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Analyzing the essay question:

Read the following essay questions and focus on the wording. What are the
key concepts you should consider in your answer?

1) Explore Carol Ann Duffys Mean Time showing what feelings she is trying to convey and
how she achieves this.

2) Read this extract from the first part of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel
Taylor Coleridge (verses 41 to 66).

How does Coleridge create a mysterious atmosphere in these lines?

3) Read the following extract from Charlotte Bronts Jane Eyre, and then answer the
question that follows.

In what ways do you think Bront makes this an effective opening to the novel?

4) How does Lee make Tom Robinsons conviction so unjust?

5) In what ways does William make Stanley such a dramatically compelling character?

6) Explore the ways in which poets use imagery to memorable effect in two of the following
Caged Bird (by Maya Angelou)
Rising Five (by norman Nicholson)
Before the Sun (by Charles Mungoshi)

7) To what extent does Hansberry encourage you to sympathise with Walter?

8) A wicked and violent criminal
A victim of injustice

Which of these views do you think more accurately describes Dickens
presentation of Magwitch?

9) Explore the ways in which the author vividly portrays a lonely woman in a dreadful
relationship in either Samphire (by Patrick OBrien) or A Stranger from Lagos (by
Cyprian Ekwensi). Refer to the detail of your chosen story in your answer.

10) Re-read Act 3, Scene 4 of William Shakespeares Macbeth. How does the writer make this
such a dramatic and significant moment in the play?

11) In what ways does Marvell memorably convey the speakers thoughts and feelings in To
His Coy Mistress?