
For most seniors the very thought of living
with a stranger next year is enough for them
to consider doing the hour commute every
day. With the millions of roommate horror
stories, one would think rooming with
anyone other than the best friend would
be a disaster. In reality, it is more likely
that the other person is perfectly normal.
Having a roommate means compromise. That
means respecting personal space, but having
to share the tiny closet space. Thinking about
a roommates feelings in the situation will
keep any unwanted tension from growing.
Try negotiating some rules in the beginning of
the year to be sure neither side gets annoyed.
Something as simple as putting in headphones
might just form into an unspoken friendship.
Understandably though, there will be
those who are unwilling to sacrifice late
night movie marathons and visits from their
boyfriends and girlfriends. Getting along
with these people, while a challenge, is not
impossible. If asking does not work then
he or she is probably the type that does not
bother to think about other people. Instead
of nagging, try getting to know them better.
Start with small talk and maybe ask for a
quick study session. Hopefully, as time goes
on, the roommate will realize a persons need
for personal space, and the movie marathon
might just become a tradition between the two.
Almost everyone needs their alone time
and, keep in mind that he or she might want
an hour of complete silence. College can be
stressful and it is not like a person can tell a
roommate to get out of the room since it is
shared. Instead of asking the roommate to
leave, try taking a long walk. Go to the library
if study time is needed. Watch a movie or visit
friends. Removing oneself from a potential
disagreement should be preferred to fighting.
Living in a dorm is a special way of meeting
people, and many have reported making best
friends with their roommates. The horror
stories are exactly that, stories. After all,
learning to deal with roommates is actually a
great way to learn some valuable people skills.
Meet iLeader Rabia Kassam, Clements
Sophomore who also attends the Sugar Land
Principal Jamatkhana.
Interestingly Rabia has been volunteering at
her religious school to teach preschoolers and

outside the State Capitol. Each year, iLeaders travel
to Austin to learn about civic leadership at the Texas
State Capitol.

me about leadership. So, when I go into the real world I will be able to
use that knowledge to lead others.
--Rabia Kassam
Clements High School
iLeads Mission

iLead Students Build Leadership Skills through:

To learn more, visit
This years Mr. CHS is Adit Arya.
Arya considers it a great honor, and
Mr. CHS looks to future endeavors
many believe he definitely deserves it.
Arya can easily be described as extroverted.
He is in District Student Council, is President
of DECA, and is Vice President of National
Honor Society. Arya has had to constantly
interact with many different groups of people.
Related to DECA is Aryas love for business.
In fact, his favorite thing about Clements was
his exposure to real life business situations.
You do not really know how economics and
business works until you are thrown out there.
DECA paved the way to his love for business.
This senior has definite plans for his future.
As of right now, I hope to study
computer science, but, honestly, that
might change in the future. Most major
changes occur within the first year, so
hopefully whatever I do will be innovative.
Many colleges offer great courses in
computer science so, Arya is still stuck
between a few choices. Arya also stated that
CHS prepared him for the future in many
ways. Academically, he believes college
is quite similar to Clements. Socially,
there are many diverse people here, which
is something quite unique to this school.
Many seniors state that they will not miss a
thing about high school, but Arya disagrees.
I am not going to miss the academic
portion, but I will miss interacting with
various sponsors, teachers, students,
and parents. I think it is very vital that
Clements has been able to provide what
I do not think any other school can.
Some of the people that inspire him on a
daily basis would be his parents and friends.
As a freshman, Arya could easily have been
described as shy and very cautious about
grades. He then came to the realization that
academics are not everything, and being social
is just as important. Now, he has come out of
that shell, and Arya just wants to give back
to them by being the best person he can be.
The simple question: Where do
you see yourself in 10 years? was
answered quite easily by Arya.
He simply said, I see myself
traveling the world with Ms. CHS.
Ms. CHS leads with honorable morals
My motto in life is that in order
to be our best selves, we must do
the right thing, no matter what the
consequences are, said Alina Naik, senior.
Naik, was chosen to be the 2013- 2014
Ms CHS. She is the Executive President
of Student Council. She also takes part
in NHS, DECA and Invisible Children.
With its challenging academics,
CHS has thoroughly prepared
Naik for her future successes.
I have learned how to build relationships with
people and how to interact with those whom
I have never met. Some of the teachers and
students have taught me so many life lessons
that I will remember forever, said Naik.
Many of these lifelong lessons
have been taught by her friends.
