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11/02/14 11:22 AM

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Nationality : Indian
Mobile number: +91 9718044880
Email Address:


To work in a firm with a professional work driven environment where I can utilize and apply my knowledge, skills
which would enable me as a fresh graduate to grow while fulfilling organizational goals


87/#)#.#)&7497):$*/)#; <$"* &' ="//)7> =$*'&*2"7?$
()*+,-./ .0 12342,,/423 5678
9):;,, 62<=4=>=, ?0 620./@)=4.2 7,*+2.-.3:
59):;,, A24B,/<4=:8
5=4-- F
G6HHI1 5H*4,2*,8 JGK ;>L-4* <*+..- J):)2)2M K4+)/N J,-+4 &$!$ F$E
JGK ;>L-4* <*+..- J):)2)2M K4+)/N J,-+4 &$$O OPE
Summer Internship/ Industrial Training
HCL Info systems

Duration: May 2013 to Jul 2013
Project :Online Bank Management System
Core Java Course from Ducat

Minor Project I: Operating System (Cloud Based Music player)
Minor Project II: Multimedia Project (Stop Motion Animation)
Major Project : Generating Digital Ribbons using Kinect (Motion Sensing)
Mini Projects : Andriod Music Player App
Real Time Andriod App for Carpool (*Merge Ride)
CRM Analysis of SHIV Commedia solutions and Risk Analysis in SDLC of HCL
Analysis on performance appraisal techniques used in IT sector
Co-curricular Accomplishments
@.>2$7#$A B$"C)#; D&*E/+&F "# 88G (&2H";0I"7."*; JKLM3
D)CC H$ >&)7> #& H$ " F"*# &' 877&:"#$ !$C+) 57#*$F*$7$.*/+)F @?"A$2; F&N$*$A H; 1#"7'&*A 97):$*/)#; 0I.7$ JKLM3
($$7 #)CC C"/# *&.7A &' 87A)"7 7":; 11( "# -&)2H"#&*$
O"P&* =*&P$?# !)>)#"C B)HH&7/ N"/ /$C$?#$A "# O8G O$A)" Q"H 87A)" 87)#)"#):$
G$"2 -&&*A)7"#&* "# RL 8S!8@S TB@S! =B8U JKLKVLL
Q./R,M S4=+ T6G )2M T! =,)@< 42 U)MM.*R
V)*, ;/.W,*= @)2)3,@,2= /,<;.2<4L4-4=: .0 04B, T! =,)@<
V,<;.2<4L4-4=: ?0 H*+..- X)2)3,@,2= )2M J4<*4;-42,
I.@@>24*)=4.2 (/4M3, L,=S,,2 7,)*+,/< )2M H=>M,2=< ?0 H*+..-
Chairman School Student Award 2009-10
Twice Winner of Prodigy(state level competition) Organized by Shaheed Sukhdev College
Interpersonal Skill
Fluent command over English (Written & verbal)
Ability to build relationship and set up trust
Decision making and problem solving skills
Confident and determined
Ability to cope up with different situation and believe in thinking and generating out of the box ideas.

Computer Proficiency
Microsoft office word , Microsoft office PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel
Internet Browsing, Data Science
Knowledge of Digital Marketing(Comfort handling twitter, facebook and social platforms like Pinterest)
Language: C++ , C, SQL,JAVA,HTML5,CSS, Python(*Learning Python)
General and Graphic Application : Adobe Photoshop , Adobe Premier , Adobe Flash , Unity, Blender (Proficient)
Other Interests& Activities
Regular reader of Business Today , The Speaking Tree and autobiography of business leaders.
Participating in Events: Participated in Intern Saturday organized by Internshala
Among 100 students from Delhi to discuss with Mr.APJ Abdul kalam in bringing change in Education System
Completed Great Delhi run (Airtel Delhi Half Marathon in 35Mins)
Member of Google business group(Delhi Chapter)
Play Guitar , Photography(Member of Delhi Photography Club)
Swimming (Participated in Zonal Level Competition) , Playing Snooker


I hereby declare that the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Aman Sanduja