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History of Photography

How it all
Stephanie Gonzalez
What is Photography?
Photography is the art, science, and practice of
Provides us humans true-to-life image.
Chinese philosopher Mo Di and Greek
mathematicians Aristotle and Euclid described a
pinhole camera in 5
century BCE.

First Camera
Was invented in the early decades of the 19

Usable process goes back to the 1820s with
development of chemical photography
First permanent photoetching image produced in
1822 by French Nicphore Npce.
It was destroyed but later attempted and was
successful again in 1825
Camera Obscurity
Optical device projects images for its surroundings.
Known to scholars Aristotle and Mozi
Mozi , Chinese philosopher, was the first surviving
mention of the priciples behind the pinhole camera.
The greek philosopher, Aristotle, understood the optical
principle of the camera.
The pyramidal rayes from the object, receive a
decussation, and strikes a second base upon the Retina.
Monochrome Process
Around the year 1800, Thomas Wedgewood , made
the first attempt to capture image.
Using a white leather or paper with silver nitrate
Nicphore Nipce , he used paper coated with silver
chloride , succeed in photography the images in a
small camera
Darkest, where the image was the lightest and vice
Color Process
Practical means of color photography was sought
from the very beginning .
The first durable camera was made in black and
white taken through red, green, and blue color filters.
Taken by Thomas Sutton in 1861 use in lecture by
Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell

Development of digital
In 1957, Russell A. Krisch and his team , developed
a binary digital version of existing technology.
The first scanned photograph was of Krischs son
The most important digital photograph was invented
in 1969 by Willard Boyle and George E. Smith

Technological Background
Photography is a result of combining several
technical discoveries.
A strong hot solution , common salt served to fix
images by removing the silver iodide.
Substituted less effective hot salt water treatment.
Complex processing produced complementary cyan,
magenta, and yellow dye images in the layers
making it a subtractive color image.

Latent Image
An invisible image produces the exposure to light of
material photographic film.
It is a small cluster of metallic silver atoms forms
inside or around the silver crystal.
Increases photographic sensitivity is separate away
from sensitivity sites.
HIRF high intensity reciprocity failure is common to
the crystals when it is exposed by intense brief light.

Optical Filters
Optical filters are selectively transmits light or
usually a tool used as plane glass or plastic devices.
They transmit light in particular wavelengths in color.
In optical instruments and to color stage lighting.
Theirs also photographic films that is particular of
optical filters and some materials apply.