Words could not express how grateful I
am to all of the people who have inspired
me to be who I am today. I truly believe
that actions speak louder than words, and
I can only show them all what they have
done for me by hopefully being successful
and giving back to them, said Naik.
Her favorite class this year is economics
because of how her teacher, John Damon,
creates a fun class environment that
helps his students learn the material.
I am a firm believer that people can change
for the better and that it is never too late to
change the person that you have been and find
the person that you want to be, said Naik.
She believes that she has changed
remarkably over the four years at Clements.
She has come closer to finding out who
she is, especially in her senior year.
She feels very humbled to be chosen as
Ms. CHS. She believes she was chosen
because she treats everyone with respect.
I think it is important to be friendly with
people and make them feel grateful for
what they have and help them look at what
they can achieve in the future, said Naik.
After her last weeks in high school,
Naik plans to attend the University of
Texas at Austin this coming fall. At the
moment, she wants to go into nursing, as
well as travel the world with Mr. CHS.
Out of everything Clements has to offer, I am
going to miss being part of Student Council.
It has made my experience at Clements much
more enjoyable because of the all the people
that I have met along the way, said Naik.
Abilene Christian University in Abilene
Rachel Runnels Public Relations
Austin College in Sherman
Bonnie Worstell International Relations
Austin Community College in Austin
Corbin Price Marketing
Lee Crenshaw Economics and Finance
Lindsay Chang Undecided
Baylor University in Waco
Alexander Tolani Pre-law/Engineering
Amy Farrell Nutrition & Entrepreneurship
Ben Withrow Engineering
Corin Gleditsh Human Resources
DeBini Banh Chemistry
Graham Duncan Chemical Engineering
Jacqueline Ascencio Cardiology
Katie Moss Biology
Nathaniel Kinsey Accounting
Rachel Gilbert Biochemistry
Rachel Toalson Fashion Design
Rebecca Cheney Business
Scott Kimutis Engineering
Taylor Frederick Kinesiology
Blinn Junior College in Bryan
Christian Okpoko Undecided
Gorrick Chinnis-Plaat Wildlife
Hailey Wiggins Broadcast Journalism
Kyle Stafford Undecided
Megan Winters Biochemistry
Raysha Prawira Undecided
Seth Occhiogrosso Business
Concordia University in Austin
Jessica Mitchell Education
Everest Institute in Houston
Calvin Kuang Undecided
Houston Baptist University in Houston
Julia Jordan Journalism/Mass Communications
Karishma Kotak Undecided
Luis de la Soto Nursing
Rahmet Mohamed Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Samad Savveni Undecided
Houston Community College in Houston
Atef Eliwat Petroleum & Mechanical Engineer-
Shams Maredia Computer Science
Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio
Jana Arena Education
Rice University in Houston
Ana Gonzalez De Corcuera Chemical Engineering
Brianna Singh Bioengineering
Daniel Ngo Biological Sciences
Hope Weng Linguistics
Patrick Ding Psychology/Business
Shaian Mohammadian Biochemistry
Tejus Satish Biochemistry
Sam Houston State University in Huntsville
Kaitlin Villoutriex Education
Kasey Vollmering Undecided
Madison Randolph Nursing
Southern Methodist University in Dallas
Valerie Vasquez Political Science
Southwestern University in Georgetown
Will Preston Business
St. Edwards University in Austin
Shelby Levermann Marketing
Yasmeen Yahya Communications
Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches
Brianna Reeley Undecided
Jonathan Marlatt Undecided
Matt Rivera Undecided
Melissa Ridling Nursing
Nanditha Raj Biology
Ryan Manz Kinesiology
Sydney Sanislow Family & Child Life Devel-
Texas A&M in College Station
Annie Waite Biomedical Sciences
Ashley Wagner Communications
Ben Williams Business
Chase Knecht Undecided
Colin Kirchof Business
Cory Combs Sports Medicine
Courtney Cox Petroleum Engineering
Daniel Yu Business
Denise Krieger Accounting
Derrick Lin Chemical Engineering
Elaine Eberharat Mechanical Engineering
Jackie Mak Business
