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...that ve bucks you just gave me, mom needs that for rent.
Yes, she was red again. No, I havent seen Dad.
Graham didnt feel like getting up for school. From 6th to 8th
grade he missed nearly half the days in the school year.
Family life was chaotic. When his mom didnt have a job he didnt
know how they would pay rent. His hopes for the future were
simple: For my mom to change and get a job and to have a real
family, a normal family, with Mom and Dad being there.
Then Graham met Doug and Josh at a Youth for Christ event in
Hilltop. Doug and Josh learned Grahams story. They accepted,
listened, and began to plant the seeds of Gods story.
Josh and Doug faithfully planted the seeds, and last summer
Graham said yes to Jesus at YFC Camp! Graham says, If I
didnt have Josh or Doug, I dont know where my life would be.
Your support makes it possible for us to be there for teens like
Graham, and to go with them to YFC Camp.
Now, Grahams hopes for the future are, the way Im going with
Jesus right now, it just increases and I just live the live he wants
me to live I want to play sports, like the NBA, or work for YFC.
Of your gift sends a
teen to camp
Funds one day of
camp for a teen

At Camp, I felt lt like I was s fo f rgiven, li ike k II really
am loved I lo look oked ed at other peop ple les live v s and
if i they have JJes esus u aand nd look like tha hat th then e I want
th that too.
Were celebrating the 70th
anniversary of Youth for Christ!
We are so excited about our
new logo and tagline: Give Life
to Your Story.
Weve enclosed a couple
simple gifts - a window cling
and sticker - made possible
through the generous dona-
tion of a friend of YFC.
This new newsletter design is
part of our new look and feel
- watch for it in your mail four
times a year!
To learn more about our new
logo, check out the video at!
Working with the kids, I get a return, personally, and the Kingdom
receives return. I know the kids are different because of the time I
spend with them. It restores me, even when I am physically tired I am
There is one kid that came to us who appeared to be alone, very
withdrawn, socially outcast. He is now embraced by the other kids,
and has family within the school that he did not have before he
My time with the kids is volunteer time, and so I make up that time
working on Saturday. I have hope in the future of this country, and
the world, due to what I see in these kids, and because of that, I
would not trade that time to get my Saturdays back. These kids are
now a part of my life.
In July of 2012, we had 125 licensed foster families and
100 kids in care. Since that time we have seen incredible
growth! We now have over 160 licensed families, and
more than 150 kids are in Youth for Christ Foster Care
families. Incredible!
ReCreate brought youth to Smith Rock in Oregon for a
spring break full of rock climbing and hearing the good
news of Jesus! Join the ReCreate Facebook group to see
all the pictures -
Nearly every day of the week a Youth for Christ volunteer
is at Remann Hall, visiting teens who are in jail. Watch our
national JJM video -
$15 a month makes a difference in the life of a child in
foster care. As we approach National Foster Care Month
in May, will you help us spread the word about One Child?
Check it out -
Why is YFC in your stewardship plans?
When some of the YFC team came to our church we were struck by the way they loved God
and the way that they cried when they talked about Hilltop kids.
What brings you joy when investing in kids through YFC?
We saw at camp last year how much the leaders love their kids, but camp was just an
extension of the ministry thats happening in Tacoma.
Which ministry of YFC grabs your heart?
Sozo (City Life). The leaders represent Gods heart for the kids. They have such deep
conviction to love the kids, to show them Christ.
Why is YFC a good investment in your eyes?
Because its an investment in the kids! Theres a new life that they can have, and theyre
shown what God can do in their lives!

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