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Was soma thero's death due to natural causes?

1. His book "Buddha Stupa", to which he was to receive the so called doctorate, was
translated neither to English nor to Russian.
2. The Rector (Shanti P. Jayasekara) only can understand Sinhalese, But he can't nominate
a person for doctorate by himself. It should come from a senate.
3. Soma Thero had called his brother and Dharmayathanaya. But none knew about the heart
ailment until he has passed away.
4. The doctorate was awarded by affiliated institution, not by a recognized university in
Russia.(International University of Fundamental Studies) ( )
5. The person who has recommended Theros book for the doctorate happened to be a
catholic priest. (Shanti P. Jayasekara)
6. His (Shanti P. Jayasekara) younget brother Sisil Jayasekara says that he doesn't know
his brother is a Catholic Priest. And he says he knows only he is a Engineer who works
there. He says if he knows this previously he wont let him to go Russia .
7. The official web site for International University of Fundamental Studies says that he
(Shanti P. Jayasekara) is a Priest. ( )
8. Sisil Jayasekara was the former editor of Aratuwa paper which is published by Ceyilnco
9. Thero had got a heart attack in the air craft (say so) and he was taken to st.petersberg
city hospital 2, which was 800 km away from Moscow air port.
10. A report says that his treatment on diabetic has converted into insulin, We have heard so
many murder cases by overdosing insulin (In Sri Lanka also) [In down south chatholic
father murdered his wife by overdosing insulin]
Source :
Rev. Soma Thero has been suffering from diabetes mellitus type 2 for the last 10 years.
When he came here about 2 months ago, before landing in Moscow he felt chest pains.
With those pains he managed to fly further to St. Petersburg spending another 3 hours
and then only the ambulance was called and he was rushed to the hospital. In the
cardiology clinic in St. Petersburg doctors could place a stentor in one of the coronary
arteries and to recover blood flow where it was totally absent. Then his diabetic therapy
was converted into insulin. Now the glucose levels are fluctuating between 3.9 - 6.0
m.mole/1 litre. After treating him in the hospital, for rehabilitation therapy Thero was sent
to a sanatorium where pineso therapy moler observation of a cardiologist and other
specialists was done.
11. Once insulin overdosed it causes instant heart attack. Because it will make blood more
12. Family members and close friends denies that he had heart attack.
13. Thero was intended to return to sri lanka in 10 days, but he had stayed there for more
than two months and he had telephoned sri lanka only thrice during that period.
14. It took 07 days for the Thero's body to be sent to sri lanka .
15. Ven. Gangodavila soma Thero was the ONLY Buddhist Thero who preached without any
fear or hesitation against the orthodox forms of religions criticized the behaviour of
16. Today there will be a preach of Uduwe Dhammaloka Thero at TNL called "DAHAM
SUWANDA". He sated that he has something to tell to buddhists about this death. So
please watch that before come to a conclution....