Jacob Neerman Business
Jadha Gunnawan Mechanical Engineering
Jeremy Beaty Chemical Engineering
Karen Umana School of Science
Kevin Matthews Mechanical Engineering
Malt Rouelo Environmental Engineering
Marie Audrey Defretin Biochemistry
Michelle Goss Agricultural Science
Mindy Nguyen Business
Napat Napattaloong Chemical Engineering
Natalie Somerville Landscape Architecture
Naveen Kalavar Biology
Paige Buhrke Biomedical Sciences
Prit Dhagat Chemistry
Reed Hermes Petroleum Engineering
Renxiang Tang Petroleum Engineering
Rodrigo Padruno Business
Ryan Yang Petroleum Engineering
Sam Adkins Fire Science and Technology
Sanjana Srikanth Biomedical Science
Shelby Johnson Petroleum Engineering
Sherry Lam Business
Sidd Rebba Mechanical Engineering
Sreya Ragu Business
Suhaib Abdulquddos Chemical Engineering
Trey Roche Mechanical Engineering
Wyatt Beauchamp Petroleum Engineering
Zeeshan Siddiquin Petroleum Engineering
Abbey Davis Animal Science
Michelle Miller Nutritional Sciences
Phoebe Wong Business
Timi Fadugba Business
Vivekavadhan Ravipati Chemical Engineering
Texas A&M in Corpus Christi
John Johnston Business
Julia Schaeffer Biomedical Sciences
Texas A&M in Galveston
Deanna Lu Marine Biology
Paul Haase Marine Engineering
William Parsons Marine Biology
Texas State University in San Marcos
Ashleigh Foster Undecided
Kyle Tollestrue Undecided
Lauren Graessle Communications
Natalie Myers Business
Rachel Craig Sports Medicine
Sarah Garber Sound Recording Technol-
Texas Tech University in Lubbock
Abby Day Multidisciplinary Studies
Aidan Jones Athletic Medicine
Amber Benevides Business & Marketing
Andrew Jacobs Petroleum Land Manage-
Andrew Xhang Petroleum Engineering
Byran Poole Business
Casey Johnson Business
Erinn Profy Undecided
Garrett Moorer Business
Geneane Amin Chemical Engineering
Jennifer Anderson Mechanical Engineering
Katherine Beskow Industrial Engineering
Kelsee Jahns Psychology
Kimberly Ibidapo Psychology
Lauren Elliott Veterinary Medicine
Leah Fontana Energy Commerce
Lesal Evans Multidisciplinary Studies
Mariah Treece Health Professions
Morgyn Lincoln Animal Science
Samantha Wallheim Petroleum Engineering
Travis Stubenrouch Industrial Engineering
Trinity University in San Antonio
Michael Erickson Environmental Science
Noureen Morani Undecided
Sabrina Sha Anthropology
University of Houston in Houston
Aahan Zindani Mechanical Engineering
Aerie Hsu-Chen Computer Science
Ali Hassan Muhammad Pharmacy
Alikhan Ali Business
Aliya Hamilton Kinesiology
Aman Ahmed Engineering
Andrea Akunna Computer Science
Austin Claytor Pharmacology
Aya Al-Adli Biology
B.J. Karpenku Chemical Engineering
Benjamin Wong Business
Brandon Nguyen Chemical Engineering
Brittney Schafer Undecided
Christian Phillips Business
Connor Crosslin Undecided
Corina Rangel Kinesiology
Danish Meshani Business
Daniyal Nesir Petroleum Engineering
Dillion Kabot Engineering
Elizabeth Gobran Undecided
Erin Meier Interior Design
Fatima Moton Nursing
Haidar Imam Engineering
Hanna Nida Yilmaz Biomedical Engineer-
Harees Samad Business
Ho Kwan Alex Yeung Management Informa-
tion Systems
Hussain Syed Biology
Iman Virani Education
Isa Alfaro Pangtay Biomedical Engineer-
Jacinta Adriansyah Mechanical Engineer-
Jason Bourassa Mechanical Engineer-
Jonathan Haj- Elias Business
Juan Uribe Business
Kazim Moledina Business
Kevin Yu Petroleum Engineering
Kian Mohammadian Computer Science
Lauren Le Pre-Pharmacy
Madhavi Seernani Undecided
Madiha Tukdi Pharmacy
Maha Zaidi Biology
Mara Nisnisan Kinesiology
Marcel Wong Business/Accounting
Marwa Elkhader Hotel Restaurant Man-
Maya Seernani Biology and Psychol-
Merisha Biju Pre-pharmacy
Mishell Khan Biology
Monisha Kamdar Nursing
Muhammed Favzi Mechanical Engineer-
Neha Bandyopadhyay Health
Onyekachi Osuorji Computer Science
Osman Siddiqi Undecided
Pedro Aguirre Petroleum Engineering
Priyanshi Kanabar Undecided
Rabab Zehra Geology
Reem El-Saadi Mechanical Engineer-
Roberto Alvarado Petroleum Engineering
Saif Mahensania Mechanical Engineer-
Sammi Jacobson Psychology/Nursing
Sebastien Younes Petroleum Engineering
Sharon Chi Undecided
Shirin Khalili Biotechnology
Shreya Shah Business Management
Simra Mirza Biology
Simrandeep Kaur Undecided
Sumera Chowdling Petroleum Engineering
Tara Narang Education
Tina Eradi Business
York Lin Business/Criminal
Zaman Ali Pharmacy
Zoha Alam Pre-Pharmacy
University of Houston in Sugar Land
Cindy Masri Graphic Design
University of Incarnate Word in Alamo Heights
Rebekah Hudler Nursing
University of North Texas in Denton
Ashley Mhlanga Chemistry
University of St. Thomas in Houston
Guadalupe Rodriquez Nursing
Shannon Morgan Business
University of Texas in Austin
Alina Naik Nursing
Allison Seitz Studio Art/Biology
Allison Thomas Communication Studies
Anika Tanwani Biomedical Engineer-
Annie Cheng Electrical Engineering
Ashley Chen Business
Brian Hammonds Economics
Christopher Denny Engineering/Com-
puter Science
Dharmesh Chandrasekaram Chemical
Domingo Alvarado Aerospace Engineer-
Emily Phan Biochemistry
Ethan Kwan Biomedical Engineer-
Gene Hsu Petroleum Engineering/
Computer Science
Huixin Liu English
Imran Rizvi Biochemistry
Isabel Wong Kinesiology
Jennifer Um Pre-Pharmacy
Juan Saez Business
Katelyn Ge Electrical Engineering
Kendall Yates Environmental Science
Kimberly Gabosch Interior Design
Kresentia Sugiaman Civil Engineering
Kylie Morgan Advertising
Lucy Phan Industrial Design
Mahel Khwaja Psychology and Fi-
Megan Bourassa Studio Art
Mi Yang Chemical Engineering
Michael Clark Chemical Engineering
Michael Li Computer Science
Michael Stecklein Electrical Engineering
Michael Tang Biology
Mike Peng Bioengineering
Minh Do Medical Laboratory
Nicholas Fillip Chemical Engineering
Noor Haq Undecided
Raymond Chee Computer Science
Rosa Kim Plan II Honors / Eng-
Samuel Yang Biology
Scott Zheng Mechanical Engineer-
Stan Lawera Business
Thida Yin Chemical Engineering
Urooj Dhukka History
Alexander Lawrence Aitken II Computer
Science/Electrical Engineering
Patrick Deng Computer Science/Me-
chanical Engineering
Carina Henry Business
John Liou Chemical Engineering
Sammel Yang Biology
Zal Daroga Computer Science
Congratulations 2014 Magna Cum Laude!
Adit Arya
Thomas Kenying Lau
Raymond Javin Chee
Gene Chun-Chia Hsu
Tejus Satish
Patrick Haong Ding
Aditya Sanjay Jain
Michael Stejan Tang
William Victor Wang
Aanandh Chandrasekar
James Allen Diao
Grant Zhixuan Zhao
Anika Tanwani
Emily Thuc-Nhi Phan
Theodore Shuode Zhang
Ziyaad Abed Khayrattee
Sean Michael Lia
Linh Thoai Thi Le
Xinhe Ren
Huixin Liu
Annie Hanna Chang
Priscilla Oh
Scott Zheng
Ethan Dillon Kwan
Shaian Mohammadian
Jack Benjamin Lin
Christopher Denny
Sarah Ameen Kesaria
Nicholas Mark Filip
Daniel Huy Khoa Ngo
Michael Robert Stecklein
University of Texas in Arlington
Guna Kondapaneni Computer Science
Ivy Moore Computer Science
University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson
Dawda Faye Biomedical Engineering
Drew Diaz Business
Javier Castano Software Engineering
Jordan Moy Mechanical Engineering
Kimberly Koller Undecided
Meghan Takahashi Accounting
Randy Chiu Business
Will Peters Engineering
Alamgir Lalani Undecided
University of Texas in San Antonio
Alize Hassan Biology Pre-Med
Andy Morales Neuroscience
Anthony Rafaille Biology
Anthony Sidaros Biology
Basel Najjar Environmental Engineer-
Ben Steele Biomechanical Engineering
Brandon Varughese Pre-pharmacy
Che-Yu Hsu Biology
Emily Wang Biology
Frances Arnold Undecided
Jeshue Betts Undecided
Katelyn Vidad Nursing
Nicholas Lam Undecided
Sean Fu Electrical Engineering
Shamir Mitha Business
Shannon Franklin Biomedical Engineering
Tom Chan Pharmacy
Umut Yerli Computer Engineering
William Wang Finance
University of Texas in Tyler
Freada Zhan Nursing
Mason Williams Radio, Television, & Film
Matthew Freeman Marketing
Nikki Murray Mechanical Engineering
University of Texas School of Nursing in
Adrianne Le Nursing
Maggy Kheir Nursing
University of Texas-Pan American in Edin-
Alex Herrera Engineering
University of the Incarnate Word in San
Trinidad Luna Accounting
Wharton County Jr. College in Sugar Land
Ali Noorani Solar Engineering
Austin Salazar Undecided
Conor Jung History
Janine Vergara Nursing
Katherine Urrea Business Administration
Leslie Segura Computer Science
Sejal Giga Business Management
Shahil Maknojia Accounting
Tobin Thomas Radiology
Tyler Lowman Welding
Concordia University in Montreal, QC, Canada
Jack Hu (Jingxu) Aerospace Engineering
Julie Monluc Biochemistry
McGill University in Montreal, QC, Canada
Sara Arramoric Management
University of British Colombia in Vancouver, Canada
Samantha Gulley Graphic Design
University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, UK
Rutuja Charthad Economics and Finance
University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada
Laurence Golden-Blais Biology
Around the World
Christopher Arredondo Undecided
Conan Liu Undecided
Dania Fayad Undecided
Jake Dame Undecided
Michael Young Undecided
Nancy Garcia Dental Hygienist
Praveena Aleti Biology
Scott Flolid Undecided
Suq Madiq Undecided
Zohaib Khawaja Medicine
TEXAS ct d. . .
Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO
R.J. Slater Business Management
American University in Washington D.C.
Julieta Barbiero International Studies/Busi-
Amherst College in Amherst, MA
Carlos Rivero Engineering
Belmont University in Nashville, TN
Eric Gould Music Business
Bentley University in Waltham, MA
Zain Kassam Finance & MIS
Bethany College of Missions in Bloomington,
Amanda Johnson Cross-Cultural Studies and
Brigham Young Univeristy in Provo, UT
Miranda Grogan Elementary Education
Merriam Nemani Speech Pathology
Brandon Segura Physical Therapy
Brown University in Providence, RI
Linh Thoai Le Cognitive Neuroscience
California State University in Bakersfield, CA
Asna Rupani Biology
Central Methodist University in Fayette, MO
Santiago Padruno International Business
Clemson University in Clemson, SC
Lea Bolognini Civil Engineering
Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO
Hailey Molina Zoology
Cornell University in Ithaca, NY
Diane Sun Hotel Management
Xinhe Ren Computer Science
Emory University in Atlanta, GA
Sarah Kesaria Biology
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
in Los Angeles, CA
Simren Nooruddin Fashion Design
Full Sail University in Orlando, FL
Zaid Smair Film Making
Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA
Bilal Mawji Computer Science
Marisa Gattis Industrial Engineering
Harvard University in Cambridge, MA
Grant Zhao Chemical & Physical Biol-
Indiana University in Bloomington, IN
Adam Bergman Business Management
Suhas Narendrala Business
Johnson and Wales University in Providence,
Toni Weatherstone Culinary Arts
Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA
Ann Kenney Business
Brennan Blaum Business
Cayman Loader Psychology/Nutrition
Essence Weeks Undecided
Kerric Thompson Public Relations
Mason Hanzo Engineering
Taahirah Oneal Business
Maryland Institute College of Art in Balti-
more, MD
Saniya Walawalkar Design
Mississippi State in Starkville, MS
Christie Reynolds Ag. Engineering
New York University in New York City, NY
Kartika Upadhyaya Neuroscience
Matt Theccanat Business
Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK
Lexie Clearman Agricultural Edu-
cation/Farm Management
Matthew Newsome Accounting
Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia,
Jacob Warner Business
Pennsylvania State University in State Col-
lege, PA
Grace Collins Art Education
Michael Fink Computer Science
Pratt MWP in Ithaca, NY
Kara Moats Communications
Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN
Paulina Hsu Mechanical Engi-
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY
Yao Lu Math
Rhodes College in Memphis, TN
Lizzy Brydon International Rela-
Rockhurst University in Kansas City, MO
Emilie Lai Pre-Medical
San Diego State University in San Diego, CA
Kian Sepehrar Business
San Jose State University in San Jose, CA
Bryan Liu Engineering
Stanford University in Stanford, CA
Thomas Lao Bioengineering/
Piano Performance
University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ
Bryan Wynne Business
University of California Berkeley in Berkeley,
Miranda Zhou Psychology
University of California Los Angeles in Los
Angeles, CA
Jimmy Huang Business/ Eco-
Sara Lashari Film
University of Chicago in Chicago, IL
Richard Oyeniran Undecided
University of Colorado Boulder in Boul-
der, CO
Morgan Goheem Entrepreneurship
Ryan Davis Aerospace Engineering
University of Florida in Gainesville, FL
Tyler Vandever Business
University of Georgia in Athens, GA
Natalie Amante Biology
University of Illinois in Urbana, IL
Wayne Ling Chemistry
University of Massachusetts in Amherst,
Andrea Zhang Psychology
University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS
Lauren Roche Business Marketing
Nicholas Senften International Studies
University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Lin-
coln, NE
David Mercer Marketing & Business
Tanner McKerlie Actuarial Science
University of New Mexico in Alburquer-
que, NM
Hans Brummerstedt Mechanical Engi-
University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK
Audrey Sharrock Petroleum Engineering
Kaitlyn Key Nutrition
Melanie Harrison Business Management
Natalie Wolf Physical Therapy
Thomas Ling Business
Brett Ohnstede Petroleum Engineering
University of Southern Californiain Los
Angeles, CA
Edward Zhan Nanotechnology
Ryan Brophy Theatre
University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida
Melinda Pitcher Accounting
University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN
Sydney Zolondek Psychology
University of Washington in Seattle, WA
Marilyn Zhang Undecided
Tiffany Zhang International Business
Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN
Urvashi Mathur Neuroscience
Washington University in St. Louis, MO
Jack Uh Biology
Webster University in St. Louis, MO
Elizabeth Swanson Theatre
Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worces-
ter, MA
Jessica Wey Environmental Engi-
Yale University in New Haven, CT
James Diao Undecided
So this is it. This is
what it feels like to say
goodbye. To be honest,
I never thought this day
would come. There were
times when high school
had me beat. Trying to
balance school, a social
life, and sanity are tough
on a teenager, but I did
it. We did it, the class of
As a freshman I was
cynical and pessimistic.
As a senior I am still
cynical and pessimistic.
However, during my four
years here I have learned
a lot about myself. I
have learned how to not
let people get under my
skin.I have learned how
to be a better friend. I
have learned that if you
are going to fight, you
better win.
I would like to take the
time to thank the people
who have made my time
here in this windowless,
cold institution a bit more
bearable. I am going to
address them by name
so I can embarrass them,
just like the lady at the
pharmacy who talks a
bit too loudly about your
rash cream.
To Rachel Runnels, I
am truly amazed that you
have stuck by my side
all these years. Have
you not figured out that
I am nuts by now? You
probably have, but if
you are sticking with me
because you think I might
be famous one day, you
are in luck. I have figured
out that if I am going to
be famous, it is going to
be for something really
stupid and embarrassing.
I can see the headline now,
Woman accidently jumps
in front of moving vehicle,
thought she saw Ezra Koenig.
And guess what? You will be
the friend they interview on
television saying, yeah, she
was insane. Whatever the
reason may be for keeping me
in your life, thank you.
To my magazine staff, I really
hope you all do not hate me. I
love all of you for accepting
my unfriendly demeanor,
especially near deadlines.
Try not to hold it against me.
You have to understand that
this magazine is my baby. I
have put four years of my
life trying to make it the best
it can be. I have shed blood
(yes, actual blood), sweat, and
tears over this magazine. I
love this magazine, but I love
the wonderful people I get to
make it with as well. Sam
Jreij, do not screw it up next
year. Just kidding, you are
amazing and do not let anyone
tell you otherwise.
To all my band friends, there
is something about running
around a parking lot in the
scorching heat that makes us
closer, dont you think? We
have been through everything
together. Literally everything;
we spend all of our time
together. Actually, now that I
think about it I am pretty sick
of you guys.
To my parents, thank you
for always being so proud
of me, no matter the size of
my accomplishment. I think
I even remember when you
were teaching me how to use
the grown-up potty, and
how proud you were when
I first flushed the porcelain
throne by myself. Look at me
now! I am a pro at using the
grown-up potty. Although, it
is not like you have a lot to not
be proud of. I am not exactly a
hell-raiser. Believe it or
not, I have already gone
through my rebellious
phase. I occasionally
try to make a point of
showing you two how
good of a daughter I am
compared to the other
hooligans my age. I do
this mostly so that when
I leave my dirty dishes in
the sink you will think,
Well, at least she is not
doing drugs. Thanks
for raising me. You did
a good job.
And last, but not least,
to Ms. Carroll, what will
I do without you? You
seem to always know
what to say. When the
world gets a bit heavy,
you are always there to
lift some of that weight
off my shoulders. There
are no words that will
suffice in expressing
my gratitude for your
guidance. So, I will just
say thank you, thank
you, a million times
thank you for all you
have ever done for me.
Some people say that
the high school years are
the best years of your
life. I can only pray that
that is far from the truth.
I know I will look back
on my days here and
be so glad that I did not
peak in high school. My
goal is to be successful
enough that when I come
back for our reunion,
I will be remembered
as the girl that no one
paid attention to in high
school, but now you
wish you did.
So I guess now it is
time to say goodbye.
Goodbye everyone, I
will remember you all in
CHS taught me how to right good
True friendship survives high school trials
Ads Editor
All of high school I was so excited to leave. I
wanted to get out. I never liked the drama, the
cliques, and how everyone I knew around me
changed. It was not until it was almost over
that I realized I loved high school. I loved
being surrounded by my friends. I loved all the
memories that came from it. But most of all,
high school showed me who I really am. It did
not change me like it changed everyone else
and because of that, I came to find myself.
Everyone always asks, if you could go
back and do it all again, what you would do
differently? I think the only thing I would
have changed was to enjoy it more. The high
school years are the last years before you are
off on your own in the world. It is scary to
think that one minute you are a child, and the
next you are an adult having to choose what
you are going to do with the rest of your life.
The thing I learned the most is that friends
are so important. Without my friends I do not
know how I would have survived the high
school experience. I cannot imagine having to
handle all of the stress without my best friend
Kaitlin. We always had each others backs
no matter what and I am so thankful for our
friendship and for all the friendships I have.
School would not have been the same without
For all students who still have time I would
just like to tell you to embrace every moment
you have left. The time will go by so fast you
wont even realize it. I know it is clich to
say time flies but it is true. Also, do not be
afraid of change. Not all your friends will still
be your friend and that is okay. Remember,
high school helps you find out who you are
and who your true friends are.
I will miss a lot about high school, but with
every book there is a new chapter, and I get to
write what will happen next. I wish the best of
luck to all the other chapter writers out there.

Features Editor
A novel is to thank for my employment in
Clementsofficial newspaper. The Girl Who
Played with Fire by Siege Larson inspired me
to have a life of adventure, mystery, friendship,
and an adrenalin addiction to life. The novel
follows notorious hacker, Lisabeth Salander
and investigation journalist Mikeal Blom-
kivst. ful country Such an inspiring story put
me in this chair in the hopes of one day be-
coming a journalist like Mikeal. I could have
been a hacker, but unfortunately I am a cave
woman with technology. So in sophomore
year, I changed my elective choice last min-
ute on the course schedule form to newspaper.
It was not as if I was expecting to inves-
tigate Sugar lands mayor for corruption and
embezzlement of tax payers money. I knew
this was a high school newspaper directed to
teenagers, and I am just a teenager. I had to
start with headlines that read, Winter Fash-
ion How To, before, Mayor Embezzles Seven
Million for New Hot Tub. However, I started
with my head in the clouds, completely ignor-
ing that this was simply a school newspaper.
I had not expected there to be such limitation
to my expectation. It was only logical that
that was true, since life is not a thriller novel
and Sugar Land is hardly a setting for one.
Yet, I did not change to a different elective
for my senior year. Instead, I stayed to become
an editor, to stay with friends, for takeout, and
most importantly to write. To write for one day
to investigate the dust bunnies that was swept
under the rug by our beloved United States
government? To be a journalist about winter
fashion? Or just to write for writing sake?
As imaginative as I am, my life is incredibly
simple. My thirst for adventure was mainly
Writers journey to self understanding fulfilled
to write an adventure rather than to be in one.
The question if I will major in journalism
or communication is still up to debate, among
thousands of other questions that will deter-
mine my education in the next four years, This
will in turn determine my career and the rest
of my life. As hyperbolized as that sounds,I
am sure I am not the only senior that feels
this way. The amount of stress only piles on
as all seniors consider selling their kidney
to afford a college education. Despite the
hair pulling question of where I should live
next August, I still manage to write not only
for the school newspaper, but also for me.
Sports Editor
Writing this senior goodbye is one of the most
difficult assignments I have gotten in high
school. These past four years have been quite
a journey and a lifetime experience. When I
joined the newspaper staff freshmen year, I
thought it would be like any other ordinary
class. Little did I know what I signed myself
up for.
As the first year of high school went on, I
made more friends in newspaper than I ever
did in previous grades. The class itself started
feeling like a family and kind of like a safe
haven. Every day for the past four years I have
looked forward to coming to my 5
journalism class. Being a tier three sports
editor has impacted my decision on where to
go to college and what career to pursue. Both
sports and writing have always been a passion
of mine, but I never thought I could combine the
two. Now that I have three years of experience
of being a sports editor, I hope to join the U of H
newspaper staff and maybe even continue writing
High school has been a great adventure and I
will never forget the friendships and experiences
I have made here at Clements. So before I close
another chapter of my life, I would like to thank
all the people who have stuck by my side and
encouraged me to pursue my goals. A special
shout out for my parents, siblings, teachers,
and friends: I would not have gotten this
far without yall, so thanks for being so
And last but not least, a very special and
heartfelt thank you goes out to Ms. Carroll
who has been an amazing teacher, mentor,
and friend the past four years. I would not
be where I am without you, and for that I am
very grateful. Love you, Mama C.
I would like to finish the last story I ever
write for newspaper with a quote for my
fellow seniors who are going off to college
next semester.
Youre off to great places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So get on your way!
-Dr. Seuss
Sports editor shares memories
Today lacks excitement -- but that might be
just what you need. Your real excitement
comes next month. We think it has some-
thing to do with changes, endings, presents,
tears, parties.could it begraduation???!!
Your sense of fun is enhanced today, and
you should be able to get others to join you
even if theyre depressed or introverted. If
this includes Senior Pranks, think twice. Is
painting the sidewalk pink and green re-
ally worth missing graduation ceremonies?
Youll have trouble communicating with loved
ones now, especially family, so take extra time to
make yourself clear. Try skywriting your mes-
sage. Or buy an air horn to get their attention.
You may be making a purchase, or just think-
ing about a night out on the town. Think be-
fore you leap: Make sure you can really af-
ford it. If so, then go for it with wild abandon!
If youre feeling a little tired, its most
likely because youve been over-analyzing
things. Give your mind a rest! For almost
12 years you have studied, been quizzed,
tested, youve had your writing timed, and
read books youd never pick for yourself.
Is there someone you have your eye on that
you need to muster up the nerve to talk to? If
so, youre in luck. Youll have all the mental
courage you need to initiate any conversation.
But rememberyou only have until June 6!
Get the most urgent tasks done and then get the
exercise you need. You can start by packing up
your room. That will kill two birds with one stone.
Events you might have been scheduled to
attend could be temporarily postponed.
This could leave you feeling somewhat at a
loss because youd planned to be away and
now you dont know what to do with your-
self in the meantime. Celebrate in Sugar
Land. It could be your last summer at home.
Change happens and sometimes it is unexpect-
ed. So next December, dont be surprised if your
parents have started using your old room as a
new home gym. They still love you.sort of.
Down in the dumps? Worried about the fu-
ture? A get-together with old friends could
be just what you need. Bring pictures from
grade school and middle school. Be glad
the days of break-outs and braces are over.
Youll soon have the opportunity to meet many
interesting persons, some in the form of college
roommates. Give this relationship a chance.
The stars will grant you luck, dynamism,
glory and love. But remember, there are al-
ways haters. It is always better to be hated
for success than to be the hater. This year
also encourages you to get better at reading
people and situations before you make your
move. But, make sure you polish up those
moves before you hit the college campus.
In a graduate program.
Natalie Amante, senior.
Starting grad school at Texas A&M.
Abbey Davis, senior.
Lee Crenshaw, senior.
Christopher Arrendondo, senior.
In school.
Teddy Zhang, senior.
Working with the Houston Fire Depart-
Sam Adkins, senior.
Graduated from college with a job in the
Houston area.
Rebecca Cheney, senior.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
On a boat.
Brennan Blaum, senior.